Saga of Raven – Awakening

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It was in the spring of my 32nd year that I was going to visit an old college friend to help her work through the loss of her father. I never took time off and my husband of 10 years had plenty to keep him busy. I had a lot of vacation time so I took a few weeks to comfort my close girlfriend Jessica. We always stayed close talking several times a week. She had married right after college to a successful businessman from Phoenix. She was my opposite. She was gregarious and bubbly. She always teased me about my lack of sexual appetite. She told me how sexually adventurous she was with her husband. She loved to be the center of attention and embarrassed me with her loose behavior. I had a small glimpse of this in college but she became freer with marriage. That was confusing to me as my marriage was reserved and pretty much sexless.

My name is Jess and I was a wreck for the week my father passed. My close friend from college Raven was coming to visit to comfort me in my loss. My husband is normally attentive and commanding but his work takes him away more than I would like. It was his idea to have my best friend visit to be with me. He also loved Ravens exotic look and would often ask me for insight in to what she was like in school. Raven was clueless as to how she turned guy’s heads. She is 5’7″ Latina, 130lbs, long black hair, black eyes that swallow you, a small 36C cup but perfectly shaped breasts, a smooth and slightly rounded tummy, a strong back that narrows at the waist but then swells out to the most luscious and shapely hips that lead to a perfectly rounded ass and legs for miles. I had told my husband that in school that when we were showering after working out, swimming, or playing tennis, I often would steal looks at Raven and could see she had long luscious dark pussy lips that protruded with a dark brown and tight backside opening between her shapely legs and dark hard and long nipples with dark areolas. The extreme darkness of her most private areas was a stark contrast to the darkness of her smooth skin. I was sexually excited the first time I saw her.

I am 5’4″, natural blonde, and round all over. My nipples are not dark but not pink, somewhere in between. My small 34D breasts lead to a flat tan tummy that has blonde downy hair and a smooth slit. I have a bubble butt and short strong tan legs. Raven thinks I am sexy but she is wildly exotic. Her black hair next to my blonde led many a boy in school to notice the contrast and wish they could have us both. Raven would dismiss these attempts but I would always go back to the dorm and play with myself thinking about having wild sex with my girl and several of the boys. She was always so studious and oblivious to her allure. I felt sad that she was never able to let herself go and be immersed in lustful passion. I’m pretty sure she’s never had an orgasm from the little she tells me about her mostly non-existent sex life. My husband is my King and I will give him anything he desires. He always treats me like his Queen, his nasty queen. I jump to swallow him whole when he comes home. He likes me to be the perfect housewife but always willing to do his sexual biding. He likes to show me off and is proud of my wholesome looks, inviting nature, and my sexual hunger for him and all his desires. We have shared everything and my past with Raven excites him. He knows about my sexual escapades in college and experimenting with women and multiple male partners.

Knowing that Raven is coming he has timed his business flight for the same time Raven is landing. I get a text from her on our way to Sky Harbor and plan to meet outside for pick up. My husband Michael is 6’3″ tall and a strong 220lbs. He was a sought after pro football prospect as a prolific tight end at Arizona State but his option to join the family investment firm actually meant guaranteed money and no worry of injury. His father started him at a low seven figure salary and his commission exceeds that. We are very comfortable and his success makes life easy. Michael has told me that while he is gone he wants me to push Ravens boundaries and see how far I can get her to lose her inhibitions. I take this as a personal challenge but I have to be careful not to alienate her as she is here to comfort me in my time of family loss. I loved my father but he wanted his kids to live life to its fullest so dad wouldn’t have had a problem with me going for her.

Raven comes out of the airport where we are parked and in to my hug. It is so good to see her and feel her love and compassion for me. She knew and loved my father. Mike unloads his bag and then loads Ravens. He scoops me up in his huge arms for a goodbye hug. Raven is behind me and she can readily see my husband grabbing and squeezing my ass, which he will miss, and smothering my face and neck with kisses and licks. He puts me down and goes to hug Raven hello and he gives her the same ass squeezing treatment which Raven tenses at. I can see kartal escort bayan Mike’s desire for her to be part of our family in the most intimate sense and I steel myself for the challenge that is my college girlfriend. After putting Raven down with as much affection as he can in a short time he leaves us with his love and promise to return soon.

