Rose Petals

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“Why did you bring me here?” I asked my friend Jayla as soon as I saw the sign to the ‘Rose Petal’ club.

It was a strip club for lesbians, and even though I’ve never been to the club, I’ve heard many stories about the place. All of the stories were centered on the fact that there were always a lot of half-naked women dancing around each other with roses as they tried to turn each other on. I always shook my head and dismissed the stories, saying that the women were just a bunch of desperate, horny bitches that were looking for a good sucking. But sadly, thanks to Jayla, I was becoming one of those girls too.

“I just thought that I needed to bring you out.”Jayla responded. “You know, help you to open a bit about your sexuality.”

“What?” I stopped walking and faced Jayla. “I’m tired telling you that I’m not lesbian or bi-sexual!” Turning from her, I tried to locate the car that we had left a few minutes ago, but it was now out of sight.

Jayla sighed and grabbed hold of my hand. “We’d see about that when we leave here tonight, Harm.”

‘Harm’. The nick-name she gave to me that always smoothly flowed off of her lips like some nice sweet honey. True that it was only short for my real name ‘Harmony’, but no one was ever able to make me feel like a princess only by calling my name. Giving in, I finally allowed the tempting angel to escort me through the doors of the club.

It was hard to ignore the unusual make up of the club. As expected there were roses almost everywhere, but it wasn’t annoying or irritating to the eyes. In fact, they gave the club a nice and cozy sexy feeling as the seductive smell lit up the air. Rose petals trailed the floor leading from the door to a grand stage. I couldn’t help but to giggle a bit as I remembered watching cliché romantic movies where petals led to the bedroom.

Holding onto Jayla’s arm, I followed her around the huge stage to a big circular room surrounded by transparent glass. The circumference of the circle was lined with loads of tables and chairs, which were no doubt covered in rose patterns, while the middle of the circle was saturated with plenty half-naked women who were all moving their bodies seductively to the pulsating music.

“Go and have a seat over there while I go and grab us some drinks,” Jayla pointed to a table for two.

Taking a seat by the table, I allowed my eyes to scan the room. My eyes landed on a thin girl with long black hair not too far from me. Her hands were draped around the neck of a blondy that was facing her. Both of the women’s hips moved in the same rhythm as they pressed closer to each other in order to feel the tempting warmth of the other’s sex. I couldn’t help but to notice the slow movement of her black hair down the small of her back as she allowed her body to enjoy the rhythm. Her eyes remained closed as the blondy wrapped her arm around her waist, grabbing her butt in order to pull her closer. I watched in awe as their breast squeezed against each other, as the women moved their bodies up and down allowing a sensational feeling to flow through them as the extremely thin fabric of their braless tops allowed their nipples to rub together. The motion caused the blondy’s left breast to pop out of her top, exposing itself to everyone watching. The black-hair girl took this opportunity to take the ripe, pink swollen exposed nipple into her mouth and sucked on it long and hard, causing the blondy to throw her head back in pleasure. The black-hair girl saw this action as a sign to go further and she used an arm to spread the blondy’s legs apart before slipping it under her skirt.

I felt moisture begin to fill my pussy as I watched these two girls so freely enjoying themselves. Never before was I turned on by a gorukle escort woman, and even though there was a disgusting feeling to it, it still felt nice. I resisted the strong urge to stroke my own clit as the blondy tightly grabbed on to the other girl’s hair and wrapped a leg around her, in order to allow her hand an easier entrance to her pussy.

My own pussy was becoming wetter now and it took almost every Jules of energy within my body to ignore the urge of playing with myself. I found myself wishing that I was the blond girl and my pussy was being vigorously fucked by another’s girl’s hand.

A loud sound on the speaker interrupted my thoughts.

“And here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for,” a woman’s voice sounded cheerfully through the microphone. “We are pleased to introduce to you our new rose blossoms!”

At that, a group of about twelve girls danced onto the stage in nothing but rose-pattern bikinis. It didn’t take a genius to realize that they were the strippers. My attention immediately drew to a red-hair girl who seductively traced the bikini line around her breast as she licked her tongue.

I found myself undressing the girl in my head and admiring her naked body. I was disgusted with myself for thinking such a thought, but for some unknown reason, I didn’t want to clear the vision out of my mind.

