Sandra’s Last Night in Town

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Sandra and I dated a few years before but distance pulled us apart. When I was in college and totally stupid regarding relationships, I tried a long-distance affair with someone and was so badly stung by it emotionally that I said I would never do that again. But sometimes you meet extraordinary people.

We dated for the two years that she was here, but once she knew she was leaving to go back home to Barcelona, we knew that that had to be it. We knew neither of us could sustain a relationship at that distance and for no other reason than to pine. But we stayed friends.

A pandemic later, I received a text that she was going to be back in town for a quick project and wanted to see me. When we saw each other a few times, we had beautiful, crazy sex, but there’s not much of a story there. The story is about her last night in town.

We set the date that would be us meeting in the hotel lounge, dressing a little fancy for the occasion, starting with drinks, then dinner, then back up to her room for the night. On the day of, as I was getting my suit from the dry cleaners, she called. She apologized five times first before even telling me, but would it be possible at all to meet two of her other friends just for dinner?

I was a little peeved at my most romantic night with my lover being disturbed, but didn’t want to be the mean guy: we had seen each other several times in the last few weeks, and sharing her for dinner a little bit wasn’t going to be a big deal as long as I got to escort her to her hotel room at the end. And, as she explained, she and these friends couldn’t find a moment of time until now, and it would be their last chance for who-knows-how-long.

With no discernable fuss, I agreed happily; when I thought about it after, this was good because she had wonderful taste in friends and I liked meeting anyone she introduced me to.

I arrived about five minutes after the appointed time dressed and ready to put on my best charming behavior. Sandra was already seated at the table with two men I had never seen before, laughing and speaking Spanish. When she saw me she stood and almost jumped into my arms; it seemed maybe she had already had a glass of wine because she embraced me and kissed me on the mouth right in front of these guys.

“Hello to you too!” I said once she released my mouth. She had put on a dazzling black dress that really showed off her figure. Sandra was 39, but kept her body like a classical statue: slim, but not skinny, great curves around her ass and full b-cup breasts. She let her curly brown hair with streaks of gray fall loosely over her shoulders, just like I liked it. She had offered to wear it up for the occasion but I begged her not to, as I wanted to remember her as she was, and her hair was her most beautiful and striking feature. She had a radiant smile that she was usually shy about, but tonight was out easily with the slightest comedy from us boys.

“Come, meet Carlo and Gianni.” They looked about our age, but Gianni was a bit younger, around 30. They were better-dressed than me; not as formal, but still one could tell they were nice clothes and they blended well with everyone else there.

“Hi Carlo, Gianni,” I said nodding to each of them. They smiled and stood to extend their hands.

The dinner was surprisingly pleasant. I learned that Carlo was from Barcelona, and he and Sandra had done a few projects together. He still lived there and had a wife and young child, but was in the states for another few months. They sometimes traded a few quips in Catalonian, but for my sake, the table kept most of the language in English. Gianni was from Madrid originally, but much more Americanized than them, and when he spoke English there was barely an accent. They used to run in the same professional circles but drifted apart as projects took them to all kinds of places. My own Spanish was shaky, and my Catalonian non-existent, but despite that, we had a marvelous time.

It was truly unexpected how much we all got along. Certainly the wine helped, but they were also very easy-going and we all seemed eager to talk about our lives and histories and share little jokes about Spanish culture and American culture.

Like typical Spaniards who eat dinner far too late, we were closing the place down after midnight and wondering where we should go. “We have some whiskey at the room!” I blurted. “Come on, one drink!” I said, and they made their excuses, but Sandra joined me in beckoning them, impugning their manhood if they refused and they made a show of reluctantly agreeing as we settled up and left the lounge.

It was Saturday night, and all Sandra had to do the next day was board a plane, so why not make a party of it?

As we went up we kept talking about movies, and laughing. The room was Sandra’s, and although a very nice room, had only one enormous bed, an office chair, and a corner table with two chairs. We moved the table to the bed and made four places to sit where we proceeded to play evi olan gaziantep escort cards and drink some whiskey. The time flew, and before anyone knew it, we were talking about how we could all sleep together.

