Roll To Romance Pt. 03

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Audrey woke up the morning after, still hugging her boyfriend. She got out of the bed and stretched. Despite the long night of fucking, she felt full of energy. Who knew that railing your boyfriend for hours would turn out to be so healthy? She giggled, while she thought back again to their night of debauchery.

She looked down, towards Eric’s sleeping form. He was perfectly still, with only the slightest hint of movement in his breathing. Naked and peaceful. Audrey bent down and got closer to his ear. “Hey sweety, how are you feeling?”

It took a few moments for him to answer, he yawned and answered with a sluggish voice: “5 more minutes, mom.”

Audrey smiled and rolled her eyes. “Fine. Sleep.” She left the room and got to the kitchen, where she prepared breakfast for both. When everything was ready, she brought Eric’s breakfast to the bed.

The sweet smell had an immediate effect on the sleeping young man, who woke up just enough to appreciate the incoming meal. “Oh! Thanks, Audrey. You really shouldn’t…”

Audrey left the food down on the nightstand and placed a finger on his lips. “Shhh, if I want to spoil my boy, I’m going to do it, all right?” She said, then she ruffled his hair with her hand, smiling as his cheeks turned red. “Oh God, stop being so cute” she added. “So, how are you feeling?”

“Fine, don’t worry.” Eric winked. “I mean, I feel like I will not be able to sit for a month, but that’s a small price to pay for a night like that.” He smiled. “Though, if you don’t mind, I’m going back to sleep for a little while more.”

“No problem, Eric. Enjoy your rest, you can stay here as long as you want to. I’m going to go for a run.” Audrey said. As Eric nodded, she left the room, sending a kiss back to him. Getting into the shower, she washed away the remnants of their nightly fun and dressed up in a simple gym outfit. She then left the apartment behind and went out to enjoy the chill air of early morning.

Audrey was not a particularly sporty person, but that morning she just felt so full of energy that she had to find a way to discharge it before she exploded. Her long legs devoured the path before her, while she ran along the river bank, enjoying the fresh air, untainted by the heavy, but sweet, smell of sex, cum, and sweat her apartment was filled with.

After an hour, she came back home. Eric had fallen asleep again, in quite the awkward position. She could not help but laugh, seeing him with his butt almost off the bed, and a bit of drool coming off his mouth. She shook her head and moved him into a more comfortable position, and then delicately placed the sheets over him again. His little sweet knight was still deep asleep, so she simply gave him a kiss on his cheek and took the empty plate left from his breakfast away.

Audrey spent the rest of the morning studying for her courses. Eric finally came out of bed only close to lunch, incidentally just when the smell of her cooking reached his nose. “Uh, I probably should have done that, since you made breakfast and everything.”

Audrey, seeing him in the living room, abandoned the stove for a moment and kissed him, hugging him tight. “As I said, if I want to spoil my boyfriend, I’m going to do it. Now shut up and be a good boy for me, all right?” She said, releasing him from her kiss and gently caressing him. Again, his cheeks turned red and he looked down. She loved getting him all flustered and embarrassed like that.


After having a quiet and nice lunch together, the two separated to get to their respective lectures. Audrey found Susan waiting for her. “Well, someone’s glowing today!” She said, seeing her tall friend coming in. “I get the night went well.”

Audrey gave her a wide smile. “Oh, you have no idea.” Susan looked at her with wide eyes, then she laughed. “Well then, you need to tell me everything. Leave no detail out, am I clear, miss?”

Audrey rolled her eyes. “Fine, but don’t complain about it later!”

As the two friends continued to talk, the room filled, and soon after the lecture began. It was only when it was over than the two could continue their conversation. “You know, I’ve been thinking about our relationship, and I know it’s been only two months and all, but…” She too a deep breath. “I want to ask him to come live with me.”

“What? Are you serious, girl?”

“I know, I know. I just feel so comfortable when he’s around. I mean, you know I love my privacy and all, but it’s just better with him there.”

Susan took a moment to think. “I don’t know, Audrey. You’re right, I do think it’s too soon, but you seem to have made up your mind about it, so I won’t stop you. Just, do consider that he may not accept.”

Audrey lowered her head a little. “I know, and I would be lying if I said I was not a bit worried, but I think he’ll agree with me.”

