Rita Steals the Show

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Jackie and Rita returned from the beach late Saturday afternoon. Both had more than enough sun for the day. Jackie put together a light pasta salad while Rita prepared her secret sangria recipe that she knew would hit the spot. They ate, drank, and talked about old times when they worked at the hotel together. They laughed and joked until about 7:30 in the evening when Jackie got up and to take a shower and prepare for her Skype call with Ian.

“Rita, I am heading to the shower and will see you in the morning.”

Rita suffering from a hearing problem from birth did not immediately respond to Jackie’s statement, so Jackie said it again a little louder.

“Rita, I am heading to the shower and will see you in the morning.”

“Okay Jackie, I had a great day at the beach. This vacation was is true blessing, thanks.”

“No problem Rita. I had a great time too, and with Ian gone, I am so happy you are here with me.”

Jackie turned and headed into the bedroom and to the shower. She turned on the hot water and stripped down. Stepping in the shower, she let the hot water splash against her body being careful not to let her hair get wet. The strong streams hit her neck and chest running down over her 34 C breasts. She grabbed her natural sponge and squirted some body wash onto it. She closed her eyes and began to lather up her chest and breasts. She then moved the sponge to her arms, down to her abdomen, and then between her legs. She moved the soft, but firm, sponge between her legs and over the lips of her neglected vagina. She closed her eyes and savored the feeling of the rough material stimulating nerve endings that had gone neglected since Ian’s deployment six months ago.

After cleansing her body with the tension relieving body wash, she rinsed and toweled off. After hanging her towel, she sat before the mirror to do her makeup and hair. She wanted to look good for her warrior Marine on the other side of the world. After some time, she looked in the mirror and gave herself a self-assuring nod. She next moved to the bedroom where she opened a drawer full of lingerie. After some contemplation, Jackie picked out a light blue Lea Babydoll.

Stepping into the thong, she pulled it up her toned and tan legs and hips. The string then traveled up between her cheeks until the waistband found its place on her hips. Once in place, she slipped the top over her head. As the sheer material passed over her breasts she slipped the ties behind her head where she tied them together in a bow. One last look in the mirror to check her appearance and she moved towards the bed.

On her side of the bed, she opened the top drawer of the bedside table where she stored an assortment of toys. After about 30 seconds of careful examination, she decided that she would use the flesh colored vibrating dildo. It was about 8 inches long and thick, one of Ian’s favorites to use on her. Jackie flipped the switch and the device to check the batteries. The dildo began to hum and vibrate in her hand. She turned it off and stashed it out of site under the pillow in order to preserve the ultimate surprise.

On the bedside table was her cell phone that had been charging since returning home from the beach. 80% battery life should be enough for the time they were going to spend together. After getting onto the bed and propping up her cell phone on the bedside table, she checked the angle and made a few adjustments. She scooted back a bit, set up a couple of pillows. Jackie then lay back upon the pale yellow satin pillows and felt the soft slick material on the back of her legs. Jackie looked at her watch. It was 2025 or 8:25 pm on the east coast and 04:55 am in Kabul. With everything in place, she was standing by for the Ian’s Skype call at 2030.

The damn Marine Corps and these deployments were wreaking havoc on their relationship. She was tired the lack of sex and having to revert to using various vibrators and dildos to satisfy herself. She wanted regular access to Ian’s penis that penetrated deep inside her, his strong warm hands massaging her breasts, and his hot wet mouth on her pussy. She was still a little hesitant about his idea for her to satisfy herself in front of him via Skype, but was willing to give it a try.

Just then the Skype app made her phone vibrate and ring. She pressed the green button and after a second or two his face appeared on the screen. He Ankara escort backed up a bit and she then could see his bare muscular chest and shoulders. The EGA boldly imprinted on the outside of his left bicep signified his commitment to his tribe.

“Hey Babe” Ian said with a grin, his eyes focused on her alluring attire. He couldn’t see her breasts through the light blue material, but her abdomen and legs were plainly visible. The site of his beautiful wife immediately sent a strong signal to his penis that began to stir under his desert cammies.

“Hi Honey” Jackie responded.

They engaged in a few minutes of idle chit-chat. Jackie, still nervous, was trying to put off the inevitable. Ian didn’t want to come off as the sex starved man that he was and tried to keep his desires in check.

“You look really great sweetheart. I guess you have been to the beach quite a bit.”

Jackie explained that she and Rita had been at the beach most of the day and they probably got a little more sun than they should have.

“Rita’s skin was pretty red when we got back home” Jackie stated while she stroked the top of her legs with her fingertips, her nails well-manicured and painted with red polish. “I hope she isn’t too bad off tonight.”

“Do you want to see my tan lines” Jackie inquired breaking the ice?

“I thought you would never ask honey” Ian said moving a little closer to the laptop in his hooch.

Jackie got up on her knees and undid the bow behind her neck. She slowly lowered them exposing the white lines from her bikini straps teasing him.

Slowly Jackie lowered the material of the babydoll displaying the top of her right breast that was white in contrast to her tan skin.

