Robert, The Highwayman

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This is the first chapter of a series that I hope to do, given the time. Hope you enjoy!!


About four years ago, my beloved spouse passed away from a heart attack. It was so sudden that it took me a while to wrap myself around the fact that I was now alone in this world. Trish and I had married young and dumb, but we made a go of it. With our parents help we managed to get through college and found good professions which paid us well. We never had any children, but we used nephews and nieces for the comfort and fun that we maybe missed by opting not to have children. Of course the nieces and nephews never complained! We spoiled the hell out of them! They were pretty lucky, their parents would take them on vacations, then we would take a couple each year on vacation with us. My brother-in-law had only one child, a girl. Her name is Emily Sue. He and my wife were the only children in her family. So the girl then, was the only grandchild that Trish’s parents had. So of course they spoiled her, and we spoiled her and her Mom and Dad spoiled her.

Well, maybe I should say that her parents only claimed to have loved her, everyone else spoiled her. She was the oldest niece we had. My older sister had a boy that was a year older than Emily Sue, and a daughter that is 2 years younger. Emily Sue is now 22 years old. Peter, would be 23, and Renea is now is now 20. My younger sister had a boy, now 18 and a daughter, now 16. We had taken them on almost every vacation that we went on where we drove. Not all at once, but we would get them all together and tell them where we planned on going and the two that wanted to go to that place the most got to go. It always seemed that Emily wanted to go to the really good educational places with us. Of course my younger sister’s children wanted to go where there was fun to be had, or the beach. Emily wanted to learn, to see the country. She was always very inquisitive about everything she saw. Needless to say, she is on the Dean’s List at the University that she attends, with a 3.9 GPA. We are all very proud of her.

A few times we took Peter and Emily on vacations or just weekend trips with us. Their ages being close together, they got along well. Peter is also very intelligent and is doing very well in his last year at the University in another state. We took all our nephews and nieces at one time or another, always in two’s and we enjoyed them all. It was always nice to educate them, and it was nice to be able to see things through a kid’s eyes too. That made it all worth while!!

We started taking Peter and Emily when they were about 9 and 8 I think. And we always enjoyed them and the fun they had together. Up until they were 19 and 18 years of age. We were in a gambling town for the night, and stayed in a motel, a very nice motel. Trish and I went down for a few drinks in the bar and drop a few coins in the slots. We were in the lounge for about an hour when Trish asked me to go get her a sweater out of the room because the air conditioning was quite chilly on her arms. Of course I did. I went upstairs and just opened the door and walked in. Two children (teenagers) almost died of heart attacks then. They were almost completely undressed. Emily still had her panties on and Peter still had his jockies on, but his cock was out. They were on the couch and I think probably if I had been 10 minutes later, they would have been fucking hard!!! Both were sweating and breathing hard. I closed the door and just stood there looking at them. They were like frozen in time! This probably only lasted seconds, but it seemed like minutes. They started grabbing clothes and trying to put them on, and trying to apologize and stuttering and Emily started crying. I finally spoke and said “Looks like you two are getting to old to go on vacation together, or sleep in the same room together, or maybe even be within 10 miles of each other!!! What are you two thinking about? You are cousins, for christ’s sake!!!”

Peter spoke finally and said “Uncle Robert, it’s my fault. She didn’t want to mess around, but I kept teasing her and teasing her, and I guess she just finally went along with me. But she didn’t want to!”

Emily was dressed by now. She was pretty fast! When Peter was dressed I went into my and Trish’s room and got her a sweater and walked back into the living room of the suite. I looked at both of them and said “No more! Understand?”

Both answered with a very quick “Yes sir!”

I left and went on down to the casino and stayed for another two or three hours before Trish and I had had enough. Then went back upstairs. I did not mention the incident to Trish. She had a little more strict up-bringing than I did. Peter was sleeping on the couch and Emily was in their room. (We got a suite with two double beds in one bedroom and a King bed in the other.) We went on to bed and nothing else was said about that incident for a little over 2 years.

