Room 126

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As you pull up to the front of the hotel you reach into your pocket and pull out a $50 bill for the driver. You realize the ride from LAX was short and if you don’t wait for your change, the tip will exceed the fare, but you’re too exhausted to care or wait. You step out of the limo and tell the driver “keep the change.”

You walk into the lobby and are immediately relieved that it is inactive and quiet, although with it being just before midnight, you really didn’t expect there to be much commotion or a wait at the desk. Miguel is sitting behind the immaculate cherrywood counter reading the Los Angeles Times; he peeks up at you as you place your bag on the floor, hearing the brass feet clack on the marble floor as if they’re announcing your arrival.

Miguel rises to his feet and gives you the once over, mumbling “Hello” as he recognizes you as a regular patron. You have no patience for small talk as you’re the victim of sleep deprivation, on top of an argument earlier in the morning with a now ex-girlfriend, on top of sitting in a 4 hour non-stop business meeting, on top of jet lag.

You respond “Hello” to Miguel and expect that all necessary information is already logged into the computer as the reservations had been made well in advance, and you desperately hope that he will kindly and quietly hand you your room key with no glitches and you can be on your way.

As if the day hadn’t been trying enough, Miguel hands you the key to Room 126. Having been to this particular hotel many times in the past, you recognize that there’s been a mistake and quickly inform Miguel that you’re supposed to be in a suite on the 12th floor, not a basic room on the first floor. He checks the computer, taps a few keys on the keyboard, shakes his head in a negative way, then says in a broken accent “No, cannot do today. We’re all booked up…must take Room 126, it’s all there is.”

Frustrated, you raise your voice a few decibels and tell Miguel that this is not acceptable, you always get a suite, and you will tolerate nothing less tonight. Miguel again punches a few keys on the keyboard and stares at the computer screen as if it’s written in a foreign language, then stretches his arms forward with interlaced hands and cracks all of his knuckles. You stand there impatiently leaning on the wooden counter, wondering if this is worth the time it’s taking.

While Miguel is rubbing his chin and staring at the computer screen, you rationalize that the hotel obviously assigns their least senior, least experienced people to the graveyard shift, so Miguel is not likely to be able to resolve this issue tonight. You are so worn out that all you want is a place to rest your weary body, so you relinquish the fight and tell Miguel “Never mind…I’ll discuss this with management tomorrow.” and you pick up the key to Room 126 from the countertop and head west down the corridor.

Meanwhile, I am in my room, in my king size bed, all by myself. I have stripped my dress and draped it over the nearby armchair. I am lying in the bed naked with all the covers pushed to the bottom. The lights are out and the curtains are drawn but there’s a crack between the ends of the drapes where the light from the hotel sign is seeping in and spilling slightly across the bed, and across my hips. I am dreaming of a lover, wishing he were with me, wishing it were his hands tracing my contour and caressing my soft skin. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri My hands wander from my tits down to my stomach. I am on my back, watching my hands slowly circle my lower abdomen, then lightly brushing my inner thighs. I bend my knees slightly causing my pussy to become more accessible, with nothing to prevent my hand from finding it.

The glow from the crack between the curtains highlights my groin area now and I watch myself slowly and gently glide my fingers across my pubic area. I know my pussy is beginning to moisten, and I wish harder for a loving hand or a slippery tongue or stiff cock to soothe me. I move my hand a little lower and feel my lips are swollen. I drag my fingers lazily across the lips and the tingle feels exhilarating. I bring my fingers back across the same area and start to make little circles around my pussy lips. My fingers begin to feel the wetness and I look down at myself, and in the spotlight that’s provided by the rift in the drapes, I watch as I pull my finger away from my pussy and it glistens with cum. Just as I consider placing my finger in my cunt the room door suddenly opens, and there you stand.

I jump to a seated position and look at you but you are merely a silhouette with the hall lights behind you. You stand there frozen, obviously as startled as I am, and you make no effort to leave or turn on a light. I ask “who are you?”

You respond, hesitantly, “I’m sorry, there must be a mistake. I was just given the key to this room, I had no idea it was occupied.”

I quickly ask you to close the door as the hall lights are spread clear across my naked body. You close the door but remain on the inside of the room. I now can vaguely make out the shape of your body but cannot see your face or anything else about you. You move towards me and I know that you have seen my raw body, although I’m certain that it’s now not more than an outline with the dim amount of light creeping across me. You approach very slowly and I move myself to a kneeling position and sit back resting my bare ass on my feet.

You’ve placed your bags on the floor by the wall and have completely forgotten how weary you are as you take the last step that brings you to the edge of the bed. I rise onto my knees and ask you in just above a whisper to come closer.

You sheepishly utter “maybe I should go.”

I reply “no, maybe you should cum.”

You place both hands on the edge of the bed as you’re leaning towards my face, wanting to be able to see but not being able to do so very well. In the darkness your anonymity excites me, you are mysteriously calm and appear frighteningly willing to obey my demands. I sit on my knees and reach towards your face, placing both hands on either sides of your cheeks. I feel the cheekbones and trace your jaw line. I am seeing you with my hands since there’s not enough light to use my eyes. I lightly brush my fingers across your brows and meticulously glide my index finger down the front of your nose and onto your lips. Your lips feel so soft, so inviting, so appealing that I rise from my restful position and my face meets yours and I slowly kiss your lips.

You return the kiss and we playfully bite at each others lips and our tongues become engaged in dance. You are now enticed beyond your own belief and you wrap both arms around me, feeling my bare back, and my bare ass, and you know güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri you must have me. Your cock is stiffer than you can remember it being for a very long time.

