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Hello agin. This is a short story and sadly there is no sex. But in the next story there will be lots. And I need your help on what the girl is going to look like. And please if you comment be constructive about it and not be rude. Thank you.

David stared at the door for the longest time. Examining the massive steel doors.
“Wow. I actually found the vault.” He whispered.
He could barely believe his eyes. Taking in every little detail from the blast marks where someone tried to blow the door open, to the claw marks from poor souls looking for food or water. The sand from the storm what stinging his face with a slight burn. He solved this problem by taking his scarf and rapping his face with it. He already had goggles on.

He began to day dream about what this massive vault could be filled with. The rumors of all the treasures held within. Money was no longer valuable. Bill Gates couldn’t even buy himself a bottle of water for 20 million dollars. The big “money” in the apocalypse was useful stuff such as batteries, water filters, gas mask, and cars. Cars had always fascinated David ever sense he was a little kid. After he ran away from his dad he worked for a man in an old garage. He stayed there for about a year until he ran into some trouble. David had a alcohol problem. Drugs and alcohol are the top commodities of the day. And when you tell your dealer you’ll pay him tomorrow, you best pay him. Luckily someone had brought a 69 Dodge Challenger to have the tires changed when the dealers thugs came for David’s life. After that David didn’t go to towns much after that. Every now and then would he go for food or water. But him main reason for going was to fuel his need for liquor. And as for the Dodge, well, they don’t run on faith.

David still to this day curses himself for becoming a drunk like his father. He still can’t stay away from liquor. As a matter of fact he could use a shot or two right now. But that’s besides the point. Before him laid the vault. Untold treasures just waiting to be taken. And it was all his.

On the phone, bayan escort gaziantep up at the top was a blue bar about 1/4″ off the top. It was pulsing slowly. He taped it several times before the blue bar came down and became a full screen. At the top it read “Welcome Tiffany to Safe Zone 273” and close to the middle was a light blue button. He know that this is it. This is the key. David only had to touch the button once and the screen turned green.

Then, just on the other side of the door, he could hear the massive rusty gears turning. His eyes grow wider as the door opened. It was dark inside. So dark David took out his old flashlight and peered inside. The first thing David saw was a green low flouting gas. It sent chills down his back as he didn’t know what kind of gas it was, but the skeletons on the floor told him that it couldn’t be good. He reached into his backpack and dug around for a few moments then pulled out his military grade gas mask.

He put it on, double checking to be certain that it was sealed properly then slowly walked into the darkness. With flashlight in hand he looked at all the dead that lay motionless. All the guns he seen where beyond repair due to rust. From what he seen in the “Main Room” was that it was where you checked in. Like a hotel lobby there was a long counter on the far wall lined with computers. Countless human remains lay in front of the counter. What ever this gas was, it was almost instant death. He shined his flashlight on the far wall in front of him. In a big square of reflective paint was a lever that said “Emergency Power System” David walked over to the wall and pulled the lever turning on the emergency flood lights in the process. Within minutes the harmful gas was sucked through the ventilation system and he removed his mask. He then heard someone talking in the next room.

David instantly pulled his shotgun in a cross draw motion and eased to the open door way. As he got closer he could see artificial light ahead. He lowered his gun as he finally seen it was an indoor theater. The movie must have come on when he turned the power back on. It wasn’t all that big, maybe seating 20 people at once. The movie was just a woman in a nice looking suit.
She was smiling politely.
” Please take a seat. We will begin shortly.” She said. Taking in his surroundings he took a seat next to a skeleton. From the look of his clothing he was massive in size. A big fat fucker. David reached into his bag and took out a bottle of whiskey and took a swig. Just then the screen faded into black and the same woman came into screen with a beautiful garden in the background and began talking.
“Hello, and welcome to vault 273. If you are simply seeking safe haven we will take you to the main vault, vault 585, via bus convoy.
” But most of you are here because you have lost a loved one due to recent events. We’re sorry about your loss or losses, but there is still hope here at vault 273. We can bring hope back to you in the form of your lost loved one. Or if you are alone you can simply generate your perfect companion.”

What the hell? What is she talking about? He took another drink to clear his head.
“It only takes a few hours of your time and you will be billed to your vault account. We can use family photos to recreate the ones you love. Or if you looking for a companion you can completely customize your partner the way you want them.”
She then went on and on about organic tissue and advanced growing procedures. The more she talked the more David became confused and the more he drank. There was a big window over on the far side of the room. David got up out of his seat and looked into it.

In the lower level of the vault he could see a massive laboratory with what looked like hundreds of tubes. About 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Most of them had been busted open. Others seemed to have a milky tan color to them. But there was one, on the far end of the room, that glowed a neon blue. The tube it’s self what glowing. There seemed to be someone inside it.

“Well if there’s no cars to be had, I’m going to get what I can out of this.” He walked out of the exit door beside the movie screen. He followed the narrow hallway and in the middle of it was yet another body, but something was off about this one. The clothing seemed to move, just ever so slightly. Once agin he took out his trusty 12ga shotgun and slowly walked to it. As he got closer he could finally see why it was moving. Rattlesnakes. Must have been a half a dozen. Two of them were huge. As the drew closer one began to rattle. Then soon after they all began to rattle. David took a few steps back, then ran as hard as he could and jumped over the snakes. He stumbled and fell when he landed. Maybe some of those drinks wasn’t the best idea. But none the less he continued down the corridor. It finally opened into another room much like the main room. Another counter, filled with computers and scanners, and like everywhere else more body’s. To the left of the room was a big double door with “Lab” written across the top if it.

As he passed through the doors and got a better look at the tubes and what was held within. The ones that were busted and drained of fluids held skeletons. And the few that weren’t busted had desolated. In some of the tubes you could make out a hand or a foot, but just barley. As David walked slowly through the isles he continued to take small drinks of whiskey. But in the darkness he could see the light blue glow of the tube. David finally come to the source of the light.

Flouting in the bright blue liquid was a body, in tact. About 5’6″ tall. No hair. No body features. Very few facial features. Almost like a blank canvas. On the side of the tank was a computer. David studied it for a fell moments. The battery life was on 3% and on the screen it read “Welcome. Shall we begin?” He hit the touch screen once and began to hum loudly.
“I would like a female” David said aloud in his drunkennes. Then the computer flashed the word female. And David let loose a big grin on his face.

This is the part were you can choose what she will look like. Her body style, breast size, ass size, hair color. This is where I need your help. And thanks for reading.

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