Ron Ch. 11: Kaylee’s Birthday Gift

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Birthday Afternoon

Ron had dozed off with his penis inside the young, thin woman. He awoke a couple of hours later. It was getting dark and his cock was no longer inside her. He gently stroked her smooth skin and moved one hand to the soft fur covering her genitals.

She awoke to his touch, “Oh. What time is it?”

“Don’t know. Five or six maybe? Do you need to leave?”

“God, I hope not! This has been fabulous and you owe me another.” She was referring to the fact that yesterday was her 18th birthday and he had promised her four orgasms as part of her sister’s birthday gift. She had counted three so far.

She gave him a big kiss and grasped his condom encased penis. She laughed as the condom slid off at her touch dripping wet and slippery with cum, “OOPS!”

Ron laughed too, “You better lick it clean.”

“You mean?”

He laughed and smiled. He was keenly aware of her sexual inexperience and was intentionally exposing her to new experiences, just to help her know what she liked and to get her comfortable with him, “I do. You made the mess. You should clean it up with your mouth.”

She never liked the odor of semen and hesitated but then, saying, “I think it was you who made the mess,” did as he suggested. The taste of condom latex with semen was far from pleasant but that plus having the big cock in her mouth was strangely erotic. She finished and realized another biological need, “I’ve gotta piss.”

Ron pointed to the bathroom door, “Clean off in the shower after, if you want.” He watched the long thin legs swing out of the bed and walk to the bathroom, her hair covered genitalia with their thin protruding flaps clearly visible between her thighs. The tall, narrow, almost perfect figure disappeared into the bathroom.

In the bathroom she looked at herself in the mirror. It was a face she barely recognized. She still had deep purple hair, Ron hadn’t even tried to change that. But he had removed every vestige of the purple and blue and green make-up, something she seldom accomplished. The narrow, face that stared back at her WAS attractive despite a couple of small blemishes. She wondered if Ron was serious about her being a model and whether her, always heavily made-up, friends would accept her if she kept her face clear of make-up.

She had picked up her phone on the way. She had two messages from her sister, “You’re welcome. Isn’t he amazing even though sweet?” and “Mom made you a cake. When you coming home?”

She answered, “I’ll have cake tomorrow. Tell Mom one of my friends is having a sleep-over.” That last should answer her first question she thought.

Then she considered what to send to her friends and decided to repeat what Alyssa said her sister had claimed about Ron, “Best fuck EVER!”. Then, to make them even more jealous, she added, “Love the feeling of his balls against my butt.”

By the time she finished that message Karla had responded, “Have fun sleeping with your friend :)”

She answered, “I WILL!” before jumping in the shower. She had hoped Ron might join her. But she barely fit in the shower and, to her disappointment, knew it would be too tight for two.

When she came out, he was laying in the bed with his knees up and legs slightly spread. His flaccid, but still large, cock lay over his balls. She quickly snapped his picture and sent it off to her friends.

She smiled at him as she put the phone aside and lay beside him. Her hand went immediately to his genitals hoping to get his large, “huge?” she wondered, cock to it’s full hardness thinking that would be another good picture for her friends.

“It’s getting a bit late” he told her, turning toward her. He was aware that his cock fell from her grasp and loved having her holding it, but he knew if they got started now, they might not have a chance for dinner. “We should get something to eat.” There would be plenty of time for sex after dinner.

She noticed a table, refrigerator and microwave in the room, “Here?”

“No, It’s your birthday, we should go out. You pick a place.”


“Not too expensive, I don’t have a lot of money.”

“I can pay, this isn’t exactly a date.”

“But it’s your birthday.”

She named a local fast food place with an extensive menu. “Can you handle that?”

On their way out they passed the kitchen where Ron’s aunt’s family were having dinner.

“Ronnie, who’s the new girl? I don’t think we’ve met her,” his aunt stopped them.

Ron led Kaylee into the kitchen dining area, “Aunt Ruth, Uncle Dave, this is Kaylee. Then, without thinking, he added the unnecessary, “Today is her birthday.”

“Oh? how old are you sweetie,” Aunt Ruth asked.


“Way to go, Ron!” his 15 year old cousin Matthew exclaimed. That caused his father to give him a glare he had gotten used to. It was a glare with a frown and a slight smile that Matthew knew meant “Stop that. It’s inappropriate. But I understand. In fact, I agree.”

