Salad Days

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Abella Anderson


My hormones were going so crazy, I could not sleep so I was reading , lots of rape/forced stories, in hindsight that was like throwing fuel on a fire, because I just got hotter and hotter and was stroking myself under the covers trying to hide that fact from my sleeping husband.

In the end I needed to cum so hard, so I went to ‘get a drink’ and instead I settled on a chair in the lounge and stroked my pussy like crazy until I was aching to feel my pussy full and stretched.

My toys were upstairs so I checked for something I could use, I decided against a candle, it was not thick enough, in the kitchen I was just opting for a carrot when I saw the whole cucumber, it was a good 13″ long, really thick, I could only just wrap my fingers around it, and it was really textured, lots of ridges and knobbly bits, the sight of it made my mouth and pussy water.

So I took it with me, I sat back on the black leather armchair, spread my kegs wide and hooked them over the arms of the chair, raised my top and put one hand on my tits, the other I pushed into my panties and I stroked my clit and sopping pussy some more.

I considered getting naked, Bostancı Escort but felt hornier to just roughly push my clothes aside.

Yanking my knickers to one side I pressed the cucumber against my soaking hole, and then pushed the tip inside. It was so fucking tight and cold from the fridge.

I stroked that thick stick into my juicy pussy nice and slow at first, until I fit as much in as I could, and I slowly fucked myself with that delicious green phallus, after a while I was used to my aching pussy being stretched wide, so I started to hump that cucumber like crazy, riding it between me and the chair seat. Taking it deeper with each thrust, moaning as I felt each of the ridges and bumps stroking my stretched pussy rim, it felt so fucking good, and it’s a good job that chair was leather because my pussy was dripping now, as I rode that fat intruder harder I squeezed, pinched and stretched my nipples and clit, even biting my own nipples.

My mind was recalling scenes from the stories I had read, but I knew I needed to be quiet, as usually I am a screamer when I cum hard, and I did not want to wake the house up. So I bit my Bostancı Escort Bayan lip and took my mind off on a fantasy where I was being watched masturbate, but was being ordered to stay quiet under threat of ‘punishment’ part of me would have loved to know what this fantasy punishment would be, but it felt so good trying to be quiet as I moaned.

In my mind I could see a whole group of men watching me, reaching out and touching me, and stroking their hard cocks, I knew that once I had humiliated myself with this cucumber that they would be fucking me senseless all night long.

Each time I reached the edge of orgasm I imagined receiving a slap and the order not to cum yet, it was excruciating, I kept myself on the edge of cumming for over 30mins, always stopping just short of the edge. My pussy was so wet I could barely grip the cucumber now, so I moved a little so that I was literally riding that thick fruit, I could feel it bottoming out inside me and scraping against my cervix, still riding that hard intruder I alternated between slapping my thighs and tits, pinching and biting my nipples and then stroking or even slapping Escort Bostancı my clit.

I was fast losing control, my mind blurring as a fire built deep in my stomach, my whole body covered in a light sheen of sweat and my pussy was pulsing, I tried to back off again but it was too late I was already in freefall ….

Falling back against the chair I was panting and gasping as my entire body shook, my nipples were so hard and stretched that as my orgasm subsided slightly I pinched both my nipples hard and I flew over the edge again, moaning and making mewing noises as my pussy clenched and twitched.

I came so hard that I squirted all over the chair and my hand, pussy juice was dripping off my fingers and pooling on the chair and my pussy snapped that cucumber in half it gripped it so hard.

Removing the poor broken cucumber from my abused pussy was not so easy as it had broken, so I had to clench my pussy and force it out from the inside, it was so covered in thick creamy pussy juice it looked like it had a nice thick coating of spunk, so I licked it nice and clean, enjoying the taste of pussy and fresh cucumber juices.

The poor cucumber was no use to anyone anymore, so I binned it and went to the whiteboard on the kitchen wall and wrote ‘cucumber’ on the bottom of the shopping list.

Next time I feel the need to play with a cucumber I will get my ass a toy too, maybe the carrot or candle…. I know my butt was feeling left out and hungry…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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