Replacement Maya Ch. 04

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“This place is amazing!” squealed Maya as she stepped into the apartment.

Two months ago Maya came into my office flustered. Her parents, while in the U.S. legally, announced they were moving back to Mexico to take over her grandparents’ restaurant. That would leave Maya, a single child, and a U.S. citizen, alone in the states. Still living at home Maya didn’t know if she could stay or where she would live.

When I informed Julie she took command of the situation. Being a real estate agent she found a loft development and using money she inherited from her grandparents, purchased a unit for Maya. The original plan was to buy a lake house but Julie said we would get much more ‘enjoyment’ out of a love nest for me than a weekend home for us. She argued that since Maya and my relationship was now firmly set, a dedicated space would be more accommodating. It would also make the relationship more genuine, as Maya would become a kept woman rather than an office fling. Personally, I believed Julie got off on the idea of being my mistress’ landlord plus we could install discreet cameras throughout the unit allowing Julie to watch our trysts like a personal reality show.

“Technically it’s my apartment,” I laughed, “but I’m looking for a sexy tenant that is open to alternate payment methods.

“Well I would throw my panties into the ring,” teased Maya as she glanced over her shoulder, “but I left them in your office.”

“I’ll count that as an offer,” I replied as I followed her into the unit.

While Maya was focused on the apartment I was focused on her ass. Coming from work, Maya was dressed in a skirt and blouse that would be considered distracting if not for the loose blazer. Thanks to the diet and exercise program my wife created, Maya now had an incredible body and Julie made sure she dressed to please.

Julie spent hours communicating with Maya, pretending to be me as they texted, reveling in what women love and men tolerate. Julie handled the small talk, maintaining the emotional relationship and discussing our sexual exploits. It was our unofficial agreement; I had the sexual relationship and Julie commandeered the emotional one. Not a day went by when I didn’t see my wife focused on her phone, her playful smirk telling me she was conversing with Maya, guiding our relationship. It was only later that Julie informed me of what transpired, releasing the photos and the hundreds of texts shared. Julie’s strategy was perfect. She got to be the controlling cuckquean and I had the appreciative girlfriend.

Julie even decorated the unit in a very bachelor pad vibe making the unit more for me than Maya. Being an old factory, units were built long and narrow with 20-foot ceilings, making it a true loft design. The front half was split into two floors with a bathroom and kitchen placed under a constructed loft that had a second bathroom and sleeping area. The main living space kept the 20-foot ceilings with windows overlooking the river and was divided into two areas. One side was a living area with a 72 inch 4k LED TV. I had argued for that same model for our home but Julie would only let me get the 42-inch version. The seating consisted of a burgundy leather sofa and recliner with what could only be described as a sturdy coffee table that could stand up to playful use. The opposite side had a pool table and a steep metal staircase going to the loft.

“You included a pool table,” laughed Maya as she leaned over the side causing her skirt to ride up exposing her stocking tops.

“I thought it would give us something to do,” I teased back. While not one of my favorite games Julie stated it was a traditionally manly bar game and required the player to bend forward giving a premium view of a female player’s ass, much like Maya was doing now.

“The plan is for you to tell your parents this place belongs to a coworker who is moving to a different office for a few years and the company is subsidizing your rent,” I explained.

“So I’d be living in a coworker’s apartment,” purred Maya as yalova escort she turned and pressed her ass against the pool table.

“With an occasional roommate,” I added with a smile.

“So I’ll have someone to play pool with,” continued Maya playfully.

“I have to see the second floor,” announced Maya as she darted up the stairs. Their open design allowed me to confirm that Maya did indeed leave her panties at the office.

“The bed is huge,” continued Maya.

The loft consisted of a bathroom in the rear, with a shower large enough for two, and an open sleeping area in the front section. Again, Julie wanted the perfect layout. A king-sized wrought iron bed was placed against the back wall facing the living space below and the windows beyond. On the wall shared with the staircase stood a row of mirrored armoires. A dresser and makeup vanity were placed on the opposite wall. There was an open space near the railing for a stripper pole to be installed after her parents helped her move in along with a mirrored ceiling to be added over the bed. Like the living area below, the cameras gave an excellent view from every angle.

“So this place is all for me?” inquired Maya as she removed her blazer.

“For us,” I responded as I admired Maya’s outfit. Without the jacket, Maya looked every bit the office vixen. Her tight skirt sat high on her thigh and her fitted blouse hugged her trim waist and followed the swell of her breasts highlighting her figure instead of softening it like the blouses my wife now wore.

