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Big Tits

I could feel my heart beating so fast it seemed to be in sync with the clicking of my turn signal as I drove into the parking lot. Now that I was this close I could feel my skin flush and I was thankful for the rather skimpy skirt I had chosen for the occasion. Finding an empty space was easy as there wasn’t a single other car to be seen. I pulled into a convenient spot close to the entrance, but not directly in front of the door. It was a nondescript two story office building. I’d driven past it a dozen times without ever really thinking about what sort of place it might be.

I hesitated, wondering if I had the right place. I was only a short distance from main street and there didn’t seem to be any signs on the building walls. Not that there would be, of course. I saw a black metal number plate next to the single door and checked my printed reservation form. This was the place.

I climbed out of my car, making my way somewhat hastily and unsteadily to the front door. The door opened with a tug on the metal handle and I was conscious of the nervous sweat on my hands. Inside was nothing like what I was expecting, and I wasn’t sure if that made me feel better or not. It appeared to be a small, but plush waiting room. The chairs looked comfortable and a pert young receptionist was smiling at me patiently from behind a desk.

I tried to say hello but stumbled over my words and felt embarrassingly foolish. I half-considered making a bolt for the door before it was too late. The pretty young receptionist smiled at me reassuringly and handed me a clipboard with a thin stack of paperwork to fill out. I felt like I was at the dentist. At least the chairs were as comfortable as they looked.

The first few pages were the usual tedium. I ran through the process of listing my age, date of birthday, and the other minutia of my life. Yes, I had an appointment and was pre-paid in full. Yes, I was on birth control. Finally, on the third page things finally took a turn away from the bland. It was a checklist of “acceptable activities”. Some of it was familiar vanilla territory but quite a few of the terms were unfamiliar. What the hell is a TENS unit? My heart felt like it might give out, but I have to admit it was a bit thrilling. I hadn’t come this far only to be half-hearted now, so I checked as many “yes” boxes as I could bring myself to. I checked a box indicating I would use the standard safe word, “pineapple”. Finally, at the end of the forms was a large line for my signature. I’m not sure it was legible, but it was signed and completed. The receptionist took my forms and pressed a button beside her computer. I heard the click of a door opening, and another unfairly attractive woman was beckoning me to follow her, please. I felt self-conscious as my heels clicked down the hallway. Did everyone here look like porn stars? For all I knew, they might be. On the other hand, here I was with my frizzy hair, not-quite perfect boobs and Wal-Mart skirt.

The hallway seemed to go on forever. I found myself glancing down at the shapely ass of the woman leading me, her curves not quite concealed by her dress. Finally, she brought me to a heavy swing door and motioned for me to go inside. “The girls will take care of you from here, and get you ready”, she said with a warm smile.

I pushed the door open and entered what looked like a cross between a luxurious spa and a locker room. The floor was clean white tile and the whole room was pleasantly relaxing. A huge spa tub dominated the center of the room, but there was also a massage table, shelves of dozens of different ointments, oils, and candles, and plenty of other things I couldn’t begin to identify. Two utterly beautiful young women were waiting for me, sitting on the edge of the tub. They weren’t naked, but the sheer silk clothing they were wearing didn’t leave much to the imagination. I must’ve spent nearly a full minute looking them over before I caught myself.

One of the near-naked ladies spoke up as I finally met her eyes, “Welcome. Just relax. We’re going to take good care of you and get you ready. Take a deep breath and just enjoy yourself. You can strip down behind that screen over there in the corner. Take all of your clothing off. Leave it and anything else you have on the table there and we will keep it safe until you leave us today. Take your time. Once you’re ready, come join us here in the tub.”

I spotted the tall silk screen she had mentioned standing in the far corner. Not knowing what else to say, I simply nodded and made my way behind it. I was pretty sure they would at least be able to see my silhouette through it. Stripping off the outer lay was easy. My skirt fell to the tile floor. The underwear was a bit harder. I unclasped my bra and slipped it off, the open air refreshing on my exposed nipples. The panties were the hardest part. I had worn a rather silky pair, and as I slid them down I was almost certain the women were on the other side looking at my bare ass. xslot giriş There, I had made it this far. My clothing was neatly folded on the table, next to my purse. The tile floor was cold under my feet and I was completely nude. I took a deep breath and forced myself to march back out to the tub.