Once collecting my bags I see Jessica and Michael at the curb. I have always envied my girlfriends husband. He is the total stud and more than I felt I could ever attain. I have been so happy that he has made my best friends life so fulfilling. It does not surprise me to see their affection as he is leaving and I get a secret thrill that he grabs my backside as he did hers with affection even if it is too public for me. I can feel his hard muscular body rubbing against my breasts with his hug and my extremely sensitive nipples harden with the embrace. He smells so manly and I dare say I can feel something stirring in my loins with his nearness. Michael is off leaving me to grab my girlfriend with a deep hug to let her know she is the focus of my attention. They must be the best smelling couple because Jess smells dreamy too and as I hold her she nuzzles my neck and I squeeze her to me.

Once on the road to their home she lets me know we will have the weekend together before Michael returns. She tells me she wants to swim to work off her inevitable sexual tension she will have with her man gone. I am wondering how much tension a person can have in one day? She was always more sexually aware and promiscuous than me. I envy her that passion in a marriage that has been so strong for the past 12 years. I wonder how or why I have never had a man that passionate for me. I think now that I am in my 30’s my womanly body is slowly waking up. When we pull up in her amazing home she shows me my room and tells me to make myself at home. It is early afternoon and I have already eaten so I seek her out in this labyrinth of a home to see how I can be there for her. She is sitting downstairs in their plush but comfortable den. The house has a totally open floor plan with 22′ glass doors that open to the wonderland pool and desert backyard. The kitchen, living room, and dining room are visible through the vast horizon of their home from the den.

The soothing sound of water dropping over rocks came from their indoor waterfall that led to a tiny indoor/outdoor stream and their backyard pool. The whole home was built for comfort and tranquility. I sit close to Jess and wrap my arms around her. We talk of the past and her father with warm memories. I remember how proud he was of us both on graduation and how generous he was with his love to me and his entire family. I tell her how I envy this fatherly love which I never had and the next thing I know she has turned to face me and is holding me close trying to comfort me. I am a little stunned but Jess has me tight in her arms and is stroking my back and reaching to pet my face. She kisses my cheek and as she is going for a real lip lock her hand drops from my face and brushes my left nipple before falling to my lap. Her lips press mine and she bites my lips and licks them too before sighing contentedly.

I am shocked by her actions but then see that her hand placement was totally without thought. She is sad for herself, sad for me, happy for our reunion, and content to be where we are. I am also shocked by how she has made me feel. I almost stutter with her lips against mine but I am silent as I process how my extremely sensitive nipples have sent a shock to my maidenhead and the pressure of her hand has made me more than a little wet. Jessica quickly readjusts with her head on my chest and gives me another quick squeeze before standing up and exclaiming she wants to go swimming. I am feeling a little overwhelmed and a bit hot from her totally innocent physical contact. I unruffled myself and tell her I didn’t think to bring a swimsuit and that I thought we would just sit and talk mostly.

She tells me I am being silly and the climate they live in is for the living and the weather is too good to waste. She tells me there are some suits at their spa (not gym) that I can use. Their home is part of a planned exclusive community and the spa, gym, pool, courts, golf course and every other amenity you could think of is just down the street. We walk down the street and in the spa there is nothing but beautiful people, couples and singles alike, who she greats and introduces me to on our way to the lady’s rooms. There is a community pool for families and separate pools for women and men. In the locker room she is going through her things and only has a suit that is a size too small for my height. I tell her I would be too embarrassed to have my butt hanging out and my pubic hair visible for all to see but Jess assures me no one will care as it is a female only pool. She offers to buy me a new swimsuit but we escort maltepe had walked by the shops and I saw the outrageous prices.

