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The room was painted a deep shade of crimson. The polished wood floor paled in its comparison. A few dozen white pillar and tapered candles lit the room for them. Dark shadows circled the walls of the loft, caressing their bodies. A single drape less arched window held a view of the city below. Outside the rain continued to fall, beads of water ran on the outside of the glass. Soft melodious sounds streamed through a near by stereo.

The couple lay in the bed, whispering softly. The sheets a dangerous tangled curtain around their partially naked bodies. Bodies that heeded a sweet, musky scent. She lay on her stomach, her long dark hair pushed to one side, her head propped up on one bent arm, in the other hand she held a glass of wine. Closing her eyes, she took her first sip, her poetic mouth ataköy escort curving into a angelic smile. Her tongue enjoying the marriage of creamy supply oak and the firm tannins of the merlot. Rourke pulled the sheet away from them, whispering to her in his hypnotic voice of the loving making they just shared.

His hands softly stoked down her back. Her sigh was a moan as his hand met with the small of her back., her body shuddering stirring with pleasure. Leaving her wanting more of him. More than she had ever known before. Whispering the words he began to write on her body.

Carnal, just above her ass, where two identical dimples met. His fingers trailing down her smooth left thigh, Lewd. A warmth spread through her body as his hand went to her right calf, ataköy escort bayan Sensuous. Salacious, on her left hip. Sinuous, trickled down the center of her spine. He gently rolled her hips, turning her onto her back.

She cradled her head under one arm, her hair draping over the side of the bed. She gazed down at him through dark lashes, her eyes filling with renewed desire. Rourke bent his head, his tongue circling her navel, he withdrew and wrote, Lure.

Nipping at the delicate flesh on her hip bone, Euphoric. Rourke parted her thighs. Positioning himself between her legs, slowly he bent down, watching her face flush, his tongue gliding up her slit. Tasting her. Her eyes fell shut. All conscious thoughts had packed there bags and left town. She escort ataköy surrendered to him completely.

Rourke kissed the silky skin along her inner thigh as he penned, Consumes, in big bold letters. His journey continued down her body, his mouth feasting on her moist flesh. Licking under one knee, Savoir-faire.

Stretching out the length of his body next to hers, supporting his weight on one arm. Tracing the cap of then pen along the rise of her breast. She watched in a dream like state as his lips captured one perfect nipple. Teasing, pulling it taunt. Watching it flower and harden under his touch. Covetous, circled her right breast. The letters growing with each broken breath she took.

Rourke reached down on the floor, retrieving her black thigh high stocking that were abandoned hours ago, he helped her sit up, and slowly slid one back on her leg and then the other. The word Consumes, screamed out above the silk stocking.

She watched with curiosity as Rourke began dressing. He smiled at her through the shadows, “I’m hungry, let’s get something to eat.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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