My two helpers slipped into the tub with practiced ease and helped me down a few steps into the waiting water. It was pleasantly warm and felt wonderful on my body. I could feel myself relaxing. At least, until the ladies began to wash me. I protested a bit, insisting that I could do it myself, but they wouldn’t have it. I stood there in the warm water that came up to just under my breasts as they scrubbed me down, gently but thoroughly. They spread a lovely lavender body wash across my skin and between the comforting smell and the massaging attention I found myself nearly dozing off standing there. Nearly, but not quite. As relaxing as it was, I was still nude and being massaged by two rather gorgeous ladies I had only met moments ago. The water saturated their barely-anything clothing and caused it to cling to their bodies. I found myself sneaking glances, and the cool air wasn’t the only reason for my hard nipples. As one of my attendants worked her way up my chest and began to wash my breasts, I felt the other begin to gently wash over my ass. The sudden intimate attention caught me by surprise and I didn’t catch myself in time to hold back a soft moan of pleasure. I could feel my face redden, but they simply smiled at me and carried on with their work. I closed my eyes and tried to relax.

Finished with most of my body, their work became a bit more focused and I felt a soft scrubbing hand gently probe across my pussy lips. Reflexively, I jumped, and sloshed backwards in the water.

“It’s okay, just relax. We’re going to get you good and clean. Almost done, just let us finish up. You have a very lovely pussy and we are going to take good care of it.” She placed a hand on my shoulder and kept her eyes on mine. With my nod of approval, her other hand slowly returned to between my legs. I closed my eyes again as I felt her fingertips exploring and cleaning every nook of my private areas. Her fingers spread me apart and I felt her working thoroughly. I felt gentle fingers massaging over my clit, and I was thankful to be submerged in the water that would hide my involuntary excitement. From behind, another hand began to rub further along my ass, a gentle finger carefully slipping ever so slightly inside me, probing and cleaning a bit, then withdrawing. Well, that was a new experience.

A final rinse of slightly colder, refreshing water, then my body was quite completely clean. The ladies helped me out of the tub and now we want over to the long, padded table. They guided me to lay down on my back, and a soft blindfold was placed over my eyes. I felt my legs begin pulled apart and despite my nervousness I allowed myself to be fully opened. A familiar voice spoke up, “Just lay back and relax. This is the last bit before you are ready to go. We’re going to give your hair a good wash, and were going to shave your pussy good and smooth. Just let us take care of everything. “

I tried my best to do as instructed, and soon enough they began. Cold, cleansing water washed over my hair and her fingers worked it deftly. I felt a hand on my inner thigh, and something slightly cold was spread over my vagina, rubbed thoroughly into the entire area. It felt good, and this time there was no concealing water. I tried not to think about her seeing me wet.

The whole process was quick and efficient. There was a hum of an electric razor and she gently guided it over my lower lips. I could feel the curly hair falling away, leaving bare smooth skin exposed. She shaved me with a practiced hand and I knew there wouldn’t be a bit of my fluffy bush remaining when she was done. The buzzing noise stopped. A bit of final clean up over delicate areas, and I was perfectly smooth shaven. My hair was dried, to a smooth clean feel, and tied back as I had it before. With that, quite suddenly, the relaxing preparation was finished and I was ready for my reservation.

The ladies handed me off to the woman who had led me through the hallways previously, and I found myself walking behind her again, this time pacing down the hallway with considerably less clothing. She didn’t bat an eye at my nudity. Rather, her heels clicked rapidly down the hall and I hurried to keep up with her, the tiled office flooring uncomfortable on my bare feet. She led me down a long hallway, to a normal looking office door. Her hands darted into her pockets, withdrawing a keyring that jangled with so many keys that I again wondered just how large this place actually was. There was a heavy click as the door was unlocked. With the key still inserted she turned to look me directly in the eyes.

“You understand the full nature of your appointment as xslot well as the usage of your safe word, and fully accept everything that is about to occur?” she sounded like she was reading from a memorized script, but she was looking me over carefully.

