Riding in the Rain

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Thanks go to my editor Althefish. You’re the best.


I live by a state park. It has a nice road/trail in it. If you do the full trail, it’s about 37 miles long. The park does have roads through it to make shorter routes, but I was planning on doing the full 37 miles today. I left a note on the whiteboard saying where I was going, grabbed my gear, checked my bike over, and hit the trail by 5PM. By 6PM I started to notice the dark clouds forming overhead. Crap! I checked the weather report yesterday; it didn’t say anything about rain. Crap again.

I didn’t get to worry about it for too long. A few minutes later the downpour started.

I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere, getting soaked, and it seems to be getting darker. I know there is a small shelter by the overlook ahead. It can’t be more than 2 miles away, so I kick up the speed and head for it.

I ride my bike right into the shelter in under 10 minutes. It’s maybe 6 feet by 8 feet, with a bench along one wall and another bench bolted to the middle of the floor. The wall facing the road is solid, but the other three walls face an overlook and have half walls with open space above it and an awning to keep the rain and snow out of the shelter. It’s not much, but it’s dry, and hopefully grounded, because the thunder and lightening just started. It wasn’t supposed to rain tonight!

I do enjoy thunderstorms, but not being caught in them. Safe in the shelter, I’m sitting on a bench, watching the storm. I’m soaking wet, so I take my shoes off. I figure I might as well take my socks off; maybe they’ll dry a little while I’m waiting. I take the socks off and wring about 4 gallons of water out of them before I lay them neatly on the bench to dry. I’m still soaking wet and the rain is not letting up. I look out the windows to check both sides of the road, and I don’t see another soul out in this weather. Apparently they are all smarter than me! Feeling a bit nervous I take my shirt off and wring that out as well. For an article of clothing that claims to be made of ‘moisture wick’ material, it holds a lot of water. After getting as much water out of it as I can, I lay it neatly next to the socks. I sit there a few more minutes before I realize my ass is wet also. Sighing, I check the road again before I slip my shorts off. They get wrung out and neatly placed next to the shirt. So I’m sitting in a cobweb filled shelter, in my undies and bra, waiting out a storm that shouldn’t even be here. Crap. This is not how I expected my day to end up.

The storm is still raging, and I find myself just staring out ankara escort the windows. I do have a great view of the storm here. Suddenly someone runs in to the shelter. I jump up and give a small yelp as the man stops about 2 feet away from me. (It is a small shelter.) We both just stare at each other for a few moments, neither of us sure what to do. I watch him as his eyes slowly move down my body before I remember what I’m wearing, or more accurately, what I’m not wearing. I watch as he takes in my shoulder length red hair, my blue eyes, my firm breasts, my tummy, my black panties and my long powerful legs. Oh crap.

The guy is older, maybe 50, short cropped hair, brown eyes, wearing grey slacks and a long sleeve button down white shirt. Not your normal trail wear. His shirt is wet around the shoulders and clinging to his body. I can see the outline of the muscles of his arms. I stare at him as the water drips down his face. His eyes haven’t left my body yet, and then he unexpectedly takes 2 steps forward. Standing right in front of me, he just looks into my eyes. His eyes move to my lips seconds before he leans in. I can feel his breath on my lips, but he hasn’t touched me yet. I want him to. I lean slightly forward, brushing my lips against his. Then he steps into me, his body pressed against mine as he opens his mouth and starts kissing me. I can feel his tongue darting into my mouth. He puts a hand on the small of my back, drawing my body in to his. His kiss is getting more demanding. My hands start roaming along his arms, and waist, and up over his chest. Oh crap.

I can feel him unclasp my bra, and I watch as it drops to the floor. His hands are caressing my breasts as he turns me and backs me up to the bench in the middle of the room. A slight pressure on my shoulders and I sit down on the bench. He follows me down and presses his body against mine, forcing me to lie down along the bench. His hands are exploring my body as his mouth continues to devour mine. He starts working its way down my body, kissing and nibbling along my neck, over my chest and tummy, until I can feel breath around my panties. He puts his hands under my thighs and pulls me to the edge of the bench. Then he starts rubbing his hand along my panties. He can see how wet I am, how ready I am. It doesn’t take long before he slips his fingers under the waist band and pulls my panties down my legs. Tossing them aside, he put his hands on my inner thighs and spreads my legs. I raise my head to watch him as he gets a good, long look at my shaved pussy. He licks his lips and starts to press his etimesgut escort fingers between the folds of my sex. My hips jump a bit as his thumb glides over my clit. Oh crap.