“Wow, you did get a lot sun” he said, can I see a little more?”

Jackie giving him a coy look, lowered the material a bit more exposing her right breast and nipple.

“You look great” Ian said as he readjusted the growing penis in his skivie shorts. He rubbed it a little bit trying to maneuver it so it wasn’t so uncomfortable.

“Maybe you need to get the whole view in order to appreciate this great tan” Jackie offered.

“Well babe, I will take whatever I can get” he stated not wanting to sound as desperate as he was to have her perform for him.

“No pressure honey.”

“Hmm” she responded still assuming a kneeling position before the camera. She let the two straps go exposing both of her breasts. After a pause, she grasped the bottom of the babydoll material and with a slow steady effort, pulled the babydoll over her head. As the silky light blue fabric traveled over her breasts, it stimulated her nipples and sent a shiver through her body. Jackie looking directly into the camera could clearly see the surprised expression on his face as she grasped each breast with her hands and kneaded them.

With her left hand still on her breast, her right hand traveled slowly down her abdomen to the light blue material of her thong. As her fingers traveled between her legs, her middle and index pressed against the material. She then closed her eyes leaned her head back while the two fingers stimulated her clit in a circular motion.

“Ohhh” was the only word that Ian managed to get out as his hot wife manipulated her breasts and rubbed her clit on the screen.

After a few seconds Jackie opened her eyes.

“Now that I have your undivided attention” she said ending her comment with a devilish grin, she laid back against the pillows with her feet towards the camera.

She placed her thumbs inside the string of the thong. In a slow, seductive manner, she pushed the thong downward. A similar contrast, white against brown “V” appeared over her lower abdomen as the material slid downwards exposing her small trimmed patch. Ian, in disbelief, couldn’t get close enough to the screen. He had undone his belt and opened the buttons of his uniform trousers. His penis was now poking out through the slit of his briefs. Ian grasped it and felt it throbbing wildly in his hand while he watched his wife on the screen.

Ian continued to glue his eyes to the screen as the thong traveled down Jackie’s thighs. She then brought her knees to her chest, and the thong passed over her knees, down her calves and finally over her feet before it was tossed to the side. Ian got a good view of her puffy vagina and her white butt. Ian’s heart Ankara escort bayan was now pounding as much as his hard penis.

Jackie glanced around her knees at the screen to see the expression on his face. Priceless was the best description. In belief that if she couldn’t see it, it wasn’t happening, Jackie closed her eyes and spread her legs exposing her vagina to her husband on the other side of the world. Her hands glided up and down the inside of her thighs as Ian’s started to glide up and down his hard member.

Ian’s heart raced as he watched his wife on the screen. His stroking continued slowly and methodically. Jackie reached under the pillow and retrieved the 8-inch dildo. In no time the soft familiar hum split the silence of their bedroom. With her eyes still closed, she used her left hand to run the vibrator over her right breast, concentrating on the erect nipple while her right hand traveled down between her legs to her erect clit, which Ian could now clearly see with her legs spread wide.

It was at that time that Rita, dressed in a large “T” shirt and a pair of pink panties, journeyed towards the steps leading down to the main level of the house. Rita was a full figured woman and totally attractive to any man that saw her. Beautiful blond hair, pretty face, ample breasts and long legs made her the focus of attention in any room full of women. She had just finished drying her long blond hair after her shower and her shoulders were now burning. She was hoping that Jackie had some aloe gel to soothe her bright red skin.

As she walked down the stairs, her braless 36 D breasts bounced playfully with each step. At the bottom of the steps her feet came in contact with the cool tile floor. In the dark house, Rita found her way to the hallway that led to the master bedroom. The door was opened just enough that she could see lights on and took for granted that Jackie was up, perhaps reading. As she got to the door she peaked in and was about to knock announcing her entry. She did neither as she spotted her friend of 20 years laying on her back naked with a vibrator on her breast and her hand between her legs.

Due to her hearing problem Rita could not hear the sound of the vibrator nor Ian’s encouraging remarks to his wife. She watched as Jackie withdrew two glistening fingers from between her legs. There was no secret to where they were as they shone brightly. Jackie brought the digits up to her mouth and between her lips.

“Oh baby, you look so beautiful.”

Jackie returned her fingers to her vagina and inserted them again. This time when she removed them and she spread the juices over her clit. She let out a low, soft moan as she worked the fingers over her blood engorged clit and began to move the vibrator from her breast to her abdomen and finally to her vagina. She slowly slid the vibrating mass into her vagina and let out another moan as the device stretched it beyond its normal capacity. Slowly pleasing herself with the vibrator while fingering her clit, she began to feel the pleasures of her actions. Although skeptical of how she would be able to satisfy herself in front of a camera and her husband, she was now convinced that it was possible. With her eyes closed the only thing she sensed pleasure.

“Yeah baby, move the vibrator in and out slowly. I want you to feel good honey” Ian remarked not aware that there were now two sets of eyes on Jackie as she began to get into satisfying herself.