The opportunity to talk about her proposal would not come for another couple of days, in which their classes kept them separate. When they finally had some time for themselves, Kurtköy Fetiş Escort Audrey invited him to hang out with her at home. Eric came with some Chinese food, which they ate for lunch, then they got on the couch and began playing Fatal Fight.

Audrey hated to admit it, but she was never good with fighting games. She had been playing video games since she was a little kid, but she had never developed the tight reflexes necessary to excel at that type of game. Consequence was that Eric was wiping the floor with her; well, not exactly, she was holding up better than she expected, but it was still pretty clear who would come out victorious.

But what was getting her riled up was not the game itself, but the bratty smile Eric had put on since he started winning. “Oh, is the big scary girlfriend angry she is losing?” He asked, clearly enjoying his moment. The time came for the final round, in which she gave it all, and still lost.

“Yes!” He said, standing up, excited.

Audrey decided to play his game and pouted her lips, exaggerating her irritation. “I just let you win.”

“I still won though” he said, sticking his tongue out.

Audrey kept her irritated expression for a moment longer, then she let out an evil smile. “Oh, I think a certain brat is getting too big for his shoes here” she said, before standing up herself, and getting in his face, towering over her diminutive boyfriend.

Eric gulped, while his cheeks became red. “Oh, and what are you going to do about it?”

Audrey’s smile somehow widened. “Oh, bad boys have to be punished, don’t you know?”

Without giving him time to reply, Audrey lifted him and thew him on the couch. Then she pinned him under her, covering his body with hers. She placed her arm around his neck and brought her face next to his. “You know how we like to punish little brats around here?”She said. She gave his cheek a long lick, while grinding her crotch against his back. Soon enough, her powerful python woke up, and expanded to her full size.

Eric remained quiet during the ordeal, gritting his teeth and looking at a distant spot in the void, while his lithe body shivered under hers. Audrey actually got a bit worried, was she going overboard? “Are you ok?”

Eric bit his lips and closed his eyes. “Just fuck me already!”

Relief washed over her, soon to be replaced by fiery lust. She smiled and let his throat go. She forced his pants down, leaving his rear bare for her to admire. She gave it a good smack, enjoying the light jiggle.

She left his delicious ass alone for a second and brought her cock to his face. “Why don’t you lubricate it a bit for me, little boy?” Without hesitation, Eric began lapping at her big organ. Audrey bit her lips, while she enjoyed his tongue running over her sensitive skin. After her large member was well covered in his spit, she forced his head away. Without wasting anymore time, she got back on top of him and assaulted his anus. The tight opening did not let her in immediately, but eventually she was able to get access, inch after inch.

When she hilted herself in him, Eric let out a whiny groan of pleasure. Hearing his cute, little moans sent a delicious shiver down her spine. She bent down and closed her arm around his neck again. “Now, for your punishment.”

She extracted her mighty tool from him and then rammed it in again, forcing another moan of pleasure out of her boy’s throat. Feeling him tremble in pleasure under her was almost as pleasant as the sensation of his anal muscles massaging her cock. She closed her eyes and began pumping herself in and out, pressure building in her groins, as waves of pleasure tingled her entire being.

Eric’s breathing became short and ragged, as his own climax grew within his groin. Soon enough, he exploded in pleasure, spewing thick ropes of cum all over her poor couch, shivering as his orgasm invaded his mind and made his muscles weak.

His ass clenched tight, sending Audrey over the edge. She increased her pace to a feverish level, until she hilted herself completely and released her load deep within his bowels. Her copious cum left her cock and filled his insides, while her balls contracted to deliver as much sperm as possible to her sweet boyfriend. It was so much that some made its way out, sloshing down on top of his own load. Her muscles contracted in pure pleasure, immobilizing her boyfriend completely under her tall body. The pleasure overwhelmed her mind, as she bit her lips strongly enough to draw a drop of blood out.

Finally, her climax died down. She let Eric go, who crumbled against the couch in blissful abandon. She lifted herself up and slowly got her cock out of his ass, enjoying the lewd sensation of her cum escaping his hole. She took her deflating member into her hands and used it to paint his face white with her seed. “Did my boy learn his lesson?” She said, removing her dick from his face, and bending down, to get her eyes on level with his.

