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Frank Spellman pounded a barely just turned 18 year old girl into the bed with his huge cock. He towed over her back with his skinny yet muscularly lean body, pulling at her long strands of blonde hair as he drilled his cock deep inside her. The 18 year old blonde was face down into a pillow with sweat flowing down her gorgeous face. Her wet pussy was set on fire by Frank’s big hard tool. Standing behind Frank was the cameraman filming all the action. He zoomed in on a close up for a detailed shot of Frank’s meaty cock, as it pistol in and out of the girl’s tight cunt. He than zoomed out to get a wide shot of Frank mounted behind the much smaller girl and his fat balls swinging recklessly with every thrust.

“I’ve filmed so many of Frank’s movies and he never looks tired or bored. He really enjoys fucking like it’s his first time,” the director, Mark Bates whispered to the cameraman. “That’s why I was so honored to be able to film his farewell scene.”

30 year old Frank Spellman was retiring from the porn business. He had been a male performer in the porn industry for 10 years. He had experience pussies of all shapes and sizes throughout his career engulfed around his massive 9 inch cock. A lot of the women he fucked onscreen were loose so it was a rare chance to fuck a pussy as tight as the blond he was mounted behind. She was a newbie who just turned 18 years old a month ago trying to break into the porn industry. She jumped at the chance to be Frank’s final sex partner and to have her onscreen cherry popped by the infamous Frank Spellman and his giant dick.

She moaned as Frank pummeled her tight cunt. She was really enjoying herself even though Frank’s dick was the biggest she had ever felt stretching her tight cunt to it’s limits. As much as a challenge it was for Frank to get his huge cock deep into her pussy, it was an indescribable pleasure she was experiencing. Frank hadn’t felt this good fucking a pussy in such a while. He was extremely turned on by this young girl whom had on nothing but her pink ankle socks as she took his big dick from behind. He fucked her harder and faster, driving his cock in and out one of the slickest and tightest womanly wombs he ever fucked. He moaned as he looked down at her incredible heart-shaped ass slapping against his groin. The cameraman zoomed in for an up-close shot of her wobbly ass cheeks.

“That’s it Frank! Fuck that pussy like your fresh out of jail,” Mark instructed. “Give it to her good… Real good.”

Frank didn’t need the instructions as he turned over onto his side and laid the small blonde up against his hairy chest in the spooning position. He lifted one of her legs up and resumed burying his big cock in her fuck tunnel. The blond had a nice slim body, flat stomach, and sizable B cup breasts which were jiggling as she got pounded. Frank peeked over the blonde’s shoulder to watch her tits jiggle on her chest as he pushed his swollen member balls-deep into her pussy. She cried out experiencing a pleasure she never felt before urging through her petite body. Frank felt a pleasurable sensation along his shaft as the teen’s hot juices flowed from her snuggly tight honey pot. His entire cock was slicked up with her sweet teen juices and it felt like wet heaven.

The smell of sex, the blonde’s heavy moans and loud cries, and her wildly jiggling tits, and the feel of her heart-shaped ass slapping against his groin was almost enough to send Frank over the edge. He felt that familiar tingle in his fat, firm balls and knew he was on the verge of cumming. Luckily for him, this was the last position of their fuck scene and all that was left was coating the blonde teenager’s beautiful face with his semen. The blonde teen had succumbed to the immense pleasure of his huge cock and she felt him ready to explode as well.

“I’m going to cum all over that pretty face of yours, baby. You ready to taste my cum,” Frank moaned,” as he pushed his massive tool slow and hard up her cum-gushing cunt. “Oh fuck! I’m about to cum!” He pulled out of her dripping-wet hotbox and kneeled over her face. Frank took hold of his throbbing cock and jerked it over her pretty face. He cried out as a wave of pleasure urged through his tight balls, throbbing cock, and than, his gooey white seed proceeded to coat the young girl’s face. Her eyes were closed as the first large rope of thick cum decorated her forehead and sprayed into her blonde locks. The second line of his hot spunk splattered the bridge of her nose, than covered her nose entirely. He aimed his cock and stroked his thick seed on both of her lovely dimpled cheeks and lastly, he emptied the remains of his jism on her lips and chin. Her face looked like a cum mask with large globs of Frank’s hot cum slowly trailing down her neck to her chest. The cameraman recorded every shot and spurt for the movie.

“Superb facial, my friend,” said Mark to Frank. “Why don’t you lick his cock clean now honey.”

