Sanborn Retreat Pt. 02

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“OK,” Joyce let go of Dakota’s hand once they arrived back at the cabin, “Maria told me to meet her by the outhouses, so I’m going to head over there.”

“Thanks for walking me back.”

“No problem!” Joyce grinned widely before skipping off in the opposite direction.

Entering the cabin, Dakota discovered Melissa lounging on the couch, back to the door. Walking past, she noticed that the green shorts and shirt of the woman’s uniform were now removed, a matching set of lacy pink underwear in their place. “Catherine?” Dakota stuck her head into her room, finding it empty. Shrugging, she dropped her shirt in the provided bag for dirty laundry and returned to the cabin’s central area. It was too bad they weren’t allowed phones on the property; she could’ve texted Catherine to find out where she was. Fortunately, there was Melissa.

“Hey Melissa,” she walked over to the counselor.

“Oh, hey, Dakota. Glad to see you’re taking advantage of the clothing policy,” she indicated towards the woman’s bare chest.

“Yeah, I was with Joyce, and my shirt got a little dirty.”

Melissa bit her bottom lip, “An unfortunate side effect of our hobby.”

“Anyways, I was just wondering if you know where Catherine went. We planned to meet back here, but she’s not in our room.”

“Not entirely sure,” the counselor sat up, looking over her shoulder at the clock on the wall, “She only left a couple of minutes ago; she couldn’t have gone too far. Maybe try looking around the hot tub area? People tend to gather around there.”

“OK, thanks for your help.”

“Wait! Before you go,” Melissa adjusted herself on the couch, lifting her butt off the fabric, “I’ve got one in the tank that’s been building for a bit. Want to smell it?”

“Um… sure?” Dakota took a few steps forward, slowly bending over so that her face was a few inches from the woman’s ass.

“I’ve always thought it’s better to share,” Melissa’s face scrunched as she strained her sphincter, “Ready?”

Nodding, Dakota was hit with a sudden burst of wind. The fart crackled out with a wet sound, bringing with it a wave of filthy-smelling air. She could feel her pussy twitch as a wave of arousal rippled through her body. The stink was thick and musty, stronger even than Joyce’s shit that Dakota had eaten a few minutes prior. “Wow,” she closed her eyes, inhaling what remained of the fart lingering in the air, “That smells amazing.”

“Yeah, this baby makes some good ones,” Melissa patted her ass, “Although not everyone agrees with my sentiment. I find not going to the bathroom for a few days really adds to the punch.”

“Hmm,” Dakota raised an eyebrow, “You were saving up for today too?”

“I do every year,” Melissa rubbed her belly, a slight bump visible where she was bloating.

“Well, if you want to share some more….”

“Ah, I’m not ready yet. A little more cooking, and I think this could be a monster. But when it is ready,” Melissa looked Dakota up and down, “You might be one of the first picks to enjoy it with.”

“I guess in the meantime I’ll go look for Catherine. Maybe you’ll be ready by the time I find her.”

“Yeah, see you around,” Melissa leaned forward to let out a small, quieter fart, “A little goodbye present.”

Giving a quick wave, Dakota took a chance to breathe in the second fart before heading for the exit. Her pussy was already drenched again, her body desperately pleading for another orgasm. First, she needed to find Catherine; that woman was sure to get her off. Outside, Dakota was met with a few naked women lingering on the adjacent cabin’s porch. One of them — the taller of the two — motioned for Dakota to come over. She knew that finding Catherine was a priority but couldn’t help herself and went to meet the women.

“Hey cutie, you interested in having some fun with me and my friend here?” the one who beckoned her over asked in a rich southern accent. She was tall, and it felt even more so with Dakota looking up at her on the deck. The woman’s amber hair was long and fell in thick waves. It looked almost fake in color, but the matching orange bush of pubic hair between her legs led Dakota to believe it was natural. Her chest was very large, and the smattering of freckles across it only added to the whole southern belle image.

“Sorry, I’d love to, but I’m looking for my friend.”

“Yeah? And what does she look like?” the other woman asked, also southern.

“Maybe a little taller than me, brown hair, glasses,” Dakota tried her best to describe Catherine’s appearance.

“Hmm. I think I might have seen her walk past.”

“Where was she heading?”

“That way,” the amber-haired woman pointed towards the main lodge, “She was with someone else, a short girl with black hair.”

“OK, thanks for your help.”

