Ryan’s Story Pt. 31

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Ryan’s story

Chapter 31

Walking through the side door of the house, I passed through the kitchen and started through the living room to get to the stairs. Julie was sitting in the living room with two of her teammates from the ball team, both were good size futa females. As I walked by heading to the stairs, Julie gave a low whistle and said to me, “Looks like you had a fun afternoon little brother.” I just gave them a smile and started up the stairs, I could feel their eyes on my panty-covered ass as I walked across the room.

At the top of the stairs, I paused to hear what they had to say.

“Wow, what a hot ass your brother has,” I heard one of them.

“Yeah, if it was my brother I’d be pounding that ass all the time,” the other one said.

“Tell us, Julie,” she continued, “Do you do your brother? Are you enjoying that hot ass of his?”

I heard Julie laugh, “Oh yes. I pound him every chance I get. He is a real slut.” With that, they all laughed.

“You lucky dog,” the first one said, “How about inviting us over sometime for a pajama party.”

“Yeah,” the other one said, “We’d have a lot of fun with your little brother.”

The thought of Julie having some friends over for a slumber party with me there for entertainment made me smile. I went to my room, dropped my clothes in the hamper along with the panties I took off. Walking naked down the hall to the bathroom, I took a long hot shower, the water feeling good on my sore body.

After finishing my shower and drying off, I headed back down the hall to my bedroom, just as mother came up the stairs. Seeing my red ass, she asked how it got that way. Standing in the hall, naked, I gave her a quick rundown of my visit to Tonya’s. Taking me by the hand, she led me to her bedroom. “Let me put some ointment on that red ass,” she said, “It will help heal it up faster.”

She sat on her chair and pulled me close, my ass facing her. She started rubbing some cool ointment on my sore ass cheeks and it really did start to feel a lot better. Her hands kept massaging my cheeks as I stood there, enjoying the feeling.

Turning me around, she put her hands on my hips and pushed down, causing me to kneel in front of her.

“Mommy has had a tough day baby,” she said, “Help mommy relieve some of this stress.”

Looking up at her and smiling, I quickly undid her pants and as I started to pull them down, she lifted her hips to let me get them all the way down and off of her. Sitting there naked from the waist down, she smiled down at me. I reached out and took her big hard cock in one hand and looking in her eyes, leaned forward and licked the underside of the head of her cock. She moaned and threw her head back, her hand resting on my head, guiding me. My head slid up and down her cock, sucking. Soon, she moaned and thrust up against my mouth. I stopped and held the head in my mouth, feeling her cock spasm and the warm cum shoot into my mouth. I swallowed, I loved her cum. I guess I loved all Futa cum. Over and over she shot into my mouth, holding kaliteli gaziantep escort my head down with her hand on my head, me swallowing it all. Soon she collapsed back into the chair, her hand relaxing on my head, breathing heavily.

“Oh baby,” she said to me as her hand ran through my hair, “You make mommy feel so good.”

I held her cock in my mouth for a few minutes, letting my tongue idly run over it. Then slowly I pulled off of her, her cock falling to her thigh.

I leaned over and kissed the inside of her thigh opposite her cock and looking up into her eyes, I said, “I love you, mommy.”

Brushing the hair back off my forehead, she smiled at me and said, “I love you too baby. Now get dressed and we’ll get some dinner.” As I rose, she gave my ass a slap, I yelped.

As I walked to the door of her bedroom, she said, “I’m hungry for some Chinese, how about I order some?”

Looking back over my shoulder at her, seeing her eyes fixed on my ass, I said, “Yum. Sounds good to me.” And I walked down the hall toward my bedroom.

As I passed across the top of the stairs, at the bottom of them Julie was saying goodbye to her friends. They looked up just in time to see me walk by naked. I smiled at them as I did.

“Yeah, we really need a pajama party here,” one of them said.

As I walked into my room, my phone rang. Lying on the bed and picking it up, I saw it was a call from Gina. Excited, I quickly answered.

“Hi babe,” I said, “I’m so glad you called.”

“Hey sweet cheeks,” Gina said, “I was thinking of you and needed to hear your voice.”

“That’s so sweet,” I answered, “I’m just lying here on my bed naked wishing you were here.”

“Damn,” she said, “Wish I was there too. Let me see.”

I put my phone on a video call and speaker and holding it up, showed Gina my selfie smiling at her, showing my complete back and ass.

“Wow,” she said, “I need to get my hands on that hot ass of yours.”

“Tomorrow night baby,” I said, “Can you wait that long? I’ll make the wait worth it.”

Groaning, Gina said, “Yeah, I guess I don’t have a choice. And I’ll hold you to it. Got to run, just needed to talk to you. Send me a photo.”

Smiling, I said, “Okay. Glad you called. Love you, babe.”

“Love you too,” Gina said as she hung up.

Before I got dressed, I shot some nude selfies of myself and sent Gina what I thought were a couple of the better ones. I pulled on a pair of my lacy girl panties, low cut and skimpy along with a pair of shorts and a cropped tee-shirt that showed all of my midsection. I went downstairs.

Mother had just finished ordering our Chinese food, Julie was sitting at the kitchen table having a soda. I walked over to the cupboard to get a glass and when I turned, Julie was staring at me.

“What?” I said to her, wondering why she was staring.

“Take your shorts off bro,” she said. Mother stood there looking at the two of us.

“Just do it, please,” Julie said, gaziantep kaliteli escort “Just for a minute.”