The blonde teen opened her big blue eyes and took Frank’s big cock between her lips. With her face still dripping heavily with Wes’s hot spunk, she kızılay escort sucked and worked his thick shaft and bulbous cockhead between her sensual lips.

“Damn, she is one fine cocksucker,” commented Mark.

The young girl cleaned Frank’s cock with her mouth and after she was finish, she let him pop out from between her lips, his semi-hard tool coated with her saliva.

“Okay people, that’s a wrap. Let’s hear it for the man, the legend, the myth that is Frank Spellman,” shouted Mark. Mark, the crew members and the blond teen applauded Frank on his final performance in the porn biz. “Good job, Frank and so long buddy.”

2 weeks later, Frank loaded up his Ford Ranger with his briefcase and books. It was early evening as the sun began going down over the horizon and the moon was already visible. Frank sighed and wondered if this was a smart career move. He needed a change from the porn life to rebuild his social life that was currently in the ruins. His family became distance from him due to his porn lifestyle. When it came to his dating statue, many women were turned off by the idea of dating a porn star.

Frank jumped inside his truck and began his long drive towards Ravenswood College. After filming his last porn scene, Frank moved to the small town of Ravenswood in Ohio to pursue his teaching career. He became a qualified English Teacher during the course of his porn career. He always had a passion to become a teacher and used his porn career as a means to get the money he needed for books, among other financial responsibilities, and to payback a few loans. Frank kept his porn career a secret so he wouldn’t be judge and possibly hurt his chances of a teaching career given that a lot of teachers had been fired due to inappropriate photos or sex tape scandals.

After he graduated from college and was able to pay back all the loans, Frank was ready to move on from porn and begin his love of teaching. He wanted to move far away from California to began a fresh start, so he got in contact with a long-time friend who lived in Ravenswood, Ohio. He got Frank set up for a night time teaching job temporarily until a fulltime day gig became available. His students would be people who failed English in school and was trying it again for their own purposes. Frank hoped that no one in Ravenswood would recognize him or find out about his porn past.

He pulled up into the full parking lot of the college and had to jockey his freshly clean Ford between two large, battered vans. He got his briefcase and books from the passenger seat and headed inside the college lobby.

“Ah, you must be Frank Spellman, the new night teacher,” greeted a 5’2 slender woman. “I’m Marlene Gallo, the night school coordinator.” Frank cracked a smile as he couldn’t believe how gorgeous this dark brown-haired woman was. He had fucked some beautiful mature women during his porn career but Marlene was a more classy kind of beautiful and wore make-up that complimented her beauty.

She appeared to be in her late 40’s with fair skin and light brown eyes. She gave off a sultry look and judging from her complexion, Frank guessed she was of Italian heritage. She had shoulder-length dark brown hair and gorgeous full lips. She wore an extremely tight black turtleneck sweater that swelled her rather huge mid-chest boobs out like miniature ski slopes. It’s been awhile since Frank encounter anyone with big boobs and Marlene’s massive tits appeared much bigger on her short and relatively slim frame in almost a comical way. It caused quite a stir in Frank’s jeans. According to Frank’s friend, Marlene had been divorced for a few years and had a thing for much younger men.

“Right this way, Mr. Spellman,” Marlene said. “I’ll introduce you to the rest of the night school staff in the teacher’s lounge.”

Frank followed closely behind with his things. Marlene didn’t have much of an ass beneath her ankle-length silk mocha-colored skirt, Frank noticed. The two entered the teacher’s lounge where Marlene introduced him to three other gentlemen and two female staff members. Clark Rowland was the night school Art teacher. He was average-height but really portly with a grey mustache and a huge bald spot on the top of his head surrounded by a mixture of grey and black curly hair. Dan Simpson was a science teacher for night school and during the day at the Ravenswood High School. He was tall with lanky limbs and had huge fizzy blonde hair, thick bottle glasses and wore a lab coat. Clifton Reeves was a fulltime math teacher for night time classes and daytime classes at Ravenswood High School. He was a short man of Indian descent with a buzz cut and thick mustache. His big dark brown eyes kept glances over at Miriam Frazier, assistant night school coordinator, the Ravenswood High School girl’s basketball team head coach and the vice principle at Ravenswood High School during the day.

