Realtor Closes Deal

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We had been thinking about a bigger house for a while. We wanted space to entertain better, space for a family, and maybe even a newer house which might need less work. I suggested we find and agent and see what our house would sell for and what we should expect to pay for what we wanted in a new house.

I started looking by thumbing through the house magazine available at the local grocery store, not looking at the houses, but for the hottest chick agent. I couldn’t stand the thought of working with some old crusty lady like we had worked with originally. There are some pretty hot agents! I found one who was from our town, and called her to talk about what the wife and I wanted to do. She suggested she come by the house and meet with us some evening. No problem, we agreed on two evenings from then.

Tina came to the house that evening, and her picture didn’t do her justice! Holy cow she was hot. Tall but not to tall, thin but with awesome curves, bright green eyes, and a smile that was incredible. She had on a very professional and sexy skirt and blouse. She knew she looked good, and she wanted to show that. Well we talked for almost 2 hours; she really got to know us and what we wanted. I learned she was single, no kids, and that I had a hard time paying attention to what she was saying without my eyes wandering or my mind wandering. Her legs were like pure sex toys wrapped in stockings sitting on the couch. More than once I caught my mind drifting into what it would be like to get between them!

We decided to list our house and start looking right away. We made plans to go looking at some houses that weekend. Great I get to see Tina again. Saturday morning came and we met Tina at the first house. Wow, she looked great. Oh yeah so did the house, but not as great a Tina. She wore just a simple summer dress and sandals again showing off those legs! Off to the next house. I tried to make it to the next house before her so that I could see her get out of the car, hopefully catching a glimpse up her dress. I was rewarded with much more leg, but no panty view as she got out of her car. It was still worth it. That house was nice to, as was the 3rd. The 4th. Was awesome. Almost new, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 car garage great layout, big yard, and all the features we want. Tina asked us if it is what we wanted, did we want anything more? Tina doing a strip tease right there in the living room would be nice… Well the wife probably would flip if I suggested it so, “the house is prefect” my wife and I both replied.

We wanted to sleep on the house overnight and make sure we liked it as much the next day. Tina said she would call us in the morning. The wife and I talked all day about the house and how nice it was. She really loved it and we agreed to make an offer. I went to bed that night and could not shake etimesgut escort Tina from my mind. Not sure what it is about her, but she just got in my mind. I was fully in a dream with her doing that strip tease in the new houses living room when the phone rang. I picked it up and it was Tina. Wow this was freaky, but good. It took a second to figure out I was laying in bed with my wife, no longer sleeping and I should be having a professional conversation with Tina about the house. Yes we want to make an offer, we can stop by your office after your open house to sign it. See you later, Bye.

Tina’s office was nice, not some rinky dink real estate office crammed in a creaky old house. Professionally decorated, just like Tina! As always she looked great, she brought us into a smaller conference room where we went over the papers. And as always I checked her ass out the whole walk to the conference room. Not a line in sight, she must by panty free, or wearing g-string. Either way the mind was on overload. As we were going over the offer, I felt a leg brush against mine under the table. The feeling was electric. Tina unsure of which of us she had brushed against apologized. We signed the offer and left. Tina said think of happy thoughts, don’t be nervous waiting for the reply. I knew exactly what I was going to think about and it sure is happy. Was she or was she not wearing panties when we wrote up the offer, and does she wear them ever? My mind was full of beautiful thoughts all afternoon. It wandered to does she shave, wax, etc. I mowed the lawn to have a few minutes to my perverted mind alone. I decided that she had not been wearing them earlier today and she probably keeps things pretty neat, but not shaved.

Tina called back that night with the sellers counter offer. If they really want the blinds, and another $3000 okay. We got excited. My wife worked more with Tina setting up showings, and the like for our house. We only had a few weeks to get it sold. Tina was great, she found a buyer who offered us almost everything we asked for and more than we had planned on.

