Renee’s Internship Pt. 02

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Sunday morning began with a lazy breakfast; the women were both up around 7 am. They stayed in their pajamas until after they had eaten. Lauren made omelets with Renee acting as her sous chef. They worked together very well despite being only the second meal they had prepared together. Lauren seemed to forget about her own “no contact” rule, accidentally brushing Renee a few times. Renee didn’t seem to mind. Lauren thought she might have seen the smile on Renee’s face get larger after one soft encounter. Then again it could have been wishful thinking.

Lauren showed Renee the finer points of omelet preparation; she had never really gotten the hang of it when she had tried on her own. Lauren guided Renee with each step, encouraging her with the two she made for them. Although they weren’t perfect, Renee was happy with the advice in addition to the improvement in her cooking knowledge.

They ate, chatted a bit then Renee cleaned up the dirty dishes. Lauren called the restaurant to let them know they were stopping by for a brief tour. After the kitchen was clean they headed upstairs to change. Lauren made sure Renee dressed casually because after the tour they were going sightseeing. Shorts, loose tops and sneakers were the order of the day.

Renee made sure she brought her camera, she tucked it into her purse. They slipped into the BMW then headed off for the day. They kept the top down; the sun felt good and the humidity hadn’t begun increasing. The trip took about thirty minutes; Lauren let Renee look for radio stations as they sped down the freeway. Finding one she liked she began to sing to herself when a favorite song came on. Lauren smiled singing a bit more openly; soon they had a duet going.

Smiling and singing at the top of their lungs they pulled into the parking lot of Lauren’s pride and joy.

Felicia’s was set back from the road and had a spacious parking lot. With the monies Aunt Felicia had left her, Lauren had opened her first restaurant. The cuisine and service had been a hit from day one. It wasn’t long before Lauren had to expand so she named her expanded restaurant Felicia’s in honor of her aunt. The success continued, now Lauren was paying back that kindness by offering education to those wanting to flourish in the art of cooking.

They got out, Lauren engaged the car’s alarm out of habit. The restaurant’s neighborhood was upscale and had never had a problem. Setting the alarm with the top down just kept gawkers from touching.

Slipping into the back door, they met the first sous chef inventorying a recent delivery. Lauren introduced Renee and asked if they had received anything special from the delivery company. The chef said no, but they might have some new vegetable varieties next time to test. The driver didn’t really know much.

The two women continued their tour, meeting and greeting waiters, waitresses, cooks, chefs and maintenance people. Renee was surprised so many people were there so early in the morning. Lauren explained how her restaurant was more like a big family and that the employees take more “ownership” if they are more involved. “It also helps that I give them a better than average wage for their efforts,” she added.

They spent a little time in the office; Lauren checked her voice mails while Renee looked around. After about an hour they decided on touring the botanical garden in Atlanta, hoping some outdoor flowers were still in bloom. Lauren knew they had an extensive Orchid collection so they wouldn’t be disappointed. They said their goodbyes and headed out once more. The botanical garden opened at 9 am, it wasn’t too hot so they walked around viewing the outdoor gardens. Lauren kept an eye on Renee to see if any jet lag was creeping in or if she was getting too warm with the Atlanta sun beating down on them.

Eventually they walked into the greenhouses that held the orchid collection. The houses were more humid than outside. Renee adjusted the settings on her camera then began taking pictures. She must have taken three or four of almost every flower. Various angles, light settings and shutter settings. She commented to Lauren that since going digital even though she took more pictures she had become a better photographer.

“What do you like to photograph the most?” Lauren inquired as she watched Renee zip off a few more shots.

“Landscapes, I have trouble with indoor lighting. It’s sort of I don’t do it enough because I don’t get good pictures. But if I did it more I’d learn what to do, sort of a catch 22.” She smiled.

“I understand completely. Maybe sometime you can take a picture inventory of my house. I keep meaning to do it for the insurance company. That way you can practice and I can have a record in case something happens.”

“That’s a good idea; we’ll have to figure out when.”

They continued their walk, strolling past the various varieties of Orchids and tropical plants. Around noon Lauren asked Renee if she were getting hungry. Renee yawned, telling her yes and that she Escort Büyükçekmece was starting to feel the time change. Lauren suggested they head back home, make something cool to eat then Renee could nap.