I reach down to your belt and pants and free you from your restraints. Your pants drop to the floor and you struggle with your shirt before dismissing it to the floor alongside your shoes. I move over to make room for you and you crawl into the bed without a word.

The darkness is empowering as we both understand that the faceless and nameless secrecy of this encounter allows us to fulfill our wildest fantasies without fear, without commitment and without regret. I roll towards you and again take your face into my hands. I am entranced with your lips, your taste, your expertise in kissing. I take what I want without asking, and you respond with obvious eagerness to please me. We kiss passionately as I roll on top of you and press my body against yours, feeling your rock hard cock now making an indentation in my lower abdomen.

I let go of your face and begin to kiss your neck, then your shoulders, then your chest. Your nipples are hard and I tickle them with my tongue. As I continue to head south, tasting every inch of your body, you play with my hair and moan with pleasure. I approach your crotch and tease your inner thighs first with my fingers, then with my tongue. In this shadowy moment in time you have forgotten the meetings, the ex-girlfriend, the lousy plane food and even Miguel’s inept behavior. All you know at this instant is that my tongue is nothing less than an incredible sensation that you refuse to question or ignore. You enjoy my playfulness but begin to want more than a tease.

As I tickle your balls with my tongue and begin to suck ever so lightly on them, I continue to explore the rest of your form with my hands, identifying your body physically as opposed to visually. I’m enjoying the feelings I’m getting from touching your body, and I especially admire your total surrender to me.

I cannot ignore your cock any longer so I begin to lick the sides of it slowly like a lollipop. It tastes so good I don’t want to stop. I want to lick it and suck it so hard that your juices escape it and I capture every drop with my tongue. I place my hand at the bottom of your cock and begin to stroke it while sucking the head into my mouth. My salvia has created the perfect lubrication for my fingers, and they work their magic on your long shaft. My tongue continues to circle the head of your cock, seeking out any pre-cum it can find. I am eager to taste and swallow your whole load, but suddenly you touch my face and tell me you need to fuck me.

I smile as I know that as much as I want to suck your cock, I also want to ride it. I pull myself up to my knees and straddle across your lower abdomen. Your cock is already standing tall so I lower myself onto it. My pussy is so wet and ready that it glides in effortlessly and hits me deep within. I shudder from the stimulating feeling of your long, thick cock reaching all the way to the end of my cunt…I am in heaven! I raise myself and lower again and again, and you place both hands on my hips to assist with the rapid movements. I lean forward to enable my clit to rub against your cock which has become a steel rod, and I ride it vigorously until my entire body starts to quake and I let out the elongated gasp that has become güvenilir bahis şirketleri the harbinger of my orgasms. The orgasm spasms over and over and my body bucks and throbs, and my cum is flowing freely down my inner thighs. My clit becomes so sensitive I have to jump off of your cock and protect it from any touch. I lay there breathing heavy and listening to my heart pound ridiculously fast. You roll over towards me and kiss me gently on the forehead.

After I regain my ability to function I move my hand to your cock and see that you are still rock hard. You grab me by the ass and tell me to get on my knees which I do without question. You get behind me and I feel your hand between my legs. Your fingers are gentle and noticeably experienced in this area. Your touch makes me horny all over again and I begin to beg you to ram your cock into my cunt. You tell me you will when you’re ready and you smack my ass. I moan with excitement and again beg you “Please mister, fuck me good and hard!” Before I’m finished with my words you are pounding me so hard that I’m feeling like my back is going to split in two, and I am encouraging you to keep going! You are holding on to my hips and pulling and pushing my ass to and fro while fucking my pussy hard.

You continue to fuck me while I maintain the doggie position. I lower my right hand to my clit and begin to rub myself, and you encourage me to continue. The light from the crack of the drapes is just enough for you to see your cock entering and exiting my cunt and you tell me how beautiful it looks. I am so excited by your description that I begin to feel another orgasm emanating from my clit and radiating throughout my entire body. I cannot control my response to your skilled movements and I explode again, jerking and twitching until I can take no more.

As I am finishing my orgasm you pull your cock out of my pussy and turn me around. I am half conscious but I comply nonetheless. You grab me by my hair and tell me “suck my cock.” I open my mouth and you ram your hard prick right down my throat. I cannot believe how good this feels and I suck harder with each thrust. You hold onto my head by my hair and tell me “swallow it, all of it.”

I cannot answer but my increase in the force I am using to suck you dry tells you how happy I am to obey. It doesn’t take long before I start to feel the ripples in your stomach tighten and the pulsating in your cock begin, and at once your cum begins to spew into my mouth. I taste the warmth and the saltiness and I become obsessed with having it all. I suck hard and my mouth fills to its capacity. A small amount begins to leak from the right corner of my mouth but I don’t open my mouth for fear of losing the rest of it.

You finish and lightly rub my head where you had held me by my hair, and then remove your cock from my mouth. I hungrily lick my lips and catch the dripping cum before it gets away from me. You drop yourself onto the bed on your back and say “we really need to meet again sometime.” I smile as I get up and reach for my dress.

As I’m putting my dress and shoes on, I tell you there’s an envelope for you on the nightstand. You roll away from me towards the nightstand and as you reach for the lamp I let myself out.

Once the light is on you look back to see me but I am gone. The envelope resting against the lamp very clearly has your first and last name printed on it. You sit up and rip it open. Inside is a room key for the “Executive Suite” on the 12th floor.

I walk through the hotel lobby and smile at Miguel as I approach him. I hand him a $100 bill as a token of my gratitude and I wink at him to confirm that he made an exceptional choice for me, and I turn to leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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