It was one last chance to run away. I could turn back now and go back to normal life, forget the whole thing. But as much as parts of me wanted to, I couldn’t leave now. There was a familiar feeling, a brokenness inside me. I had a normal job, a normal life. I wore normal clothing and had normal friends. I certainly never did anything like this. But deep inside, I craved freedom. There was a burning NEED that I could still feel in my heart, and between my legs that was begging to be released. Damn the consequences, I was going to get what I needed. I looked her directly in the eye and nodded my consent. The door swung open and she took me inside.

There wasn’t a lot to look at inside, but I couldn’t take my eyes off what I saw. Most of the floor space was taken by a massive bed. The nicest I had ever seen, it looked extremely comfortable. However, a few details were out of place. There were no pillows or blankets to be found, and the tall sturdy posts were studded with metal rings. The headboard also seemed to feature these metal rings, in the center as well as the edges. A bookshelf against the wall contained a variety of bottles in all shapes and sizes, but I could only guess at the contents.

Not given time to explore further, my guide brought me to the bed, and pushed me down rather firmly and unexpectedly. I fell forward on the bed, catching myself on my hands. It was just as soft and comfortable as it looked, but was surprisingly firm at the same time. She sheets were cool and clean. Realizing my somewhat compromising position I tried to twist around, but her hand pressed into my lower back, holding me down until I stopped resisting. I laid there, sprawled there on the bed as she prepared. Seeing my head twisting around to watch her, she dealt with that first. She wrapped a red and black leather collar around my neck and clasped it shut. It felt tight and constricting, but wasn’t so tight that it would actually interfere with my breathing.

A long strap clipped on to the collar, and she ran it through a ring on the headboard, pulling the slack out and tying it off. Restricted like this, I could barely turn my head at all and could do little more than stare forward at the headboard or allow my face to sink into the sheets. My arms were bound next, leather cuffs went around my wrists and my arms were pulled to either side. With my arms spread like this I could no longer hold myself up easily, and my chest pressed flat against the bed. My heart pounded harder with every new pull and tug. Finally, my ankles were bound. I felt her hands pulling up on my hips and I raised my ass into the air, getting the hint. Two straps for each ankle, one pulling back and another to the side. Maximum exposure, I realized. I was completely and firmly bound, spread eagle and face down on the bed. With my legs bound like this my back was arched, leaving my ass high in the air. Other than a bit of struggling and wiggling, I couldn’t move at all. As a final touch, a soft blindfold was slipped over my eyes, leaving me in darkness.

Her hands trailed along my spine as she walked over to the bookshelf. I heard the pop of opening bottles, then something icy old was pouring out directly onto my asshole. She rubbed it across my spread anus thoroughly, then probed inside of me to ensure I was completely lubricated. As her finger pushed into my ass I couldn’t help but moan in a mixture of discomfort and forbidden pleasure. What can I say, I’ve never had a girls finger up my ass before. I strained against the straps, but couldn’t do anything at all to resist her. After she was finished with my ass, my vagina was similarly treated. The cold lubricant felt shockingly good, as she rubbed it into my freshly smooth shaven pussy. Her finger pumped into me several times, then made one last trailing circle around my clit that I felt was more for pleasure than necessity, then she withdrew. Without a word, I heard her clicking out into the hallway as the doorway clicked shut behind her.

There I was – helpless, bound, scared, and unbearably horny. I didn’t know what would happen next. I mean, of course I had a general idea, but I wasn’t exactly in familiar territory. I waited there with my naked ass in the air, hearing only the sound of my breathing and my pounding heart. A bead of cold lubricant ran down the inner lips of my pussy and I felt a tiny shock of pleasure as it dripped along my clit.

Suddenly my train of through was broken as the door clicked open. I struggled to turn my head, but it was hopeless. Even if I had been able to move, the blindfold was firmly in place and I couldn’t see so much as a sliver of light. I heard footsteps. These weren’t heels, they sounded like heavy boots. I heard them clunk up to the edge of the bed and stop. Whoever it was, they had a perfect view of my wide open ass and pussy and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. There was a clink of a metal belt buckle. The unmistakable sound of a zipper opening. A shuffle of clothing. I felt like I should say something, but I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to. What do you even say in that situation, “Hey there, I’ve never done anything like this before, but I guess you know where the holes are so I hope you have a great time using my body”?