Carlo and Gianni were clearly too drunk to drive back to their places, and it was too late to order a cot, but we were a slim bunch, and Sandra’s bed had plenty of room for us. “Okay, I really have to go to bed,” Sandra said retrieving her toiletries from her suitcase. “I have a flight to catch, so, whatever you need to do to sleep,” and she disappeared into the bathroom.

“I’m sorry; I know it was her last night here,” said Gianni apologetically, Carlo nodded his agreement.

“No, stop,” I said suddenly realizing I had wasted my last night alone with Sandra getting drunk with her buddies. “This was a lot of fun, you know? No big deal.” It should be said at this point all of us were drunk and had gotten rid of our jackets and shirts; the three of us men were in undershirts but still had our pants on. I had never been shy about getting down to my boxers in front of anyone, so I started to take off my slacks.

Sandra emerged from the bathroom and started to pack her suitcase for the next day, meanwhile the rest of us guys took our turns in the bathroom. As I came out, I heard Carlo and Gianni settling who would be on the inside; Sandra and I took the left side and got in really close together. We said our goodnights and then turned the last lights off, plunging us all into darkness.

I was on the outside, and had wrapped myself around Sandra, kissing her goodnight. My left arm was draped over her midsection and of course the hand found its way to one of her breasts as we kissed, quietly. She was only wearing a thin tank top and panties and I was only in my boxers. Our bare legs connected under the sheets and we mutually caressed each other. Despite sharing the bed with more men than I’ve ever shared a bed with, I was actually becoming aroused. As we kissed, I wondered about Sandra; she wasn’t slowing down her kissing or touching at all, how far was she going to go with two of her male friends right next to us.

Still, it felt lovely; her scent was intoxicating. Though we tried to be quiet with all the smooching, I couldn’t help inhaling heavily around her neck. She was definitely feeling my erection between her ass cheeks, and she responded with a movement of her leg that let it rub over the fabric of the boxers between us. I was getting hornier and hornier, I was fully erect and my cock was demanding some kind of satisfaction. I started to think crazy thoughts, like so what if two other men are here; they know we’re together and we’re all adults. We stayed like that, spooning and kissing somewhat innocently for a minute, until my free hand reached down to touch between her legs. She seemed startled by this and grabbed my hand. “Okay, goodnight, Bubu,” her nickname for me.

Under any other circumstance I’d never challenge her. “Come on,” I whispered, “Just touch it.” I knew that if the guys were still awake they could hear this conversation, but I didn’t care. I took her hand and moved it so that it went over her ass, I moved my erection through the fly so that it was exposed and she wrapped her hand around it. Neither of us tried to move too much or breathe too noisily, but she did start stroking my shaft. My free hand snaked over and started finding her labia over her panties. At first she kept her legs closed to keep me from going directly, but after a minute of that she opened up just enough to get my two fingers rubbing over her vulva and clitoris.

While we managed not to moan, our breathing definitely changed, and I must have reached some kind of limit for her because she suddenly removed her hand from my cock and tried to wriggle her body away from it. “Okay enough,” she said.

It was a split second decision and I can only say it was because all the blood that makes my brain work normally was filling my cock and he DEMANDED satisfaction. “Hey guys,” I said in normal volume, “do you mind if I have sex with Sandra?”

She gasped and looked me in the eye; even in the darkness, I saw her eyes pierce through to meet mine, but before she could call me a motherfucker, Gianni very sleepily piped up: “It’s your room.”

“Yeah,” echoed Carlo. He made a gesture of turning from facing Sandra to facing the ceiling with his eyes closed, “do what you want, I don’t care.”

“Please,” I said with some urgency, massaging her breasts and trying to nuzzle her neck.

“It’s like being in university, when you bring your chico back to the room,” mumbled Gianni, apparently caring more about sleeping than anything.

“At least in the university my roommate had her own bed,” she laughed. She hesitated for a few seconds, before sighing and giving in: “You’re lucky I’m so drunk,” she turned to face me and we stopped pretending to be quiet. We didn’t start moaning gaziantep evi olan escort like porn stars, but it was nice to be able to stop trying to be so extremely discrete. The bed had plenty of room for us to have sex without having to disturb the guys on the other end. She spun around so we could face each other and kiss in earnest, with more comfortable breathing and sucking sounds from our lips. Without words, we both reached down to remove our underwear under the sheets and toss them aside. As soon as we were both free of them, I rolled her over to get on top of her between her legs.

