Riley takes it up the ass for the first time

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Another lazy day off just hanging out with nothing to do, I called my girlfriend Desi up to see what she had going on for the day. I decided to head over to her place as she had a pool at her place and it was too damn hot to do anything and I was too bored to stay in and just stare at the tv. I had just got a new bikini and was wanting to show it off anyways so I went over to her place.

“This is so much better then being stuck at home” I told Desi as I was laying out by the pool.” But Jesus could it be any hotter today!?” “ I know what you mean, I swear I could just melt” Desi said as she jumped in.

I couldn’t help but stare at her while I was laying around. Desi was hot and god knows she knew it and had no problem letting everyone know. Desi stood about 5’8, built like a model she was. Tall and slim with perfect C boobs and a perfect heart shaped ass.

She always was outside so she was perfectly tanned but honestly I think she went and got a spray tan cause there was no way she had that perfection unless she always tanned in the nude. Blue eyes and long blonde hair down her back, which was all sleeked back as she came up for air. I couldn’t help stare and be jealous of her.

“What are you staring at Riley?” she laughed as I couldn’t help staring at her thinking things I shouldn’t that got me tingling and a little wet. “Nothing, fucker just looking at you and that scrap of material you’ve got on you call a bikini. God damn woman do you own anything that covers more then your nips and snatch?, lol” “ Eh fuck off you’re just jealous” as she splashed water up on me. “Dammit Desi, don’t get me wet I’m trying to work on my tan, unlike some people I actually take the time to get a tan and not buy one.”

I wasn’t bad looking by all means but I wasn’t model material. I was 5’7 had what a lot of people called an hourglass body. I was super top heavy 34 DD sometimes closer to F.

I had a super small waist sitting at about 28 inches, big hips and a big ass. I can’t even call it a bubble ass cause it was so much more. I have long black hair and green eyes with very full lips, Desi always said I have what some call dick sucking lips because of how full they were.

Anyways I had just bought a new bikini which although it wasn’t as small as Desi’s it definitely didn’t do much to cover up my boobs as they kept popping out but I didn’t care.

Damn guys were always staring at them anyways so why not just give them a peak. I also had what a lot of guys would say the girl next door look especially when I wore my glasses. Anyways so I was trying to work on my tan but Desi just kept fucking with me talking about some new guy she had found and all the things he was going to buy her.

I didn’t get her really, she had a boyfriend who did anything and everything for her and all she ever did was take advantage and cheat on him. Sad really but whatever I wasn’t really listening to her anyways.

I was thinking about how I needed to work on my tan when I noticed someone blocking out the sun. When I opened my eyes and looked up it was her boyfriend Dave staring down at me. “ Hey Riley, how goes it? Your tans starting to look really nice” as he was obviously staring at more then my tan.

“ Hey Dave, so far so good but your blocking my sun, so how about you go over and get control of your girl before she bores me to death with her yapping.” “Hey Desi, how goes it, done showing off to everyone with that scrap of nothing you call a bikini?!” Dave quipped.

“Fuck off Dave, I’ve never heard you complain about what I wear so why start now?” Desi said. “I don’t mind the Escort Etimesgut view at all Dave, hell you’ve got yourself a looker there, don’t be jealous, if anything you should be proud that you’ve got a fine piece of ass” said his friend Jeremy as he came walking through the gate.

“Fuck off Jeremy I know you’ve always had a thing for Desi, do me a favor and don’t be a dick” Dave said.

I couldn’t help but look at David and feel bad for him, he was my friend and I should probably tell him the shit that Desi was always doing behind his back but Desi was my best friend and well girls stick together…I guess. “Desi, stop being such a bitch to Dave, hey Dave, Jeremy how about you come swimming with us?. It’s getting too hot just sitting out here, I’m about to jump in.” “Good idea Riley, we’ll be right back” Dave said.

Dave and Jeremy went to get changed and I jumped into the pool with Desi. “Damn Riley, why you got to be like that?” Desi said “Like what,I’m not the one flirting with everyone wearing practically nothing parading in front of my boyfriend. I don’t get you, Dave is a good guy and here you are talking about hooking up with another low life nothing when you’ve got the real thing here.” “Eh whatever, I keep Dave around for the sex cause one thing is for sure the sex is amazing and he is hung like a fucking horse” Desi laughed.