“Hi and welcome to our staff,” Miriam warmly greeted and smiled. The woman was an Amazon! She stood 5’11 to Frank’s 6’1. Her voice was a bit unappealing as it sounded like she had a nasal etlik escort infection and her large upper teeth were badly overlapped and in need of some braces. She had a face like a gnome; pudgy, large nose, and big ears . Her eyes were big and dark hazel. Her brown mousy hair was at neck-length with bangs clear down to her thick eyebrows. Miriam wore an oversized grey hooded-sweatshirt, a pair of denim bellbottom jeans, and high top pink shoes. Given her Amazon height, her body appeared gangly and shapeless with broad shoulders and a wide chest that protruded a pair of humongous gravity-defining breasts! No wonder Clifton had a hard time keeping his wandering eyes off her. Her two colossal tits like watermelons were eye catching and instant dick-hardening. They were hard to camouflage under the bulkiest of shirts and Frank was no expert on bras except for how to take them off.

“Okay, Mr. Spellman, your classroom is just along the hallway here, room B5.” said Marlene.

“Thank you,” he replied.

“If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask,” Marlene followed up and smiled.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Frank walked out of the teacher’s lounge and found his classroom right down the hall. He entered and glanced at his students briefly. Frank was anxious about his first teaching job and wondered if he should had stayed in the porn biz. He walked over towards his desk placing his briefcase and books down upon the surface.

“Okay class, I would like to call attendance to make sure everyone is here, starting with Peyton Vasquez? Peyton Vasquez?”

“Yeah Hector, hold for a minute baby,” spoke a gorgeous Latino girl with long, flowing black hair and dark piercing eyes that were heavily shaded in make-up. From Frank’s viewpoint, Peyton’s 5’5 frame looked soft and curvy in all the right places. She wore tight-fitting blue jeans and a black tank top. The tank top strained against her ample heaving chest. Her well-toned arms were sleeved by tattoos and both rosy-colored cheeks on her face were pierced. “I’m Peyton Vasquez. Now, if you don’t mind, I would like to get back to talking to my Hector.”

Frank was a bit thrown by the Latino girl’s attitude. “Mrs. Vasquez, we’re all adults here. Can you show me a little bit of respect as I will do the same for you. Thank you,” Frank requested. The 19 year old Latino rolled her eyes and said goodbye to her boyfriend Hector. Frank smiled and found it hard to pry his eyes off her but he had to be professional. If this was a porn shoot, he would had torn her pussy up!

“Roberta Wilson? Roberta Wilson?” Frank waited a few seconds to see if any of the other girls would answer. “No Roberta Wilson.” With Roberta not present, Frank looked over the rest of the class and no one else stood out on his radar. Of the remaining students, five were guys and three were girls. The three girls were unremarkable to Frank; from old to young, frumpy and geeky. Frank saw some of the guys staring at him like they recognized who he was. He played it cool.

“Okay, I guess that’s everyone. We’ll began today’s lesson…” The door swung open cutting off Frank, and two more girls entered. They both had ivory-white skin yet were quite different in many ways. The first girl looked to be about 5’4, and quite pleasantly plump. Frank noticed right away with her voluptuous statue she had enormous breasts that were concealed behind her sweatshirt. She was also extremely pretty with crystal-blue eyes, shoulder-length strawberry wavy hair, and freckles that decorated her adorably round face. As she walked over to an empty desk, Frank watched the sway of her big ass beneath her tight dark-blue jeans.

Following the voluptuous girl in was a 5’7 platinum blonde bombshell who could grace the cover of some of the world’s most popular magazines. Her platinum blonde locks reached mid-chest and bounced around her attractive face. Her grey-bluish eyes were very captivating, and when she smiled, her sparking pearly whites could light up the darkest of rooms. She wore a light-blue open sweater vest over a plain white tee-shirt and Frank outlined a pair of swollen large breasts beneath. Lastly, she wore a plaid skirt that showed off her well-curved legs that were cloaked in a pair of clear stockings. She moved to her desk like a curvy wet dream and sat in her seat.

“Glad you could be here today with us, ladies,” Frank commented.

“Sorry sir, car troubles,” spoke the plump girl.

Frank read off the last two female names that were on his student registry. The plump, heavy-breasted girl name was Vanessa Goldstein and the gorgeous platinum blond was Brie McCall. The two looked to be in their early to mid twenties and seemed to be good friends as they sat next to each other. No doubt in Frank’s mind he had plenty of eye candy to arouse his attention. He knew that the mature Marlene, the titanic-titted Amazonian Miriam, the Latino Beauty Peyton, the voluptuous Vanessa, and the blond wet-dream Brie would all be saluted by a fat nut Frank plans on releasing later tonight. Since moving to Stockton, demetevler escort Frank hasn’t mingled with any ladies. The last time he had sex was during his last porn shoot so his only form of release was jerking off. Seeing these girls three times a week meant plenty of jacking off material for his fantasies.