I’m not huge, but I am a bit larger than average, and so lube was a very standard part of our sex. However, perhaps because of the combination of alcohol, foreplay, and doing something so extremely naughty, I could feel her wetness at the tip of my penis. Still, I held back, only letting it rest there at the entrance while I continued to kiss her.

“Hurry…please…” she whispered as quietly as she could between gasps. I pushed forward and the head of my penis slid in easily. Given such a welcome, I pushed in a bit more and began my thrusting. She sucked in air and I immediately felt her hands grab my hips to get more control, “okay not that fast, big boy.”

I smiled and adjusted to her, but we quickly got into a good rhythm. We had been lovers for years, so I knew exactly how to begin massaging her pussy from the inside with my dick, especially in missionary position. After a minute I completely forgot the presence of the other guys, and fell into the joys of having my erect penis inside Sandra while kissing her mouth and face. Once my whole manhood was inside I gave her my practiced move of grinding my pelvis slowly on her clitoris which always caused her to lose her mind. It had the desired effect, and her hands grabbed at all parts of me frantically: my shoulders, arms, back, ass, like she was holding on for dear life, panting wordlessly the whole time. It was awesome, but I couldn’t quite feel all of her. I raised myself on my arms and our eyes met, “Take your shirt off.”

She did a quick glance at the guys who seemed like they were either asleep or uninterested and then moved to take her tank top off while keeping my cock inside her. She tossed it away and we resumed our love-making, this time I could feel her erect nipples on my chest.

We stayed in that position, my hips moving slowly, undulating more than thrusting, wanting to savor this feeling and also wanting to make sure Sandra had her orgasm. I knew she had her eyes closed and was in her own world as she worked herself up to it. After some minutes of this motion, I could start to feel it first in the way her pussy clenched me, and then in her change of breathing. There was less of the sporadic air-sucking, and more rhythmic breaths, that slowly became more and more voluble. Once she started to get verbal, I knew she was on her way: “Oh God…oh…my God…oh…” in tiny whispers, desperate to stay as quiet as possible but failing. Then I could feel her grip my back and push her hips up to grind even harder on her clitoris.

“Na…AY!” She yelped as her legs spasmed and it was clear that it had finally arrived. She was pushing so hard and I was holding my hips as hard as I could and she practically scraped our pubic hair off as she rode the wave. It was by far my favorite part of our sex, when she came on my cock like that.

Her denouements were always long; she didn’t “collapse” so much as slowly start to release her grip on me, let the muscles on her limbs relax and fall away gently. Listening to her changes of breath in this darkness was extremely arousing. After one more long sigh, I could feel her get back into position, as she knew what was coming. She knew she had to let me keep going, because I would never stop until I finished.

We stayed in roughly the same position, but adjusted so that I could thrust more rapidly. I rested on my elbows and had my hands on her shoulders, pulling her down on me as I pistoned. This is what got my climax rising. It wasn’t going to take long: I was extremely aroused from the taboo of fucking Sandra in front of her friends, exposing her body, maybe even making them jealous. I couldn’t help but sneak a quick glance over to see if I could catch them looking at us, and…yes, by now neither of them were being very shy about it. I don’t think they caught me looking at them, but now I knew they were definitely looking at us, and with that, I thrusted a few more times and then froze my body as every sensation was concentrated for that moment on my erupting penis. Knowing I wasn’t disturbing anyone, I let my grunts out freely as the semen filled her and began coating my cock in our mixed creams.

Once I regained my senses, I kissed Sandra on the neck and mouth for a few seconds, then rolled to the far side of the bed. We were both panting. When we have sex like this, where she has gaziantep evi olan escort bayan her orgasm before I have mine, she sometimes is so excited and aroused that she ALMOST has another, but it’s usually interrupted by my orgasm and withdrawal. I think she got worked up enough from it now that it explains a bit of what happened next.