Ron ignored mecidiyeköy escort the comment and introduced Matthew and his 13 year old sister, Kimberly.

“You should have a party on your birthday,” Kimberly said.

“Oh she’s having a party okay!” Matthew had a huge smile and nodded his head obviously and slowly. He just couldn’t help himself with the innuendo and received another, more intense, glare.

“They’re probably going to the party now,” Aunt Ruth said to calm the waters. “Have a good time you two.”

After leaving, Kaylee asked, “What was that about?”

Ron told her that his aunt and uncle knew he had girls for sex in the basement, “That’s why I’m downstairs instead of the guest room and why the inside door was added at the bottom of the stairs, so Matthew and Kimberly wouldn’t know. But Matthew’s a smart kid and he knows what’s going on.”


On the way to the restaurant, Kaylee made a proposal, “Let’s pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend. It’ll be fun.”

“Oh? what exactly do you mean?”

“You keep your hand on my butt. and we sit next to each other in a booth and kiss a lot and you can touch my boobs, that kinda thing.”

“Doing too much of that can get us thrown out.”

“All the more fun,” she giggled. “Come on, for my birthday!”

“Okay, but I might tone it down a bit.”

Ron felt like they must present an odd picture as they entered the restaurant. He still under 5 foot six, she six foot tall, certainly not much less and likely more. In the restaurant were Kaylee’s three friends from the mall, dressed in their outlandish and bright styles with their multicolored heavy make-up and hair. He understood what she was doing and why she had picked this place. “Playing the jealousy game are we ?” he whispered.

“Keep your hand on my butt,” she whispered back. She pushed her thigh against his and wiggled her fingers at her friends. “Hi girls!” she said as joyfully as possible, “You know Ron.” Then she led him to a booth on the far end of the restaurant.

Waiting for their order he got some insight into how Kaylee’s jealousy about her sister’s popularity caused her to get involved with a group whose plumage was designed to attract attention and annoyance. She was easily influenced by the leader’s fashion choices and was clearly showing Ron off in an attempt to get an upper hand. She sat next to him and kept grabbing his hands and kissing him while glancing over at her friends to be sure they were watching. Ron found it a bit embarrassing but played along. On the way out she asked him to push his hand inside her shorts. He declined but acquiesced to keeping it on her butt by slipping it into a rear pocket. She pointedly ignored her friends but squeezed his butt so they could see.

In the car she asked, “what’s next?”

“Back to my place?” he inquired thinking she might have something else in mind.

“Of course silly! I mean what next? You know, what next?”

Ron realized she was still a bit too shy for explicit sex talk. At dinner he had also come to the conclusion that he had possibly been controlling the activity too much. He wanted her to recognize and express her own desires. “Oh what next? You mean back at my place. Well, what would you like to do? My cock is at your disposal.”

She wasn’t used to a guy talk so explicitly or to even hint that she might have a choice in sex. “I don’t know?”

That was somewhere between a question and a statement and hinted to Ron that she really did know. “I think you do. That pretty cunt of yours must have some ideas.” He hoped the clear use of “cunt” would open her up.

Because he was driving and it was dark he couldn’t notice her blush as she struggled to say what she was thinking.

He interrupted the silence, “We’ll just see what happens when we get there.” He placed his hand on her knee and then slowly moved it to her crotch.

She responded by placing her hand directly over his cock and stroking it.

On the way in from the car Ron’s aunt saw them from the kitchen. “Hi Ron! Kaylee right?” At Kaylee’s nod she continued, “Happy birthday. I hope you’re enjoying it.”

Kaylee shyly mumbled a quiet, “I am.”

“Oh good. And, Ron, Matthew and Kimberly will be in bed by ten so feel free to use the hot tub.” She accentuated the information with a wink and said “have a good night,” as the two locked the door behind them.

“What was that about?” Kaylee asked.

Ron sensed she was a bit nervous about the fact that it was clear his aunt knew what they would be doing in order to “have a good night.”

He said, “She just wants us to know we can use the hot tub.”

“I don’t have a suit to wear. And what’s that about Matthew and Kimberly?”

“Matthew and Kimberly are my cousins, you met them when we left?”

“That’s not really what I meant.”