That sounded good to Renee so after a few more pictures she put the camera away to head home. The drive was quiet; Renee began nodding off after a few miles. Lauren let her sleep, watching her breathe, admiring her stamina. The other interns from the west coast didn’t last as long until the lag crept in.

Lunch was a salad, nothing fancy. Afterwards Renee hugged Lauren then headed off to catch up on her sleep. Lauren cleaned what little dirty dishes were left in the kitchen then decided to hit the gym to burn off some of her excess energy.

She slipped into her room, changed into her workout shorts and a jogging bra. She slipped her running shoes on then peeked in to see Renee snoring away on top of the bed covers. She smiled to herself then walked over to the gym.

She grabbed a water bottle from the gym fridge, placing it in the cup holder on the elliptical then began an hour of sweaty, non-thinking bliss. Using the remote, she flicked on the stereo selecting a play list to keep her motivated. The movement felt good; she tried to work out at least five times a week but it normally was three. The yoga sessions helped twice a week especially when things had gone wrong. They were something she could count on to free her mind. The stress relief was something she heard would be a benefit. Until she had tried it she was a bit skeptical. Her “yogi,” Devina was an excellent instructor who after time had become a close friend.

After an hour, a little over six miles, Lauren slowed down then stopped. She finished her water as she stepped down. Feeling the endorphins kicking in she took a deep breath wiping the beads of sweat from her brow.

“You’ve been at it since I nodded off?” Renee smiled as she slipped through the door.

“Don’t do that! You startled me!” Lauren smiled so Renee knew she wasn’t mad.

“I’m sorry; I called through the house, saw the car still here then figured you were probably out here.”

“I needed a release. It’s been a couple of days and I can feel it.”

“I know what you mean; I need to work out at least a few times a week or I get cranky. The kids can tell when Ms. Renee hasn’t hit the gym.”

“Well, in lieu of that “other” release, I work out.” Lauren looked for Renee’s reaction hoping her hint wasn’t too crude.

“I haven’t had that type of release since, well I can’t even remember.” Renee sighed.

“You can work your tush off here all you like. Let me know when you want to try Devina. We don’t have to do the Bikram if you don’t want. I was actually surprised that it relaxed me as much as it did.”

“Thanks, I think just a regular workout for now is fine. Mind if I watch when Devina comes over? I’ve done yoga a couple of times. I don’t want to embarrass myself with you two.”

“We were all beginners once, Devina is very patient so she’ll make sure you’re in the right position. She’s amazing.”

“Schedule her anytime then, I’m here to learn cooking. Yoga would be an added bonus I guess.”

“You are right. You’re here to learn plus I want you to enjoy the experience. I do know some cute guys if you want that other “release”. Lauren was testing Renee once more, looking for any hint of her preferences.

“Thanks, but I don’t want a summer love. I can just work out and do yoga. No need to complicate my life with someone I might fall for. Silly I know, but I do have a life back home.”

“If you change your mind, let me know. You’re a doll. I don’t think we’d have a problem finding you a date. Oh there I go again, my big mouth. Again, just tell me to hush if I get too personal.”

“It’s okay, I’ll say something if I feel offended or whatever. Right now, I just want to get this sleepiness out of my brain with a good sweat.”

“Help yourself, I am going to sit in the sauna for a bit, if you finish join me. Oh, I do that nude, so you’ve been warned.”

Renee blushed a bit, “I doubt you’ll be in there that long, I plan on maybe an hour total working out, some cardio then weights. Like I said, nudity doesn’t bother me.”

“I still have my weight sets to do, we’ll see. The remote for the stereo is there, find something you like. I play music to pump me up, I like all that’s on there so don’t feel like you have to select something I might not enjoy.”

“Thanks, I’ll figure something out.” Renee walked to the gym fridge, grabbed a bottled water, picked up the remote, selected some music then began her treadmill session.

Lauren went to the dumbbell rack and began some curls. She would look up from her weights admiring Renee’s tush now and then. She tried not to be obvious but it was difficult at best. Renee wouldn’t have known since the room mirrors didn’t reflect a view of the weight area. After roughly thirty minutes Lauren walked past Çatalca escort Renee, smiling as she did reminding her she’d be in the sauna. She stopped at the door to turn the timer on to thirty minutes, letting the sauna warm up prior to entering.

