Road Trip Turnout Ch. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.

Chapter 2 – All In

I awoke to an intense head ache around 6:30AM, popped some aspirin, in hopes of kicking it before my 9:00AM appointment. As I tried to get myself functioning the events of yesterday swirled back with disbelief. What the hell happened and how the hell did I get myself into that situation.

I took stock and it seemed I would be OK with two exceptions. One was the thumb drive they gave me. I had no way of knowing if that was the only copy.

Two, was my credit cards, they were all there, but they could have gotten the info from them. I decided I would keep close watch on line and make sure no strange charges appeared.

The first item was a bit more complicated, but I would worry about that later. Right now, I had to prepare for my big work day. After a shower, shave and aspirin kicking in, I felt functional again, and was able to think about last night without popping a woody. That was a good sign. In fact, when I thought about where my face was at one point, I was repulsed.

I turned my focus toward meeting prep and getting into my number one new customer. My predecessor was tragically killed in a car accident, so I was somewhat being thrown to the fire. However, I was a factory customer service rep responsible for the account. I had talked to most of the people I would interact with, on the phone regularly. I had visited them once about 3 years ago with my predecessor. I had planned two full days with the customer to meet everyone and get acclimated to their manufacturing processes.

I arrived at the mill around 8:45 for the 9:00AM meeting. Unfortunately, they had some urgent matters to attend so I waited in the lobby until almost 9:45. A typical day in the life of sales and customer support…

I had several meetings with many different people and ultimately collected over thirty different business cards over the course of the day. They even set up a box lunch in a conference room. I sat next to the purchasing manager, Sheila Brown. She was in her early to mid-fifties and had been with the company for 30+ years. She was telling me about her family and outside interests when her eyes lit up and she quickly stood up looking toward the door.

“Oh Good, you were able to make it. Robert, I wanted to introduce you to our General Manager, Tony Jackson,” said Sheila, smiling.

My heart sank as Tony from the men’s club reached out his hand. “Pleasure,” he said reaching out. “You look familiar, have we met Robert, or do you prefer Robby?”

I shook his hand and stuttered, “Auh…I don’t think we’ve met sir. Very good to meet you. I go by Robert usually, thanks for asking,” I said awkwardly.

“I have a busy day today, so I won’t be able to join you for lunch. I understand you are here for a couple days?” he asked smiling.

“Yes Sir, I want to learn as much as I can about your operation, so I can serve you to my utmost capacity.” I said returning the smile.

“Great, I am sure you will continue to serve me…us, well. Please give my regards to Phil and tell him I look forward to his visit next month. Are you staying at the Double Tree?” he asked smiling wide.

“Yes, I am,” I replied cautiously.

“If you’re bored this evening and visitors usually are, there is a men’s club down the block with a bar and billiard. If you give them my name you can get in for a trial run. Have a good visit Robby,” he said walking out.

I was turning red after the comment about serving him and now the invite to the club where I was blackmailed into sucking his dick. Calling me Robby, set my blood boiling. This was turning very uncomfortable, very fast!

“Thanks sir, good to meet you,” I said trying not to show my humiliation.

I barely touched the rest of my lunch, and the rest of the day went by in a blur. I finished up around 2:45 with plans to return the next morning and spend the day in the factory. We would review their processes and get to know their operations.

I got back to the hotel a bit after three and hooked up my laptop to review the open e-mails. I spent about an hour going through them when one popped in from my boss.

Subject: Great Job!

Message: See below from their GM. Call me a tell me your secret!

From Tony Jackson:

Great choice on the new account manager. Nothing but good things from my people. Sometimes a new role can be like drinking from a fire hose, but so far Robby has been able to swallow everything we’ve squirted at him. He is delivering complete customer service! Can’t wait for day two! I asked him to visit my men’s club tonight. I hope to get to know him even better!


Oh God, this was too much to deal with. I called my boss as he requested, relieved when he seemed oblivious to everything.

“Thanks for calling,” said Phil happily. “You clearly made quite an impression, if Tony sent such a stellar review. He never commented on Steve for the 15 years he handled the account.”

“Well, they çekmeköy escort all knew him so well, they feel the loss as deeply as we do. They are all going out of their way to make me feel at home. I have some big shoes to fill. I am very pleased with how it’s going. They are treating me like I am the customer.”