Two years later was when Trish had the heart attack. She had been feeling tired, Escort İstanbul so she skipped our normal Saturday morning golf game. We always golfed on Saturday morning with her brother and his wife. So at her urging, I went and played with them without her. When I returned home that afternoon was when I found her, in the kitchen, about 4 feet from the telephone. She was already blue and of course had stopped breathing some time ago. The paramedics were heroic in their efforts, but it was all in vain. She was gone.

Later I was to find out that she had a valve going bad in her heart, but she had never told me about it, or anyone else either. But I will say this for her, she enjoyed her life. She died at the early age of 51. But they were 51 good years.

I was, of course devastated by her passing. She was my best friend. We talked openly about everything and anything. We never cheated on each other. We had a fantastic sex life. Even with her more strict raising, she overcame that because she loved me and wanted to satisfy me. Sex was really good, it was fun, it was sometimes wild!! We have had sex everywhere you can imagine!! Even though we had nephews and nieces with us on vacations, we always managed to have sex somewhere different on each trip. I was seriously going to miss that, because not all women want to please like she did.

Emily came and spent a week with me when she learned of Trish’s passing. She cooked and cleaned and ran errands and did everything that Trish would have done for me, except sleep with me. I was a total waste! I was lost! I would cry myself to sleep at night, missing her lying beside me. On the fourth night, Emily came into my room, and sat down on the edge of the bed and never said anything. She just sat there and rubbed my arm and head until I went to sleep. When I awoke in the morning, Emily was in the bed beside me, In only panties and bra. At the time, I didn’t even care. I got up, went to the kitchen and made my coffee, dug out a cinnamon roll from the freezer and “nuked” it and sat down to eat it. Emily was now 20 years old. She was beautiful, maybe not to everyone, but to me she was. She had a very nice body—not a model’s body, but a damned nice one as far as I was concerned. I had just finished the cinnamon roll when she came walking into the kitchen, just like she got out of bed, in panties and bra. She sat down at the breakfast bar beside me and said “So, what’s for breakfast, old man?”

She had taken to calling me that last year. I have no idea where it came from, but I kind of liked it. It was and endearing sort of nickname that only she used with me.

I said, “Well, Em, I just had a cinnamon roll, and there’s more of them if you want one. OK?”

“Sure, that’d be good. I like cinnamon rolls. May I have a cup of coffee too? With just a little milk in it?”

“Sure honey!” I went and got her a cinnamon roll; put it in the microwave and while it was being nuked, I poured her a cup of coffee and set it in front of her. Then I brought the milk from the fridge and gave it to her and went back for the cinnamon roll. I put the milk back in the fridge, poured myself some more coffee. I looked at her and said “Em honey, Have I ever told you how much I appreciate you and love you?”

She said, “Uncle Robert, you don’t have to. I know it. I was convinced of your love when you never told anyone about me and Peter in the hotel a few years ago. If you hadn’t loved us both, you could have devastated our lives by telling our parents. But you didn’t. I have never thanked you for that. So, old man, thank you for saving me!! We were both being stupid then. But we finally did do it together, about 5 months later. We still do it whenever we are home together from school. But not this time. I am staying with you till I have to go back. You are the best man in my life, outside my Dad. I have to take care of you!” She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

“Did you expect something to happen between us last night? Is that why you slept in my bed with practically no clothes on? Hoping I’d wake up and in my fussy world of half-sleep, grab you like I would Trish and make love to you?” I asked.

She looked at me, her mouth dropped open and she started shaking her head until I finished speaking and then she said “NO!! Absolutely not!!! No Uncle, no. I never thought that, I promise you. I just want to comfort you. I swear!”

“OK, enough on that then. But you know, you are damned sexy in just panties and bra!!!” I laughed.

“Oh you did notice! I was afraid that you had gone blind for a minute there!! No, I just wanted to see if maybe a little tease would get your blood flowing and help you come out of your sorrow before I have to leave —two days from now!” She said.

“No not blind honey….Tolerant, I think is more the appropriate word. Of course you can’t do that too much, or we will have a fight on our hands.”


“Yeah, me trying to get them off you, and you trying to İstanbul Escort Bayan keep them on!!” I said laughing again.

“Yeah, some fight Uncle!!! Cause you’re bigger than I am so you could beat me and get my clothes off, but you can’t rape me!!! HA HA!!!” she answered as she got up and put her dishes in the sink.

