Rimmed by Her Bisexual Best Friend

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Jenna and Jessa met in highschool when they were 18 years old. They were partying together like every other weekend. Now they are 20 and they still love to have a lot of fun and generally just want to enjoy their life while they’re still young.

You will never catch them sitting at home doing nothing. The girls are always up to something. Just like this saturday.

Jessa convinced Jenna to go out to a local club in their town tonight. They got a little drunk, danced with a bunch of strangers.. wild night indeed. No, ever wilder.

Jenna felt herself so much that she started to touch and kiss random men and women around her. She even kissed with Jessa and slid hand under her dress.

Now Jessa is straight so it was quite uncomfortable for her, but she still went with it. She thought it was just innocent play for a moment. Until Jenna turned her around and shoved her head under her dress..

Jessa had enough at that point, it was going too far. She ran outside the club and Jenna followed her to apologize. Jessa wasn’t really mad, but she just wanted to go home.

When they stepped in Jessa’s house Jenna started apologizing again. But she didn’t pretend that she don’t want it. She had a secret crush on her friend for quite a bit now.

You can’t really blame her. Jessa is a perfect 10. Great big ass and fit body. Long blond hair and the way she dresses.. my god, it’s like she’s just teasing on purpose. Jenna is about the same, except her hair is black.

The brunette is always thinking about her sexy friend. And the things she would do to her if she let her..

Jenna really dreams of eating şişli escort Jessa out. But not her pussy. Well, that too of course, but she really want the other hole. This girl is very kinky indeed.

She kept thinking about it even now as they talked about the club incident. Eventually Jessa asked her..

“Why did you even try to go down on me in the first place? You know I’m not bi. What were you thinking?”

Jenna told everything. She explained how she fell in love with Jessa’s body, her scent and everything about her. She even told her how she masturbates, thinking about worshipping Jessa from head to toe.

Also about how she wants to eat her ass. Nice and deep. Tongue all the way inside. She can’t help these fantasies she have, and she’s not ashamed of them.

As Jessa sits there and listens to her friend, frozen in shock, Jenna gives it another shot. She tries to convince Jessa to actually let her do it.

“What? No dude, gross.. I’m not into girls like you, I told you.” Jessa explained.

“Just this one time, come on, I’ll make you feel really good.. have you ever had your ass eaten before?” Jenna asked.

They kept going back and forth for a little bit. Jenna didn’t want to give this up. She felt like she could push Jessa to do it because they both had a little alcohol in them.

“Okay, how about you just turn around, facedown for me and close your eyes so you don’t see that it’s me? Would that work?” Jenna asked.

Jessa immidiately said no, but she thought about it afterwards. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea. Maybe she can think of her crush when taksim escort Jenna does it.

“Hold on, okay.. maybe.. but why my butt, that’s so weird.. we was just at the club too.. you don’t think that’s gross?” Jessa asked.

“Of course not, nothing about you is gross, I bet your ass is just so sweet..” Jenna replied.

Jessa battled with thoughts even more now. The room was silent for a whole minute. But eventually she said fuck it and agreed to it.

“Alright, fuck it, lemme just take a shower firs-“

“No, don’t shower, it’s even better if you don’t so it’s juicer..” Jenna interrupted.

Then Jenna pushed Jessa down on the bed and kissed her deeply for a little bit.

“I’m sorry, I had to, you tasted good in the club..” Jenna said.

But it was fine, Jessa didn’t mind and even kissed Jenna back, surprising her.

They both went at it for a while, humping and moaning like wild cats in heat. Something got in them.

“Turn around slut” Jenna said.

Jessa did it and Jenna ripped her clothes off and then immediately spread Jessa’s cheek and shoved her mouth right in it.

Jessa’s leg went up as Jenna pressed hard. It felt fucking amazing. Jenna was going back and forth between pussy and ass with her tongue, sniffing at the same time.

The kinky brunette ate out her friend with true passion. Jessa didn’t even want to think of her crush anymore. It started turning her on that it was her bi friend.

As Jenna saw Jessa truly enjoyed it and moaned for her, she started trying to insert her tongue inside Jessa’s asshole. She would lick beşiktaş escort lick lick and then attempt to enter inside with the tip.

Jessa felt what she tried to do, but she didn’t fight it. She thought it would never work because she was an anal virgin. And she didn’t care if just the tip sllipped in.

Eventually Jenna succeeded though, and opened Jessa’s asshole completely, going really deep with her tongue. Jessa screamed with pleasure. It was like nothing she ever felt.

Jenna got pushed even deeper into Jessa’s asshole by jessa’s foot, from behind. The lesbian friend’s tongue was all the way in, exploring the hole. Jessa didn’t even know Jenna had such a long tongue.

The kinky girl circled around, tasting every little part of Jessa’s asshole. It was such a fucking turn on for her, she touched herself while doing it.

This went on for about 5 good minutes, nonstop. Jenna kept penetrating Jessa’s asshole like her tongue was a dildo. Every now and then she would pull away just to see the ass gape.

Eventually both girls came like never before, rolling in pleasure. After they both calmed down, Jessa turned around and pinned her friend down to kiss her deeply. She wanted to taste what she tasted.

She was not dissapointed, and she understood the kink now. So much so that she went down on Jenna’s ass next and did the same thing she did.

She also slipped a finger in Jenna’s pussy and fucked her with it as she ate her ass until she made her cum again.

Then the girls took turns eating eachothers pussies too, and kept making eachother cum over and over again.

They fucked, sweated and tasted eachother for the entire night.. they only stopped when they literally ran out of energy and passed out.

The next morning they woke up and decided to leave the friend zone in past. Jessa got successfully turned gay but her best friend.

And they lived long and sexy etc…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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