I did not want to spend that kind of money for a one time swim. I dread getting in the pool and having my privates so exposed but I trust that a women only pool will keep me from being embarrassed by over exposure. I didn’t have time to overthink it as Jess moved too quickly to the pool for me to complain. I think she secretly enjoys my exposure and embarrassment. I follow Jess to the pool and slide in to the lane next to her. We both swam breast stroke in school for exercise, not competition. We usually swim for 30 or 45 minutes or a little more than a mile. I love the peace of being in the water and focusing on my next stroke or breathe and the solitude and comfort of moving through water. I was almost done with my swim when I developed a kink in my upper back muscles. Jess had finished on the other end and climbed out to walk to where I was. She knows of the back issue and was feeling bad that I had a muscle kink. She offered to have a massage therapist come by the house and perform some deep tissue work on me.

Raven is a very smart and suspicious. Her radar may have gone up when I tried to brush off her pubic hair exposure and her ass being pinched out from the suit I gave her. I don’t think she was attuned to my secret thrill of seeing her sexual discomfort of the tight swimsuit. She kind of had a deer in the headlights look for a minute. I was also thinking of how I could turn a massage to ease her muscle pain to my advantage. Did she know I was turned on at seeing her un-tended pubic hair? Did she feel my longing looks at her amazing ass hanging out? I wanted to press her but knew I had to play this just right. I wanted to get her home and tend to her aching muscles and hopefully work on loosening her up…in more ways than one!

We decided to take a quick shower at her spa to clean off the skin drying chlorine. Jessica helpfully reached over to wash my back as I could not fully turn. When Jess started to wash the chemicals off I leaned forward a little from the pressure of her soaping me and she wrapped a steadying arm around my waist. She was trying to hold me up thinking I had no balance and I let her hold me instead of making a scene so neither one of us would fall. She pulled herself closer to me and I could feel her soft skin, hard nipples and firm breasts pressing in to my back. I was starting to think Jess was seducing me but her touching was more pleasant and surprising than concerning. It was sexy feeling her against me and it made me feel her concern for me more deeply. Jess has always been touchy feely, as has her family, and the way my body had responded had touched something I never thought I would feel from another woman. Jess also soaped down my legs to my feet knowing I couldn’t bend over. She playfully pushed the washcloth quickly between my legs in front and then a little less quickly between my rear cheeks. I’m pretty sure her finger’s between my ample cheeks was her attempt to clean me more thoroughly. Was this innocent touching and if so why was giving me an ache I never had before?

Ravens body was driving me crazy with lust and desire for her but I still had to downplay my feelings. I was working her compassion for my familial loss to take liberties with her physically. I thought she was going to lose it when I split her cheeks with my fingers to wash her but she let it slide. She thinks her ass is huge but it just has the right amount of plumpness to make it bangin’! It is a deep dark delicious cleft that is firm and soft and I almost creamed when I lightly grazed her anal passage! I was so wet when I brushed my nipples over her back and fearful at the same time hoping she wouldn’t jump at my fingers on her rosebud. I wanted to finger myself right there. Her taut ass made me want to jam my face between her legs. Her skin is so soft I wanted to caress and lick it forever. It was time to get Raven home for the massage phase of my seduction. Raven was totally unaware that the friends I had introduced her to on the way in were drooling over her. I was long term planning.

Jessie had one of the attendants from the spa drive us back to her home in a golf cart for that purpose. The young man was way too sexy for a teenager and his eyes were too penetrating to us both for my taste. It was nice for both our ego when Jess mentioned his roving eyes and attraction to older women. When we were in the door Jess went to call the deep tissue specialist on speaker and when I heard the cost I told her to not schedule. I could buy four massages at home for that price. I told her I would just get in their Jacuzzi to try and work out the ache. Jess had told me years ago that she and Michael had a massage table as they had both taken lessons so they could work out each other’s aches and pains. She broke out a bottle of their way too expensive pendik escort French wine and told me to drink and relax while she the table set up in their bedroom. I was in pain but the wine and the relaxing atmosphere of their home helped me to chill. Jess brought me a bathrobe and told me to get ready to be relaxed. I had on regular panties and I was deciding if I should go commando like I do at home when I get therapeutic massages. I was on my second large glass of their killer wine and getting a little light headed. I then thought what am I doing? Jess is my best friend. She’s see me naked. It’s a massage. I stripped naked, put on the thick terry robe, and headed for the master bedroom.