“Well, hopefully we see you around. My name’s Bella,” the blond crouched down and shook Dakota’s hand through the gaps in the wooden railing, “She’s Theresa. We’re both members of troop four.”

“Troop three,” Dakota pointed to herself.

“I saw. Anadolu Yakası Escort With us being neighbors and all, I think you being a third would be quite convenient. After all, I have a bit of a thing for little Asian girls such as yourself. Where are you from?”

“America, but my mom is Korean.”

“I’ve never been with a Korean girl before,” Theresa mused from the sidelines, running a hand down her bare chest before gently tugging on a strand of stray pubic hair.

“I guess I’ll be in touch,” Dakota gave a friendly nod, “But I do have to go now. Prior arrangements and all that.”

“A shame; I don’t like waiting,” Bella frowned, “But I guess I can make an exception for you.”

All of this attention was new to Dakota, and she wasn’t entirely sure how to handle it. Walking away from cabin four, she could feel her face blushing. Hopefully, anyone who saw would attribute it to the warm summer sun. Although she didn’t know why she was worrying so much, this was a fetish camp after all. Regardless, she tried to stay focused on her walk to the main lodge, a difficult task considering how many attractive women were walking around.

With none of them directly beckoning her over, however, Dakota was able to make it to the main lodge without further distraction. Circling the large wooden building, she was surprised to discover how many people were gathered on the cement pad at the back. It appeared that Melissa had been correcting in saying this was a popular spot. A few people were in the hot tub, but most were gathered around the lounge chairs, and on one of them laid Catherine.

“Hey Catherine,” Dakota walked up to the lounging woman.

“Oh, hey.”

“I checked the cabin, and you weren’t there, so I was wondering where you were,” Dakota explained, taking the free seat beside her roommate.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” Catherine sat up, “I was waiting for you to come back, but Amelia wanted someone to come over here with her, and Melissa wasn’t interested.”

“Yeah, I talked to her back at the cabin. So, what happened to Amelia?”

Catherine gestured towards the hot tub with her head, “She’s over there taking a dip with a woman she met.”

“And you didn’t join her?”

“I was waiting for you,” Catherine shielded her eyes from the sun, “Where did your shirt go?”

“It got dirty.”

“Tell you what, how about we take off those shorts so they don’t get dirty too.” Leaning forward, Catherine grabbed the band of Dakota’s and pulled them down along with the woman’s panties. Then, setting the clothes beside her on the chair, she got on her knees and began gently kissing around Dakota’s slit. “You’re very wet,” Catherine whispered, her breath hot on the woman’s thighs.

“There were-” Dakota paused, her body tensing as Catherine grazed her clit, “There were two women I met from troop four on my way over here.” Strangely, she didn’t mind that they were doing this publicly. Part of the reason was that she knew everyone here was a consenting adult, but she was also far too aroused to care anymore. Of course, the teasing from Catherine wasn’t helping.

“Were they hot?”

“I almost stayed with them…” she sucked in a breath, clutching the back of Catherine’s head and forcing it against her crotch, “Instead of finding you.”

“Well, that’s no good. I guess I’ll just have to try harder,” Catherine grinned as she nibbled on Dakota’s labia, “Have you gone yet?”

“No. Joyce fed me,” her words were caught in her throat as the pleasure between her legs started to become overwhelming, “but I saved my load for you.”

“Very good; I can show you how I like to play.”

Dakota’s body slumped as Catherine moved back onto her chair. To be brought so close to orgasm only to be denied was excruciating. She cast the woman a begging look, but Catherine ignored her, lounging back on her chair as if nothing had happened.

“Take a seat and follow my lead,” her instructions were clear and concise. Once Dakota did as she was told, Catherine moved onto step two, “Now spread your legs wide, like you’re at the gynecologist. I usually like to lick my finger and kind of tease the hole to get me going.”

Dakota watched the brunette closely and shuddered as Catherine reached a hand between her legs. She couldn’t see anything from this angle, but she noticed Catherine’s quickened breathing and the look of bliss that spread on the woman’s face. Curious, Dakota followed the woman’s instruction and slowly coated her finger in saliva, not breaking sight on Catherine the entire time. Putting it between her legs, Dakota quickly found her sphincter and began rubbing her spit on the wrinkled flesh. She had done anal play before — both with toys and her fingers — but this felt better, more intimate.

“And, when you’re ready,” Catherine instructed, letting out a low moan, “Push the tip of your finger inside. But only the tip; we don’t want to smash what’s inside up too much; otherwise, we won’t be able to do the best part.”

