Rick’s New Toy is Pleasure Perfect

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Chapter 1:

As I looked towards my wrist again, I felt like a child on Christmas Eve, counting minutes that felt like hours. My usually reliable watch had to be slow, I thought in a lather of frustration, because it was impossible that less than two minutes had passed since I last glanced at it. Time seemed to stand still. It was 5.19pm and I forced myself to take a few deep, calming breaths.

Rick had confirmed on the phone just an hour ago that our meeting today was a definite go, and since we’d tried to get together twice before with plans scuppered by circumstances beyond our control, we joked that the evening’s scheduling would result in one of two things; third time lucky and we’d finally get to crack a bottle of Japanese whisky we’d discussed for ages, or the amused fates would say: “Never going to happen!” and cause a meteor strike on the road to my house, to make their point.

Rick said that, traffic dependent, he’d arrive at my home between 5pm and 5.30, and within seconds of the call I’d become the eye of a category 5 hurricane flashing through the house. Just eight minutes later I’d emerged showered, made up and wearing strappy high sandals paired with an elegant, flowing but slightly clingy dress that offered the barest hint of my total lack of undergarments.

My attention was suddenly drawn to the growl of a powerful engine idling outside, and just a second later, a series of decisive raps at the door. Running fingers nervously through my hair, I strode forward calling: “Come in.”

The front door faced west and as it opened I was forced to squint into the sudden glare of the setting sun that poured in and silhouetted the towering man before me. His sheer size and presence made my steps falter and I found myself motionless in the centre of the floor.

His face was deeply shadowed against the light, so I felt rather than saw the briefest flash of a feline grin. It was gone as fast as it had appeared, leaving one word shimmering in my mind: “prey”. I knew I should be alarmed but I wasn’t; I was engulfed in a wave of excitement.

I extended both hands towards Rick and he enfolded them in a powerful, warm grip as he smiled and said: “It’s taken too long to do this. Finally!” Then he gently stroked my cheek with his rough right palm. My eyelids fluttered closed involuntarily and of its own accord my body swayed towards his; a motion he appeared to be expecting because it took less than a second for Rick’s hands to encircle my narrow waist and for him to lift me off my feet.

My eyes flew open and as my legs flayed helplessly in the air, Rick leaned in and down towards my face. For a teasing second his warm breath played across my skin, then his mouth descended to cover mine, tongue forcing its way between my lips. I hung helplessly in mid-air while Rick passionately kissed me, then he finally broke away and with another short, sharp lift he effortlessly hefted me over his shoulder and strode deeper into the house.

I was too shocked to say a word, too shocked to object, but when I was dropped onto my bed and I looked up at the tall, broad, bearded man who so resembled a Viking, I knew I wanted him… wanted this… more than I’d ever wanted anything before.

Rick stood over me for a second, smiling devilishly, then moved in and with remarkable speed stripped off every last wisp of my clothing – not difficult since the outfit comprised only heels and the dress.

The heat of his gaze suddenly made me shy, and I tried to cover my naked body as best I could with hands and arms, but they were roughly pulled apart and quickly Rick secured them to the bedposts above my head. Grabbing my ankles he forced them up and open, tying them to the top bedposts alongside my hands.

I realised with dismay that my bound position resembled that of an upended tortoise, except with my thighs spread wide every orifice was on display, open to be examined, teased, probed, tormented or abused.

Rick too stripped naked, revealing a rock hard, dilatant erection that sprang up against his powerful body. But my glimpse was momentary as he climbed onto the bed, positioning himself just below my groin and my eye-line. I tried to squirm backwards but Rick simply slid two fingers into my already drenched pussy, curled them upwards and effectively used them as grappling hooks to pull me back to my original spot on the bed.

“Behave!” he said sternly, before offering me a broad smile and dropping his head down between my thighs. I squealed and my entire body bucked as Rick’s mouth closed around my clit; the tip of his quivering, pointy tongue delving under the hood to provide maximum tormenting pleasure. At the same time I felt a finger drive deeply into my pussy and I groaned in pleasure, then it withdrew and was suddenly replaced by three broad, thrusting, probing digits.

My eyes flew open and my body jerked against my bonds as a fountain squirted from me. My head shot up and as I realised with mounting panic that Rick was drenched I began to sincan escort struggle violently against the ropes.