After a minute coming down from our orgasmic bliss, Carlo broke the silence: “Como se sienten? Feel better?” Sandra laughed and gave him a little slap on the arm. It was followed by some Catalan from Sandra and they started going back and forth. I have a little Spanish, but I have almost no Catalan and gave up trying to understand or participate in what they were saying, so I stood up to fetch a towel from the bathroom.

Coming from the bathroom, cleaned up and cooled off, totally naked, my penis limp, I arrived to see all three were sitting up (Sandra with her tits exposed) against the headboard, discussing something. When I walked in all I heard was Sandra replying in English, “oh, he won’t mind.”

“Mind what?” I asked.

“Ehm…well, Carlo got very excited and now he’s asking to relive some…experience.”

“Oh?” I said, noticing that under the blanket, Carlo seemed to be stroking Sandra’s thigh.

“And he asked if we were serious, and I said yes, we’re serious but eh, you…eh…”

“Si, eh…me gusta mucho…compartir las mujeres!” I said mustering my best Spanish. All three laughed at that, and then Carlo turned and put his hands on Sandra’s neck and brought her to his mouth for a kiss.

She responded very positively, and his hand started to wander as they started actually making out. I was beyond delighted. I’m a huge swinger at heart and while it’s nice to have sex with other women, I get positively giddy watching my girls have sex with other men. I love watching and participating, but sometimes the other men aren’t comfortable with that, but I’m still very turned on knowing my woman has been with another man, even if I didn’t see it happen. When Sandra lived here and we dated, I managed to talk her into a couple of threesomes (one with a woman, one with a man) but she seemed happy enough to go one-on-one so it was only for very special occasions.

Whatever made her agree tonight, I wasn’t going to ask any questions, so I went to the table, poured myself a little whiskey and sat on the chair to face them and watch the show. After a few seconds, I realized it was far too dark and couldn’t see anything. Not wanting to ruin the mood by turning on a bright light, I went to the window and opened the curtains, where some of the city light could filter in while still being fairly dark.

Eventually Carlo threw the sheet off of both of them and rolled on top of Sandra, positioning himself between her legs. They started whispering to each other in Catalan, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I think he mentioned his wife by her name, but I really couldn’t follow, but then I heard a word pop up: “condom.” That one’s nearly universal. Again they went back and forth whispering while still making out and pushing against each other, Sandra’s breathing becoming more and more heavy, until she sighed a big sigh and said, “Vale (okay).” With that, Carlo seemed to ram it in and Sandra gasped in a good way. I imagine because of everything I left inside her, the entry was surprisingly easy for both of them.

The excitement of the initial penetration cooled down and Carlo slowed down and began to rock with her body. I learned later that he and Sandra had an affair years ago, so he was probably remembering that she liked those slow, undulating pelvic motions as opposed to the thrusting that we men like.

They stayed in that position for quite some time, kissing a little, but otherwise had their faces in each others shoulders, just gently fucking. No one cared about volume anymore, so Sandra and Carlo let their vocals carry them whenever they felt something. Meanwhile, I could notice behind them, Gianni still sitting up against the headboard, eyes glued to the show going on right next to him. He didn’t even hide the fact that he was masturbating his cock under the sheet as he looked at them. Not that I was shocked; I was watching and masturbating too, but everyone had already seen my penis, so I was beyond feeling shy, so it seemed like Gianni stopped being shy too. Though I couldn’t see much since Carlo’s body dominated over Sandra’s, I was still starting to revive my erection from their moans and breathing.

A couple of minutes in, Sandra must have gotten bored and looked over at Gianni. She asked him, “You like the show?” He nodded, and Sandra laughed, “Dirty boy!” she yelled and then without warning yanked the sheet that was covering Gianni’s cock. “Oh…”

I stood from my chair to see what she was reacting to, and yes, in relative darkness and even from across the room, it was an impressive cock. It had a smooth curve upwards and looked as solid as steel. Carlo appeared to be ramping up to his orgasm and had his head buried in the pillow and so Sandra simply turned her head and continued to watch Gianni stroke his giant thing. I actually wasn’t sure if she was looking at his cock or making eye contact with him, but neither of them stopped their sexual acts. As Sandra moaned, encouraging Carlo to finish, it might have been from watching Gianni as much as Carlo’s penetration.

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