Slipping off her shoes, rubbing her feet a bit, then standing erect and stretching before removing her top and shorts, she checked to see if Renee was watching. Renee seemed oblivious to Lauren so she turned back, reached behind, unhooking the bra. She inched the jogging bra off her shoulders, down her arms, tossing it onto the bench. The shorts with panties were next, landing in a pile on top of the bra. Grabbing a full-sized towel she opened the door slowly. Turning back to Renee she smiled watching Renee run. She thought she saw Renee swallow hard when she turned her head to smile back. Maybe she did enjoy looking at a woman’s body Lauren thought just before she walked into the sauna.

The warm moist air felt good. She stepped in, laid the towel on the bench then sat closing her eyes as she did. She sighed letting the sauna begin its work. Sitting with one leg up, her arms outstretched, she let out another deep sigh then all her cares began to vanish.

After a few minutes she felt the air pressure change. Opening her eyes she saw Renee, a towel wrapped around herself shyly, walking in. Renee paused focusing on Lauren sitting upright in a somewhat provocative pose. She was a bit shocked at her own reaction to Lauren being nude. She’d seen many women at the gym but Lauren was going to be her mentor and she felt a certain respect for her that nudity slightly altered. Lauren had a very nice body for her age. She looked as if she could be in her twenties which delighted Renee. Hopefully they could work out together, keeping pace as they did so.

“Room for me too?” she asked, a little embarrassed.

“Don’t be silly, I told you to join me. Lay your towel out and relax.”

Renee took a spot close to Lauren, blushing a bit more as she loosened her wrap, laying it on the bench then sitting down. Lauren watched her, delighting in the muscle tone of Renee’s body.

“I didn’t think you were going to be done with your workout in time to join me. Everything okay?”

“I think I haven’t hydrated enough, I started getting a cramp in my right calf.” Renee grimaced then sipped from her second water bottle. Bending down, she massaged her calf a bit to help ease the strain.

“Finish that then I’ll work that calf for you if you want. The warmth in here will help. We need to make sure you drink more water.”

“I know, I should have. Thanks for the offer but it’s fine, really.”

“Girl, never look a gift massage in the mouth. You finish that then lay down, that’s an order.”

Renee grinned, “Yes, ma’am.”

Lauren smiled back at her, hoping she could refrain from any inappropriate touching. It would be difficult but she could do it.

Renee laid face down, her legs towards Lauren. Lauren got up waiting for her to get as comfortable as she could manage on the hard bench. Renee was glistening from the room’s humidity and the sweat from her workout.

“Now say something if I rub you the wrong way.” Lauren grinned.

“Oh that was bad. I’m sure you’ll be fine, it should be obvious if it pains me. I’ll start crying.”

Lauren laughed, “I have yet to make a girl cry so that would be a first. Too bad Devina isn’t here, she has magic hands. Maybe when she comes over we can talk her into a massage or two.”

“She must be something special, you keep talking about her.”

“She is very special to me; she helped get me through some tough times. I could never repay that. She was a rock I could cling to.”

“Okay, I didn’t realize it was that deep. I thought she was just like an employee you’re friends with. It does sound like she is family.”

“It’s fine, I don’t expect you to know all about me in the day and a half you’ve been here. Now hush up and let me see what I can do about the cramp.”

With that, Lauren began working her fingers over Renee’s leg, kneading the muscle in one direction then another. Her touch started light just enjoying the feel of Renee’s skin at her fingertips. She could feel the small knot in the muscle. It wasn’t bad but it probably had caused some pain. Renee closed her eyes, signaling to Lauren that things were fine. She had wondered how Renee would react to her nudity; apparently it really didn’t matter as much as she thought. That made her smile while she continued exploring Renee’s leg.

Continuing her mission, Lauren expanded the area her hands covered. Moving up, then back down Renee’s leg she pressed slightly harder each time.

Renee smiled as she sighed, the stiffness evaporated within a few moments. She didn’t say anything as Lauren went beyond the problem area up then down her leg. Lauren had a very nice touch which led to thoughts regarding Devina as to how good she might be.

The way Lauren talked about Esenler escort bayan her she must be some sort of Goddess. The respect in Lauren’s voice combined with her mentioning of troubled times just aroused the curiosity in Renee’s mind. She didn’t think Lauren could have ever had any problems.