“I can’t? Do tell!!” I said laughing.

As she went across the room toward her bedroom hall she looked back and said “You can’t rape the willing old man!!” and she was gone down the hall.

I couldn’t believe what she had just said! Although we had always had fun together, we had never actually flirted or made sexual comments to each other. This was a whole new ball game to me!

I got up and poured another cup of coffee sat down and thought about this for a while. Then I washed the few dishes and went out into the garage to see if there was something I needed to do today to keep me busy.

I decided to weed the flowerbeds and then maybe go shopping for some new flowers to plant. Trish loved my flowerbeds and I kept them pretty much full of color year round. It was just something else to keep her on my mind.

I finished weeding, took a mental inventory on the space I had left and went inside to get my wallet and truck keys and to ask Emily if she wanted to go along with me.

“Sure, It’ll give us a chance to get out of the house!” She answered. So we went out and got into my Chevy Silverado 1500 and headed to the garden shop of our local Wal-Mart, and possibly the local Lowes Store.

We browsed through the Wal-Mart ‘s garden shop, bought some flowers and then headed over to Lowes to see if they had something different. I guess it was Emily’s first time shopping in Lowes as she wanted to hit every aisle as we crossed the store. She finally confessed that she thought it was just a lumber yard. Anyway, we found some more flowers and checked out and when we were headed back to the house, Emily said “OH uncle Robert, let’s stop and have a donut and coffee here!! They really have good coffee and the donut selection is great, and I love donuts!”

So I turned in to the Dunkin Donuts and we went in to have a mid-morning snack of coffee and donuts.

As we sat there talking, we noticed that across the street was a lot that sells camper trailers and motor homes. “Trish and I always talked about buying one of those things, but just never did get around to it.”

I said.

Emily could see the sadness coming back, I guess and she said, “Well, let’s go look at some of them! You can get one now, you’ll have plenty of money and plenty of time to enjoy it! Come on, it’ll be fun, going through those things and driving the salespeople crazy trying to figure out if we are a couple or not!! That’ll be so much fun too!”

I finally agreed and off we went. We took our coffee with us and started walking the lot. Soon a salesperson joined us and we started asking questions and talking about the amount of usage we’d get out of it. The salesperson just happened to be a young lady of about 25-27 years old, nice body, great eyes, and knew how to dress and do her hair to show off her beauty. We were mainly looking at travel trailers, as I don’t really want to invest in a motor home. Too expensive and you have to tow a car, and all that. So we stuck with the travel trailers. Emily found one that she considered to be the perfect one. So she came back and got me and the salesgirl and took us to it. It was pretty big and very well appointed inside. The bedroom in the back was something out of Penthouse or Playboy. That’s what caught Emily’s eyes. I looked at her and said “Why do I need all this…..Luxury….in my bedroom? Especially if I am out camping?”

“You might not need it, but the girls do!! We like to be able to look good all the time, whether we are camping, fishing, or shopping!! Just think about it, it’s not that much more expensive than the regular ones!” she said.

The sales girl, of course, had to jump in and agree with her, on the looking good bit and the need for it.

Emily said, “And besides Uncle Robert, you never know who’s going to be spending the night in here with you!! Now do you?!”

It was then that the sales girl knew we were not a couple and she grabbed the chance to capitalize on it. “Oh, you’re not married sir?”

“Well, widowed, just in the last few days.” Then she slowed down, but she covered her mouth with her hand, as if she had said something bad. I noticed she had no wedding ring, no engagement ring.

“Oh, I am so sorry sir. Of course, I had no idea! How are you doing sir? Was it sudden?” She asked, with her eyes big and showing her nervousness.

“Yes, it was very sudden. We didn’t have a clue….Heart attack! But I am going to be ok. I have a lot of support, as you can see!” I said and kinda laughed. “Yes, my dutiful , well, wonderful niece here has made me her pet project to see me through this. So I guess I’ll be alright!” I said, laughing Anadolu Yakası Escort and taking a punch in the ribs from Emily.

“Ok, I said, let’s talk serious about this. I need to know a lot of details about it before I can even consider it. Like the tongue weight and towed weight and braking system, set up difficulties, all that stuff.” I said.