My eyes followed the girl as she made her way to a nearby poll and skillfully climbed onto it. She gyrated her waist slowly and seductively around the pole as she climbed higher and higher, before stopping her ascent. Her pussy then began to make love with the poll as she began to rub against it greedily, biting her lips as she did so. I imagined her swollen clit pushing against the cloth of the bikini, begging for freedom as she did so. Skillfully holding onto the poll with one hand now, the girl used her free hand to play with her now hard nipples through the cloth of her top. I witnessed her nipples becoming harder and harder as she circled her finger around the buds again and again, before squeezing them between her fingers. Removing her hand from her breast, she sucked on two of her fingers before slipping them into her top.

I felt my own nipples harden at just the sight of the woman’s actions and pressed against my top as my pussy leaked and throbbed for attention. My breath stopped over and over and my pussy ached to be touch, but I refused to pull my eyes away from the girl. It was at that moment that I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer and I found my hand making its way under my skirt, where it pulled around my panty and started to rub my swollen clit. My breath came out in shutters as relief flowed through my body. My hand vigorously moved in circles inside of my wet pussy under the table as I watched the girl on the stage slowly sliding down the poll as she stripped her top off.

“Let me help you with that,” a voice said.

Pulling myself out of my pleasure zone, I saw Jayla sitting next to me. I felt my face begin to turn red when I realized she had been watching me. How long was she sitting there? Drying my wet fingers into my panty, I pulled my hand from under my skirt and innocently rested it in my lap.

“No, Harm,” she scooped over to be closer to me. “I know you want it.” She began to run her hand up my thigh and under my skirt. “Don’t pretend.” By this time, her hand had started to stroke my clit from outside the panty. “You are drenched.”

“I know,” my whisper came out as a shutter as pleasure of having someone do me started to flow through me. No matter how much I wanted to, I couldn’t resist her.

“Come with me to the car,” Jayla said before kissing my lips.

I found my tongue fighting a sexy battle with her altıparmak eskort bayan tongue as we both fought to claim each other’s honey. I sucked passionately on her tongue, before pulling back slightly to suck on her bottom lip, softly biting it, enjoying the sound of her moans against my lips.

“Come,” my voice sounded hoarse as I pulled away from her and gave her my hand to help her up. It was then that I realised that the two full glasses of drink that she had gotten us were still standing on the table. It was too bad that we couldn’t drink them, but we had other business to take care of.

The walk to the car felt long and ever-lasting, but no sooner than we reach the car, did Jayla unlock it and pushed me into the backseat. She climbed in after me and wrapping my legs around her, we continued our kiss as I used one hand to stroke her hair, and the other to caress the side of her breast. It wasn’t long before I gently pushed her back in order for me to have easier access to her breast. Hungrily pulling her top off, I caught one of her ripe pink nipples in my mouth and sucked on it greedily before gently squeezing and playing with the other one. I became wetter and wetter as she moaned in pleasure at the sensation, and I felt good to know that I was doing something right on my first try.

“Stop, Harm,” she said suddenly. “Stop!”

Startled, I let go of both of her nipples and looked into her sea-blue eyes. “What?”

“I want to do you tonight,” she said in a whisper. “You can worry about me another time, but tonight is your night.”

Giggling a little at what she said, I surrendered as she started to suck on my neck. “JAYYYY!” I cried in pleasure as she attacked my weak spot. There was nothing I could do now. My entire body went weak, and completely surrendered to this girl on top of me. I could think of nothing else other than the things that I wanted to do with her.

Jayla continued to suck and lick my neck before slowly sliding her lips and tongue down a trail to my breast. Pulling off my top, she seductively licked around my nipples and down my stomach to the waist of my skirt. It was around that time that I started to go crazy. I wanted her so badly. My entire body ached to be touch and my pussy dripped and begged for intimacy. I found myself moaning at her touch as I grabbed her head and brought her lips to my nipples. I wanted more. I wanted her to suck on my breast and finger my pussy until I came multiple times.

Instead, she laughed and shook me off. “Take your time, Harm,” she said in the sexiest voice. “I’m in charge here.”