We swam for a couple more hours, having some drinks in between. At this point I was feeling pretty tipsy and couldn’t stop thinking about what Desi had said about Dave.

I always had a crush on Dave but Desi got to him first so I never had got the chance to tell him how I feel. But just looking at him now was definitely making me wet and I was feeling so worked up my nipples were so hard as they kept straining against my top. “Hey guys lets head upstairs and continue drinking, there’s a new movie I rented that I wanted to watch” Desi said. So we headed up to her and Dave’s place.

Once we got up there I had changed into a tank top and a pair of boy shorts. Dave and Desi have this huge king size bed so it was big enough for all us to lay in. After Dave got the movie started Desi kept taking shots over and over while flirting out in the open with Jeremy in front of Dave.

At this point Jeremy was laying on one side of me with Dave on the other side and Desi at the foot of the bed over near Jeremy. “Hey Desi, maybe you should slow down or your going to get sick”

I told her but she wouldn’t listen. I was laying under the blanket with both Dave and Jeremy when all of a sudden Dave put his hands on my leg. I looked over at him like what what was he doing. He mouthed if I was ok and I just nodded at him.

Dave was running his hands up and down my leg making me feel tingly as I was getting wetter by the minute. I looked over at Desi and saw she was just staring at the tv watching the movie not even paying attention to anyone. When next thing I knew I feel Jeremy’s hand start running his hand along my other arm going up and down watching the movie doing so.

At this point I pulled the blanket up to my chin so Desi couldn’t see what was going on. Jeremy had started moving his hand closer and closer to my breast and next thing I knew he was kneading my breasts with his hand while Dave was now running his hand up and under my boy shorts. I acted like I need to shift as I pulled my shorts off but my top was still on.

I guess Dave took this as a sign to continue as the next thing I knew he was rubbing along the inside of my thigh right up to my snatch. He started rubbing running his finger slowly up and down Etimesgut Escort my wet snatch while Jeremy was still feeling me up. “What the fuck is happening?”

I was thinking as Desi was engrossed in the movie occasionally trying to talk to me while I had her boyfriend fingering me and her boyfriends friend feeling me up. This went on for about another 20 minutes with me occasionally looking over to see if Desi knew or could see that I was getting finger banged by her boyfriend right in front of her.

At this point Desi had passed out and the movie was over. I looked at Dave then looked over at Jeremy and saw they were still going at it but looking at each other as if talking without actually saying anything. Dave got up and said he was going to put Desi to bed, so I got up and said maybe I should go home. “Riley, do you think that’s a good idea, you’ve been drinking as we all have and maybe you should crash here tonight. You can take the guest bedroom, I’m going to put Desi to sleep” Dave said. I got up and my shorts back on and went into the second bedroom as I felt someone come up behind me squeezing my boobs. “Damn Riley I’ve always admired your tits but damn they feel amazing. How about we finish what we started?”

At this point I was soaking wet, not super drunk but right at that point where all I could think about was having Jeremy bend me over right then and there. “Sure why not” I said as I ran my hand up and down his cock seeing that he was rock hard and ready.

We stumbled into the bedroom, making out while trying to strip each other in our drunken state.

Jeremy picked me up and slammed me into the wall as he shoved his cock deep inside my soaking wet pussy.”Fuck, oh my god don’t stop” as he kept slamming deeper and harder over and over. At this point I was yelling so loud I could imagine the neighbors on the other side of the complex could hear me.

Dave walked in. “Jesus Christ Riley can you shut the fuck up, everyone will hear you. Better yet let me shut you the fuck up” Dave walked over just smiled at Jeremy and took his shorts off. His 9 inch cock just sprang out and stood at attention with pre-cum at the tip.

At this point Jeremy bent me over while stick slamming in me making my juices run all over his cock.

Dave shoved his cock into my mouth which was not easy as I was still moaning and trying not to cry out from the pounding I was receiving. “There that’s much better, give you something to shut you up” Dave said as he was shoving every inch my mouth. “God damn girl, look at her go as I start deep throating Dave’s cock. God his cock was so huge I didn’t know how much more I could take but I was trying my best to take every inch of him.