The little perv Tim drove us home in the Clubs golf cart. When Raven hopped down I reached over and gave the kids always stiff pecker a quick squeeze and motioned for him to shush. I got her inside and broke out the really special and strong French Bordeaux and poured Raven a big glassful. I told her to put on the robe I handed her and to meet me in our bedroom when she was ready and relaxed. Michael and I had learned from a professional how to work each muscle group more for the enjoyment of feeling every inch of each other, and others who might desire to be loosened up. I took off all my clothes and put on a small robe that barely covered my ass to work Ravens muscles, and more. I knew this was my best chance to give me and Michael what we wanted, my hot sexy and exotic girlfriend in our devious hands. I really wanted to have my best bud finally experience full passion and abandonment to what her body can truly give her in pleasure and enjoyment. She needed to have an orgasm and decide for herself if she wanted more. She needed to stop being a prude and tight ass and loosen up. She needed to see that being a sexual being is more normal than what she was. I hoped I wouldn’t lose my most precious friend. I knew how much she loved to get a massage and I hoped she would let my experienced hands work her in ways she had never imagined. One more glass of wine…

The master bedroom was like a stadium. Jess had the table all set up and had me lie face up. I was feeling breezy from the wine and my body was ready to have its muscles relaxed. Jess used essential oils for my massage. They are extremely expensive and also used as supplements and for healing. Think frankincense like the Three Wise Men. Some of the oils are made just for the scent. My best friend told me to relax in to her hands as the smooth melody of the ocean started to play in the rooms speakers and Jess started working my back muscles by running her hands under me from up near my head. I instantly knew she had magic hands and I relaxed in to her ministrations of my body. She not only hit the spot but the oil she was using on my back was specifically for pain. I felt her expertly work my kinks out and I let myself fall deeper to her wonderful work. Jess was almost whispering to me to relax and to feel her touch. She started to tell me how soft and sexy my skin felt to her and how beautiful and exotic she and Michael thought I was.

She told me I was a chocolate dream and she and Michael had told their friends about me being the most exotic woman they knew. Jess told me that they would use me in their fantasies of a threesome. Jess told me she had old spring break pictures of me in a bikini in Cabo and my ripe lush younger body helped fulfill many nights of playing for them. I enjoyed the compliments Jess was giving me, and feeling a little moist knowing I was able to enhance their love life. I usually only hear wolf whistles from men and my husband seems oblivious that I was a woman. It probably doesn’t help that as a woman in a man’s profession I have to be hyper vigilant and always super aware of my seniority and rank and keeping those pigs in line (accidental double entendre, LOL) is a full time job. I haven’t felt any sense of my sexuality for years as my attempts to arouse my husband were ignored or unnoticed and I was trying to remember how it felt to be touched in my intimate places. I could feel Jess’s touch lingering from earlier and heard what she was saying now. I was so relaxed and had feelings of tenderness toward my friend that when her hand started down my sides and I felt her graze my boobs I melted in to it.

Jessica continued to tell me how she saw the desire from men towards me wherever we went and that I was wasting my sexual life away. I was dizzy with the wine and the oils and her loving words that it just felt right when her hands moved to cover my breasts. Jess had moved her lips to the side of my face and moaned in to my neck and ear that she loved me like no other woman and that she had always wanted to be intimate with me. She knew my neck being touched lightly drove me crazy and I let her circle my ear with her mouth and breathe in to me. I got instant goose bumps and my nipples got hard. My nipples are extremely sensitive and when they get excited it sends a spark all the way down to my maidenhead. Jess licked my ear, kissed and suckled my neck while holding my breasts more firmly. I was paralyzed with pleasure and moaned letting her know I wanted and needed to be loved and desired.

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