Riverside Romp

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During the summer vacation following my first year of college, myself and a group of friends from high school planned a one-night camping trip like the ones we used to have in high school where we’d all get together with a bottle of whisky and some acoustic guitars. On the evening we were all supposed to get together, only four of us showed up: along with myself, there was Brian, Nate, and Sarah. There should have been at least twice as many of us, and more girls, but I’d brought plenty of Coke and Windsor, so I knew the night wouldn’t be a complete flop. The campsites we favored were a good hour out of town, but they were right on the river, and best of all, they were free. Brian and Nate, who weren’t working that Friday, showed up early in the afternoon so we could get our favorite site. It was the most secluded out of the four available, being the furthest one down the trail.

When I arrived a little after eight o’clock, the sun was just beginning to set. Brian and Nate had been fishing all day and were plenty happy to see the Windsor and Coke I had brought with me, even though Brian was already pretty shitfaced. He’d been drinking all afternoon, Nate told me, and joked that Brian would be out cold by 9:00, since he always passed out when he drank like this. I gave each of us a plastic cup and mixed drinks for all of us, mixing the one I poured for Brian, so he would pass out and quit acting like an idiot. The fool was shouting and screaming, kicking dirt and all sorts of obnoxious shit; if he didn’t pass out, he’d probably crack his head open. Nate and Brian had put together a nice-sized fire, and Brian had started to use it as an obstacle to hurdle over, when one attempt sent him slamming into the dirt. He swore and moaned, calmed down, and passed out right there besides the fire. Eventually Nate and I dragged him into a tent and threw a sleeping bag over him, and that’s where he remained until the morning. Luckily Nate had brought his 6-man tent and had it set up. We’d camped with Brian before and forced him a long time ago to buy his own tent. He got tired of sleeping outside and waking up with a face full of mosquito bites.

An hour passed, and Nate and I started to think that maybe no one else would be showing up. While we drank, we spent most of the time talking about school, sports, and girls we had spent the past year banging at college. Mostly girls. We were talking about the best blow jobs we had received when Sarah showed up. It seemed she had just snuck right up on us. Nate and I were shocked, both not sure whether she heard us or not, but we played it off, jumping up and saying hi, each of us giving her a big hug. After all, we hadn’t seen each other that much since college had started, so we were happy to see her.

Her wavy black hair was cut shorter than the last time I had seen her, with the ends hanging a few inches above her shoulders. She’d always had a pretty face, but with this haircut, she looked really cute. Only 5’3,” she had a sweet little body, a dynamite ass, and these sleek looking legs that had been shaped from several years of high school track and just the right pairing of family genes. That night she was wearing a pair of hiking shoes, a pair of olive cargo shorts, and a maroon scoopneck tanktop revealing her stomach just below her navel, having a nice snug fit, just enough to form itself nicely around her tits. Just by the firelight I could see that she had spent a considerable amount of time outdoors, her skin bronzed by the summer. Over one of her shoulders was a small backpack, and in her arms was a giant checkered fleece blanket that was folded up.

We told Sarah about Brian and she laughed, making a sarcastic remark about how much he had changed since she saw him last. She asked us if anyone else was coming, and we told her we didn’t think so. There was an expression on her escort sincan face that I couldn’t really distinguish. It almost felt like she was debating on whether she should stay or not, but when I offered her a drink, she gladly obliged. She told us she hadn’t been doing much partying while she was away at college so all week she had been looking forward to getting drunk tonight.

All eyes were on Sarah’s ass as she stooped forward and laid out her blanket besides the fire. We all sat down and I poured her a drink. The three of us talked mostly about our first year of college and what we had done over the summer. Nate was stocking groceries, and Sarah was alternating time between working at her father’s law firm part-time and reclining on her on her parents’ yacht. Her family was filthy rich and out of all of us she was going to be the one who would make something of herself. And make some lucky son of a bitch one happy man. Every time she started talking to us, half the words she said would go right through one ear and out the other because all I could think of was her pouty lips wrapped around one of my erections.

Sarah had been hitting the Windsor-Cokes hard, so I told her she might want to go lay down in the tent. She thought that was a good idea, but first she announced to us that she was going to go pee in the woods. Nate and I craned our necks and peered toward her from where we sat. We could just barely see her pull down her shorts by the light of the fire. From what we could see of it, her ass looked absolutely heavenly, with a tattoo that we hadn’t noticed before of what appeared to be a sun stitched on her lower back. Nate and I just dropped our jaws and gawked, biting our knuckles, and playfully slugging one another on the shoulder. And when she squatted down to do her business, I thought I’d fucking died. All of us guys had been attracted to Sarah, but I had never had a hard-on for her like the one I was beginning to get.