Ron smiled and gave a slight laugh, “I know. Anyway there are some options, merter escort You can go in your underwear, It will be dry by tomorrow. Or I have a few suits that other girls have left here. Even if they don’t fit perfectly, one will surely be fine for sitting in the hot tub. Or, you can go in naked. I probably will. That’s what Aunt Ruth meant when she mentioned Matthew and Kimberly. I’m not supposed to use the tub naked because she doesn’t want Matthew and Kimberly to see. She was saying I don’t need to worry about that tonight. Probably after eleven.”

“Oh, that sounds like it might be fun.”

“I’m sure we can make it fun but there is one possible catch.”

“What’s that?”

“My aunt and uncle might be using it too.”

“Oh! I’m not sure about that. Naked?”

“Yes, they will likely be naked. I think they like being naked with me and a girl.”

Kaylee had a thought, “Karla?”

“Yep, Karla’s one of the girls. “Then he whispered, “Just between you and me I think my uncle has felt her up under the water.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. Me?”

Ron knew that last was asking if his uncle would he feel her up. “Just don’t encourage him. You start feeling him up, he’ll return the favor. Otherwise he’ll probably keep his hands off.”


“And he’ll likely want to fuck you.”

“What about your aunt.”

“That’s the whole point. She wants me to fuck her so she encourages him. He fucks you, she gets to fuck me.”

“I’m not sure I like that.”

“I’d honestly prefer to spend time just with you. But if we use the hot tub you need to be prepared.”

Kaylee again asked, “What now?”

“Like I told you. Anything you want.”

“What about what you want?”

“Oh? And what is it I want?”

“To fuck me!”

“Sounds like fun.”

At that, she ran to the other side of the basement. “If you wanna fuck me, you’ll have to catch me,” she laughed.

Ron was a bit taken aback but realized that she was playing a game. He’d play along. “I’ll catch you and give you the fucking of your life!”

“In your dreams!” She positioned herself on the other side of the couch, countering Ron’s every move.

“In your dreams you mean,” Ron lunged across the couch.

She laughed, removed her blouse, and skillfully threw it at him to cover his head.

He pulled it off to discover she had gotten past him and was now on the opposite side of the bed. He ran to the bed. The head of the bed was against the wall so she couldn’t escape as he came to its foot. He jumped across the bed and grabbed her leg. He actually had grabbed a shoe and she skillfully slipped out of it as she rolled across the bed. He watched with interest as the tall, slim body once more ran to the sofa, dropping her shorts and stepping out of them. Her soft buttocks wiggled enticingly on either side of her thong.

As he reached the couch he dodged her bra as she playfully threw it at him. She ducked, trying to get past him but he grabbed her around the chest. wrapping both arms around her. Holding both breasts firmly in his hands he nibbled at her ear and whispered, “I think you want me to fuck you.”

She giggled. He felt goosebumps spreading over her anxious body.

Ron took her to the bed. With one arm thrust between her legs, he lifted her by torso and crotch and dropped her on the bed. In a single quick motion he pulled down her panties (wet at the crotch), spread her legs and dove between them. She screamed with laughter as he lapped at her clit and within seconds she was writhing in orgasm.

As her body continued to shake, he rose, pulled off his shirt, dropped his pants and asked, “See anything you want?”

She didn’t have her breath entirely under control and could only nod and mouth “yes.”

He had a condom in hand which he unrolled over himself and was immediately on top of her, his big cock penetrating in a single thrust to the depths of her willing vagina. She gasped in pleasure as he pumped rapidly into her, his balls slapping against her butt. “Oh God! Oh God! Oh my God!” she exclaimed as he slid along the walls of her sensitized vagina, filling it up and then emptying it. She screamed with another orgasm as the vagina massaged his cock with its vibrations.

She had totally lost control of herself but, with the experience and practice of many sexual sessions, he suppressed his ejaculation and flipped her to her stomach. Kneeling behind her and lifting her hips, the large cock was once again inside her. One hand massaged her breasts, the fingers of the other gently rubbed her clit. A third orgasm within the space of only a few minuted wracked her body. He rubbed hard at the nub of her clit to increase her pleasure and this time he came with loud grunts, driving deeper into her.

He collapsed to her side. She simply repeated, “Oh my,” and, “Oh my God,” over and over.

He gently stroked her body as she turned to him and gave him a kiss. mutlukent escort She began rubbing his chest and then moved her hand down until it encountered his shrinking, condom encased cock. Almost without thinking she lowered her head to it, carefully removed the condom and sucked him clean.