So I pushed my shorts down and stepped out of them. Julie smiled and looked at mother. “We really should try to dress him in some of my old clothes. He would look great as a girl.”

“What?,” I said, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

Looking at me and smiling, mother said, “I think you are right. He looks just like you when you were younger.”

“You can’t be serious,” I said, but at the same time feeling a bit turned on by the idea.

“Gina and I have talked about it and she thinks you’d really be hot as a girl,” Julie said to me, “Just like Sheila.”

“Your girlfriend,” I said looking confused.

Julie laughed and mother smiled. “Sheila is a boy,” mother said.

Shocked, I looked at them open-mouthed and said, “You must be kidding.”

“Completely passable,” mother continued, “And I am sure you would be too honey.”

“I’ve still got some of your old clothes in boxes in the basement. We can check them out after dinner,” mother said to Julie as she walked to the door to answer the knock.

A young oriental boy, I’d guess around eighteen or nineteen, came in with the bags of food. His eyes had trouble not staring at mother’s well-exposed cleavage.

“Watch this,” Julie whispered to me.

Mother leaned and turned to make sure the boy was able to see as much of her cleavage as possible. When she handed him the money, she held his hand in hers for a few seconds longer than normal, looking him in the eye. When she walked him to the door, she placed her hand on his arm and asked, “When do you get off work?”

Stammering, he answered, “At nine.” His eyes continued to drop to her chest.

“Why don’t you come back and maybe we can spend some time getting to know each other better,” mother smiled at him, running her hand up and down his arm.

His eyes got really big and he smiled, “Ahh, yes. Yes, I can stop by after work. If that is okay.”

Mother’s hand reached up and touched his face, “I would like that, very much.”

He left and mother picked up her phone. “Gladys,” she said into the phone, “I’ve got someone I’d like to bring over later. A really cute little oriental boy.”

After a short conversation, mother put her phone down and joined us at the table. We chatted as we ate, soon finishing our dinner.

Standing, mother looked at us and said, “Let’s go down and see what we have in those boxes,” and she walked to the basement stairs. Julie and I followed. We rarely came down here and there were a lot of boxes stacked along one wall. Mother started looking through a few of them, then cried out, “Here we are. I think this is what we’re looking for,” as she pulled out a few boxes. Opening them, they were filled with girl clothes. Pulling a dress out, she held it up in front of me.

“Yes, just as I thought,” she said, “I think you were about thirteen in these,” she said to Julie.

“Put gaziantep kaliteli escort bayan it on,” Julie said to me.

I took off my shirt and dropped my shorts, leaving only my skimpy lacy panties. I pulled the dress on over my head and stood there.

“Wow,” said Julie, “That fits perfect.”

“I knew it would,” mother said, “Turn around honey,” she said to me.

I twirled around, the skirt of the dress billowing out. It felt pretty good on me, I was surprised.

“Let’s get some more,” Julie said digging into the boxes.

After an hour of trying on different outfits, we headed back upstairs with eight different ones. They needed washing, so mother put them into the washer, just as a small knock came on the door. Looking at the clock, I noticed it was a few minutes past nine. Mother answered the door and the oriental boy was standing there nervously. Mother smiled at him and said, “We have no privacy here. My friend over there said we can go over to her house, it is a lot more private.” She took him by the hand and led him across to Gladys’ house. Gladys opened the door and mother led the young man inside as the door closed.

I looked at Julie and she gave a big smile, we both knew what was about to happen at Gladys’ house. We laughed.

As the clothes finished washing, I asked Julie, “So Gina really thinks I’d be hot dressed as a girl?”

“Oh yes little brother,” she answered, “She has wanted to dress you for some time now.”

“Wow, I guess I’ll try it for my date with her tomorrow night.”

“It was pretty dirty down in the basement,” Julie said to me, touching my arm, “I need a shower. Want to join me?”

I smiled at her and took her hand and led her upstairs. We quickly stripped out of clothes and got into the shower, under the warm water. We spent some time running soapy hands over each other’s body. I spent a lot of time washing her firm breasts, being careful to really clean the erect nipples, which Julie really enjoyed. Dropping to my knees in front of her, I ran my soapy hands over her hard cock and large balls. I leaned forward and took the head into my mouth, running my tongue around it. But Julie reached down and pulled me up by my shoulders. With a look of lust in her eyes, she turned me around. I bent over and placed one foot on the tiled seat in the corner of the shower, spreading my legs as much as possible. I felt Julie run her hands over my ass cheeks, giving them a squeeze, then holding my hips, she pushed her hard cock into my tight hole. I moaned deeply as she shoved all the way into me, then holding my hips started sliding in and out, fucking me long and slow. Soon she picked up speed, slamming hard into me, skin slapping against skin and I yelled as I shot my load onto the shower wall. Shortly Julie shoved into me and grunting, shot her load deep in me. We stood like that, motionless, for a few seconds, her cock buried in me, before she slowly pulled out. I stood and turned and lightly kissed her lips.

“So you really think I’d look hot dressed as a girl?” I asked her.

“Oh yes bro,” she answered, “I am sure you will and I know Gina will love it too.”

We got out of the shower and dried off. I was pretty tired, so I just walked to my room, lay down on the bed nude, and went to sleep. I dreamed of seeing myself dressed as a girl, walking around campus, seeing everyone looking at me lustfully. I ended up having a nice wet dream.

(To be continued)

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