Dakota pushed her index inside Avrupa Yakası Escort to the first knuckle, not wasting any time. Her ass took it easily but quickly became tight as it tried to grip and squeeze her finger. Twitching, her pussy begged for some attention, but she was careful not to do anything without Catherine’s instructions. As a result, a small pool of juice formed under her on the chair. She didn’t see it — her eyes still focused on Catherine — but she could feel the moistness on her butt cheeks.

“It feels good, right?”

“Yeah,” Dakota let out a breathy moan.

“Really just enjoy it, the warmth of your finger against the flesh of your asshole. Can you feel it? Your shit begging to get out?”

Shuddering in pure ecstasy, Dakota replied, “It’s right there. I can feel it with my fingertip.”

“You’re not damaging it, right? You have to be gentle.”

“No,” she swallowed, “Just brushing it with my nail.”

“Good,” Catherine sighed, “We’re going to push now. Are you ready? Just like before, I want you to go slow and methodical; we want it to stay intact. Close your eyes and enjoy the feeling of your load creeping out; savor every bump and wrinkle of your shit as it passes through your hole.”

Reclining so that her head rested against the chair, Dakota’s world went dark as she shut her eyes and pushed. It was difficult to control the speed at which she expelled her waste, considering there was three days worth all fighting to come out. Still, she wanted to follow Catherine’s instructions to the letter and therefore did her best to limit the flow. Fortunately, her shit seemed solid — or the head was anyway — so it was perhaps easier to control.

Once the chair supported the first few inches of her log, Dakota felt comfortable pushing a little harder. As was common when she held it for a few days, her shit was firm and solid, coming out in mostly one piece. With the open cesspool of a hot tub only a few feet away, she struggled to catch any whiff of her waste, but something new was noticeable in the air if she inhaled hard enough. More than her own, Dakota wanted desperately to smell what Catherine was releasing, to get up close and breathe in all the rich funk that came with a fresh load of shit.

Alas, it seemed she had to wait as more instructions came from her right, Catherine not done with her elaborate routine. “Are you finished?” she asked.

“Yeah, I think it’s all out. Can I open my eyes now?”

“No, not yet. I want you to reach between your legs and pick up your shit.”

With the same hand she was using to finger her ass earlier, Dakota searched around the seat of the chair until she felt the warmth of her waste. Then, carefully sliding her fingers under it, she scooped it up into her hand. “OK, I’m holding it. Now what?”

“Is it in one piece?”

Dakota worked her fingers up and down the log, “Feels like it.”

“Good, now slowly press it against the opening to your vagina. Don’t try to force it in, or it will break. Instead, just relax and tease your labia with it for a bit.”

The first thing she noticed was the warmth, the waste feeling somehow hotter between her legs than in her hand. The second was how good it felt. The wetness of her vagina already seeping out, it quickly coated the head of her shit and made working it in slightly easier. Dakota wanted desperately to feel the entire thing inside of her; it had to be at least six inches long and one and a half wide. However, heeding Catherine’s warning, she paced herself.

After some careful prodding, the head of her shit suddenly slipped past her opening and plunged roughly an inch inside. The sudden intrusion caused Dakota to gasp, the woman doing everything she could not to clamp down on the turd with her vaginal muscles, thereby destroying it. Instead, she cautiously pulled it out almost all the way before pushing back in. Then, slowly began to fuck herself with the turd, each thrust going deeper as her juices lubricated the foul mass.

With the friction and moistness of her pussy, Dakota could feel her fingers become covered in a thick goo as her log softened. She didn’t want this feeling to end, but it seemed her pleasure had a timer. So, with one last slow, deep thrust, she buried the full length of her shit inside herself. The depth felt amazing, but it wasn’t enough, and Dakota’s dirtied hand was soon on her clit, feverishly rubbing the erect nub. “It feels amazing,” she moaned, out of breath as her heartbeat quickened.

“We’re not done yet,” Catherine’s voice said back, calm and soothing, “Open your eyes now.”

Dakota jumped at the chance, only to be met with blinding light as her vision adjusted to the afternoon sun. Using her clean hand as a shield, the reality of her situation began to set in. All around her and Catherine were women, all in various states of undress and all staring. A few had their hands between their legs or were pleasuring each other, but Catherine and Dakota were the centerpieces of it all. Before she İstanbul Escort could truly take it in, the cheering and clapping began. Each woman showed their appreciation in different ways, but all appeared thankful. Even the members of the hot tub had turned to watch the show, the surface of the brown muck stirring as hand likely worked horny vaginas below the surface.