There was a slight creak of new weight on the bed, and I shivered as I felt hands on my hips, stroking down along my ass. I felt the slight bump of a warm, hard cock on my thigh as he shifted into position. Okay, no talking then, right to business. That is the idea after all. It was real, there was no stopping it now, nothing I could do but lay there and take it properly. Sure enough, his cock head found my lubricated slit and pressed up against my pussy lips. My teeth clenched as I tensed up for the initial push. One hand pulled on my hip as his other hand guided his cock into me. His body leaned forward, pressing against me and I felt him enter me, his long rigid shaft sliding up into my waiting and helpless hole. I moaned like a little whore and to be honest I’m pretty sure I squirted all over his dick right then and there. Here I was – little old innocent me – with my office job, my perfectly vanilla lifestyle and general total lack of any real experience, in a situation like this. Bare ass naked and bound to a bed in a strange place, with the cock of a total stranger in my cunt. And fuck me, what a cock it was too.

After the initial thrust, he held his cock inside me for a moment and I could feel its hardness and girth filling me up. The movement of his body against my freshly shaved skin teased me and drove me wild with its sensitivity. Any thought I had of simply being used or laying there as an unwilling participant went out the window and I found myself pressing up against his cock to take him as deeply inside me as possible. That deep, lustful part of me thrilled with desire and even without any warm up my pussy was lubricated enough to allow him to easily fuck me. I felt his thickness withdraw from me and I pressed against the bed, attempting to squirm back onto him. His other hand found my hip now and he pulled me back, pumping back into me and I moaned loudly as he started to fuck me with a good rhythm. I could probably get off like this in no time, but the wonderful, satisfying thing about it was that I knew I wouldn’t. This wasn’t about me. He didn’t know my name and wasn’t worried about my pleasure. He was pumping into me and fucking me roughly because his dick was hard and he needed a hole to fuck – and that was me. I was a living fuck toy with a hole that was wet and waiting to be used. It was enough to absolutely soak my pussy, and I lay there moaning helplessly as he used me. He simply fucked me, and I took it like a good girl.

There was no foreplay, and it didn’t take him long to finish. I barely noticed as his cock tensed and pulsed, but then there was the unbearable heat and warmth as his cum filled up my cunt. He held his dick inside as it pumped into me, filling my hole, and I made sure to hold steady and take every drop inside me. When he was finished, his cock slipped out of me and I moaned with need, feeling the absence and emptiness. I lay there, gasping, savoring the feeling of his cum within my pussy. He had pumped me full and I could feel it dripping from my hole. My pussy was pristine and clean only a few minutes ago, but now it is spread wide, wet and well used. Without a word he dresses and leaves me to catch my breath.

I don’t have long to rest, as only a moment after the door clicks shut, I hear it open again. More footsteps. Another zipper. I try to raise my ass into position properly. Without any warning his cock pushes into my pussy and I gasp at the rough force. Last time was hard, but gentle. Not this time, though. Hands grab my hips and pull me back onto his cock. Not so girthy as the last, but long and satisfying. The thrusting is less rhythmic, more animalistic. My well-oiled cunt takes it all in, stretching with each thrust. Suddenly his dick pulls out and I can feel his hands pulling me, spreading my ass wide open, and I can feel his eyes on my body. I can’t help but think of the view he has, with my holes open and helpless. A shiver of pleasure runs through me at being so completely exposed. He seems to enjoy it too as he slams his cock back into my pussy even harder. I struggle to raise my body up to give him a good angle to properly fuck me. His hand wraps into my hair and I pull my head being pulled back against him as he fucks me. The raw force of the impact is enough to take my breath away and I can feel our combined fluids dripped out of my hole. There is a long, deep moan as his cock enters me, all the way inside, and another load of hot cum coats my cervix. I lay there, breathing heavily with my body shaking. I have multiple loads of cum inside me now and the thought is so hot I struggle, desperately wanting to reach down and rub my clit.

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