“Would you mind if I massaged both legs?” Lauren asked in a very quiet voice.

“Not at all, this feels very nice.”

Lauren smiled, shifting her stance to reach over the injured leg. Renee moved her legs to make it easier for Lauren’s reach.

“Do you mind me going a bit further than I was supposed to?” Lauren asked, this time more like a whisper.

Renee sighed, enjoying the attention. “Oh gosh, not at all. You should be a masseuse. I can only imagine what Devine’s touch might be like.”

“I’ll call her in the morning to be sure she’s coming over Tuesday evening. We’ll plan a nice dinner then a yoga session. If she feels up to it maybe you can experience her massaging. Her hands can be deliciously wicked. Sometimes I think I’ve had an out of body experience.”

“Oh my, that would be something.” Renee shivered with the thought.

Lauren continued working the muscles in Renee’s legs. She enjoyed how they felt in her fingers. The voice within kept reminding her that this was too soon to go any further with a seduction. She felt Renee would be willing but didn’t want to risk losing such a promising intern on the second day.

The massage lasted another five minutes because Lauren knew she couldn’t restrain herself much longer. They sat and talked for a bit wrapped in their towels. When the timer rang at thirty minutes, they both left the heat. Lauren locked up the gym before they headed in to shower and make dinner.

Dinner consisted of stuffed pork chops, sweet potatoes and collard greens complimented with another white wine Lauren was testing. Renee had never eaten collard greens and despite being apprehensive found them to be very good. It seemed everything Lauren cooked pleased Renee’s palate.

After dinner they took their wine with them on a stroll around Lauren’s property. Lauren had a total of six acres most of which were a mix of pine and hardwoods. The gated community was restricted but not to wildlife. They walked slow enough that they were able to spy a couple of does with a yearling, some noisy squirrels and quite a few birds rummaging around the forest floor.

Lauren, being familiar with the habits of the wildlife took the opportunity to give Renee a little education in regards to their lifestyles. It was during one of these moments that Lauren had a chance to get closer to Renee.

They were walking along a path when Lauren spied a pair of cottontail rabbits playing under a pine tree. Quietly she placed a hand on Renee’s shoulder pausing her in her tracks. She placed a finger close to her own lips to hush Renee while managing to hold the almost empty wine glass. She then slipped next to the younger woman to whisper in her ear. Pointing with her empty hand, her lips millimeters from Renee’s ear she gently whispered for her to look at the rabbits. Renee paused, looking down the outstretched arm of her benefactor, resting her head on it, she saw the two rabbits scurrying around under the tree. A barely audible sigh emerged from her mouth as the two women stood watching the two bunnies. Lauren whispered in Renee’s ear telling her about the little rabbit family that had taken residence in this part of her property.

Renee seemed to relax into Lauren as they gazed upon their antics, when all of a sudden they stopped, their tiny ears shot straight up and each stood on their haunches looking back at the two women. Both women froze but it was too late. The two cottontails bolted when they recognized the two humans who had invaded their space.

The voyeurs stood their ground as the little darlings dashed into the undergrowth to get away from the interlopers. It took a few moments before both women separated and returned to their walk each a bit flush with the encounter between them and the rabbits.

They walked further on each one contemplating both the rabbits and their brief close encounter. To Lauren it put her one step closer to getting Renee into her bed. To Renee, feeling Lauren whispering in her ear felt very intimate and erotic. She had felt an attraction to the thirty-eight year old woman from the moment she saw her on skype when she found out she’d won the competition. Being close to her and getting to know her fueled the attraction she’d felt then. Renee wouldn’t step across that line. She knew she was here for a reason and it wasn’t for herself. She didn’t want to ruin this opportunity for her students. Maybe after this concluded she and Lauren could get to know each other in a different type of relationship. Lauren seemed to hint she was a free spirit sexually but without coming out and asking Renee couldn’t be sure.

The question kept gnawing at her as they walked in silence along the path. Until Lauren spoke, “What are you thinking about, Renee?”

“Oh, how cute those rabbits were and how I don’t get out enough like this. Just walking and enjoying nature with someone. The school year is so busy I hardly have any time for myself. I really need to find time not only during the Summer but during the entire year.”

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