The sudden attention was almost too much, but Dakota was soon brought back to reality as she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning, she good her first look at Catherine in a few minutes, her face now a bright red and brown hair sweaty and clinging to her face. Like Dakota, her right hand was covered in a thick layer of waste, although it was a lighter yellow than Dakota’s dark brown. She smeared it across her bare chest, leaving a long streak from one breast to the other.

“Come here,” Catherine patted the space between her legs, waiting for Dakota to sit down before grabbing the woman and pulling her down.

Now pressed against the top of Catherine’s body, Dakota spoke in hush tones so their audience wouldn’t hear, “There are so many people watching.”

“What, you don’t like putting on a show?”

“A little exhibitionist. I see….” Nibbling on Catherine’s ear, Dakota grabbed the woman’s breast and began massaging the flesh. She worked her tongue down Catherine’s cheek and around the front until it was deep in the brunette’s mouth, the two locking into a deep kiss. Dakota’s hand moved lower now, snaking down Catherine’s chest and between the woman’s legs. Here, a thick layer of shit was covering her vagina and thighs; it seemed Catherin’s shit had been much softer than Dakota’s and a struggle to get inside.

“Don’t go inside me,” Catherine warned, gasping between intermittent periods of kissing, “I want you to eat the shit out of me.”

“You’re going to feed me from your pussy?” Dakota gave the brunette’s clit a quick squeeze, electing a moan, “That’s very naughty.”

Catherine grinned, locking eyes with the face hovering above her, “You like it.”

“Maybe….” Bringing her hand to her face, Dakota let Catherine get a good look at the vile yellow goo covering it before popping each finger into her mouth individually. She ran her tongue up and down each digit, sucking off the shit and greedily swallowing it. Catherin’s shit was sweeter than Joyce’s, although it still had the bitter, rich flavor commonly associated with such a delicacy. The stickiness of it caused her gums to become coated in the waste, her tongue lapping at the walls of her mouth in an attempt to get it all.

“You look good with my shit in your mouth,” Catherine purred, smearing a small amount of shit on the woman’s face as she stroked it.

“I’m ready for more.”

“Well then, just turn around. There’s a whole shit buffet waiting for you between my legs.”

Flipping so they were now in a sixty-nine position, Dakota allowed herself a few seconds to admire the sticky mess of scat smeared over Catherine’s crotch. The wet shit shined in the afternoon sun, the yellow hue showcasing the small chunks of undigested food inside perfectly. This was all she could observe, however, before her animalistic side took over, and she dived into the stinking mess that awaited her.

Her tongue made short work of the task, slurping and licking off every glob, nugget, or chunk of shit that it could find. She could feel Catherine doing the same to her, although she could tell by the path of the woman’s tongue that she was mostly clean. Fortunately, Catherine wasn’t. Dakota’s face was quickly coated in stray waste as she dove in deeper. Her tongue probed at the entrance to Catherine’s vagina, pushing past the labia to uncover the delicious, earthy treat inside. The juices inside the woman’s slit only added to the addicting flavor, slaty and sweet cream mixing with shit to create a taste all of its own.

“You’re so good at that,” Catherine moaned, gripping Dakota’s ass tightly as she bucked with pleasure.

“I can’t help myself; you taste amazing.” Slurping up a string of brown saliva that was running down her chin, Dakota dove back between her lover’s legs. The outside was mostly clean now — just a few brown streaks left by her tongue — but the real treat was still inside, cooking in the warmth of Catherine’s oozing hole.

“Fuck, I’m going to push it out now; you’ll need to catch it in your mouth.”

“OK,” Dakota locked her lips around Catherine’s opening, teasing the entrance as she awaited her prize. Fortunately, she didn’t have to wait long as, after a few seconds, she could feel a soft mass working its way out. She pressed her tongue against the head of the turd, teasing Catherine as she prevented it from moving further. The waste, now softened, began to squeeze between the gaps and into Dakota’s awaiting mouth.

When Catherine couldn’t hold on for a second longer, Dakota removed her tongue entirely and let the woman’s turd out. The force at which it was being pushed resulted in it being launched nearly into the back of Dakota’s throat, only just being stopped in time by her tongue. As the remaining shit oozed out of the woman’s filthy vagina, Dakota began chewing her fresh mouthful of waste. It had the same flavor of what she had already been licking up but stronger now, concentrated into a single mass of pure filth.

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