Sapphic Love

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I was nervous. It was the day we would finally meet, after several weeks of exchanging naughty e-mail messages back and forth. I knew what she looked like…I was excited by the pictures of her beautiful brown nipples and ample breasts that she had sent me.

I had been thinking of how those nipples would respond to my touch for weeks. I was wet and horny, anxious to meet her and share an afternoon of wanton sex with such a worthy wench. It was all I could to keep my hand from making its way down my panties all morning. The time had finally come…

She knocked on the door of my Mutt’s apartment, a safe and comfortable place for us to meet. I opened the door to her bright smile…she was even more beautiful than her pictures!

I pulled her into the apartment, wasting no time reaching up to her mouth with mine and kissing that hot, sexy mouth. Oh! What joy! She responded in kind, her tongue finding its way into my mouth and exploring my own.

My bursa otele gelen escort hands made their way around to her lovely soft ass and I spent a few moments gently caressing it. Reluctantly, I drew myself away from her kiss and took her hand. I led her down the hall to the bedroom…the place I wanted her most.

I kissed her again, this time with more passion than before, and caressed her breasts through her knit shirt. I could feel her hard nipples responding to my touch. I pulled my mouth away from hers and pulled her shirt over her head. Since I am only 5’3″ tall, and she is 5’10”, my face was perfectly positioned to bury myself in her ample breast! I pulled her bra aside and eagerly licked her right nipple, while my fingers caressed her left breast. Her moan told me that she enjoyed this as much as I did.

We finally broke apart long enough to strip the rest of our clothes off to our underwear and laid bursa eve gelen eskort down on the bed. My face still buried in her breasts, I could feel her hands caressing my own pink nipples. Her touch was driving me wild. My pussy was drenched with my own juices, waiting impatiently for her to touch my clit.

I moved down the bed and pulled her thigh up to my lips, as my hand reached for her pussy. Her wet panties told me that she was as eager as I for my touch. I kissed her thigh, working my way slowly up to her pussy. I began to eat her cunt through her wet panties, driving her wild with desire.

I pulled her panties off, spread her legs and dove into her sex. Her scent was magnificent; her pussy was wet and dripping as my tongue found its way to her hard clit. I licked her hard, my tongue drawing circles around her clit before I drove it into her cunt. My thumb took the place of my tongue on her clit as bayan escort bursa I fucked her wet pussy with my tongue. I could feel her writhing beneath me, eager for release. Just then, I felt the spray of her cum as it drenched my mouth with sweetness. I laid my head between her legs and drank in the scent of her cum, slowly licking her clean as her breathing returned to normal.

When she had recovered from her orgasm, she pulled me up on top of her and kissed me hard. Her hands caressed my back, my ass, my breasts…I longed to feel her touch on my clit, and I eagerly ground my pussy into her thigh.

She rolled me over onto my back and moved between my legs. She was as eager to taste me as I was to be tasted. She raised my thighs up and spread my legs before her. She used her hands to spread my wet pussy lips and find my clit. Her fingers danced along my wet pussy, teasing and taunting me, and then I felt her push her fingers inside my cunt. She leaned toward me and flicked her tongue up my slit, stopping in just the right spot when she found my hard clit. With her fingers fucking my cunt furiously, and her tongue flicking across my clit, it was only a matter on minutes before my orgasm exploded and my cum flooded the bed.

What a wonderful surprise to leave for my Mutt…two puddles of cum on his bed!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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