Rita Can’t Say No

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Chapter 1

After 25 years of marriage, I just found out that Rita has a hard time saying no to men, especially when they are persistent. Weirdly, I realized this after so many years, but Rita has no problem saying no to me. Looking back, I should have seen this earlier, like the time when the masseuse had his way with her. Or when other men had manipulated her, and she explained it as that she didn’t understand what he had meant.

Anyway, to our story, after an extended amount of persuasion, I finally talked Rita into going to a swinger club with me. I had to promise her that we would only look around and maybe only have sex with each other. Perhaps someone could watch, but we’ll have to see how she feels.

After finding out that she is more comfortable with men around our age but wishes to have a really hard cock in her, I picked a club that was far enough away from where we live that there would be no chance of meeting anyone we know. Also, I chose a night known to have a more significant number of men than women in the club.

Chapter 2

As we entered the club, Rita was noticeably very nervous. We were greeted at the door by the owners and were treated like royalty, especially Rita. In the dressing room where we were to change into something sexier than our street clothes, Rita almost backed out. I promised her again she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to, and she said okay. I had your standard sexy underpants on, and Rita wore a babydoll type outfit that supported her large breasts nicely with crotchless panties.

After being shown around the house, gaziantep lezbiyen escort we settled down in the bar area and had a few drinks to loosen up. Rita and I talked to a few of the men at the bar, and Rita didn’t seem to notice that she was one of the few women there. But she did seem to enjoy the attention she was getting and was having friendly conversations and even flirting with a couple of the younger men.

I excused myself and went to the restroom to relieve my bladder of a few drinks thinking nothing of leaving Rita in her conversation. But when I returned, I saw Rita was now standing at the bar with one of the young men playing with her ass and obviously putting his fingers in her pussy. The other older guy whom she was talking with was trying to convince her to go with them to a back room to get more comfortable. He was constantly complimenting her on how sexy she was and that she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen in this club. She said no, and she didn’t want to go with them and that her husband would be right back, but she was not stopping them from caressing her tits and played with her pussy. I backed a little into the hallway where I could watch what would happen without being seen, and after a few minutes, Rita reluctantly said okay, but she would only go with them for a short time since she didn’t want me to miss her and didn’t want me to know that she was gone.

I followed them as they led Rita into a room with a single wide mattress placed in the center. It was slightly darker than the escort gaziantep lezbiyen other rooms. They laid Rita on her back, and as they were caressing her body and kissing, I heard her repeatedly saying no, she didn’t want this; she wanted to go back to her husband. But she couldn’t convince the now three of them as she laid down on her back.

The older guy whom Rita had been talking with spread her legs, and she offered no resistance. He started to gently lick her pussy, and though “saying no, please stop,” she started pushing her hips up so her pussy could meet his tongue. The other two had gotten her large tits out of her flimsy top and were licking on her nipples. As the older guy moves to position his cock on my wife’s well-licked pussy and as he parts her swollen pussy lips, I noticed that a few more men had entered the room. I don’t know if Rita had also noticed that, but she continued to say, “no, please stop. I have to get back to my husband”. But she spread her legs wider to allow him to slide his rock-hard cock into her wet pussy. He settled into a rhythmic pumping of her pussy, and Rita grabbed the cock to her right and began eagerly licking and sucking on it. This went on for a few minutes, with Rita switching from sucking the cock on her left to the cock on her right until the older guy emptied his balls into my wife. The next guy, a well-endowed black man, took his place and, quickly pulling back his foreskin, put his cock into my wife’s dripping pussy. She, of course, noticed the larger cock and looked up to gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar the black man on top of her. Her eyes widened as she was surprised firstly by this complete stranger fucking her and secondly that this was a black man. My wife has never “been” with a black man before. After the initial shock, all inhibitions has left her, and she started feverishly fucking the black man. After he had also emptied his large balls into her pussy she started taking one cock after another, sucking and fucking.

Chapter 3

After a few men had unloaded their balls into my wife, one of them came back to where I was standing and said to me, “man, you have to fuck that woman; she’s so hot and loves every stroke. She moves her hips like crazy to grind against you, and when you cum, it’s like her pussy sucks your cock and balls dry.” He also said that he didn’t recognize her at first, but then, after she told him to fuck harder, he had recognized her and that they used to work together and had the hots for her since the first minute he saw her. Still, she never let anyone flirt or in any way get friendly with her. Finally, he got the chance to fuck her, and she was much better than he expected or dream of. Also, he had called the whole gang, and they were on their way.

I took my place in the line, waiting to fuck her, and as I finally got to, her pussy was so full of cum that with every stroke, cum came gushing out. She never looked up at me but constantly switched from sucking the cock offered on her left to right. I’m sure she never realized that I was also one of the over 30 men who had fucked her that night. And after also receiving a suck and lick job from her, I, like many others fucked her more than once. As many of her old coworkers, bosses, and subordinates showed up, they took their turns on her also, and she did not disappoint any one of them.

One thing I didn’t tell Rita is that tonight was Gangbang night at the club, and she was the main attraction.

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