Ricky to the Rescue Ch. 03

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James sighed as he slid his thick pole into Kara’s cavernous pussy and felt a wave of happiness mixed with relief pour over him. He’d almost given up hope of ever fucking his beautiful daughter again, not to mention his wife Janet, thanks to several depressing weeks of tablet taking which had had a disastrous effect on his ability to achieve a hard-on. But that was all in the past now, thanks to his grandson Ricky coming to the rescue that afternoon. The sight of his grandson fucking his wife had really turned James on again and now, with another of their regular hot foursomes in full swing, it felt to him like his birthday and Christmas had both arrived together.

“Aaaagh!” screamed Kara as her father plundered her pussy, as he had done many times in the past twenty-five years, “feels so fucking good to feel you inside me again.”

“Feels good for me too, lass,” replied James, inbetween grunts as he held on to Kara’s hips and ploughed on with all the force he could muster. The old man was well on his way to his seventieth birthday but he was proving yet again to the assembled family members that he still had the enthusiasm and stamina of a man more than half his age, like his grandson Ricky.

Indeed, he had fucked Janet for the first time in weeks in a one-to-one when Ricky had popped home to fetch Kara and Janet too felt like crying with happiness as her husband fucked her to the rafters, as if making up for lost time. Her and James’s sex life hadn’t exactly been put on hold once he started popping the pills, Janet had been only too happy to fuck her husband with a strap-on and James had given her tits and pussy some right goings over with his talented tongue but, though she didn’t say anything or complain, Janet had really missed the feel of her husband’s hard prick in her tight greasy pussy.

Since they had married nearly half a century ago, not a day had gone by that they hadn’t fucked – until James started taking his prescribed medication. Happily, as Janet was now witnessing to the full, the hiatus had been only temporary and not only Janet, but Kara and Ricky too, were delighted to see that James was once again firing on all cylinders.

Ricky was masturbating like mad as he watched his grandfather fucking his mother. James was sweating like a pig and released his right hand from its grip on one of Kara’s hips to wipe his brow with the flat of his hand, replacing it as soon as he had done so. His ancient arse cheeks were clenching together as he rocked on his legs as Kara pushed back to take everything her father was giving her while on the other side of the room, Kara’s mother Janet was sifting through the holdall that her daughter had brought with her and which contained Kara’s supply of strap-ons. Janet found the one she was looking for, modelled on the cock of a world-famous male porn actor, and began to prod her pussy with it while she watched her husband fucking their daughter.

“You enjoying that, honey?” Janet said as she worked the dildo further up her cunt and pinched the nipples of her tits with her free hand.

“Mmm,” replied Kara, who didn’t like to talk much when she was on the receiving end of so much pleasure. Taking it up the arse or cunt required just as much concentration as it did for those bestowing the pleasure, as she knew full well from the many times she had had to apply all her attention when she fucked her son Ricky with one or other of her strap-ons. Ricky loved taking it up the arse.

Janet couldn’t have been more happy for James seeing her husband back in action, knowing how depressed he had been in the past few weeks. Ricky, too, was delighted that the grandfather he adored seemed to have lost none of his expertise, his mother’s grunts of pleasure growing louder with every inch of cock that she took.

“Fuck her, gramps,” said Ricky, moving round to stand in front of his mother to have his cock sucked, “give mum everything you’ve got.”

“He is, sweetheart,” laughed Janet who now had the dildo she had chosen pushed all the way into her pussy right up to the hilt. Her eyes didn’t waver as she watched her daughter open her mouth and take Ricky inside, his big incestuous Pendik Escort cock muffling his mother’s screams while from the sofa, five minutes later, there came a resonant popping sound as Janet pulled the dildo from her pussy.

“Wow!” said Ricky, thrilling to his mother’s blowjob and smiling at his grandmother who was spreading her legs wide to show off her gaping pussy, now red and sore-looking after its recent self-inflicted dildoing. “Your cunt looks really hot, gran, I shall have to give it some attention soon.”

“As soon as you like, sweetheart,” said Janet, “but when you’re ready. Don’t let me stop you enjoying your mum’s blowjob.”

Ricky smiled gratefully at Janet as he and James went on spit-roasting Kara. The four family members were now well into their latest gangbang which had taken on an added brilliance thanks to James being now well and truly back to normal …


“Did you bring the double-ended dildo, mum?” asked Ricky, as he pulled out of Kara’s mouth and went over to Janet. Kara merely nodded and grunted again, enjoying not only the sensations from James’s hard cock but the hard slamming of his balls against her spread thighs.

James smiled as he kept up the pressure, casting his eyes downwards to admire Kara’s firm round arse cheeks and feeling not only his always overwhelming pride in his daughter but proud of himself too that he had fathered this wonderful lady who had no qualms nor inhibitions, she was everything an incestuous daughter should be.

