Sandy’s First Girl

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Hi, my name is Sandy. I’ve always been adventurous, and had my share of men. But one night I happened upon a new thrill, and I’d like to tell you about it.

I work at the cosmetics counter in a department store in New York City. I guess most guys would consider me a slut, but I know what I like, and there’s nothing better than a hard cock on Saturday night, and New York is a great place for a single girl. I’m 35, 5’8″, about 135 pounds with green eyes and blonde hair down to my waist. I work out at a health club to keep my body fit and my stomach flat. My breasts are small, but I could care less. Life is a lot easier when you don’t have to wear a bra!

One day we had a model at the counter for a demonstration of some new products. Liz was a very hot latino from Queens, 24 years old, about 5’4″, with silky black hair, brown eyes, a dazzling smile and a perfect body. I guess she looked like a solid C cup. She had on a button down shirt and plaid skirt, along with a matching blazer. I was dressed in the required attire for a counter girl: a knee-length powder blue skirt from Liz Claiborne and a silk blouse. One advantage of working here is the great discount on clothes, so I have a closet full of designer outfits. I’m on my feet all day, so they let us get away with flat heels. My closet barely has room for all of the shoes! Her choice was definitely the more comfortable outfit. Anyway, I’m too old to pull off the “schoolgirl” look.

Every hour during the day, Liz would sit in a tall chair,and I would demonstrate how to apply foundation, blush, and eye liner. Women would gather around and watch as I transformed her from a plain but pretty girl, into a sensual beauty. We became fast friends, joking around between demos, and talking about the men in our lives. And we were physically close, as I would brush against her breasts and thighs when I leaned close to her during the makeover sessions. Although I had never been with a woman, I found myself becoming aroused, pressing closer and leaning towards her. I would brush up against her with my breasts, just close enough for my nipples to rub on her arm. They stiffened and poked through the fabric, and I’m sure she could sense my arousal. The lights that shined down on her were hot, and the scent of her body and Channel drifted up into my nostrils. It was a sweet and sensual aroma. A few times I caught a faint whiff of the stronger heat between her legs. I would have thought something like that would gross me out, but instead it seemed musky and mysterious.

By 9:00 that night, the demonstrations were over and I invited her to go for a drink at a local place I like to hang out. It’s near my apartment, and I’ve met some pretty hot guys there in the past for overnight recreation. The bar was crowded, but I didn’t recognize anyone tonight. We sat right down and ordered two shots of tequila with lemon and salt. Liz flashed a big smile and said, “Here’s to getting laid.” I laughed and we tossed our heads back and put down the shots. We both slammed our jiggers on the bar, licked the salt off our hands, and popped the lemon into our mouths. I found myself looking closer at her face, examining the beautiful features, and the way my makeover accentuated every one. I was able to bring out her best in a way that I felt the ideal women should look. Her dark eyes were beautiful, Ankara escort and her pouty, pillowy lips were accentuated by the liner and gloss I had applied. We talked for hours about guys, what we liked, memorable and forgettable dates. As the night progressed and the tequilla flowed, we got more and more explicit in our descriptions. None of they guys in the bar could make an approach, as we were locked on each other, laughing or shaking our heads at the same time. She nearly fell off the bar stool when I told her about the time I went home with a pair of Wall Street investment bankers. But it wasn’t their money that impressed me, they just pushed the right buttons and convinced me to try it. And I didn’t have any regrets!

By midnight we were both half in the bag. It was a long way to Queens, so I offered to let her stay over. She gladly accepted my offer, telling me she didn’t like to ride the subway alone this late anyway.

We stepped outside and it was a perfect autumn night. The air was sweet and cool, and a soft breeze followed us down the street. We were walking side by side, when our hands touched and she grabbed a hold of mine. We kept stolling and chatting like this until we got to my door. “How about a nightcap?”, I asked.

“Set up the bar, I’ll put on some tunes”, as she threw off her jacket and headed for the stereo. She tuned in a Latin station playing dance music. I had never really listened to this type of music, but she started dancing in the middle of the room, rocking and running her hands up and down her hips. Her long black hair swayed back and forth across her perfect ass. I put out some ice and poured a pair of vodkas. At this point in the night it goes down easy and helps you sleep like a baby. Liz grabbed her glass and took a sip without missing a beat, as I sat on the sofa to watch. Her motions were hypnotic, and I started to nod my head to the sound of the drums. Liz reached out and pulled me to my feet. Not being much of a dancer, I stood and rocked back and forth with her. Just another white chick with no rythm! However, she was an excellent dancer, with an endless assorment of moves. She reached out and raised my arms. I rocked my shoulders back and forth with my hands in the air. “Now you’re getting it”, she laughed. She reached down and put her hands on my hips, moving them so I twisted with the beat, instead of just swaying back and forth. I was getting turned on with the hot Latin sound, and feeling sensual with my new dance moves. She moved closer to me until our breasts almost touched, I couldn’t help leaning forward until our lips met. At first, her eyes opened wide, a surprised expression on her face. But they closed and she leaned forward, meeting my lips again, wrapping her arms around my waist. I returned her embrace, and opened my mouth, pressing my tongue forward. She responded with her own tongue, and we locked in a sensual kiss for a full minute. It was so much different than making out with a guy. She was soft and smooth. Her kisses were gentle and sweet.

