Samantha – Chapter 4

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I guess you’re wondering what about Jim, well when he was taking me home later that night he apologized for not making our meeting and that he hoped I was not too frustrated, I daren’t tell him that I had been fucked by his son and three of his mates. I said don’t worry there would be other occasions and that I was looking forward to having his cock inside me. “Well how about now” he said and he pulled over into a country lane and found a secluded spot. “Let’s go for a walk in the woods” he said we can find a nice place to have some fun.

We got out of the car and began to walk into the wood, which were a little spooky but were also tinged with sexual excitement in that you never know what you come across. This was to be proved very soon as after five minutes walking we heard voices which sounded like a group of men. Jim was a bit concerned so grabbing my wrist he pulled me into the bushes nearby as we waited for them to pass. As we crouched there in silence we saw five pairs of feet four of whom passed by without trouble. However the fifth one had stopped right by our bush, we wondered what he was doing, and then it became clear as we were suddenly hit by a warm jet of liquid and realized he was having a piss. I let out an instinctive scream as the piss almost hit me and automatically stood up. Jim too stood up and the commotion had alerted the pissing bloke’s four mates as they turned round and began walking back.

“Well well what have we here” one of them said looking at Jim and me. “You’re a bit old for her aren’t you granddad” “What are you a dirty old man or does she just like a good fucking from anyone, even if they are geriatric”. Me and Jim stepped out from behind the bushes and were edging away from the men, but they sensed this and quickly moved to block us off. “I must congratulate you though granddad, she is a very pretty one, I think we could have some fun and a good time with her, don’t you lads” The rest of them laughed and cheered as he spoke. The ringleader looked at Jim and said “Look granddad we don’t want any trouble, no one will get hurt as long as you don’t do anything silly, but don’t try making a run for it cause you wont get far and then it could get nasty, so just sit still and be quiet” Jim looked on helplessly as the ringleader moved closer towards me. “Now darling how friendly are you gonna be” As he spoke he put his hands on my shoulders and lowered his head as he attempted to kiss me. I jerked my head from side to side so he couldn’t kiss me but this annoyed him and I felt a sharp pain as he slapped Escort Çankaya me across the face. “Keep still bitch” he barked. I looked up at him, stood still and stopped fighting him. He sensed this and again tried to kiss me. But I waiting for him this time and as he lowered his head towards me I raised my head and spat firmly in his face. He let go of me and I turned and began to run. Unfortunately the others had formed a circle
around us and as I attempted to run past one of them, he stuck out a leg and tripped me up. Within a flash the ringleader was back at me.

“Well you want to play it rough do you little girl, well ok if that’s the way you want it that’s the way you will get it, you were warned and this could have been a lot easier for you but now you will get it anyway we like. Immediately two of the other men were above my head, each taking hold of one arm and pinning me to the ground. The other two men then grabbed a leg each and firmly held them apart so I was spread-eagled on the ground. The ringleader looked down at me and smirked. He reached forward and took hold of my blouse in both hands and then ripped it open exposing my tits inside my little black bra. They were not concealed by my bra for long as he grabbed that and pushed it up releasing my tits. He bent forward and grabbed a tit in each hand and began squeezing them. He then took a nipple in his mouth and sucked firmly, first one tit then the other. I then felt pain as I realized he was nibbling and biting my nipples and I let out a scream, which momentarily stopped him, but only long enough for him to laugh at me.

He then turned his attention to my lower regions. Without ceremony he shoved both his hands firmly up my skirt and pushed it up around my waist. He then grabbed my panties and didn’t bother to pull them down but merely ripped them at the sides so they fell apart and off me. He began to paw at my pussy as I felt his fingers touching me and then going inside me. He then moved down and crouched in front of me as I then sensed him probing my pussy with his tongue, deeper and deeper it was going into me. After a few seconds he had clearly had enough of this and stood up, I thought he had got bored and was going to finish it, I was wrong; he was undoing his jeans and releasing his cock. He stood before me wanking his cock, which was not that big, and then once hard he climbed back on top of me and I felt him push it into my pussy. His thrusting was fast but not as violent as the fucking I had already had from the young boys at Jim’s Çankaya Escort house earlier. Thankfully the unpleasant experience did not last long as soon he was coming inside me. Once done he got up looked at his mates and announced “Right lads you can have her now, do what you want with her”