As James chalked up another notch on his taboo bedpost, his body quivered with excitement. The numbers of times he and Kara had fucked now ran into countless figures but despite a quarter of a century or so of pleasuring together, they never tired of each other and they showed their love for each other today just as intensely as they had done when Kara had turned eighteen and become a consenting adult, thus being allowed to join her parents in the first of many daily threesomes. To-day and for ever more, of course, those threesomes had become foursomes and were even more exciting, thanks to the added presence of Kara’s son Ricky.

Kara pulled herself off James’s cock but she wasn’t through being fucked yet, not now that her father was proving his worth again and treating his offspring’s pussy to such long hard pounding with his old but still beautiful prick. James didn’t need to be told what Kara now wanted, twenty-five years was a long time for them not to be able to read each other’s minds, and James plumped his crinkly buttocks in an armchair and beckoned his daughter to him.

James watched delightedly as Kara, her big tits juggling and the nipples standing out proud and erect from her large purple aureoles, climbed over him and slowly slithered her way down, her father licking his lips as she spread her arse cheeks and impaled her arsehole on her father’s cock, having decided to give her pussy a rest though she knew it was only a matter of time before her son Ricky would want to enjoy his cock deep inside her cunt again.

James, of course, was delighted to have another opportunity to fuck his middle-aged daughter’s arse, Kara loved taking it in her backyard as much she did her cunt as, indeed, she had done for many years, and they both gasped out loud as James inserted his cock in Kara’s inner sanctum, the long pole sliding in like a dream. Kara’s bum had been fucked so many times by both James and Ricky that her hole was able to take cock with the ease and professionalism of a porn star, relaxing her arse muscles as James buried himself all the way in up to his balls, Kara falling forward across him and almost asphyxiating her father with her gargantuan melons.

“Fuck my arse, daddy!” Kara screamed, “don’t stop!”

Ricky glanced across and smiled at Kara, watching his mother’s arse rise and fall as his grandfather’s cock sliced its way between her beautiful buns, almost as if he was sawing his daughter’s bottom in half. At the same time, James lifted his head and wrapped his mouth around Kara’s delicious tits, pinching her nipples between his teeth.

“Will you look at that,” said Janet, “what a Kurtköy Escort sight for sore eyes.”

“Sore everything, gran,” giggled Ricky, tipping the holdall on its head and letting the various collection of strap-ons and butt plugs fall onto the shagpile carpet. Ricky found his favourite strap-on of all, the double-ended one and held it up, taking the head of one end into his mouth.

“Glad you didn’t forget this one, mum,” said Ricky.

Kara only grunted an acknowledgment of Ricky’s comment, she was too pre-occupied by what she and James were doing. Kara and James were well aware they had a very appreciative audience in Janet and Ricky but they were so lost in their world of incestuous carnal lust, they might just have well have been fucking on a desert island.

“Come here, sweetheart,” said Janet to Ricky, “you don’t need me to tell you what’s needed.”

“Sure fucking don’t gran,” Ricky replied. moving over to his grandmother with his hard throbbing cock in his hand, “that stretched cunt of yours looks even more awesome than it did this afternoon.”

“That’s what fucking yourself with a dildo can do,” laughed Janet as Ricky dropped to his knees and gazed admiringly on the old lady’s cunt. Janet’s clit was fully aroused and was sticking out through the strands of her pussy hair and Ricky trembled with excitement, pleased he belonged to such a horny loving family. He couldn’t imagine many grandsons being allowed to get this close to their adored grandmother, even just to have a look, and Ricky felt himself a very privileged and lucky young man indeed to be invited by Janet to do even more than that.

“Does my lovely gran want to feel my nice hot tongue up her puss?” teased Ricky, reaching out a hand and spreading Janet’s labia, like it wasn’t already spread to its maximum extent. Ricky began to saw his forefinger inbetween the folds of Janet’s ancient pussy skin – ancient but still as beautiful as any twenty year old’s.

Janet took the double-ended dildo from Ricky and nodded her head as she placed one end of the strap-on in her mouth while across the room, Kara grunted so loudly it seemed the walls of the room shook as James nudged his hard cock once again against his daughter’s spincter.

Ricky withdrew his forefinger from Janet’s cunt, he didn’t want to keep neither his grandmother nor himself waiting and he opened his mouth and first licked his finger, enjoying the taste of Janet’s pussy which had transferred itself to it, and then sent out his tongue and began to work his way up and down the sodden twat, lapping Janet’s escaping sex juice onto his hungry tongue …


Kara screamed as James’s cock hit her anus so hard, she felt like it would come out of her mouth. James was now standing behind his daughter who was taing it up the arse doggy style and he rocked back and forth on his legs, his body veering from left to right and back again and his shoulder blades working up and down and he felt his balls constrict as his orgasm approached. Seconds later, Kara felt her father flood her arsehole and her screams subsided into low whimpers as she fingered her pussy and gave herself a round of orgasms as her father pulled out and closed his eyes, his breathing erratic as he started to regain his composure.

