Sarah and Brian: A Beginning

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She perched, daintily, on a bar stool, dirty martini in hand, and began reconsidering her decision to come here. She was mad, she knew, even furious at him. How dare he walk out? The relationship had been on a downhill slope for some time and she’d been preparing for the end, but that still didn’t give him the right to just disappear and leave her hanging. But all that didn’t justify coming here, dressed to kill. She didn’t come to get picked up.

While these thoughts weighed on her, she was also forced to be very aware of how difficult her clothes were making it to retain any sense of modesty if she wanted to move at all. Her top was basically a corset, black with a dark green design, low in the front and back, long laces running down the satiny sides and left untied to swing and swirl around her. This was accompanied by fishnets snapped to garters, a sheer thong, all covered by a hot leather skirt. On her feet she wore modest 3″ heels. The corset barely contained her gigantic breasts, and the skirt only accentuated her already ample hips and ass. She wasn’t a big girl, middling height and weight, but she had more curves than was fair for a man to witness and expect him to remain a gentleman.

Any movement- reaching for her purse, uncrossing and re-crossing her legs, even getting down from the stool- threatened to expose some luscious part of her body. She was having a hard enough time politely parrying their thinly veiled propositions; she didn’t want to give them a peep show as well. The thought crossed her mind to take her hair down and gain that little cover, but she knew that the sight of her silky blonde hair cascading most of the way down her back would embolden even the shyest of her suitors.

She continued sipping her martini, the alcohol slowly working its magic. She relaxed a bit- if someone caught a glimpse of more of her than she would have liked, well, hopefully he enjoyed his little thrill.

As the night progressed, her mind eased more. The music and alcohol helped console her and she thought she wasn’t bad off without the bastard anyway. She absently ate her olive and ordered another martini.

A few minutes after her second martini arrived, the door of the bar was pulled open and a man entered. People had been coming and going all evening, so the fact that she noticed one entrance caught her by surprise. He was tall- taller than her by a couple of inches, even in her heels- but she couldn’t see what had drawn her attention. He wasn’t extraordinarily dressed: simple dark blue jeans tastefully paired with a thin charcoal gray polo style shirt. She had to admit, the fit of the shirt didn’t hide that he had a muscular chest and abs. She let her eyes roam over him more, admiring such a fine man. She took in his height and physique: “Athletic, but not too muscled,” she decided. She hated overly muscled men: she saw it as a sign of vanity, and she’d rather have a man who used his muscles any day, even if they were smaller.

His soft brown hair was just long enough to be wavy, and his face was a flattering middle ground between square and round, with a hint of a dimple in his right cheek when he smiled. But the highlight was his deep green eyes – that were locked on hers.

She dropped her eyes, embarrassed that he’d seen her checking him out, wondering how long she’d stared, and hoping he didn’t know how long she had. She noticed her martini was still mostly full, and took another sip to give herself something to do. He walked by her, gently brushing against her back, as he made his way farther down the bar to greet the bartender like they were old friends.

She didn’t pay attention to the interchange between them, however, because she was distracted… no… enraptured, by his scent. It was a sensuous, but not overpowering mixture of cologne, laundry detergent, and sweat. She loved the smell of sweat- it carried the smell of the man himself, and gave her ideas of how to make him sweat more, usually involving her sweating as well. And probably some heavy breathing. Just these thoughts tuzla escort sparked the beginnings of her arousal. Suddenly she noticed the feel of her satiny corset caressing her nipples, and that triggered a tingling between her gartered thighs.

As she tried to squelch the fantasies her imagination was conjuring and regain her composure, her efforts were interrupted by the barstool next to her becoming occupied. She looked over into green eyes.

“Hi.” His voice was low and luxuriant. That one syllable sent a shock to her loins.

“H-hello,” She replied, trying to decide whether to watch his full lips or bear her soul to those piercing eyes.

“I’m Brian.” He introduced himself.

“Sarah, pleased to meet you.” They shook hands, the brief contact sizzling through her fingers.

“I would ask if you come here often,” he said, “but Joey there tells me you’re not a regular. So what brings you here tonight?”

“I… just needed to get out, have a drink, enjoy a little change from the norm.” She thought the vague answer would be more interesting than real life.

He nodded his agreement and came up with another question for me. “So you came by yourself? A woman by herself isn’t always safe in the city.”

She smiled a little, and leaned forward like she had a secret to tell him. She whispered, “I would hate to fight with a friend over a sexy man.”