The house we were buying the sellers had moved out of a few days before, they were being relocated by the company they worked for out west. With all of our schedules the only time we could do a walk though was the day before during the day and my wife could not get out of work to be there. So I met Tina at the house. Holy shit was I nervous, not sure why I am married and she hasn’t exactly shown me a ton of interest but for a few random smiles. I guess it was like anytime you have a crush on someone you always get nervous when you see them. Boy did I have a crush on those luscious legs and ass of Tina’s. I was kind of sad that our time together would be over soon. Maybe we could act on the random conversations my wife and I had had over sincan escort some rental property. Anyway Tina got out of her car in a black short skirt, black stockings and heels, and an almost sheer blouse. You could see through it if you looked hard enough. Wow, we walked around the outside of the house, me following as always checking out her great ass and legs. Inside we checked lights, doors, and the rest of the stuff. Great, onto the second floor. I followed Tina up the stairs just far enough behind I hoped to be able to glance up that skirt. Glance up I did, as she stepped the slit show a bit more of her leg, and you could see the top of what looked like stockings. I must have gotten rock hard instantly, my real estate goddess wears thigh highs? I only got a few short glimpses and it made it hard to know for sure, but I had a plan. After we went back down stairs, I asked her to check something out upstairs again. No problem and I followed her back up, this time looking for stocking tops. Sure enough, this time I could see thigh above stocking. I could have fainted. Those legs were perfect, and now thigh highs! We finished the walk through and gave the house our blessing.

Moving day came and the movers loaded up the house. My wife had headed to the attorneys office for the closing already. Our buyers wanted to do a walk through then and they came through. Tina was there and she was out of this world hot today. Just a simple black dress, and a ton of curves on display! Tina said she wanted to thank me for the opportunity to help us find a house and wondered what she could do to say thanks. I suggested a simple hug. Innocent enough, I could touch this babe (hopefully she missed my rock hard cock) and she could say thanks. Tina approached me and gave me a hug, the felling was so electric I was distracted from making sure she didn’t bump into my cock. Oh well, to late now. She kept hugging me, her body like a goddess. Her breasts pressed into my chest, my arms around her resting just above her ass. She gave me a kiss. Holy shit, she just gave me a kiss! I was completely out of my mind.

Tina said she had found me hot from the first time we met with her and had fantasized about my throughout the transaction, but being professional she left it at that. My mind was still out of control I just kissed Tina! She said she caught me staring up her skirt during the walk through and thought we might share an attraction. She told me she had planned to wear the thigh highs purposely to catch my eye that day. With that comment, I just started to kiss her back, and rub my hands all over her hot body. We kissed and kissed, my cock getting so hard I thought it might break! I touched her all over, there was no way she had on any panties today, and she might even have on thigh high’s again. I was about to find out! Tina told me escort etimesgut she wanted desperately to fuck me. She knew I was married, and happy and all, but she needed my cock now. What warm blooded male can turn down a babe in heat? I love my wife, but a wanting snatch is impossible to resist.

Tina unzipped her dress even before I had responded and let it drop to the floor. Wow, she had on a black sheer bra which didn’t hide be prefect breasts. I would guess they were c cups, full but not to big. She was wearing a black sheer g-string and she did have on the thigh high’s! I was right when I was mowing, she kept her snatch hair cleaned up, but not completely bare. How could you resist Tina? I couldn’t and gave her a huge long kiss. She was rubbing against me, trying to grab at my cock through my jeans. Finally she undid my zipper and let my cock out, it was the hardest I have ever seen it. She instantly dropped to her knees and started to suck on my cock. Licking it first and finally taking the whole thing in her mouth. She could have sucked a Wendy’s Frosty up a skinny straw as hard as she was sucking. God it felt great. She stopped before I blew my load, to tell me it had been a long time since she had been fucked properly and she wanted me to get her ready.

She sat on the kitchen counter, and pulled her legs up showing off her snatch and she told me to get to work. Happy to work all day on her snatch I started to kiss my way there, starting at her ankles and kissing up her stockings. I skipped over her snatch on the first pass, and went down her leg, and back up several times until I could see her snatch getting wet. What a wonderful sight. Soon she started to shake and shiver, finally to scream that she was cumming. We moved onto the floor in the living room where she laid on her back to spread her legs once again. “Fuck me NOW” Tine instructed. So I placed my cock at the entrance to her love palace and gave it a little push. She was so wet, and me so hard it slid right in, almost all the way. She groaned with delight. In and out, and in and out my cock went. She got on top and played with her tits while bouncing on my cock. She played with her snatch, rubbing her clit. She took her hands from her clit and stuck her fingers in my mouth to lick. She tastes so amazing. She leaned forward just so that her breasts rubbed against my chest and her lips were close to mine but not touching. She rubbed her breasts against me until we both got close to cumming. I came so hard, it felt like a rocket. She screamed as she came about how good my cock felt inside of her.

The closing was to start soon. We got cleaned up and started to say our goodbyes. Tina said she would like to have lunch sometime and I said it would be great. I didn’t want to never see my real estate goddess again. She thanked me for the listings and the cock, and I thanked her for helping to find a great house and for making my fantasy come true. I was off to meet the movers at the new house, Tina off to the closing. Tina promised a great surprise the next time they meet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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