One of the men released my ankle and crawled round so he was between my legs. I suppose at this point I could have tried to escape but I figured it would be a pointless exercise and decided the quickest way to finish this was to let them do what they wanted. The second man had already released his cock from its home and was rubbing it to get it hard. This was bigger than the first cock and I felt more pain as he slammed it into my pussy without even bothering to inch it in slowly. He began fucking me harder and faster than the previous one and I was moaning with what shocked me turned out to be pain and also a bit of pleasure. As part of me was actually enjoying the rough fucking he was giving me. After a few more seconds I was almost disappointed when he shot his load inside my pussy. I looked at him and although I didn’t mean to, I actually smiled at him. He noticed this and quickly announced to the rest of them that I was enjoying this. At that one of the guys holding my wrist released me and quickly undid his jeans and pulled out his cock. He then lent forward and looked down at me as he ordered “Suck this Bitch” He then shoved he cock towards my mouth and I opened up to allow him to probe me with his tool. He shoved more and more of his cock into my mouth until a good few inches were inside me and I was eagerly sucking on it. I then became aware of something touching my pussy. I glanced down to see the other guy who had been holding my other ankle was stroking my pussy with his fingers. He then eased two of them into me and began to finger fuck me quite roughly. As he was doing this the guy whose cock I was sucking thrust forwards pushing his cock even deeper into me and I almost choked. However it wasn’t long before I felt something warm and salty hit the back of my throat and realized he had come in my mouth.

At this the guy finger fucking my pussy stopped and removed his fingers. He then proceeded to shove his fingers into my mouth and I tasted a combination of my own pussy juices and the come from the two men who had fucked me. Once clean he removed them and grabbed hold of me. “Turn her over lads I want to fuck her doggy style. I was then turned over onto all fours and made to spread my legs. I then looked behind Çankaya Escort Bayan me as I saw him move closer until I felt the tip of his cock entering my pussy. Once inside me he slammed the remainder into me and began to fuck me firmly, holding onto my hips as he did so. While I was being fucked, the one remaining guy who had not done anything yet knelt before me with his dick in his hand. I soon realized what he wanted so I opened my mouth and let him slide his cock into it and began sucking him. The chap fucking my pussy increased his speed and was soon filling my pussy with more come. This left me free to suck more vigorously on the cock in my mouth as I wanted him to come in my mouth again. However he had other ideas and just when I thought he was about to come he eased his cock out of my mouth. I looked at him in disgust but he just smiled at me and moved round to behind me. He wanted to fuck me properly. I remained on all fours waiting for him to shove his cock into my pussy, but I was taken by surprise when I suddenly felt a finger pressing at my arse hole. I looked back and wanted to say no, but I couldn’t find my voice as slowly he inserted one finger up into my arse. The he squeezed another into me and slowly began to fuck my arse with his fingers. Once over the initial pain I was beginning to enjoy it and as a result did not object when he removed his fingers and began to inch his dick into my arse. Once the first inch or so was in me the rest seemed to slide up me with no trouble and he then began to fuck my arse. This was a new experience for me and I was shocked over enjoyable it was to have my arsehole filled by a big cock. His pace increased matched by my moans of pain and pleasure and after what seemed like an eternity he finally came up inside my bottom and collapsed on top of me.

Throughout all of this frantic fucking, Jim had sat silently a few yards away and when I looked up at him after the guy fucking my arse had come, I noticed he had his cock in his hand and was slowly wanking it. I crawled over on all fours to him and did not say a word as I bent down and took his cock into my mouth. I began to suck and wank his tool and very soon after he was filling my mouth with more come. “That was the sexiest, dirtiest thing I have ever seen” he said. “I’m sorry” I replied. “But there was nothing I could do to stop them, I thought they might have killed us if I didn’t co-operate with them” “Don’t apolgise” Jim said. “Can I ask you a question” he asked. “Yes, what” “Did part of you secretly enjoy the rough fucking you were getting” I felt my self going red with embarrassment as he was right, I had actually enjoyed being roughly treated and fucked by total strangers. “Yes” I replied nervously and told him of the excitement I felt.

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