“Quite the prize getting invited to his club. I never heard Steve mention that, good job! Make sure you show him a good time! That’s what the expense account is for!” He said laughing.

Steve always told me how tight they were with expenses so I thought I would possibly have an out.

“It’s pretty pricey, I think there is a $500 membership fee and dues are is $300 per Month,” I said hoping he might say no.

“No problem, if it gets you spending time with the top dog of the your biggest account it’s money well spent. Great job, you are looking like a superstar Robert. By the way, I thought you hated being called Robby? I was surprised when he called you that,” he said pausing.

“Whatever it takes boss. He can call me doggy if he gives us the business,” I said trying to sound positive.

“Good attitude!” He said excitedly “I am late for a meeting, keep up the good work!”

I logged off the computer and laid on the bed trying to think about my next move. I had to show up at the club, or there would be no way to keep that from my boss, I think Tony would somehow see to that. My only hope was to reason with him.

Hopefully the professional relationship would be most important to him. Plus, if I showed him I could pay an extra hundred per month to his club, maybe he would let me join without a repeat of last night’s activities.

It was 5:00PM and I did not want to risk getting there before Tony. That would mean dealing with Richard. Tony had come back to the club last night sometime after 7:00PM, so I would wait till then. I asked at the front desk for a restaurant suggestion and picked the furthest one from the hotel, making it less likely to run into Tony or Richard I hoped.

I had a quite dinner in a diner about 20 minutes away, freshened up and walked to the club. I knocked, and a new face answered.

“Hi, I’m Kevin, how may I help you,” said a 30 something guy with brown hair and slightly stocky build.

“Hi I am Robert Stokes, a trial member I guess you would say. Tony invited me back this evening,” I said shaking his hand.

“Come on in newbie,” he said smiling. “Welcome, Richard’s working the bar, but he went in the back. Can I get you something?”

Oh God not Richard, I need Tony, I thought to myself.

“Is Tony here?” I asked casually.

“I thought I saw his car out back, but he must be in the office. You want me to get him?”

“Could you, let him know I’m hear? I don’t want to disturb him if he’s busy,” I said hoping not to have to face Richard without him.

“Sure would you like a drink first?”

“Yes a beer please,” Thanks.

He walked behind the bar and pulled a Miller Lite out of the fridge. He gave it to me and said, “Be right back.”

I sat on the bar stool waiting and hoping Tony was free. No sooner had Kevin left and out came Richard carrying a couple cases of beer.

“Alright! Robby Boy! I knew you would be back, hungry for a little sausage I bet. You couldn’t get enough last night.” he said smiling a hugely obnoxious smile.

“Very funny, Richard,” I said looking away. “I don’t know what that joint had in it but, it was laced with some bad shit. I don’t know what the hell you guys did to me, but it definitely won’t be happening again.”

I looked at myself in the mirror behind the bar and I think I looked pretty convincing all things considered.

“Easy man,” he said raising an eyebrow. “You seemed to be having a good time, from what I could tell. I’ve been thinking about it all day long,” he said sighing.

“So you’re not here to become an “official member”? he asked. “You seemed partial to members if memory serves.”

“Not in the way you are thinking,” I said sharply. “Turns out Tony is an important customer for my company, and I need to maintain a professional relationship with him and all the members of his club. So I would like to join under those conditions…”

He interrupted, “Let me get this straight, you want us to pay you to suck our dicks, cause you’re a professional?”

My faced turned red and as I was ready to reply I was shocked by Tony’s voice.

“Robby!” he yelled stepping out from the back hall. “So glad you could make it young man. How was your first day?”

He sat down next to me and waved his hand for Richard to give him a beer. He opened it and looked at me. Then he glanced at my beer and said.

“That’s your first I hope. (I looked a bit confused.) Sound mind and free will I told you. Are you ready to join? We can have your initiation tonight.”

Through the fog of last evening, it took me a moment to register. He told me last night, “Come back tomorrow, pay your dues, beg Richard to suck his dick and you’re in.” or words to that effect.

“I’m cevizli escort sorry Mr. Jackson,” I said as politely as I could. “Last night I was totally inappropriate and completely out of character. You may not know that I got a bit drunk and made very bad decision to smoke some pot, that was apparently laced with something. Last night is fuzzy and as I said totally against my nature.