“No more sleazy hotel trysts,” I continued wrapping my arms around her and pulling her close.

“But we still can be sleazy,” purred Maya.

“Yes we can,” I smiled before we kissed. As the kiss grew more passionate I made sure Maya’s back was to one of the cameras as I groped her ass knowing my wife would be watching.

“How about we cut the interview short and I let you make a deposit using an alternative payment method,” breathed Maya as our lips parted.

I responded by scooping her up and tossing her onto the bed. Maya gave off an excited squeal before settling on her knees, her skirt riding up and exposing her bare thighs. With a mischievous smile, she started to unbutton her blouse. Thanks to my wife’s guidance Maya’s body was close to perfect. Julie kept her on a process of continuous improvement, the result being her waist, ass, legs, and breasts were amazing and Maya knew all too well how much I enjoyed seeing her body. As each button was undone more and more of her smooth skin was revealed until the last button and she slipped the shirt off.

Never breaking eye contact, she ran her hands over her body before reaching back and unhooking her bra exposing her lovely breasts. Lowering her hands I heard the zipper being pulled down the back of her skirt. With a little tugging, the skirt slipped over her hips exposing her clean-shaven pussy before she dropped to her ass and pulled the garment over her legs. Maya now lay on the bed naked except for her stockings and the heart-shaped necklace I gifted her for her birthday, an item she always wore like a collar or wedding band symbolizing she was mine.

I stood there for a few moments, fully clothed as Maya offered herself to me. I could tell how turned on she was by her shortness of breath, her flushed cheeks, and the look in her eyes. Not to mention her hardened nipples and moistened pussy.

“Your body is a work of art,” I commented.

“Thank you,” responded Maya, straightening her back and making her firm globes stick out prominently.

The need to feel her body against mine was overwhelming and after removing my clothes I climbed on the bed and leaned in for another kiss, more primal than our last. Pinning her in place my tongue explored her mouth.

Breaking the kiss I positioned Maya so she is facing the top of the bed and the camera just behind. With a gentle push, Maya leaned forward grasping the bed frame so her rear was presented to me. Maya had many amazing attributes but her ass was my favorite yalova escort bayan and I took a moment to admire its perfection. She let out a soft needy moan as I caressed their sensual curves before positioning my cock at the entrance of her pussy.

“Yes,” cried Maya as I buried my cock inside her. Her tight channel wrapping around my shaft but due to her wetness having no trouble slipping in and out. Gripping her waist firmly I increased my rhythm. The sounds of our bodies colliding and Maya’s moans of pleasure filled the room as we behaved like rutting animals. Gripping the bed frame tightly Maya gave off a satisfying moan as her body shivered from her climax. Kneeling behind her I smiled knowing I was about to give her several more.


With Michael spending more of his evenings with Maya I once again walked into an empty house and after pouring myself a glass of wine made my way to my command center. Just as Michel now had his love nest, I have my own room. In a way, it is my secret lair with a decidedly feminine touch. The room housed an extensive computer system to view the camera feeds, a comfortable reading chair, a cheval floor mirror, an antique steamer trunk, a high back oak chair, and the dressmaker’s dummy set to Maya’s size.

Pulling back my Herman Miller office chair I took a seat and entered my password ‘cuckcake’ and the three high-resolution monitors come to life. The screen to my left displayed a picture of Michael and Maya sharing an intimate kiss, a physical copy of the photo sits on Maya’s nightstand. On the right is a picture of Maya wearing a little black dress, an expensive designer item I bought for her, lying across the pool table, her garter straps and stockings visible as she smiled seductively while fondling two billiard balls. But my favorite was displayed on the middle screen. An image from the first time Maya and Michael made love in the loft. Maya’s face had the look of happiness and contentment, her sultry eyes wide open and her lips parted in a smile as she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm. Below her face, you could see the sparkle from her heart-shaped ruby as it dangled between her bare breasts. My husband is in the background, his cocky smile showing his enjoyment in driving his lover to orgasm. Reaching out I caress the image before taking another drink.

Looking at my phone tracker I see Michael and Maya have left the gym. Knowing time is short, I finish my wine and stand up to remove my clothing in preparation for the lovers’ tryst. While I shared my cuckquean fetish with my husband, I kept my other penchant private. Naked I placed my hair in a high ponytail and unlocked the steamer trunk removing a set of latex panties and a bra equipped with little rubble knobs to stimulate my clit and nipples. Slipping the panties over my feet I pull them up, wiggling my hips to get the tight garment in place. Next, I slip the sport-like latex top over my head settling my two mounds within its molded cups. The black latex fits me like a second skin and I feel the little knobs teasing me as I move, enough to keep me aroused but not enough to get me off. Next, I cover my kinky outfit with a pair of stretch pants and a long sleeve top that hugged my body and highlighted my latex-enhanced breasts.