Rick’s chuckle was low and deep as he stared into my eyes, then without warning rammed his fingers back into my pussy. I had no control. A massive orgasm tore through my body instantly. As I came, I squirted again and again in spasming waves, unable to stop the flow or divert Rick’s rapt gaze that was entirely focused between my thighs.

I was still writhing and moaning, every nerve in my body screaming with pleasure, when Rick turned his hand slightly, pulled it back, and then drove his fingers simultaneously, unmercifully, back into my pussy and into my tight rosebud ass.

Chapter 2:

I had just cum overwhelmingly hard and my body should have been wrung out, but my response to the stabbing fingers was instant. I squirmed in my bindings, thrusting my pelvis forward trying to force Rick’s fingers deeper into me. He immediately pulled his hand back, stopping when only the tips of his fingers remained in my pussy and ass. All movement stopped and I mewled in frustration.

After a minute Rick’s fingertips slowly started drawing lazy circles inside me, torturous movements that drove me wild with desire. “You’ll take what I give you, Little Fierce,” Rick said softly. “You’re not in charge. You’re my toy, to play with and use as I desire, so you don’t get to demand pleasure; I’ll decide what you feel and when you feel it. Submit to that and be rewarded or fight me and forfeit; the choice is yours.”

I looked searchingly at Rick, then forced my body to be still. He felt the fight leave my tense muscles and responded by plunging his fingers back inside my orifices, pushing until they could go no further. The palm of his other hand came to rest on my mons, cupping the mound softly at first, then squeezing harder and harder.

I whimpered as the pressure increased, the pain creating a confusing juxtaposition of sensation with the pleasure of the deeply thrusting fingers. Then Rick’s thumb swept downwards over my mons towards my clit, where it pressed hard against the achingly sensitive nub that was crying out to be stroked. The maddening pressure made me grind my clit against Rick’s hand, which instantly withdrew.

“I did warn you,” was all he said before reaching into a backpack on the floor by the bed – a bag I hadn’t previously noticed but surmised was also the source of the ropes that bound me. Rick pulled out a glove and took his time working it over his right hand, then he reached back into the bag and withdrew two narrow fabric cylinders that confusingly appeared to be finger bandages, which he placed over his gloved index and middle fingers. The faintly shiny finger caps trailed wires and I watched uncomprehendingly as Rick plugged the wires into a small metal device. He flipped a switch on it and a low buzzing filled the air.

Rick reached out and lightly brushed my right nipple with his two covered fingers. The contact was brief, but the effect was not. Instantly a hot, needle-like pain shot through my nipple followed a millisecond later by such a massive electro jolt through my breast that my torso bucked against the bindings while I screamed. “Hmm… perhaps a tad too high to start,” Rick said, adjusting the switch with his left hand, while his right stretched to touch my left nipple.

“Wait!” I cried out. “Please don’t…” But my sentence died in my throat as the gloved fingers tweaked my nipple sharply and another jolt of electricity shot through my tender flesh. “If you don’t listen, you forfeit pleasure for punishment,” Rick said, trailing a gloved finger down my stomach and around my navel, leaving stinging shocks in his wake. “Understand that I do want you to lose control, I want you insane with lust and totally incoherent, but I’ll tell you when it’ll happen. Until then, do as you’re told,” Rick growled in my ear before leaning back again and slamming his wired fingers down onto my clit. His gaze was locked on mine and he took in every detail as my eyes instantly widened while I fought the urge to scream.

“Count to five,” Rick instructed. Obediently I counted the seconds despite red hot, stinging shocks firing through my pussy. When I reached five Rick removed his hand, flicked the switch and took off the glove. “Hopefully there’ll be no call for that again today,” Rick remarked as he settled on his stomach between my splayed thighs. “And as of now, you have permission to drop your handbrake. I want to force you to a level of incoherence you’ve never before experienced, and I want to see just how long we can keep you there,” he said with a low chuckle.

Chapter 3:

Rick again lowered his head, tongue teasing its way between my lips and lazily exploring every nook and cranny of my sodden pussy. The exploration was slow, languorous and maddening; Rick’s tongue delving deeply but briefly inside me every few minutes, but not once venturing near my throbbing clit.

