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My Uncle Lon reputation preceded him. Every woman in the family knew about him. He is into fucking family members. Because he is a stub in bed, he really has no trouble getting between the legs of women in my family. I been one of the few to hold out, I always my sister would remain strong like me. The slut had Uncle Lon over for the weekend, when her husband was away on a fishing trip. According to my sister first hand report, uncle Lon had world class endurance, able to fuck for an extended period of time without cumming. Hearing my sister account of their affair, I can honestly say my panties were wet. But I had never cheated on my husband in the seven year we had been married, even if he wasn’t the best in the sack. So I had always made sure to steer clear of my uncle.

But my calling my sister back for more detail, gave off enough signals that I draw my uncle interest. He boldly appeared at my front door one afternoon, knowing my husband was, at work. I should have slam the door in his face, since I knew what he was there to try and do. Instead I let him in.

My uncle Lon is a good looking man, and cocksure of himself. He boldly wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to him, rubbing his swelling cock against me. In comparison my husband was nervous about kissing me on our second date. My resistance melted away and turning me into a big puddle of pussy juices within seconds. I couldn’t believe how rapidly, and how easily my resistance dissipated.

When he moved to undressed me, I should have stopped it then and there, but I offered no resistance. He peeled my clothes off me as easy and peeling a banana His lewd comments as his fingers slide over my flesh as it was exposed to him, should have offended me, or a least embarrassed me. My husband never talked to me that way, he was soft spoken and sweet and boring. Instead my uncle nasty comments only served to damping my panties crotch further. That was until he peeled them down my legs. He threw them across the room but not before bring them to his face inhaling my musky scent. My uncle had made me feel more like a sexually, hot, desirable woman in ten minutes than my husband had I had feel hack forum in years of loving making.

I trembled slightly as I stood in my living room before my uncle naked. The only place my husband thought a person should be naked is in the shower. We didn’t ever make love in the nude. My uncle lewdly stated he like to walk me naked down the street, I looked so good. If I was his woman I never have in more than a dress. So he’d have easy access to my goodies anytime and anywhere. The thought of my uncle want to show off my body was exciting me again it was the complete opposite of my husband desires. My husband barely touched me in public. Once we were first married I tried to get my husband to finger me in the privacy of our car. He thought I was being lewd and weird, our fool around was for the bedroom only.

My uncle’s kisses were electrifying, jolting every nerve ending in my body. My toes tingle as he kissed my neck and shoulders. He knelt and kissed the slight roundness of my belly, softly breathing into my navel, he turned me around to graze the white cheeks of my ass with his teeth. His hands roamed over my body feverishly, kneading my ass, fingering my cunt, frigging my clit, thumbing my nipples into rigid little erections. His hands traveled place on my body in the ten minutes he stood there running his hands over me that my husband’s hadn’t in months.

My hands trembled as I undressed him, my hand wrapped around his cock, stoking it as rhythmically as he was fingering my cunt. Without loosening our grip on each other, we lay on the couch, the couch my husband and I sat on every night and watch TV. This was the first time in the seven years I had been married I had ever been naked on the couch, making out. Soon I found myself doing something else I had never done on my couch, I found myself my legs spread wide waiting for my uncle’s hard cock to enter my steamy pussy. He kissed the insides of my thighs, avoiding my pussy like it didn’t exist, my body tensed with need, his lips, tongue, and teeth fanning my flames of desire.

But Uncle Lon wasn’t ready for me to have him yet. He wanted to torment me more and draw this experience out. Though his seething cock was weeping copious drops of pre-cum, he didn’t rush to satisfy himself and plunge into my pussy, as my husband would have. Instead, he continued sweetly to torment, making me feel special.

My underarms were next to come in for a share of his attention. He kissed my pits softly nuzzling into them then he returned to my neck for more nuzzling. My cunt felt if it was on fire. “Please fuck me now Uncle.” I begged him. “I needed to feel you ramming into me.”

Lon reached over to his pants on the floor and extracted a condom from his pocket. He ripped the package open with his teeth and unrolled the latex onto his nice-sized cock.

Once he was sheath, he reached between my spread legs opening my dewy petals, his sheathed cock penetrated me, slipping fluidly into my hot wet cunt. Lately my husband and I had needed more lube to wet my cunt for sex; this was something my uncle had no need of. I sighed, relaxing, ready to enjoy the fuck all the other women in my family had marveled about. To date I think I was one of the last to hold out, and feeling my uncle cock slide in to me, I wonder why I had every held out. Uncle Lon moved his hips in a circular motion, kind of corkscrewing his cock into me, thrusting all the way in each time, pulling out until only the head of his cock remained between my puffy pussy-lips.

His grinding fucking motion was turning on all my other fuck nerves, turning me on like I hadn’t felt in years. My lube churned inside me, and his suctioning cock made lewd squishy sounds in my extreme wetness.

Uncle Lon fucked hard, deep, and fast, and when it seemed like he was ready to cum, he slowed his pace, letting his balls simmer, letting the orgasmic urge subside a bit. Then he launched into it again, thrusting hard, fast, and extremely deeply, taking me rapidly toward the brink of ecstasy. As his body thrust up and down in heat, his prick made mini-incursion into my horny body. His meaty prod sawed in and out of me, thumping to the bottom with every stroke, but taking it slowly and gently. My uncle phenomenal self-control, fucking in and out of me slow but steady rate, not nearing climax, but spiraling me higher and higher towards a bone-jarring climax. I clenched my pussy muscles tightly, clamping my inner walls around his hefty dick. He moved his hips in circles so his dick probed at all angles insides me, not missing an inch of my love cavern.

Then he stroked my breasts, not squeezing hard, like my husband, not manhandling them, but making them feel good. Soft brushing approaches tantalized my stiffened nipples, and slow, rubbing strokes tormented my areolas. He fondled every bump on my chocolate-brown circles. And all the while, he was lazily fucking my horny pussy, taking his own sweet time as he drove it in and out, cramming me with his hot cock meat, yet never rushing the act at all.

I moaned, “I am going to cummmm.” “do it,” my uncle urged me, humping faster but giving me no sense he was close to climaxing. I felt his hot meat thrusting in and out of me, as I driven toward my first orgasm, soon, little prickles were shooting through my body, every muscle tight as an over wound clock, and every nerve screaming for release. Then a giant tidal wave washed over me and I grabbed my uncle pulling his chest against mine, feeling his curly chest hairs tickling my boobs.

When I recovered, I immediately felt a second climax building, “cum with me please, Uncle. Please cum with me” my uncle Lon pick up his tempo and intensity goal-oriented at last. When he spurted his sperm into the rubber he had put on before entering me, he howled like a cat in heat. I nibbled his earlobe and breathed into his ear, as the feeling of his climax pushed me over the edge. Our body shook and shuddered in a massive explosion that had been worth waiting for.

It was the first time a man had fucked me to orgasm, in fact two of them. My husband always has to orally manipulate me to orgasm, but Uncle Lon had the staying power, the remarkable endurance to fuck me to orgasm.

The women of my family were right. Uncle Lon is indeed wonderful. He was the best I’d ever had, just like my sister promised he would be. That night I fantasize about him when my husband is on top of me, poking me with his pecker. Somehow, it seems to made sex with my husband better. But not nearly good enough to stop me from have my uncle’s cock inside again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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