Reunited and it feels so good Ch. 02

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Jack continued stroking Lana as she came down from the rush of sensations he had elicited with his expert touch. He knew exactly how to handle her body and after months apart, he still had the same arousing effect on her. If anything, the time apart had amplified Lana’s responsiveness to Jack’s hands and mouth. His strong, slightly callused hands wandered over her naked body, stroking her breasts, her round hips, and her perfect ass. She nuzzled herself into his broad, chiseled chest and inhaled his scent. She ran her hands along his muscles and leaned her body into his for a tight embrace. Within seconds of their bodies rubbing against eachother, both Lana and Jack felt a renewed urge for the other and began hungrily kissing. Deep, wet, yearning kisses. Lana made her way on top of Jack, grinding into his partially clothed body with her naked one.

“I can’t believe you still have your pants on!” Lana exclaimed between fervent kisses, and proceeded to unzip Jack’s jeans. She squirmed in delight to find he was naked underneath his jeans and playfully ran her soft fingers along the length of his massive erection.

“Mmmm. I’ve missed those soft hands. And those lips. They’ve been haunting my dreams. God, I want your mouth on my cock, Lana,” Jack murmured, groaning softly as Lana stroked him.

“I’ve missed this gorgeous dick. Let me get reacquainted with it,” she said adoringly.

Lana pulled Jack’s jeans off, freeing his cock and well-muscled legs, and climbed on top of him. She continued to stroke his cock lovingly, softly, and she watched as Jack closed his eyes, groaning with every touch of her delicate hands. Soon she tightened her grip on his dick, eliciting a moan from Jack as he opened his eyes in surprise. As they locked eyes, Lana slowly lowered her head, running her soft lips against the velvety skin of the head of Jack’s cock and teasing it with her tongue. She licked the salty pre-cum that had been dribbling from his cock and relished the fact that she could finally taste him again. She wrapped her lips around him, her mouth stretched wide by his impressive girth, and gently sucked on his dick. As she sucked, she continued stroking his shaft with one hand and massaging his balls with the other.

Jack groaned and sighed, gazing down at Lana as she expertly licked and sucked his throbbing cock. She dribbled her spit onto his dick to add more lubrication kaçak iddaa to her strokes, spreading it around his shaft and balls so that they were wet and slippery. Her long brown locks cascaded down her back and framed her face, with some loose strands getting caught on his wet cock as she eagerly manipulated it with her hands and mouth. Jack lovingly tangled his fingers in Lana’s soft hair and held it away from her face so he could get a better look into her lust-filled, cock-hungry brown eyes. She sighed and moaned as she sucked away, never breaking her eye contact with Jack. It was a breathtaking sight.

“Fuck, Lana. You look so fucking beautiful with my dick in your mouth,” Jack murmured.

Jack’s cock twitched as Lana took him deeper into her mouth, adding more spit to aid her. He was so unbelievably turned on by how much she enjoyed going down on him. Lana was captivated by his cock. Slowly, she pushed her mouth further down his dick, inch by inch, until she had taken his entire length. This was an impressive feat, as Lana had a rather small mouth and Jack’s dick was larger than most. Jack shuddered in pleasure as he felt Lana pushing past her gag reflex so that the head of his cock hit the back of her throat repeatedly. She moaned as his gentle grip on her hair tightened, followed by a slow tug. Lana loved being restrained, and Jack knew exactly how much pressure to use to elicit her delicious sounds. Her mouth was full of cock, which muffled her moans and added lovely vibrations that made Jack groan loudly.

“Yesss. Fuck. Just like that, keep going baby,” Jack said, his breathing becoming more labored and his groans more frequent.

Lana continued lavishing Jack’s cock with ravenous attention. She was a faithful devotee, and her acts of licking, sucking, and stroking were forms of worship. Jack’s hands gripped her head more tightly as his breathing quickened. At one point, Lana looked up at him with her twinkling eyes, her mouth filled with his dick, and though he didn’t think it was possible, Jack found himself even more turned on. He quickly sat up and moved them both so that he was standing up near edge of the bed and Lana was on her knees on the carpet between his legs. Lana continued sucking his cock with renewed fervor, enjoying the angle she was able to achieve in this new position. She felt his cock twitch and harden (how could he get any harder?!) kaçak bahis and she knew that an orgasm was not far off. She was wet at the thought of his cum in her mouth. She quickly removed his dick from her mouth and looked into his hazel eyes.

