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Long Cock

so me and harvey woke up yesterday at like 5 am and i said to harvey “baby your dick is poking into my back” harvey laughted at me and said “do you want it in your butt instead babe” i turned to face harvey and said “no i want to sleep so jack off or something to make it go down” harvey cuddled up to me and said “why jack my self off when you can do it for me” i looked harvey in the eyes and said “baby i really want to sleep or (and i grabbed his dick at this point) your have no dick left”

so a few hours later we woke up again for the final time and got into the shower together i looked at harveys dick and noticed it was a little brused i said to harvey “did i do that baby?” harvey cuddled me and said “yeah but i know you didnt mean to” i gave harvey a lovingly kiss and said “im really sorry baby” harvey smiled at me and said “its fine babe honestly” so me and harvey got dressed and harvey went to go see his mom and i had nothing to do for once so i sat in the living room and watched tv (well channel surfed atlest) when i got bord and horny i started rubbing my dick and soon enought it became hard so i pulled down my pants and my boxers and grabbed my cell and took a picture of my hard dick and sent it to harvey with a message saying do you” title=”izmit escort bayan”>izmit escort bayan want it? harvey messaged me back and wrote im on my way home now baby best get that bed warmed up

when harvey got home he shouted “babe?” i shouted im in bed baby so harvey walked into are bedroom and i got the cd remote and pressed play and said to harvey “strip for me babe” so harvey did starting with his shirt and then his belt and socks and then his pants harvey was about to take him boxers of when i said “i can take them off for you” so harvey walked over to me with his dick really hard in his boxers and i ripped then off him and put his dick in my mouth and suck him till he cummed when harvey got into bed with me (as im sure you have guess i was fully naked) harvey got on top of me and i said “baby jack me off” so harvey did and i cummed all over his hands and then harvey lifted my legs up and shoved his dick in and fuck me so fast and deep i thought we was going to set on fire about an hour later harvey cummed and said “baby fuck me now” so i did i shoved my dick up harvey and fucked him slowly and it was fantastic and strangly really romantic so a few hours later me and harvey had finished having sex and doing other sexual activities we just laid in bed and talked” title=”izmit eve gelen escort”>izmit eve gelen escort like we use to do back at school

anyway harvey got out of bed and said “baby” so i looked at him and said “yes baby” “can you do me a favour?” “depends what it is baby” “you know i love you right” i looked at harvey seriously and said “get to the point babe” “can you pick claire up from the airport tomorrow” i took a very long breath in and out and said “cant we just pay for a taxi for her” “come on babe all you got to do is take her to my moms house and thats it” “you best get me a pair of ear defenders so i dont have to listen to her really annoying voice then babe what time am i picking her up?” “at 13.15 babe” “okay and babe you have put a reall killer to my sexual mood now” so i got out of bed and got dress and said to harvey “your ass is cooking tonight and i want a sir fry”

so harvey smiled at me and said “what kind babe a veggi one” “yes please” so harvey walked into the kitchen and begain making dinner and i walked in 10 minutes later and started kissing the back of harveys neck and rubbing his dick and feeling his ass harvey turned round and said “i thought you wasnt in the mood baby” i smiled and said “im always” title=”izmit otele gelen escort”>izmit otele gelen escort in the mood for a peice of your sweet ass babe” harvey smiled at me and said “well babe you got to have something to eat and then wait a bit before we go back into our bedroom because your mom is coming round in a hour to see you about your brothers electronic tagg appeal” “cant we foul around a little” as i was saying that i undid harveys belt and unzipped his pants harvey took my hands and took my hands out his boxers and said “come on baby you know im worth the wait” “i know you are baby but your dick is already pre cumming can you really wait that long” harvey smiled and said “it will be a stuggle but yes come on have something to eat first and i promise you i will be well worth the wait baby because im going to slow fuck you tonight and im still going to make you scream” i laughted and said “what makes you think your that good baby” harvey turned around and did his paints up and plated us are stir fry and and said “you know i am baby thats why you love me”

so a question to all our readers me and harvey way talking about this the other day how any of you have jacked off to are stories and be honest becuase we really dont mind brian or jorden have eaither of you done it the reason i ask is because i want to prove to harvey that people have jacked of to what we do but harvey thinks we are to boring for people to jack off to us so comment and tell us if you have or havent please

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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