“Not a problem! You and your niece can come inside, refresh your coffee, and we’ll talk turkey about it!”

She said, turning to walk back toward the office. “By the way, My name is Sandra.”

We discussed all the technical data of trailering and hauling and determined that my hot little Silverado 1500 would not be the safest vehicle to pull one with. So Emily and I departed to think about trading my truck for a bigger one, a Dooley 1 ton pickup, Silverado of course! Like a Rock! Yeah right.

We went home and I planted the flowers while Emily made us some sandwiches and lemonade for lunch. It was pretty warm outside, so when I finished with my flowers, I went in to take a shower. Then I went out and sat down with Emily for lunch. She started on me about buying the trailer and a new truck and hitting the highway. “Since I picked out the trailer, You can pick out the truck.” She said to me, smiling.

I laughed and said “Right, I guess I have a right to pick it out because I have to drive it too!”

“You want to go look at trucks today Old Man? I don’t want to be pushy, but I only have two more days left here and I have to get back to school.” She said, in her little sad voice.

“Yeah sure, why not. It doesn’t hurt to look.” I said. “And it might be nice to have a new truck to cruise around in and pick up chics!”

Emily punched my shoulder and said “I can see that already!! By the time you get around to going out looking for some, you’ll be grey headed!! I know you!”

“Looking for some? Some what Em? What …Who do you think you are talking about?” I said in a voice as stern as I could without laughing in her face.

“You!! You old pervert!! You might do a lot of looking, but I doubt you’ll try to pick anything up, much less take her to bed!!” She said, grinning a big shit-eating grin.

“OH! Now I’m a pervert!!! What makes me a pervert in your book? Have you been sneaking into my bedroom at night??”

“NO, but it’s a thought! You like them young chics, I watch you every time we are out anywhere, you are steady checking out those young tight asses and firm bellies and boobs. Yes, You are a pervert, in my book! But I love you, Ohmigod do I ever love you Uncle Robert!” She said as she looked me straight in the eyes.

This was not a good moment to talk like that, so I said, “Ok, let’s go look at trucks. Are you sure you want to go looking at big trucks?”

By the time the day was over, Emily and I had ordered a new Chevy 1 ton Dooley pickup truck, with everything on it. I don’t even want to think about the price tag. But it was a nice one, crew cab, satellite radio, DVD player, with a towing package. Oh yeah, it was steel blue metallic. We left there and went out to dinner. It really felt pretty good to be out. It was the first time I had left the house except for the visitation and funeral since Trish had passed.

I think Emily had a lot of fun, just going out to eat. She was dressed in a short skirt, pleated, that looked a lot like a cheerleader skirt. A tight, light pink, top, with a white bra under it. (The top was pretty sheer!) And she hung on my arm like she was afraid I would get away. We got quite a few direct looks from some, outright stares from others—mostly older women. Emily thought it was just hilarious! Anyway, we had a good dinner at Outback Steakhouse, and then a few drinks for me (which she ‘sampled’ while she drank her Coca-colas.

We went back home and settled in for the night. Her mom and dad called her and talked to me for a while and then we settled in to watch a movie on pay-per-view TV. She went to change clothes and came back out in a tee-shirt over her panties and bra and settled on the couch right against me and snuggled up like she was a little girl again, with her legs pulled up under her and to one side a little. That just made her lean more on me.

After a while, she got up and popped some pop-corn and came back and held the bowl in her lap as she snuggled up like before. I put my arm around her shoulders and we ate pop-corn and watched the movie for a while. Then very slowly and easily, she pulled my hand down to her breast and placed it on top or her left breast and left it there. I pretended not to notice. When the movie was over and the pop-corn gone, she didn’t move, she just sat there. I looked down at her, at how beautiful she is, and remembered today how she told me how much she loved me. I remembered too, that yesterday, she told me that even after I had caught her and her cousin getting ready to do the wild thing , that they did it anyway, only a few months later, after they were sure that I hadn’t said anything about it.

“Emily, honey, I don’t want to scare you. But yesterday you told me that you and Peter (her cousin) have been …ahhhh…..playing around since you and he were caught on the couch in the hotel a couple of years ago. Is that true?” I asked, in almost a whisper.

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