I lay my head back down on the bench, my fingers twisting and pulling on my nipples. His fingers slowly rub up and down along my pussy, spreading my lips apart. I can feel his warm breath on me a second before I feel his tongue. A single long, slow taste. My hand reaches for him, taking his head, trying to get him to speed up. He leans away from me. “No, don’t. Keep playing with your tits. You look so fucking sexy doing that.”

Groaning softly, I continue teasing my tits as he goes back to driving me crazy. He slips one finger inside me as he starts sucking on my clit. Slowly at first, his finger starts fucking me. My hips are rising up to meet him as his pace quickens. Harder and faster he drives first the one finger, and then he adds a second. I look up and see him totally focused on my pussy. I watch as his hand blurs and he leans forward to nip and lick at my clit. Oh crap.

My hips start bucking against him, lifting up off the bench. “Oh crap.” I pinch both my nipples hard as my orgasm floods over me. The thunder and lightening are still raging outside as I cum hard. I can feel him licking and sucking my juices. His fingers are still pounding away inside of me. Breathing hard, I collapse back onto the bench as my body starts to come down from its high.

I feel him slip his fingers out of me. He’s looking over my body as he sucks his fingers clean. He stands and starts opening his pants. I’m frozen in place as I watch him. I can see the bulge in his pants; I can’t wait to see what’s in there. His pants are open and he lowers them along with his grey underwear. His cock is beautiful; long and thick with a nice head on it. I can see the veins running along the underside. I am so focused on the wonderful cock that I’m startled when he starts to rub himself. He lowers himself until he’s even with my pussy. His hands press down on my thighs, spreading them farther apart. He rubs his cock up and down my slit. His eyes intent on my pussy, he slides himself inside me. My pussy is oversensitive from cumming a few moments before. I can feel every inch of that hard, hot, thick cock entering me.

“Oh crap.” He’s grinning now as he starts working himself deeper. His hands start rubbing my tummy and my chest. I can feel the buildup inside me. I’m groaning now as my stomach turns to butterflies. “Oh crap.” My legs wrap around him as he continues to pound away. I can hear him panting and groaning ankara etimesgut escort now too. He has one hand pinching and pulling my nipples, the other starts flicking against my clit. My hands grab the sides of the bench as my body lifts off it. “Oh Fuck.” I can hear him growling as my second orgasm washes over me. He keeps pounding into me as my pussy clenches around him. A few moments later I hear him shouting. I can feel his cock bursting inside me. I start coming down for the second time tonight, panting.

Looking up at the ceiling of the shelter, I can still hear the storm raging outside. I feel his cock softening inside me as his hands continue playing with my tits. “What are you doing here?” I ask him.

“I’ve come to rescue you. Didn’t you check the weather before you left?” He’s smirking at me now. That annoying self-satisfied, neener-neener smirk.

“Yes, I did! Of course I did.” I’m trying to get up off the bench, but he’s resting on top of me.

“You did? When? Today or yesterday?” How does he know when I’m hiding stuff? He’s started pinching my nipples again.

“OK. Fine. It was yesterday. You happy?” I stick my tongue out at him.

He laughs and tells me he is very satisfied. He gets up and slips his cock back in his pants. He starts picking up my bra and panties off the floor, and then he goes over to my shoes and other clothes and gets them also. Grabbing my bike, he turns back to me and says; ‘I’ll go put your stuff in the truck. Be ready to go in a minute or two.”

I sit bolt upright on the bench. Those are my clothes! “Wait!” I race after him to the entrance of the shelter. I watch as he jogs to the back of the truck and tosses my clothes in the back, followed by my bike. A loud thunder clap explodes overhead as he closes the hatch and jumps into the driver seat. I wait in the shelter, naked, arms wrapped around my chest. I watch and wait for a minute or two. Mike finally opens the passenger side door. Leaning over, holding a towel, he yells for me to get in. I shake my head and yell “No” back to him. I want my clothes back.

Mike shrugs and starts the truck, I watch as he puts it into gear, and slowly starts driving away. I dash out of the shelter and into the downpour, and run for the open door. He stops the truck, as I leap into the passenger seat. Handing me the towel, he leans over and kisses my forehead. “Jerk” I start pouting at him. He laughs and says he didn’t want my soggy clothes to get his Escalade soaking wet. I start drying off with the towel he gave me. His hand tries to slip between my legs. I slap his hand away, giving him an evil eye. “Stop that.” He stops the truck, and leans over to open the passenger door. “You wanna walk?” I know he’s teasing, but I let him have his way. He snuggles his hand between my thighs as he starts to drive us home.

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