My hands drifted lower and raised her skirt, holding the cheeks of her ass in my hands. She wore a full satin bikini which felt silky as I slid my palms around her perfect globes. It was solid and muscular, but so feminine. My leg pressed between hers as she ground against me. Breaking away for just one Ankara escort bayan moment, I took Liz by the hand and we stumbled to my bed. She fell backwards and her hair fanned out like a halo. My face fell to hers as we continued our passionate, wet kisses. She traced my lips with her tongue, then thrust it into my mouth as I eagerly sucked it in as deep as it would go. I started to undo the buttons on her shirt, and just as I felt the edge of her bra, she sat up. My fears that she had gotten cold feet were put to rest, as she tore off her shirt and unhooked the front of her bra. As she laid back down, it fell open exposing her perfect breasts. The nipples were mahogany colored with sharply defined edges, and the size of silver dollars. It was so cool to see another woman’s breasts up this close. She held one in her hand and jiggled it, offering to me, smiling with her eyes half closed. I kissed the nipple and felt it hardening under my lips. I wanted to touch them just the way that I liked to have mine touched. My tongue drew a glistening circle around the edge of the nipple and it swelled even further. After a full minute of teasing like that and lightly carressing the side of her breast, I opened my mouth and took in as much of her as I could fit. When I raked the nipple with my teeth, she started breathing harder and pressed on the back of my head. “Hmmm, bite them”, she whispered. I bit harder as she pressed down more firmly on my head. This was definitely rougher that I like to have my nipples treated, but I was getting very turned on biting hers! She guided my head to the other side and I repeated the entire process. This time I reached down between her legs and slowly stroked the smooth skin of her inner thighs. When I put my hand over her pussy and felt the hot dampness through the satin crotch of her panties. It was so weird to feel someone else’s pussy! My hand slid slowly up her smooth belly and under the elastic waistband. There was only a small patch of trimmed hair and then the smooth, damp flesh of her pussy. My fingers traces gently over the lips, then slid in, dragging her wetness up to the hard little clit. I drew circles around it as her hips floated up and down to my touch.

Now she stopped pushing on the back of my head, and instead pushed downward on my shoulders. I just went along, sliding my tongue down her stomach, breaking contact for only a second to get my face past the raised skirt, still bunched up around her waist. My nose was just a few inches from her hot pussy, and I could see the dark damp spot in the satin crotch. My heart pounded in my head as the hot musk drifted up into my nostrils. I’ve smelled my own pussy before, when I sucked on my figers while masturbating, or when a guy would pull his cock out of me and stick it in my mouth. But this was so different! The scent went staight to my insides and made me crave more. I buried my nose between the mounds, pushing the satin into her crack, and gently rocked my face back and forth. Liz reached down and pull her panties aside, exposing her glistening cunt. My hands slid under her ass and squeezed it. I couldn’t wait another second for my first taste of pussy! I kissed the outer lips, then pressed forward, kissing deeper and deeper into her. I kissed the hard little clit that I had just finished massaging. The smell and the taste made Escort Ankara me dizzy with lust. My tongue slid into the hole and swirled around the walls. She was soaking wet and the juices coated my face. I glanced upwards and our eyes met, as she leaned back watching me. She didn’t smile this time, but her pouty lips were partly opened from her moans and heavy breathing.

I wanted to explore more pleasures of intimacy with another woman. I stood and quickly removed by blouse and skirt, leaving only my Underalls. I didn’t have time to struggle with that now! She arched her back and lifted her hips as I slid her skirt and panties off. Then I rolled Liz over onto her stomach, straddled her hips, and began a sensual massage. Her skin was dark, smooth, and perfect. I grabbed a bottle of sesame oil on the night table, squirted some on my hands, then rubbed it into her shoulders and down her arms. She was thin, but with well defined muscles. My fingers kneaded the flesh on her back, as I worked my way lower. I leaned forward and rubbed my little tits against her oiled back, sliding them back and forth. I always do that when I give a guy a backrub, and they have always said it was a big turn-on. My body slid down lower, as I worked her with my fingertips. When I rubbed the globes of her ass, she writhed and pushed it up at me. It was just like the ass I always tried to get from my workouts at the gym; small and tight, but curvy and protruding. I started to kiss the cheek and worked my hand underneath to rub her pussy. Her legs spread, exposing the perfect rosebud in the valley between. So smooth and pink. It was much different from the hairy cornholes that guys were always shoving in my face. My tongue ran down her crack and lightly over the tight little hole. The taste was musky and sweet, mingled with the juices of her pussy that had run down there earlier. If someone had told me this morning that I would be licking a girl’s asshole tonight, I would have called them crazy! But now I couldn’t control my desire, as I licked and pushed in and out. I worked my way down to her pussy and attacked it from the rear, licking the hole again, and sliding forwards to her clit. I never saw a woman cum, and I wanted so badly to see her get off. My fingers worked her clit from underneath while I continued workingher asshole. Every muscle in her body tensed-up, and her toes pointed straight out like a ballerina. I knew she was getting close, so I focused on my tongue and fingers, touching just the right spots. Then she started cumming, her body shook as she buried her face in the pillow and let out a long, muffled scream. Wave after wave passed through her. Liz went limp and collapsed on the bed, so I slid up and cuddled with her. I buried my face in her silky black hair, savoring its herbal scent. After a few minutes of holding her close, I realized she was asleep. Oh well, no reciprocation tonight! But there was a big grin on my face anyway. Exhausted and drunk, I fell asleep too.

The next morning she was up at first light. When I woke up Liz was putting on her shoes. I smiled and said, “Hey, I guess we hit it off pretty well.”

She didn’t even make eye contact, but said, “Uh, look, we made a mistake, I have to go now. Neither of us meant for that to happen.”

I didn’t even have a chance to get out of bed before she was out the door. Thanks for the kiss goodbye bitch! If a guy pulled that shit on me I would have nailed him with a shoe! Maybe we didn’t plan it, but I wouldn’t say I had any regrets. Hey, what the fuck, I just smiled and went back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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