He weakly nodded, still lost in the post-orgasmic Kurtköy Gecelik Escort bliss. Seeing his puppy eyes caused her affection to surge within her; she leaned forward and kissed him passionately, tasting her own cum on his lips. Without saying anything else, she took Eric into her arms and brought him to the shower, where she lovingly washed him off, sneaking her hands down his ass and crotch every once in a while.

Half an hour alter, they were back in the living room, chilling in front of the TV. She finally felt ready to make her proposal. “Eric, I need to talk to you about something.”

He looked at her, slightly worried. “Did something happen?”

“No, no.” She looked away, embarrassed. “Listen, I know we have known each other only for a couple of months now, but since we are both students of the same university and my apartment is closer than your dorm and there is enough space…” Her voice trailed off “What I’m trying to say is: Would you like to transfer yourself here and stay here with me?” She gulped “I mean, it’s nothing serious, it’s just a more convenient accommodation for you and…”

“All right.”

She immediately shut up. “What?”

“I said all right” Eric repeated. “I mean, it was a bit out of nowhere, but I would love to stay here with you.”

Audrey gasped, then she threw herself over him, overwhelming him with a tight hug. “Yes!”

_____________ _____________ _____________

It took a few days to prepare everything for Eric to transfer over to her apartment, but the time finally came. He could still hardly believe Audrey asked him to come stay with her; and he was even more surprised by how eager he had been to accept her proposal. Not that he had any doubt about his answer, but the realization of how how much he had fallen for the tall futa still found him somewhat unprepared.

“Ahhh, I’m spent.” Audrey said, laying face down down on the couch, exhausted by the morning spent bringing Eric’s things over.

Eric smiled. “Thank you for the help” he said, as he approached her feet. He took one of them into his hands and began massaging it, pressing his fingers deep into her flesh to release the tension in her muscles. “Oh God yes! That’s just what I needed” Audrey said, letting out a sigh of satisfaction.

Eric giggled, then went back to his task. Audrey had slender, soft feet, with long but proportional toes; they were quite large for a girl, size 12, though it was unsurprising considering her towering 6’5 foot height. Not that he minded, they were as beautiful as the rest of her.

After massaging both her feet, he got to her face and kissed her on her cheek. “Now, how about I make some lunch?”

She nodded. “Yes, thank you.”

“At your service, my lady” Eric said, theatrically bowing down. In response, Audrey threw him a playful punch. Eric laughed and left her tired girlfriend behind. In the kitchen, he made an inventory of what the had and took a minute to decide what to make. When he finally had a plan, he began to work.

He did not consider himself a particularly brilliant cook, but he did work in an Italian restaurant for a time, and learned a few tricks there. He did not have much to play with, Audrey was not one that particularly enjoyed cooking, thus her kitchen was a bit bare, but he was confident he could make something good.

After some time, he was finally done. Audrey, attracted by the smell, was already at the table, eagerly waiting. “Wow, this smells good” she commented. Eric smiled and finally revealed a plate of pasta with homemade Bolognese sauce.

“I hope it tastes good as well” Eric said. But he did not have much to fear: As soon as he put down her plate, she attacked the pasta with gusto, devouring it in front of him.

“So? Good?” He asked, poking Audrey with a finger. Without looking at him, or stopping, she nodded.

It was not long before her plate was empty. “Ahhh, that was delicious” she said, patting her stomach.

“There’s a bit more, if you want” Eric said.

Without wasting time, she stood up and got to the pot. “Thanks!”

Lunch was soon over. Audrey, completely full, got to the couch and sat down. “That was great, Eric. You didn’t tell me you were such a good cook!”

“Well, everyone has their secrets” he answered. He sat down as well. “Say, why don’t we go out this evening? To celebrate the occasion? There’s that movie you wanted to see that came out yesterday.”

“Well, why not? Good idea.”

The evening came and the two left the apartment to reach the cinema. It was a rather quite evening, the theater was not too full, allowing them to sit in relative comfort and isolation. The movie began and Audrey got immediately enraptured in the story. Eric no so much, but he could not complain, it was still decently entertaining, and it was making his girl happy.

It was a good hour into the movie that he decided to lean against her shoulder. He was feeling a bit sleepy, and she looked rather comfortable. Kurtköy Genç Escort Snuggling up a bit closer, he could see Audrey looking down at him, smiling. She soon went back to enjoying the movie, but her hand made her way on top of Eric’s head, where she began to gently stroke his hair.