“You dint peek, did you?” she asked, hobbling over to the tent.

“Nope,” we lied, watching her collapse into the tent. Nate and I fell on our backs, imitating our last dying breaths, still in awe over the sweet little ass that just exposed itself to us. For thirty minutes we gossiped over our drinks about how great a lay Sarah might be, exploding into laughter every now and then when the topic got too hot. Then we’d shush each other only to repeat our drunken behavior.

“Let’s go look at her,” I declared, tiptoeing over to the tent with Nate close behind. We shoved our heads through the tent entrance and found Sarah laying face down on our sleeping bags with her legs modestly spread apart dressed in nothing but some sexy black lace panties and her socks. Her perky little ass stabbed up at us, calling our names. “Watch this,” I whispered, curling my index finger in the space between her legs, just an inch behind her pussy. Nate began to laugh, and Sarah stirred. Brushing her leg against my finger as I pulled it back, Nate and I plummeted backwards, pausing outside the tent, afraid that Sarah may have woken up. We heard her whimper and roll around a few times, thinking maybe she had slipped into one of our sleeping bags. We stood still for a few moments, and then crept back into the tent. This time she was lying on her back with her eyes closed and a narrow gap separating her lips. Sarah’s tits were more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. They sloped up her ribs, resting like massive overturned teacups, one gently suspended by gravity over to the left and the other to the right. I grinned at Nate and he followed my lead.

I crawled into the tent. “Sarah, are you ok? Sarah?” I asked, unbuttoning my shorts with one hand.

“Hm?” She whimpered, opening her eyes, slowly coming to. “Do you need some help?”

“Wha?” I said, dumbfounded.

Then a lusty smirk ankara escort unfolded across her face and she said, “Some help pitching some tents? Take your shorts off and let me see those cocks.”

Nate and I squirmed out of our shorts and kicked them out the tent door. There we were in the dark tent on our hands and knees with our cocks hanging down. Sarah grabbed each one and slowly stroked us. Suddenly she stopped and exited the tent. “Come on,” she ordered once out. Nate and I scuttled out of the tent in just our shoes, shirts, and naked boners. Sarah was standing on the blanket she had laid next to the fire, still in her panties and socks. The flames dazzled over her bronze shapely figure, forming a bright silhouette of her body against a backdrop of a clear summer’s night sky. She stood akimbo, with her hips leaning to the right. “You guys got condoms?” she asked, rubbing herself between her legs with both hands. Shit, I didn’t have any. Nate ran back to his shorts and pulled one out of his wallet, brandishing it above his head.

“Hm…” Sarah said, “Only one? Well, I want you both to come over here.”

We both obliged and stood before Sarah. She felt our cocks and then took the condom from Nate. “Nate, you have a nice cock, but Greg’s is bigger, so he’s gonna fuck me and for you, I’m gonna give you the best cock-sucking of your life.” Sarah bent down on her knees, slid her hands over his slim limbs, then took his stiff penis in her hand, jerked it a few times, and greased up his cock with her saliva. Each of them stared at one other’s eyes, while the expression on Nate’s face was one of pleasure; the one on Sarah’s revealed a delightful mischief. After lubing his cock, Sarah dipped it into her mouth, slipping the shaft of Nate’s pole back and forth between her lips with precision, never pulling back far enough to reveal his helmet. One of her hands crept up the front of his shirt and fidgeted with his rigid muscles and the other held firmly to his young supple ass.

Nate tipped his head back in bliss, “Oh yeah, Sarah.” She then sucked on the tip of his cock, swiveling her lips about until she removed it from her mouth and slid the curling base of her tongue along the underside of his rod. Returning to the tip of his cock, Sarah flicked her tongue at it, and sank Nate’s swollen member deep down into her throat. Nate’s eyelids flickered and his mouth opened wide. “Holy shit! What are you doing?” His legs wobbled and suddenly Sarah started driving her head forward like a piston against Nate’s cock until he yelled, “FUCK!” and his whole body began to spasm. Sarah’s sucking then sounded all wet and noisy like her mouth was cum-logged. Nate collapsed onto the blanket and Sarah followed him down. His still-hard penis escaped from Sarah’s mouth and she followed him down to the ground with a thread of cum still attaching the two of them together. With a hungry tongue she slurped the thread up then proceeded to suck what semen was left out of his slowly softening cock. Nate just laid there breathing heavily, his arms spread out, his dick limp and glistening with Sarah’s saliva, and all life seeming to leave him; a cute grin and ecstasy overwhelming him. Well, that added with the booze, knocked him out cold.