I really must apologize for my behavior and it was further complicated by the fact I did not know you were our customer. I would love to join your club and have this great place to unwind in the evening when I am in town, If, it is just that, a place to have a drink and play some pool. I have even gotten approval for a $500 membership fee and $300/month dues. Well beyond what you told me.

But please understand, I am not the person you experienced last night and not into that sort of thing. If this is some kind of a gay sex club I will respectful decline membership and hope, we can maintain a professional relationship.” I said calmly and finished with a heavy sigh and a look of hope.

Tony spun his stool to face me sitting up straight with his feet tucked under the stool. He smiled and began to clap slowly and sarcastically.

“Excellent speech Robby Boy,” he said with an arrogant smile.

I cringed at that name.

“You don’t mind me calling you Robby Boy, do you?”

“I would prefer…”

“Spoken like a true professional salesman, Robby. But Listen, we all know that last night was a truly liberating night for you. I can’t stop thinking about how happily your tongue took to my asshole, or how quickly, your mouth took to our cocks,” he said calmly looking into my eyes.

“You were born to be a servant of cock Robby Boy, and we have the perfect place for you to fulfill, your destiny. All you must do is join and live out your dream. You can service all the members who are interested. I am sure there are a few more that would like a fit young man like yourself to do as they wish. So, what’s it going to be Robby Boy?” he asked not breaking his stare.

My balls stirred a bit at the recap of last night, but the career implications had my stomach turning enough to keep my cock at bay.

“I’m sorry Mr. Jackson, but you’re wrong. Last night was a drug induced, onetime event. I am not a druggy and I am not some kind of gay sex slave. I really hope you will not let this affect our business relationship.” I said calmly and looking him in the eye.

The life and career ramifications of all this kept any new desires at bay.

“I assure you our business relationship is fine, and will continue as it has for 20 years,” He said breaking his stare. “How about a membership test, Robert. If you pass, you’re in under your terms and if you fail you’re in as our man servant,”

“Mr. Jackson, please I’m trying to be professional here. This is becoming very uncomfortable. You have all the leverage here, and you’re blackmailing me…”

“Not at all, (he thought for a few seconds) we have a contract with your company that runs out in 6 months with an option for up to a 3 year extension. Richard, go bring me my briefcase. (Richard left the room) I will sign it right now extending for 3 years. That removes any leverage and you are a hero no matter what. You take it back to your hotel, talk to Phil, come back. If Phil is not ready sign on the spot, you are a club member under your terms, period, and we will work to get to an agreement Phil can sign, by the end of the month.

If Phil signs, you come back and take a 90 second test to see if things really are as you say they are, or if I am right. Agreed?” he asked offering his hand.

Phil had already told me if I could get a 1-year extension of the current agreement by the end of the year, I would be a hero. This would make me a God. I shook his hand.

“Deal,” I said smiling.

I could endure 90 seconds of anything for this. Richard had brought the briefcase and pulled out a 1- page signature sheet extending the agreement for 3 years. The contract was worth $90 million.

“There will be a scanned copy in your e-mail when you get to your hotel,” He said smiling.

I returned to the hotel and the e-mail was there. I talked to my boss and he was screaming with excitement.

“Holy Shit Robert, you will be legend! A $90-million contract on your first day! Fuck you’ll replace me in a year, I am worried. I’ll sign and have it back in 10 minutes and tell Phil we will arrange a dinner very soon to celebrate!”

“Hold a second boss, if we hold out I think I can do better, just one more day and…”

“Easy big guy!” he interrupted. We were prepared to give up 5% price for this deal, so you just saved us $4.5 million. Don’t get greedy. I will e-mail it, now get back to Tony and have a drink or two for me! Great Job.”

He hung up before I could continue. Ok, I only had to survive whatever 90 second test he had for me and this craziness would end. My heart raced, and I felt like a king!

When I returned Tony erenköy escort was at the stool where he was when I left. He held up his phone.

“Done deal, you are a superstar. So, we are agreed, there is no blackmail going on here?” he said tapping the stool next to him for me to sit.

Richard was behind the bar smiling and there were 2 guys about my age (28) playing pool.

“Agreed” I said sliding on to the bar stool. “Now what is this test, you are talking about?”

I looked at myself in the mirror feeling confident.

“All you have to do is not get a hard on for 90 seconds,” he said matter of factly.