He closed his eyes for a moment, and woke up in his car, in the passenger seat, with Audrey driving it. He gasped “Oh my God, I’m so sorry, Audrey.”

She giggled. “It’s fine, silly, you just fell asleep.” She winked at him.

“Wait,” he said, “how did I get in the car?”

“I carried you” she said. Immediately he could feel his cheeks heating up in shame. “What? You were way too cute to wake up.” She laughed. “What, is my boy embarrassed that I had to bring him out in my arms?”

“Ahhh, my poor dignity, lost. Just like that.”

“Oh don’t be such a baby.”

Eric’s mind immediately began to think of a way to get revenge. He looked around, until his eyes fell on her crotch, and an evil smiled formed on his lips. He looked at the traffic, and saw that the streets were almost empty.

He nonchalantly leaned down, placing his head on her thighs. Audrey looked down perplexed. “What? You don’t mind right?” She shrugged, and got her eyes back on the road. Eric began moving his head up and down, against her crotch, feeling her stirring member under the cloth of her trousers.

“Eric, stop, you’ll…” Audrey said, but it was too late, her cock was already inflating, angrily pushing against her clothes. In a few quick movements, Eric whipped him out, and inhaled her fragrance, while biting his lips. Audrey was powerless to stop him, but he could see in her eyes that she would not want to even if she could.

His lips touched the hot surface of her engorged dick, feeling her arousal radiating from it. He sensually kissed her shaft, from bottom to top, and finally took her head in his mouth, savoring the drop of pre-cum that was oozing out of her tip. His girlfriend shivered, biting her lips, while she concentrated on the road.

Encouraged, Eric plunged the 10 inch cock into his mouth, sucking and licking her sensitive head, while more and more pre-cum dripped out.

Audrey failed to contains her moans. “Slow down! We’re in a public street, you know?”

Eric did not listen. Instead, he relaxed his throat and forced the python in. He earnestly began pumping himself up and down, massaging her shaft, sucking her head, and fondling her balls with his hands.

At some point he felt her hands on his head, forcing her whole cock into his throat. Her hips began thrusting while she savagely face-fucked him. Her pace kept increasing until he felt her muscles suddenly contract, while her member inflated into his throat. With a low pitched roar, she unloaded her cum directly into his stomach, as copious as ever, filling his belly with her seed, letting go only when she felt him struggle for air. Still, her cock kept going, and with two more spurts filled his mouth too.

She slowed down her thrusting, while her cock deflated, and finally let go of his head. “Fuck, that was good” she said, her breathing still short and labored. She looked down to see her boyfriend’s face soaked in his spit and her cum. She could not help but let a giggle out. “If I didn’t know better, I would say you like giving blowjobs.”

“What? Preposterous! I do not” Eric said. “But I do love making my girl quiver in pleasure. And let’s be frank” he said, while taking her flaccid cock into his hands “It’s just too much fun to play with this big girl.”

“Oh, I don’t mind. And the big girl does not either” Audrey replied.

Eric sighed, then his eyes went wide, when he suddenly remembered their circumstances. “Wait, who’s driving?”

Audrey opened her mouth to say something, but then exploded in laughter. “Were you seriously so focused on blowing me that you didn’t notice I pulled over? We’re at home, silly.”

“Oh, God damn it” he remarked.


Unfortunately, the next few days would be far less entertaining for them both. The cause was the beginning of Eric’s internship, that took most of his time with it. The first week was hell for him, he always got to the apartment late and exhausted. Fortunately for him, Audrey proved to be quite understanding; she would often prepare him breakfast and dinner for him. Despite his protests, and the lack of intimacy, she found herself enjoying their time together nonetheless; spoiling her boyfriend was quite fun, after all.

The week-end finally came. Eric woke up late, but he knew Audrey would be out with Susan to have some friend time with her, so it was not a problem. In fact, he counted on it: He wanted to show his appreciation for her, with a nice homemade pizza for lunch. He extracted the dough he had prepared the day before, and began working.

When Audrey came home, she was immediately enraptured by the delicious smell coming from the apartment. She entered. “Eric? What are you making?”

“One minute!” He shouted. Then, he came to her and accompanied her to the table. Confused, she let him do as he wanted and waited. Just a few minutes later, he came back with a beautiful pizza in hand. “Mozzarella, garlic, raw mushrooms, and cured ham. Special recipe I learned back when I worked at that Italian place.”

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