I squirmed in frustration and a groan so ankara escort low it was almost a growl, escaped from me. I could feel Rick’s smile against my skin and I knew how much he was enjoying inflicting such delicious torment, enjoying his absolute control over my spiralling desire; control of my mind as tight as the knots he’d tied earlier to control the agitated stirrings of my body.

Then Rick’s body shifted slightly and settled lower, his head following the same trajectory. But I was only distantly aware of the substantial weight shift on the bottom of the mattress, because my focus had telescoped to a single pin-point, a single location and a single sensation that sent my mind into freefall.

Rick had pressed and held his warm tongue against the ring muscle of my ass, then he started licking slowly across it. I’d never felt the caress of a tongue in that intimate spot before and it drove me wild. With broad fingers Rick further pried apart my cheeks and while he did that, started pushing the tip of his now pointed tongue into the tight pink star.

As I cried out in ecstasy Rick’s tongue withdrew, but to my enormous relief the loss of sensation lasted only a split second. The warm, quivering tongue had been replaced, though, by the delicate tip of a finger – one that lightly stroked along the length of my crack, pausing to circle my clenching bud, round and round – before continuing its journey downwards.

The finger came to rest on my perineum, rubbing softly back and forth before a plunging stab into my sodden pussy to the knuckle made me scream. Rick’s finger withdrew as quickly as it had entered and the slippery digit swiftly trailed back to my ass. Clenched muscles were no match for my own lubrication on his hand and it took only a little pressure for his finger to breach my ass. Slowly Rick’s finger sank in to the second knuckle, then withdrew at the same leisurely speed.

A guttural moan wrenched from my chest as his tongue again replaced his hand and forced itself deeper into my violated orifice, which began to relax of its own volition. Rick sensed this surrender immediately and he first started letting his rolled tongue slip past the opening, then he alternated that probe with deeply penetrating fingers—first one, then two.

The new sensations overwhelmed my mind, turning my moans into a howl that drove Rick’s fingers and tongue faster and faster. “Please!” I cried desperately. “Please, what?” Rick demanded as his fingers drove relentlessly into my ass. “Tell me what you want; if you don’t use your words how could I possibly know what you want?” he asked, smiling at me like a hungry tiger.

I turned my head away at the question and whimpered as my face turned crimson. A moment later Rick shrugged and I felt his tongue and fingers again assaulting my ravenous bud, which drove me over the edge. “Please fuck me,” I screamed. “I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me. Please!” A calm, soft voice responded: “Where do you want to be fucked? Tell me!” Without hesitation I cried: “I want you to fuck my ass; please, please fuck my ass hard!”

With a satisfied growl Rick grasped the headboard and swung himself up and forward into a kneeling position in one fluid motion. As he shifted up the bed towards me I stared at his powerful body, my gaze coming to rest on the proud, pulsing erection pressed against his abdomen.

Rick’s member was an impressive length, but my eyes widened and I inhaled sharply as I began to process its girth. “W-w-wait!” I stammered, “You’re too big! You’ll never fit in me.” Rick chuckled deeply as he grasped his hard thickness in his left hand, the fingers of his right probing my saturated pussy for a moment before rubbing the slickness across my ass and around the head of his cock.

“Are you worried about this little thing?” Rick asked in a mockingly innocent tone as he pushed the massive erection forwards between my gaping thighs. He rubbed the head along the length of my crack in a manner that was simultaneously tantalising and menacing.

Then Rick’s tone dropped and he said: “You pleaded with me to fuck your ass, which I intend to do. I didn’t force you to beg for this like a little slut toy; you did that all by yourself so you’ll take what I give you. And I’d strongly suggest you relax right now, otherwise the six-and-a-half inch circumference that’s about to open your ass wide is going to hurt like hell.”

I shuddered and instinctively tensed as I felt probing against my tight little bud, then took a deep breath and forced my body to relax – as much as it was able to in its awkwardly splayed position.

The probing became more insistent, harder. Whose will would win out was a foregone conclusion as Rick’s cock penetrated the ring and edged slowly into my ass. My groan was long and low and I felt myself stretching and stretching – impossibly wide – to accommodate the extraordinary thickness that was Rick’s throbbing erection.

After what felt like an eternity the measured invasion ceased etimegut escort as Rick’s pelvis came to rest against mine. He leaned forward and breathed into my ear: “See? All the way in and it doesn’t feel even slightly bad, does it? Tell me how fucking good my cock feels in your ass. Tell me!”