“Can we please just stop this,” I asked sighing

“In 90 seconds,” he responded quickly.

“What’s the catch,” I asked suspiciously.

Simple, you look dead ahead eyes closed, breathing through your nose, I place my hand here (He cupped my crotch) without moving it, to check for said boner.(he removed his hand). I am not allowed to speak, and you are not allowed to open your eyes. That’s it.”

I did not really have any reaction to his hand touching me, my cock was relaxed and soft. I began breathing through my nose as soon as he suggested it. I had no reaction but, was unsure why he said that. I could not imagine what could be in the air that could make me get uncontrollably hard, so I agreed.

Ok close your eyes and breath and just relax he said. I glanced at him in the mirror and closed my eyes breathing deep. I thought about a 90-year-old wrinkled obese woman naked before me.

“Ok I will put my hand in place and tell Richard to start the clock. Ok?” he asked softly.

“Yep” I said.

Feel the wrinkled old hand cupping my dick, I told myself. No reaction.

When I took my next breath I felt his finger touching my upper lip as a strong pungent scent filled my nostrils…

“Guess where that finger had been,” Said Richard from behind the bar. “The same place you buried your tongue last night Robby Boy…clock started.”

The adrenalin shot through my balls was enormous, and I winced as my cock stirred. ‘Fat wrinkled hag,’ I thought as I felt Tony’s hot breath on my neck and ear. That sent a chill down my spine and my cock pulsed.

“You shoved your face right up in there,” Whispered Richard. As the memory of Tony’s hot firm cheeks flooded my thoughts.

My cock was filling rapidly as I breathed in again and his finger gently pressed against my lips. (Not fare, I thought).

“20 seconds,” said Richard.

‘No fucking way!’ I thought to myself. ‘At least a minute!’

The weight of his hand seemed heavier (fat old lady!) His scent, the finger on my lips, his breath…why was I opening, my mouth…

“Thirty seconds,” said a distant voice, as my legs began to bounce on the barstool.

‘Stop!’ I told myself as it caused his hand to vibrate on my growing cock. I stopped my legs bouncing. (Fat old Lady!)

I tilted my head forward, pushing his finger in my mouth as my tongue met it. (Stop!… Fat old lady!, fat old lady!, fat old Lady!)

Un-suctioning my lips from his finger…

“45 seconds almost made it half way,” said a distant voice.

I realized I was moving my hips to the beat of my “fat old lady” internal chant. I was rubbing my boner on his hand. Oh shit, what was I doing. I stopped my humping just short of cumming in my pants.

“Please!” I barked.

“Please what?” whispered Tony in my ear.

“It’s not fair, I wasn’t…”

“Wasn’t what?… ready? You seem ready to me,” he said gripping my rock-hard boner through my pants.

“Oh Please,” I sighed

“Please what?” he asked stroking my slowly.

“Please make me cum,” I whined, my eyes, still closed.

“I can tell you followed our orders last night. You are about to pop,” he said stopping his stroking.

Somehow, keeping my eyes closed left me some form of denial that this was not really happening.

“Please I need to cum so bad,” I said panting.

“Are you ready to be our bitch Robby Boy?” he whispered licking my earlobe.

“Yes, just please make me cum!” I begged.

“Are you ready to join full time?” he whispered, hot breath in my ear.

“Yes,” I said dick aching.

“We need your first month’s dues,” the whisper commanded.

I handed Richard my wallet. “There’s cash in here.”

“Yes there is,” said a distant voice.

“Would you like to suck Richards cock Robby Boy,” whispered Tony.

“Oh God, Yes,” I sighed.

I was breathing heavier and my cock was pulsing with each heartbeat.

“You need to beg for it Robby Boy,” Said Richard from the other side of the bar.

“Please let me suck your big cock Richard! I wanna taste your cum again,” I said, panting with my eyes still closed.

“Ok you have fulfilled your obligations, are you ready for your initiation?” asked Tony, with his hand gently back on my boner.

“Yes, I get to cum,” I whimpered.

“That’s right, but first you will need to go with Tim and John over there and they will get you prepped. No cumming during prep, you can cum during your initiation, OK?” asked Tony, removing his hand.

I nodded and opened my eyes, looking at the two pool players who smiled and waved me to follow. I locked on to the semi hard cocks in their jeans and followed.

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