I couldn’t believe I had my best friends boyfriends cock in my mouth while getting pumped by his best friend. “God damn Riley you’ve got a perfect ass, love the way it bounces as you take my cock but what I really want is to fuck it” Jeremy said. “Hell no” I told both of them, I was drunk but not that drunk.

I had never taken it up the ass and was not about to start now. “Fuck you Riley you got yourself into this and I have been dreaming about taking that ass for some time now, you’re always flaunting it so its time you gave it up” Dave said.

Jeremy laid down and sat me on top of him and bent me over as he kept sliding up and down in my wet snatch,he grabbed my arms and held me down where my ass sticking up in the air as if it was begging to be taken.

” Fuck you Dave I told you no, I suck your cock and you can fuck my pussy all you want by the ass is off Etimesgut Escort Bayan limits” I said as I was struggling and getting fucked at the same time. “Fuck you both, let me go I’m leaving” I told both of them at this point trying to yell but only whimpering as Dave started lubing up my ass while I kept struggling to get away. “Fuck Riley, your ass is going to feel so amazing” as he started fingering my ass getting me all lubed up while stroking his own cock lubing himself up.

Dave started pushing himself in me as I was begging him to stop “Dave, please don’t do this, it hurts please stop” “Fuck you Riley you’ve been acting like an ass tease and your going to get what you deserve” Dave stuck all 9 inches inside my ass as I screamed out. “God damn Riley your ass is perfect, its so fucking tight” as he started pumping in and out of me. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was getting my ass and pussy fucked at the same time.

Dave kept fucking my ass harder and harder as Jeremy was pumping inside me while biting and sucking on my tits. “ I want some of that ass Dave, don’t have to be greedy” Jeremy said. Jeremy shoved his cock into my mouth while grabbing my hair fucking my mouth just like he had my pussy. “Take that cock you whore, god damn Riley you suck cock like a champ””Now don’t you throw up on it” Jeremy said as I was gagging while he was attempting to make me deep throat him. I was trying not to moan or throw up as Dave started shoved his cock deep in my pussy. I was gushing at this point.

I was trying to suck Jeremy while getting fucked by Dave but he had my arms pinned so I could do nothing but just sit there while I was getting my face and pussy fucked. “My turn for that ass” Jeremy said as he pulled out of my mouth picked me up. “I can ‘t handle anymore guys, can you please cum?”

My ass and pussy was so sore from the violent assault both had taken.” Bitch, please we’re just getting started and Desi is going to be passed out all night and probably the entire day tomorrow” Dave said. “Jeremy came up behind me and slammed every bit of his 8 inch cock into my ass with no lube, as I cried out Dave slapped my face, then shoved his cock in my mouth again.

“Stop crying like a bitch Riley, you did this to yourself with your flaunting around that you do” Dave said. He grabbed my hair like handle bars and started fucking my mouth again as Jeremy started fucking my ass harder and harder making me cry out or try to as he was fucking my ass harder with no lube.

”Damn Riley you’ve came so much I don’t even need lube” Jeremy said as he kept slamming deeper and harder in my ass. “Now when I think you’re going to cum I’m going to stop, this is your punishment for teasing me with your tits and ass” I had already came so much, why were they torturing me now I wondered. “Dave pushed me back while

Jeremy was still assaulting my ass spreading my legs as wide as he could. Dave slammed his cock into my pussy as Jeremy kept slamming deep inside my ass. “God damn Riley I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum deep in your ass!” Jeremy said as he pumped inside me once more. “Now its my turn Dave said as he turned me over and held my arms while he slammed into my ass again with no lube “Fuck both of you assholes, I’ll never talk to you again” I said as Dave kept fucking my ass while Jeremy was holding my arms down. “Oh you’re going to keep talking to us and your going to be our cum slut for now on, so when one or both of us wants some we’ll just cum find you or else” Jeremy said as Dave slammed into me one more time. “God damn Riley, fuck fuck I’m cumming” said Dave as he too came in my ass. I got up and I swear I had more cum on me then a russian whore. As I got up, Desi had woke up and saw me coming down the hall. “What the fuck happened to you?” I just grinned as I walked into the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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