Saga of a Cult Family Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 : A Spiritual Orgy

(Thanks to kenjisato for proofreading this piece and polishing it up)


I became part of this family around twenty-two years ago. Those are always good days when someone new joins the family. It’s exciting, not just for bride and groom; but for everyone. When I came into the family as a newlywed, the first few months were quite confusing for me; as it is going for my newly wedded son’s wife. But now, when I look back at them, they were the most exciting days, too. I might even be able to relive my experience as a newlywed, while also fulfilling my duties as a mother to my son.

Back when I was young, I married Ghanshyam ji to attain some stability in my life. Little did I know what was about to follow; just like Neha, my son, Mohit’s, bride. Nevertheless, I was able to blend in with the ways of the house. Even though I thought I had stepped into a traditional family, I was happy because I liked Ghanshyam ji, Mohit’s father… well, I don’t know….

Who knows who Mohit’s father is? Maybe it’s Ghanshyam ji, or Shyam bhaisahab? Or Raghuveer ji, Ghanshyam ji’s late father? Or one of many other candidates… who knows? It was a long time ago.

When I got married, I thought this was the day I would be able to live all my fantasies. To lose my virginity. I was surprised when on our suhagraat (wedding night) Ghanshyam ji came and slept right away. At first, I thought he was tired; but this continued for several days. Ladies of the house, my bhabhi (sister-in-law) and sasu maa (mother-in-law) would not let me work during the day, and Ghanshyam ji wouldn’t work on me during the night. So needless to say, my nights were sleepless.

One such night, I was awoken by a series of loud moans I kept hearing again and again. At first, I wanted to wake Ghanshyam ji up, but seeing that he was deep asleep, I decided to look into it alone. I started to follow the continuous and seductive moans. I reached the hall, but was surprised to see nobody was in it. Was I dreaming? I pinched myself. I wasn’t. After some time, the moaning stopped; but I couldn’t find where tipobet365 yeni giriş it was coming from. I went to my room and slowly I descended into sleep with my confusion. In the morning, I asked bhabhi maa if she had heard some weird noises in the night.

“What are you talking about?” Bhabhi maa said, without a clue.

‘Nothing. Maybe it was a dream.” I answered. Was it a dream? I doubted myself more and more.

But it continued to happen again and again. And every time I reached the common hall, I would then have no idea from where the sound was coming from. It continued for several days. I asked several members of the family, but nobody had any idea what I was talking about. With the fear of coming across as crazy, I stopped asking. Sometimes, I even woke Ghanshyam ji in the middle of the night, but he didn’t hear any voice. It was taking a toll on me. It intrigued me. This was first in the endless number of mysteries that this house, which was built by our ancestors, offered me.

One day, after making sure Ghanshyam ji was deep asleep; I decided to get to the bottom of it. I followed the moans and got to the hall, where each time my journey would end. Today, however, I was resolved to reach the source of the voice. I had become seductive with that voice. Those moans. Since Ghanshyam ji didn’t show any interest in me, I would finger myself to the rhythms of those moans. They had wet my countless panties. It was about time I met the voice.

Like a crazy person, I started to put my ear against the walls and the floor of the hall. To my surprise, I found the voice coming from somewhere down below. I picked the rug up from the spot whereupon I leaned. My heart thumped! There was a door. A secret door. I was afraid. The sound was surely coming from down there.

Should I call someone? But I had grown too afraid to tell someone about the sounds I hear. I still wasn’t sure if they were real. I summoned my courage. I was perspiring. It’s amazing how my tits seem to touch my throat when I’m afraid. That’s probably why I love being afraid. Anyway, I pulled my saree up tipobet365 giriş a bit and entered into the stairway that led behind the door. The stairway was dimly lit. My heart was thumping so hard, that halfway through, I became afraid. What if they can hear me?

Immediately, I felt stupid and carried on. Until I reached the bottom, my panties were wet. I didn’t know if it was because of my fear, or my arousal. Anxiety and excitement mix too well. Like piss and cum. I felt like I was in a trance state. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it all had been a dream. Maybe I was yet to be married. Maybe Ghanshyam ji will fuck my wits out of me on our wedding day. Maybe there is no one named Ghanshyam ji in my life.

I became even more doubtful of reality when I reached the bottom and saw what I saw.

In the dimly lit underground hall, with yellowish overtones, all the males of the house, except for Ghanshyam ji, stood completely naked in a line, shoulder to shoulder. And in front of each male, on all fours, were the ladies of the house; their tits hanging freely in the air, swaying in resonance with each other, and each other’s. In fact, the whole orgy seemed like it was in resonance; like a well-practiced orchestra. Each man’s cock was into the pussy in front of him, and they all pushed and pulled at the same time, with the same speed. Maybe someone with a shorter cock had to thrust quicker, where someone with a bigger one had to go slower, to be on the same page.

The ladies in the front, upon a cock being shoved into them, would move their upper bodies a bit forward and moan in unison, like a pack of wolves. Upon the cock being taken out of them, they would retract and take the air in, together, at the same time, making the atmosphere surreal. Even their tits had complementary movements. Smaller tits jiggled quicker while the bigger ones swayed a bit slower, to be on the same page.

Such was the intensity of this orchestra-like activity, that every one of them was bathing in their sweat; each body glistening in the dim yellow light. Even though none of the pairs touched each tipobet365 güvenilirmi other, it was an orgy; each person’s experience feeding to other people’s experience. It wasn’t just about touch; but also about pleasure.

The one thing, however, that froze me on my feet, was the fact that even though being so involved in the activity, all the ladies’ eyes were set on me; as if they had been expecting me all this time. Upon the cock shoved deep into them, each moaning face would bare such inviting expressions that it was hard to ignore them. I found myself biting my lips. I stood there until I was comfortable with the environment. Should I go back? They were clearly inviting me to join.

Should I go back to that cockless husband of mine. Suddenly, my subconscious hatred for my husband came to the surface. Slowly, my feet rose, and with them, increased the pace of fucking. The moans were high enough to wake even the deaf. The chorus reached its crescendo, when I reached them. My pussy was dripping wet.

Suddenly, everyone stood up and I was on my knees, in the centre of the crowd. In front of me, a big thick cock hanging just in front of my tongue. The owner of the cock–the eldest member of the family, my father-in-law, the late Raghuveer ji. Within moments, I was on his cock like ants are on sugarcane. I had been hungry for this moment all my life. My clothes were being shed by the ladies, who now were all around me. When Raghuveer ji released into my cleavage, the only thing on my body was my blouse. My saree was far away from me. The ladies got rid of the blouse, too. They cleaned up all the cum on it and that which landed in the depth of my cleavage.

Then came Shyam ji, my husband’s elder brother. And then the younger brother. My father-in-law’s younger brother. His son. It was extended family by then. Slowly, as the night went on, the only thing I was aware of was cocks ravaging my holes. Be it my mouth, my pussy, or my ass. Even my armpits were not left alone, although they are not technically holes. My nipples were always being savoured by some tongue. Whose tongue? I didn’t care. I was grabbed from every possible point on my body. In the midst of all this chaos, I did sometimes catch a glimpse of someone sitting in a chair by the door; stroking his cock with my bra and my panties stuffed in his mouth, it was… Ghanshyam ji.

I slept like a koala that day.

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