Now Rita was no stranger to lesbianism. Her boyfriend had gotten her pregnant and split when she was quite young and she found women more appealing than men. Always attracted to Jackie, who was slimmer, Rita had more than once fantasized having a great sexual encounter with her friend. Was this the moment? Should she take advantage of this opportunity? Ian was gone, Jackie was obviously in need, and she, Rita, was in need as well. Rita opened the door. She moved towards Jackie lying on the bed with the vibrator slowly moving in and out of her vagina.

As Jackie’s eyes were closed, Ian was first to see Rita, now stripped of her “T” Shirt and panties come into view. Oblivious to Jackie’s android propped up on the bedside table, Rita mounted the bed and leaned toward Jackie whose eyes were now opened wide as she felt the bed move. In total surprise, she caught the site of Rita’s naked body coming toward her. Her breast swaying Escort Ankara as she quickly closed the distance between them. In total disbelief and before she could utter a word, Rita placed her finger to Jackie’s lips to keep her from objecting or saying anything while her other hand took the vibrator from Jackie. Jackie looked to her phone to see Ian’s shocked face.

Although Ian remarked “Holy shit!!” Rita couldn’t hear him as she began to run the vibrator over the lips of Jackie’s vagina. After a few strokes, Rita inserted the vibrating dildo back into Jackie’s vagina. Jackie closed her eyes and returned to the bliss she was experiencing before the interruption. Rita continued to ease the vibrator into Jackie who, after a minute or so, began to arch her back. Rita’s leaned over Jackie and with her free hand found Jackie’s right breast and began to massage it, frequently squeezing and rolling the nipple between her fingers.

As Rita worked her magic, Jackie felt Rita’s erect nipples slide back and forth over her right arm exciting her all the more. Finally, Rita leaned over and took Jackie’s right nipple into her mouth swirling her tongue around the nipple and gently biting it. This elicited a series of guttural moans from Jackie’s lips. Jackie opened her eyes slightly, as if she was in an euphoric state, and looked at Ian who was glued to the action. She puckered her lips to direct a kiss him, and then closed her eyes again.

Ian continued to feverishly stroke his throbbing tool, grateful for the privacy that wasn’t common in a war zone. He couldn’t believe his wife’s response to Rita’s actions as she never spoke about engaging in sexual contact with another woman.

With her eyes still closed, Jackie moved her left hand to the back of Rita’s head. Her fingers lost in Rita’s soft blond hair, Jackie pressed Rita’s mouth to her long neglected breast. Rita knew she had her friend hooked. Jackie’s next moan was more guttural and almost made Ian cum. Ian wasn’t prepared for all of this and didn’t know how long he could last. Afraid to make any noise that would interrupt his wife’s pleasurable moment, he stroked and watched in total silence. Just in view of the camera he saw Jackie’s hand leave Rita’s hair and grip the satin sheet. Ian knew that she was on the verge of an orgasm. Soon Jackie’s hips were bucking while she moaned with pleasure. Her body soon shuddered with an intense orgasm. Rita slowed her assault on Jackie’s vagina while she experienced several smaller orgasms. Rita then removed and turned off the vibrating dildo.

Although totally spent from her orgasm, Jackie released her grip on the sheet and had enough strength to raise her hand to the back of Rita’s head and guide Rita’s lips to form her breast to her lips, kissing her deeply. In part because she appreciated Rita’s help, but mostly for Ian’s enjoyment. During that long sensuous kiss, Jackie’s hand slid to Rita’s burnt shoulders. Jackie felt Rita jerk as her hand touched the hot, sensitive skin.

Breaking the kiss, “Rita, your shoulders are on fire” Jackie said. Jackie slowly moved off the bed and retrieved a tube of the green slick aloe gel.

She positioned Rita at the end of the bed with her back to the camera and stood before her. Jackie squirted some gel onto her hands and began to gently spread the gel over Rita’s shoulders. Ian didn’t really appreciate this view as he could see nothing but Rita’s back and the side of breasts. Rita closed her eyes and Jackie took advantage to look over at her phone still broadcasting the interaction with her longtime friend.

Another wink to her husband and Jackie squirted some additional gel on her hands and begin to caress Rita’s ample breasts. After 15 seconds or so, she pushed Rita back on the bed and straddled her waist. Using a combination of large circular motions, mostly with her palm, and occasionally using her thumb and forefinger on Rita’s fully erect nipples, which now where firm and resembled pencil erasers, Jackie massaged her friend’s breasts. Jackie looked at Ian again and could tell he was stroking his long thick tool. She blew him a kiss and then leaned over and kissed Rita’s full lips. Their breasts pressed together during the long kiss and Rita wrapped her arms around Jackie’s back.

But that was the last of the show Ian got to watch as the screen went black. He cursed loudly picking up a bottle of water and throwing it. After a few minutes, with his penis now limp, he smiled knowing that his beautiful wife had a great evening. He couldn’t wait until he spoke with her again to not only get the rest of the story, but press her for a repeat performance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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