Trying to relax, I clutched onto the seat tightly as I impatiently waited. Slipping off my skirt, she continued to arouse me by licking and sucking on the inside of my thigh, before making a path with her tongue back up to my neck. All this time, she didn’t touch my pussy once.

“Jayyy,” I cried again. “I want you so badly.”

In the darkness, I saw her smile before passionately kissing my lips. “I want you,” she whispered into my ear before nibbling on it.

She traced her tongue back down the path to my breast again. This time, she took the nipple into her mouth and sucked on it. My body rejoiced a little as I felt her warm lips around my sensitive bud, sucking and nibbling on it as if it was the last thing she owned. I began to moan again and squeezed my legs closely together as my naked pussy got even wetter. It was at that moment that she slightly parted my thighs with her hand, and her thumb found my clit. I moaned even louder as her finger twirled circles in my dripping pussy. Sensation started to burst through me as two of her fingers entered me and my hips started to find a rhythm of its nilüfer eskort bayan own. Gyrating against her hand.

“Jayyy!” I cried again as I squeezed my eyes shut. Never in my life had I dreamt about being pleasured this much by a girl.

“Yes, baby?” she said as she removed her lips from my nipple before kissing me passionately, again. “I wanted you so long now.”

“Harder!” I screamed as I pushed my hips harder onto her hand. “Finger me, baby.”

Just then, she removed her hand from my drenched pussy and replaced it with her mouth. My breath caught in my throat, there was nothing that could have prepared me for the pleasure that came with her actions. Her tongue lashed and licked my clit in a sexy motion before sucking on it long and hard. I started to cry out in pleasure as I grined my hips against her face, pushing her magical tongue further and further into my aching cunt. Her fingers returned to my pussy and this time she repeatedly pumped three fingers into me as I screamed and pull her hair. My hips rocked harder and harder and my screams grew even louder as I felt a wave of pleasure start to rock through me.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” I started to cry as I pressed her face even deeper into me.

“Oh God Harmony, don’t come yet!” she screamed as she suddenly pulled back her head, but she was too late.

The wave came crashing out of me splashing onto her face. The force of it causing me to fall completely backwards, with all energy being drained out of me; panting; completely breathless.

Licking the come off of her face, Jayla got up. “You’d pay for that you naughty girl,” she said before climbing into the front seat. “It’s a good thing that I came prepared.”

A part of me wanted to know what she was talking about, while the other part of me just wanted to sink into some deep sleep. I’ve never experienced an orgasm so powerful and the after wave of it all was extremely tiring.

My eyes flickered completely open as soon as I saw Jayla return with a huge, pink strap-on dildo. “What are you going to do with that?” I wanted to know.

“What do you think?” she licked her lips and began to strap it on. “I’m going to punish you, naughty girl. Give you a good, hard fucking.”

I felt my pussy start to become moist again at just the thought of her fucking me. “I am really a bad girl,” I said looking directly into her eyes.

“Yes you are. Now hold over there.” She said in a no-nonsense tone as she pointed to the back of the middle seat and I obeyed.

Jayla positioned herself behind me. I felt the dildo lingering between my legs as she grabbed my nipples and squeezed them from behind. Her warm breath tickled my neck a little before she started to lick and suck on it, even more passionately than she had before.

“Jayla.” I pressed my butt against her and slowly started to grind as my pussy got wetter.

“I know you want this,” she breathed in my neck. “But you’re going to wait.”

Her hand reached between my legs and started to slowly caress my clit which was swollen again. “You tasted so good earlier,” she informed me. “I would eat you again if I was sure you wouldn’t come so quickly.”

I giggled a little and pushed against her even harder as I grabbed the seat to help me to compose myself. As if she was reading my mind, she positioned the dildo to my entrance and started to push it into me. I yelped a little in pain as the huge thing entered me, but then in pleasure as she repeatedly pumped it in and out of me, playing with my nipples as she did so. It wasn’t long before another powerful orgasm rippled through me, but this time she didn’t care. She continued to fuck me faster and faster and then slowly; alternating speeds as I screamed her name almost at the top of my lungs.

I had lost count of the orgasms. And I wasn’t sure how long had passed before she had finished, but all I remembered was laying flat in the seat with a smile on my face as Jayla climbed back into the front seat to drive us home.

“Tomorrow is my night,” she had said.

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