“I want you to fuck my mouth, Jack. Please.” Lana panted.

Lana’s hair was wild, her lusty eyes filled with a hunger for him. Her lips were wet and swollen from her worship of his cock and it was one of the hottest things Jack had ever seen. He obliged her request and ran his fingers through her hair, tightly gripped her head, and slowly began fucking her face. He thrust his hips slowly towards her mouth, using long, deep strokes to push his cock from just outside of her lips to the back of her throat, over and over again. Lana made muffled sounds and touched her breasts and her pussy, which was once again dripping wet, as Jack used her mouth to bring himself to the edge of orgasm before pulling back every time he got close.

Every so often, Jack would lift her up from her knees and kiss her deeply, tasting himself on her lips and tongue. Then, he would roughly push Lana back down onto her knees and resume fucking her mouth. Jack’s breathing became more labored and his thrusts became more erratic. He was losing himself in his ecstasy, becoming unaware of his surroundings. All he knew was Lana’s wet mouth on his cock and how fantastic it felt.

Lana decided to seize the opportunity and before Jack knew what was happening, she was pushing him backwards onto the bed until he was laying down and she was kneeling between his legs. He gave a low moan as Lana grabbed his cock firmly with one hand as she stuck a finger inside of her sopping wet pussy and brought it to his mouth to taste. He sucked on her finger, savoring her sweet juices. Jack watched as Lana resumed sucking his dick with renewed energy and concentration. His cock was so hard and he was dangerously close to losing all sense of himself.

Once again, Jack gazed down at Lana as she brought her middle finger to her pussy and waited patiently, expecting her to bring it to his mouth to taste her again. Instead, Lana brought her well-lubricated finger to Jack’s perineum and gently massaged this sensitive spot as she continued to fuck his cock with her mouth. She gradually increased the pressure of her finger and brought it to his tightly puckered asshole, continuing illegal bahis to massage him and then slowly inserting her finger inside his ass. Jack groaned loudly and Lana felt him tighten around her finger and then slowly, he relaxed. She began pumping her finger slowly, at first only going as far as her first knuckle and then gradually going further in until finally her entire finger was inside his ass, massaging his prostate as she deepthroated his massive cock.

“Oh God. Ahh. Fuck. Lana. Yeah baby. FUCK,” Jack moaned, unable to form a coherent thought or sentence.

Lana continued to penetrate his ass, but paused her sucking and asked, “Are you going to cum for me?”

“Ahhh. Yeah. Yeah, I’m going to come,” Jack replied, groaning.

“Good. Look at me when you’re coming,” Lana commanded, and resumed her sucking.

Jack shuddered in pleasure; while he was generally the one in control, he did enjoy these instances when Lana explored some of her dominant tendencies. Their sexual chemistry was so undeniably strong that no matter who was in charge, Jack always felt like he was at Lana’s mercy.

Jack’s breathing became increasingly more erratic and he groaned continuously, running his fingers through the hair on Lana’s bobbing head. He lifted his head to look down at Lana as she worshipped his throbbing cock and fingered his ass, slowing down slightly as she brought him to the brink of orgasm. As soon as they locked eyes, Jack’s entire body tensed and he groaned loudly and then unloaded into Lana’s mouth. His climax was powerful and as he came, his ass clenched tightly around Lana’s finger. She dutifully swallowed every last drop of his cum, never taking her eyes off of his.

Lana proceeded to tenderly lick and kiss Jack’s sensitive, softening cock as he came down from his earth-shattering release. As his breathing slowly returned to normal, Lana removed her finger from his ass and joined him at his side, laying her soft body against his hard one. Jack turned towards her, a dreamy satisfied look in his eyes. Lana grinned mischievously at him and caressed his dick. He gazed appreciatively at her pretty mouth, swollen and pouty from her dick-sucking, and gave her a long, deep kiss. He could taste himself on her tongue.

“I…had no idea just how much I had missed the way you suck dick. So eagerly. So intensely. Fuck Lana, that was insane…just give me a few minutes to recover. And then I’m going to fuck the shit out of you,” Jack said, as flipped Lana around and pulled her in close into spooning position.

“Mmmm you’d better,” Lana said, sighing.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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