With that Rick’s hips reared back, then with piston-like precision his cock plunged deeply into my ass and thudded against my g-spot through the thin membrane wall. He wrapped his hands around my bound ankles and using them as leverage, pounded into me relentlessly as my moans turned into incoherent screams of pure pleasure.

Within minutes I was gushing waves in the grip of a massive orgasm. As the first torrent exploded from me Rick threw his head back and I heard a loud baritone howl that only stopped after his cock’s hot spurting inside my ass finally stilled.

Breathing equally hard and both slick with perspiration, our bodies remained locked together as Rick slumped forward and his forehead came to rest in the soft hollow at the base of my neck. “I can feel your pulse against my face and it’s insanely fast,” Rick murmured against my skin. I smiled. “About as fast as the heart that’s trying to drum its way out of your chest?” I responded.

Rick roused himself from his post-orgasmic stupor and he looked down smiling as he moved to slowly pull his cock out of my ass. The erection that had been only slightly thinner than my wrist left my abused bud momentarily gaping. Once he’d withdrawn a trickle of cum followed, teasing its way down my crack.

“What a gorgeous sight!” Rick exclaimed, eyes gleaming. “Only one thing could possibly make it more perfect…” and with that, his enormous hand made sudden, stinging contact with my right ass cheek. Rick leaned back, tilted his head critically for a second, then nodded in satisfaction.

He reached up and swiftly untied my wrists and ankles, allowing my aching limbs to drop onto the bed. “Move your very tasty butt and fetch two tumblers. I think we’ve earned a drink,” he said.

I stumbled off the bed and despite no feeling in my arms or legs, somehow made it to the kitchen and back with glasses intact. When I re-entered the bedroom Rick was lying against the pillows, long legs crossed, holding a bottle of Japanese single malt. He cracked the seal and poured a measure into each glass, then raised his to toast. “To first meetings and their successful beginnings,” he said, smiling.

Chapter 4:

Twenty minutes of relaxed, flowing conversation passed in a flash as Rick and I lay naked side by side, savouring the mellow single malt while our pulse rates slowly subsided. The level of the liquor in the glasses dropped until Rick finally tilted back his head and swallowed the last small sip. He carefully set the glass on the cabinet before leaning sideways, reaching into the rucksack and pulling out a length of black webbing.

Before I even thought to react Rick slid his hands under my body and in one movement pulled me to the centre of the bed, keeping me on my back. He forced the knee closest to him down and outwards nearly 90 degrees, held it in place with his knee and quickly secured around it a Velcro cuff.

Rick then swung the attached length of webbing under the width of the bed and I heard it skitter across the floor as he climbed over my body, pulling my other knee outwards with him as he went. With one-handed pressure on the knee forcing my thighs wide apart, Rick used his free hand to feel around under the bed until he found the webbing, which was pulled up and onto the bed until my knee was securely wrapped in the second Velcro cuff at the other end. Rick then pulled the webbing through a buckle until it was taught under the mattress and my legs were spread as wide as they could stretch without causing permanent injury.

“You now have a choice,” Rick said, staring into my eyes. “Your first option is having your hands tied again like they were earlier. Option two is I leave your hands free, but you can’t in any way interfere with what I’m doing. Even one infraction and play stops, then the electro glove comes out and you’ll be punished severely. Think carefully; which would you prefer?” Since the last pins and needles had only just subsided from my fingers it was a no-brainer. “No ties! I’ll be good; I promise,” I told Rick.

Wordlessly he slid two pillows under me, positioning them at the base of my spine, which caused my pelvis to tilt up obscenely. Rick lowered his head and started licking a circular pattern around my pussy, adding his thumbs to the pleasure mix a few minutes later by softly rubbing my pussy’s outer lips.

Suddenly Rick plunged the index and middle fingers of both hands into the dark, wet recess and gently pulled them sideways. For the next fifteen minutes, he prodded and stretched my pussy, relaxing it by degrees and getting it accustomed to gaping with thicker insertions. Rick delighted in sticking both his thumbs into me and pulling in opposite directions until I mewled.

Rick stopped his stretching movements and liberally poured lube over me and his hand, before pushing the bottle’s nozzle into my pussy and squirting hard. I felt the slippery liquid gushing into me in a cold wave.

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