Returning to the trunk I remove the eight sets of self-locking shackles attaching them to the top and bottom of the legs and the front and back of the armrests of the oak chair. Wheeling my office chair away from the desk I move the oak chair into its place.

With my perch set, I return to the trunk to complete my outfit. A pair of blinders designed for pony play are strapped to my head before reaching into the trunk to remove the final item, a posture collar molded to cover my upper chest to just below my nose and ears. Cast in two halves I bring the front part towards my face and slip the built-in gag into my mouth holding it in place as I attach the back half. The thick rubber makes it very hard to move and the blinders effectively restrict my vision to what escort yalova is directly in front of me.

Sitting in the oak chair I activate the video feeds and see that Michael and Maya have entered the apartment. Michael in his gym shorts and tee and Maya in a black and red sports bra and leggings.

Maya and I spent hours online looking at clothes asking for my, i.e. Michaels, opinion on what she should buy. Her current outfit is made of figure-hugging lycra spandex and shows off her perfect body. The red pattern highlights the curve of her breasts and the leggings have a red heart, her trademark, on the back. The image was cut so her cheeks made up the top of the heart and the point split between her thighs giving it a three-dimensional look. As I think about how every male in the gym was envious of my husband I cannot help but press my hand against the front of my panties pushing the knobs into my crotch.

I watched as they moved to the kitchen, Maya opening the fridge and bending at the waist showing her ass to Michael and the camera. As Maya emerged with two water bottles she handed one to Michael she used the coolness of the other to rub against her upper chest and exposed waist before taking a drink.

Fighting my urge for relief I pull my hand from between my thighs and secured the shackles forcing my legs to remain open. Using my body, I slide the heavy chair forward until the chair is against the desk. After making sure the mouse was in easy reach I use my hands to push myself up, pressing my back to the chair, and slid down. Two small hooks catch under the back of the posture collar securing my upper body. It is now impossible for me to move unless I use my arms to lift myself. With everything in place I secure the shackles at my elbows and the one over my right wrist. Taking a deep breath I use the mouse to secure the final shackle. I’m now trapped, forced to watch my husband and his lover until the timer runs out in six hours, or until he leaves her apartment.

I kept switching cameras as the two lovers moved about the apartment watching each caress and kiss as they make their way to the bed. My eyes remained focused on the screen as Michael pulled Maya’s top over her head leaving her succulent breasts free to be admired.

I fought my bindings as my husband fondled her breasts. Caressing them as a lover should, rubbing her nipples and making them respond to his touch. Maya’s soft purr of pleasure competes against my whimper as I try to get some relief with the knobs in my bra.

Moaning in frustration I watched Michael kiss and lick each breast before making his way down Maya’s firm stomach. With a gentle pull, Michael removed Maya’s leggings displaying her naked body. My shame fed my arousal as I watched my husband stripped of his clothes. My sex throbbing and desperate, calling for relief while I was unable to do anything but watch as Michael and Maya moved with the familiarity of lovers.

All three of us let out a deep moan as my husband inserted the cock he pledged to me into his lover. Their passion grew as Michael pummeled her expelling his pent-up lust into another woman while my desire to be penetrated was left unfulfilled. Even without any direct stimulation, I felt a phantom cock matching my husband’s rhythm as he pleasured Maya. My hips moved frantically trying to stimulate my clitoris against the little knobs.

As Maya orgasmed calling out my husband’s name, I achieved a self-induced one myself. Nowhere near as satisfying as Maya’s, it did nothing to sedate my wants and wasn’t close to making me cum.

I would now have to watch my husband give Maya several more until they had their fill. Michael would then get dressed and kiss his lover goodbye allowing me to free myself from my bonds and prepare for his arrival.

Michael would arrive home satisfied and sexually spent from his tryst, while I was desperate for relief. Michael would perform his martial chore but it would take an effort on my part to arouse his tired body, something that came easy in his earlier efforts with Maya. Not that he would receive much satisfaction, being on edge, my orgasm would erupt in a matter of seconds completing Michael’s obligation without any sexual gratification on his part. For that he had Maya.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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