“Okay class, I’m Frank Spellman. You can call me Frank or Mr. Spellman, just not Frankie,” he told the class.

An hour and a half later, Frank sighed some relief as his first teaching session was over and when quite well. As he exited the college building and headed to his Ford, he saw the Latino Beauty Peyton pacing around in the parking lot. She seemed to be rather ticked off about something. Frank had done a lot of work with Latino women back in California and knew just how ill-tempered they could be. He took a chance anyways and approached Peyton.

“Is everything all right?” he asked.

“NO!” she angrily yelled. “Sorry, Mr. Spellman. I was just informed that my lowlife asshole of a boyfriend was spotted over at this bitch’s name Tanya’s house. I knew that son of a bitch was fucking that skinny crack-head whore!”

“Sorry to hear that Mrs. Vasquez. I take it he was your ride too?”

“Yeah and now, I don’t have one. Just standing here waiting for that fucking slow ass bus to come by. Maybe I can make it home in time to put Tucker to bed,” she said.

“Tucker?” Frank curiously asked.

“Yeah, he’s my 3 year old son by another guy who’s currently doing a lengthy prison sentence,” Peyton explained.

“Well Mrs. Vasquez, if you need a ride home, I will be more than happy to give you a lift,” Frank offered.

“Really, Mr. Spellman? Even after the attitude I give you in class, your willing to give me a ride?”

“As a teacher, you have to get over those things.”

“Thank you,” she kind-heartedly replied. “Why can’t I ever meet a nice guy like yourself, Mr. Spellman. I bet the wife is one lucky woman.”

“I’m not married. In fact,, I’m not seeing anyone at the moment.”

“Wow. What a damn shame that a nice, tall, well-educated, and handsome man like yourself doesn’t have anyone to go home to,” Peyton seductively replied.

Frank looked at Peyton questionably. She was after all, one of his students but this wasn’t your typical student, teacher relationship, he would only be teaching night classes until he’s able to teach regular school students and she was over age. He felt a urge through his cock as it started to erect inside his jeans. This short Latino girl was curved out and if she was making an offer to Frank, he wouldn’t refuse.

“My son is at my mom’s. He won’t be back at my place for another 2 hours. I would hate to spend those two hours alone… Care to keep my company?”

“Where do you live?” was the last saying to come out of Frank’s mouth, as the two entered his Ford Truck and drove off to her place. Unbeknownst to Frank and Peyton, the night school coordinator Marlene Gallo watched the whole scene unfold from her office window…

Frank and Peyton arrived at her apartment. He briefly saw her living room and hallway area as they made a beeline towards her bedroom. The sexual tension was thick in the air as the two undressed each other straight way. Frank had the honors of unlatching her 34DDD pink bra and tossing it to the floor. Her huge tan-lined teardrop-shaped breasts spilled into the open. Her bumpy areolas were a darker brown and the size of drink coasters with thick eraser nipples, hard and excited in the center. Frank cupped them in his large hands and kneaded them as their lips locked into a heated passionate kiss. Peyton’s hands were fumbling with Frank’s jeans and she could feel the outline of his enormous bulge.

“Oh shit! I hope that’s not a stack of quarters, Mr. Spellman,” she flirtatiously replied.

“Just call me Frank and once you’ve undone my jeans, you’ll see for yourself.”

“I much rather call you Mr. Spellman. It’s much more naughtier knowing I’m fucking my English teacher.”

Peyton’s hands continued to work his jeans down while she kissing down his neck and hairy chest. She sucked and licked his hard nipples. She worked her way down his naval and finally had his jeans to his ankles. Her dark eyes got a fraction bigger seeing his massive erection. With one swoop, she yanked his boxers down to his ankles and his huge thick cock stood before her face, throbbing hard and proud.

“Oh god!” Peyton moaned. “So big and delicious.”

Without wasting anytime, she took Frank between her big Latino lips and he gasped as her tongue when to work on his bulbous cock-head, licking and sucking, then slowly easing his hard shaft between her lips. She brought one hand up to fondle his hanging ball sack and used the other to squeeze at the base of his cock while she sucked the other half down.

Frank ran his fingers through the long strands of her black hair as he watched her suck away at his cock. Peyton removed her hand from around the base and pushed her face further into his groin. Frank gasped as Peyton took the entire length of his cock into her mouth. Frank didn’t fuck too many girls who could take his whole cock down their throats and Peyton demonstrated she had good gagging reflexes. She sucked him off as good as any porn star who had their lips wrap around his meaty shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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