He took the condom from her, disposed of it and lay next to her.


“That was five!” she thought, “No, six. Or was it seven?” She tried to recollect her orgasms to get a count. The last time she was certain was at three but since then? They had been so frequent and intense. She couldn’t be sure she hadn’t missed one or more. It was certainly at least six! She mused over how she could forget something so enjoyable, something she wanted more of and concluded that it was the intense enjoyment and the emotional excitement that cause her lapse in memory. She was so caught up in each moment of intensity that it caused her to lose track of the others.

Absentmindedly she grabbed his large penis and began stroking it. “Ron?”

He had been gently running his fingers over her abdomen, “Yes?”

She had taken her phone from the nightstand and felt nervous, reluctant to ask what she had in mind. “Do you think?” she paused.

“Think what?” he asked gently, sensing her nervousness.

“I could , well, could I?” another brief pause. “Take a picture?”

“Sure. You already took one of me naked.”

She was surprised, she thought she had taken that without him knowing. “I don’t mean you naked. I wanted one of,” again the reluctant pause. “One of you fucking me, I mean one that shows, … that shows your cock in my vagina. You know, that shows, really shows me getting fucked by your big cock.” There, it was out there. She knew that a picture like that would drive her friends nuts with jealousy.

“Okay. How do you want it?” He knelt beside her, his cock hard from her stroking. In fact, it was that very hardness that had given her the idea.

She spread her legs, camera pointed at her crotch. “Enter me!” all of her reluctance was gone.

He did so and she struggled to get the angle she wanted. She handed him the phone, “Can you take it, I want my face and cunt with your cock embedded all in the picture.”

“I have a really nice camera. I could use that,” he offered. She declined because she wanted to send it out right away.

He couldn’t get both her face and genitals in the view. She was too close. He had an idea, “Can’t get the angle in this position, lets turn over.”

They managed to do so without his cock leaving her. He put his knees up behind her and told her to lay back on them. She did and he lowered his legs slightly. The angle of her body meant he could get the picture she wanted. He added a closeup of their interlocked genitals and handed her the phone.

“Perfect!” she exclaimed and began composing a message.

“What are you doing?”

“Texting my friends.” She sent the message and showed it to Ron, “Such FUN!! More orgasms than I can count!! BEST FUCK EVER!!”

He laughed, “Best fuck ever?”

“Something Jennifer told Alyssa,” she replied, “and true.” She leaned down over him, “Can you fuck me? Can you cum inside me?”

He had no objection, except, “No condom? Is that a good idea?”

“I’m clean. Don’t have enough sex. Alyssa has told us what Jennifer says about you. She says you keep yourself clean.”

Ron knew that the amount of sex didn’t matter. Only one contact with a diseased partner was enough. He went into the school clinic regularly to be sure he was disease free. But the anticipation of naked sex was overwhelming. In response he began thrusting into her and pulled her to him for a tongue filled kiss. The feeling of his bare penis rubbing against her soft and wet vaginal walls was so much better than with a condom.

She was gasping and he managed to push a hand between their bodies to her crotch. She helped by pulling slightly away from him. His finger found her clit and began rubbing fast and hard as he drove wildly into her. If she wanted him to cum inside, he’d cum inside!

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” her orgasmic scream filled the basement. Her vibrating vagina, massaged Ron’s cock to ejaculation. Ron added his own loud grunts to the sexual chorus as he continued to thrust in to the best of his ability.

“Did you do it?” she asked. ‘”It felt like maybe you did.”She had her crotch planted firmly against him.

“Yes, I did,” Ron gasped.

She handed him her phone. “Take a picture of it coming out. Maybe of if flowing over your cock. Tell me when you’re ready.”

He pointed it at her crotch. “Okay,” he said and she pulled up. He took a picture with his cock inside her. There was semen on it but in a thin, invisible layer. As his cock came free, it fell onto his abdomen and a few white drops emerged from her cavity. He took a picture of a single drop hanging by a thread from her genitals. “There’s not much.” he told her.

“Oh?” she said with disappointment. “There’s always been so much in the condoms.”

“I guess your vagina is keeping it inside.” Just as said that, a huge stream flowed out. He still had his finger on the shutter button and manged to get a picture of much of the stream, and two of the pool at the base of his cock, partially flowing over his balls. He handed her the phone.

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