Sam I Am Ch. 02

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I had gathered myself and was headed for the shower when I heard a knock at the door. She couldn’t be back already, I thought. I threw on some shorts and a tank top and went to the door. It was Lisa. Surprised to see her I invited her inside. “Hey Lisa! What are you up to tonight?” It was obvious that she was going out. She had on a pair of “tight ass jeans” and a snug, plum colored polo. She looked around the apartment, assessing the scene. The smell of sex was still in the air, my face flush and still laced with Sam. Lisa’s senses were alert. I began to see the nipples on her solid size Cs. Shit! I just had powerful, satisfying sex and I was getting hard at the sight of Lisa. She glanced down at my crotch, not yet bulging but expanding as we spoke. She held back a grin.

“I don’t mean to interrupt. Are you alone? I thought I heard someone else earlier.” Lisa’s voice reflected frivolity as she held back a smile. I let mine spread across my face when I responded.

“Sam. Her name is Sam. She’ll be back in a little while.”

“I’m meeting some friends downtown in a few, just thought I’d check and see if your were interested in tagging along.” Her smile finally took over her face. “Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow. Have fun!” Lisa left but not without a quick look back over her shoulder as she shut the door.

I began shedding clothes as I walked toward the shower. Before I could reach the end of the hall I heard the door close. I guess my chat with Lisa lasted longer than I thought. Sam looked refreshed and composed. I flashed back to her original entrance a few hours earlier. My respirations and heart rate increased as did the blood flow below the waist. I had to get a shower though.

“I was just about to take a quick shower.” “Want to…” Sam interrupted before I could finish.

“Who was the prissy blonde? Couldn’t finish one date without starting another?”

“That was Lisa my neighbor. She’s hooking up with some friends and wanted to know if I wanted to tag along.”

“She’s cute; nice tits too. I’d fuck her!”

My jaw hit the floor escort ataşehir and it showed. Looking rather confident, Sam reiterated her position on Lisa. She could tell I was taken aback. “Life is way too short not to enjoy all of the fruit on the tree.”

This was more than my libido could handle. My cock was breaking out of my shorts. The thought of Sam and Lisa together was heavenly. The thought of the three of us enjoying each other was devilish. “That’s just not fair Sam.You’re driving me crazy.” She grinned as I finally got into the shower.

I had just gotten rinsed off when the shower door opened and Sam stepped in. She had untied her pony-tail. She tasted like toothpaste when we kissed. “Things seemed to be going so well I thought I would pick up a toothbrush.”

We enjoyed each other slowly under the steaming water, caressing each other completely and lavishly. I got to appreciate the texture and consistency of her breasts and her perky pink nipples. Her skin was fair and silky smooth. She was such a passionate kisser. I could have stayed there kissing all night. Suffice to say the shower not only cleansed us but also put us in a relaxed and content state. Being so comfortable surprised me, having spent so little time with Sam.

We exited the shower and Sam sat down on the edge of the tub. I stood behind her and helped dry her hair. I wiped down her back, gently kissing her neck. I could see the goosebumps spring up as I progressed. “Ooooh nice!” she responded. I pressed myself into her back as I dried more of her hair. I was becoming aroused as was she. We stood and she took my hand, leading me into my bedroom.

“Sit down.” She said softly. I let my towel drop to the floor and sat back on the foot of the bed. Sam rolled my office chair over, placing it between my legs.

“Oh god yes!” She sat down, placing my legs over her shoulders. I laid back on the bed as she slid a pillow beneath me, completely exposing my cock and balls.

Sam looked up smiling and said, “You know your dick fits really well in my mouth! Can kadıköy escort bayan you give me another taste?” I was absolutely exploding inside. I guided her down on me as I wrapped my hand in her hair.

“Easy now. I want this to last, don’t you?” Her words were almost as potent as her actions. I finally let her go and started clenching the bedspread, trying to match her rhythm as her lips and tongue slid up and down my cock. I was throbbing, begging her to suck the cum from my balls. She responded by squeezing them hard.

“Ugghh! Shit!” I grabbed the bed covers even harder. The pain combined with her exquisite oral prowess made the ceiling spin.

She began stroking me and humming inside her mouth. The vibrations, her soft touch and her drooling mouth were going to put me out. Even though I couldn’t see below her shoulders I could smell her own passion. My balls were bouncing now as she pounded my cock in her mouth.

“Sam wait! Please wait!” My pleas went unheeded. “Let me suck you too! Please let me suck you!” She looked up at me and shook her head as she continued to fuck me with her unequalled mouth. I was near to unleashing a primitive and prolific load of cum when the intensity waned just slightly. I looked up to see what appeared to be Sam fucking herself. While continuing to lavish oral attention to my my dripping cock. She shoved her first two fingers in my mouth. I sucked them like an animal. Her taste was so sweet.

She went back to her pussy and I laid back to enjoy more. My clear cum and the saliva from Sam was dripping down to my own pucker and I loved it. I knew a river of cum was on its way when Sam pulled off my dick and started sucking my balls. She was jacking me off furiously, grunting and groaning as her other hand was digging her cunt. Without any warning as I was bouncing on the pillow, Sam suddenly inserted her two pussy-drenched fingers into my ass. I shot upright and pulled my legs toward my midsection. “God damn Sam!” She jammed my cock back in her mouth and began stroking inside my ass. I was nearly escort bostancı crying.

Sam looked into my eyes and again pulled my cock from her mouth. “Easy babe! We’re almost there!” Almost where, I wondered. Her stroking and sucking resumed.

The intensity elevated to a new height as I could no longer lay still. She continued to lubricate her fingers with her saliva as she stroked me inside. She knew I was near the end when she started banging my cock harder. “Come on baby! Let me see you cum! Let me see you cum all over!” It was almost like fire when her fingers stroked the magic spot and I exploded into her mouth. She kept stroking inside my ass and I kept creaming inside her mouth. I writhed in bed, Sam struggling to keep my cock in her mouth. She was gasping and sucking to no end. She pulled her fingers out slowly as she swallowed more of my output.

The pleasure was overwhelming if not painful. Still wearing my robe, Sam retired to the bathroom. My chest was heaving. I just laid there panting, waiting for the room to stop spinning. She came out and sat on the bed next to me, not saying a word. She leaned over and gave me a gentle kiss. “Sorry if I surprised you! I think you enjoyed it though, didn’t you?” she said with a coy grin.

“How, where did you..” she hushed me in mid-question.

“You should see me with a strap-on! It’s not that late. Do you think your neighbor will be home anytime soon?”

She was maddening! “There you go again. That’s just not fair Sam! You literally wear me out. I’m laying here thinking I have just had the best and most intense sex of my life and you say something like that.”

We both erupted in laughter! We knew our connection and the sex between us was something unique and special.

“Got something I can sleep in?”

“Tops, bottoms or both?” I asked.

“Both please but I’m not wearing your underwear.”

“Well you like strap-ons I thought maybe..” Again I was cut off.

“You fucker! Just get me a pair of lightweight jogging shorts or something like that!” The eruption of laughter was greater this time.

I threw her a State t-shirt and some flannel boxers I had come across over the years. She put them on and quickly disappeared.

“Where are you going now?” I asked.

“To get another beer. I told you I liked longnecks!” 😉

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