Janet and Ricky clapped and applauded loudly as James came his load in Kara’s cunt, filling her pussy up like a petrol tank with several long ropes of his thick hot incestuous cream. The old man’s wife and grandson were absolutely delighted for him, knowing how awful it had been for him the past few weeks without a single erection, never mind an orgasm.

“Oh, my darling,” said James, his sated cock in his hand as Kara leaned forward and they snaked their tongues into each other’s mouths in a long hard kiss of thanks, “that was fabulous.”

“Was for me too, daddy,” said Kara, “I’ve missed you fucking me in the past few weeks.”

“Certainly made up for it today,” giggled Janet as she placed her hands on Ricky’s head and he ploughed his tongue in deeper, encircling his grandmother’s engorged clit and smothering it in lots of loving little kisses.

Kara rolled Maltepe Escort off her father and she and James snuggled into each other’s arms as they came down from the spectacular heights of their orgasms and turned their attention to watch Ricky licking Janet. Bestowing his excellent cunnilingus skills on his grandmother was a huge turn-on for Ricky, aided and abetted by the knowledge that his mother and grandfather were watching proudly from across the room as they dozed in each other’s arms.

“I think I’m just about ready to take a dildo up my arse,” Ricky heard James say drowsily from the armchair, some ten minutes later, where he was still snuggled up to Kara and Ricky released his tongue from Janet’s pussy and turned his head to smile at James.

“My cock’s better than a dildo, gramps,” said Ricky, “wouldn’t you rather have the real thing?”

“I sure would, lad,” said James, “but a nice dildo up my crack first will help stretch my hole and make it better for both of us.”

Ricky smiled and went back to licking Janet while Kara slipped out of her father’s arms and knelt down next to her son to get a closer look of his assault on her mother’s pussy. James’s cock had deflated after he came inside Kara’s arse and, at first, he had been concerned his old trouble might flare again but, to his grateful thanks, he felt himself stiffening again as he watched his wife enjoying some red hot cuntlicking from their grandson.

“Let me have some of that,” said Kara and Ricky obediently moved away so that Kara could takeover swiping Janet’s cunt. Janet loved having her pussy licked and she thrilled just as much to her daughter’s tongue as she had to her grandson’s as Kara began to take on her mother’s clit, running rings around it just as Ricky had done.

Ricky stood and, with his hard cock in his hand, walked over to James. He stooped down to pick up another of the dildos that had been lying on the carpet since Ricky had emptied the bag and also a butt plug which he intended to use on himself. Janet was twerling the double-ended dildo in her hand as Kara continued to lick her pussy while Ricky handed James the strap-on and butt plug.

“Stick this up my arse, gramps,” said Ricky, “then I’ll dildo you and get you ready for a nice hard fuck.”

“That will be magnificent, lad,” said James, “can’t wait to feel that lovely big prick of yours up my arsehole again.”

Kara and Janet stopped what they were doing and moved in to watch as Ricky turned his back to his grandfather and arched his body forward, spreading his cheeks and exposing his tight sweaty arsehole to James. Ricky’s mother and grandmother had a nice unobstructed view of the young man’s rosebud too, the hole bright pink and the thin lines on the walls stretched tautly, and they licked their lips as they watched James deftly insert the butt plug between the tight smooth mounds of Ricky’s incredible arse.

“Your son has a fabulous arse, Kara,” said Janet.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” laughed Kara.

As soon as the plug was firmly embedded in Ricky’s arsehole, the young man turned and smiled down at James as Kara and Janet wrapped themselves into each other’s arms to watch, their feminine hands fondling tits and arses. James was fully back on the horn again, to his great relief, and smiled back across at his wife and daughter joining as one and touching up each other’s naked flesh.

“When are you two going to stick that double dildo up your cunts?” he queried, the ladies becoming hornier by the second, like they hadn’t been horny enough already that evening. Like James and Ricky, it never took Janet and Kara long to get going again, especially Kara whose cunt and arse were still fabulously sore from the recent heavy poundings of her father’s prick.

“Later, honey,” said Janet, “we want you men to put on a nice live gay porno show for us. There’s plenty of time for Kara and I to do some double dildo fucking.”

“Sure is, gran,” laughed Ricky. “Now, gramps,” he went on, addressing his grandfather in the pet name he had always used for him, “if you’re ready, turn around and spread your arse open. I’m gonna shove this dildo up your bum and then I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll be begging for mercy.”

“Sounds good to me, lad,” said James.

Then he twisted his old body round on the chair and stuck his bum in the air as Ricky prepared to give his adored grand-dad the fuck of his life …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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