Sarah slid the back of her hand against her mouth and said, “I hope you last longer thanthat,” and pointed at Nate.

Shifting back, Sara rested back on her elbows and folded her knees up and apart, divulging the black panties that kept her cunt covered. Her gorgeous body shimmered against the light from the stars and the campfire, like some mischievous sprite seducing me with the joys of carnal lust.

While Nate had had his dick sucked, I just stood there watching with my cock in my hand, forcing myself not to hold it too firmly, because I didn’t want to get too excited and spill my children all over myself. etimesgut escort bayan But when my turn came up, I slithered my way down between Sarah’s smooth bronze legs and pulled the underside of her panties to the side with a pair of fingers. I sniffed the humid scent of her cunt then exhaled a draft of warm air against it. Sarah gently quivered and moaned, “Oh, Greg, eat my pussy. Eat my pussy.” Cordially complying as Sarah ran her hands through my hair, I took the lacey waistband of her panties in my hands and slipped them off, whipping them into the night sky. Slowly I kissed my way down one of her legs, starting at the knee, moistening a free hand with spit and stroking it along her vagina and clitoris. When I got my face between her legs I rubbed my stubbly chin against her pussy, dragging it up and down her vagina, rolling it over her generous clitoris. Sarah whimpered when my tongue would follow my chin down over her clitoris, gradually forcing my face further between her legs.

“Don’t stop,” she groaned.

Sarah was lying on her back now with her knees still bent and apart, and her feet flat on the blanket. I pushed her legs apart as far as they could go, then peeled her pussy lips apart the same way with my fingers, allowing my chin to dig deeper into her hot fissure of lust. “I’m so close,” she said, shaking my bobbing head in her hands, quickening the motion of the burrowing chin that was aligned with her pussy. As my chin dug up and into her, my tongue lapped, sucked, and smacked at her clitoris. Her body tensed and then convulsed, arching up, with a dark cry departing from her lips, echoing through the river valley. She let go of my head and let me continue on my own. A moment later the process repeated itself, and another scream bellowed out of Sarah. I drew my wide tongue up her cunt and managed to fiddle with her hard nipples for short time before she snatched my hands away and ordered me to fuck her doggy style.

Sarah ripped open the condom that Nate had left on the blanket and popped it into her mouth. She grabbed me by my hips then and lowered her mouth over my cock, rolling the condom on me with her lips and tongue. The condom was placed more than half way down my cock this way when Sarah withdrew her mouth and tugged it down the rest of the way with her fingers. I didn’t think there was anything she couldn’t do with her tongue then.

I pulled off my shirt, and bent her over then on her hands and knees and shoving my plump hard-on into Sarah’s fervent cunt. “Oh, God,” she moaned, “Push it in further, Greg!” I slammed into her with great force, ramming my torso into her ass, lodging my dick deep into her. Her pussy was snug around my cock, and I didn’t care too much for the condom, but it was this or nothing. As I pulled my cock back, Sarah moved forward, the both of us in synch with one another’s gyrations. I tweaked at her nipples as I fucked her and she hung her head down, tipping it back and forth, whipping her hair about. “Oh yeah, girl, you feel soo good. I’m gonna fuck your pussy hard,” I told her, slamming my cock deep down into her with every thrust.

“I’m gonna cuuumm!” she moaned, and when she did I grabbed a tuft of her hair with one hand and tugged her head back, slamming into her harder and faster.

“Cum with me!” she shouted. “I’m al—-most—–there!”

So was I, and a few good strong thrusts later, I was blowing my load and Sarah was moaning and panting, grinding her hips into my unloaded cock. Afterwards I kissed her tits and we held each other for a short duration, Sarah still dressed in just her socks, and me with my hiking boots still on.

When I woke up the next morning, Sarah was gone. Nate was still asleep when I found Brian Stooped over the fire. “What the hell happened here last night?” he asked, jumping up. When I inquired to what he meant, Brian pointed up to tree limb where Sarah’s panties were hanging from, then darted his foot toward the condom that collected my semen. I told Brian about everything that happened the night before, and Brian swore to never drink so much again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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