They straightened up as the bartender came by, both smiling silly smiles. He ordered a beer and another martini for her. Somehow, her martini was gone already, with the lonely speared olive in the bottom. She caught his eye and smiled mischievously as she picked up the speared olive and lapped the martini juices off before they could drip on her. Then she wrapped her soft lips around the olive and took it into her mouth, closing her eyes as she savored the taste, and quietly moaning her delight. When she finished, she glanced at him to catch his reaction and was gratified to see him drag his attention away from her lips and back to her eyes.

“S-so, is it working?” It was his turn to stammer.

She was momentarily confused. “What do you mean?”

“Getting away, breaking out of the norm.” He explained.

Another smile crossed her lips and she replied, “Oh yes, it’s working better than I was expecting.”

Their drinks arrived, and they fell deep into conversation. Eventually, she noticed the bar was thinning out and it occurred to her that it must be getting late.

“I really need to get home, I wasn’t planning on being out till morning.” She slid off the barstool, but stumbled a little once she reached the ground.

He gave her a disapproving stare. “You’re not going anywhere until you’ve had some water and maybe some food so you can sober up a bit. And I know just the place.”

He led her to the back of the bar, toward the restrooms. Her instincts hit her then. This man might be incredibly sexy, and she might have spent the last several hours mentally gnawing through his jeans, but she wasn’t about to be dragged to the back of some bar and taken advantage of. Before she could voice her objection, she saw he was headed toward a staircase, and he explained, “My place- more quiet than down here, and well equipped to get you on the road to sobriety.” The explanation calmed her nerves and she decided to await developments.

He opened the door and turned on the lights, and a cozy apartment greeted her. He shoved some soccer gear farther into a corner. She thought she could guess why she could detect sweat on him now. Then he wandered into the kitchen and returned after a moment and offered her a cold bottle of water.

She sipped at it, and gave him a bemused look. “So you live on top of a bar?”

He smiled. “My parents left it for me, and I can’t say I mind. What guy doesn’t want to be able to crawl out of bed, go downstairs, and have his pick of brews on tap?”

She laughed, “I guess you have a point there.” She wandered around the living room, giving herself ucuz escort a mini-tour, noting the kitchen, a door that was cracked open enough to reveal the telltale cabinets of a bathroom, and an open door with a bed on the other side. Her body heated up at just the sight of his bed. She turned her attention to the window, admiring the view of the distant skyline.

She turned back toward him and was wrapped in a tight embrace, his mouth searching out hers. Their lips met in a passionate kiss, and in the back of her mind, she was relieved that he was as strongly attracted to her as she was to him. Whatever misgivings she had about going too far vanished when his mouth met hers. She reached up and ran her fingers through his hair, pulling his head down so that his mouth could more firmly cover hers. Her tongue coyly grazed his lips, begging for his to meet hers. Instead, his kisses traveled straight down her chin to her collarbone and made a hot trail back up the side of her neck to her ear. He nibbled momentarily on her ear and made his way back to her lips.

As their lips met again, his tongue eased out to tease hers. While their lips and tongues danced, his hands slipped down to cup her ass and pull her closer. She could feel his erection against her through his jeans and her skirt. She decided she wanted a taste.

She let her hands drift from his hair, down his shoulders, across his chest and stomach, and she slipped her fingertips between the waistband of his boxers and his skin, lightly running her fingers around the waistband, and relishing in the quiet moan he made. ‘If that feels good, he’s in for quite a surprise,’ she thought.

She unzipped his jeans, maneuvered around his boxers and slipped his throbbing cock out of the hole. Then she knelt and licked her lips in anticipation. Before her was a fine specimen on manhood, and she had every intention of enjoying it. She looked up and into Brian’s eyes, as she ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft, working her way up to the head.

“Oh please Sarah,” he whispered breathlessly in anticipation.

She ran her tongue around his head, teasing him, and tasting him, lapping up the first bead of his excitement from the slit. Then she took the head into her mouth, still teasing with her tongue, but adding gentle soft pressure from her lips. He drew a ragged breath. She licked his head until it was thoroughly wet and then began working her mouth farther and farther down the shaft, making sure it was completely lubed with her saliva before taking more into her mouth. As her mouth got closer to his body, she had to start working her throat around his cock so that she could take more. The effect made him groan. If her mouth hadn’t been otherwise occupied, she would have smiled.

His jeans were preventing her from getting the last inch or so of his cock into her mouth and throat, but she didn’t think he’d mind. She just wanted to taste him, and she REALLY wanted him to cum in her mouth. To achieve this, she backed up so that she barely had more than the head in her mouth, and wrapped her hand around the shaft. Her saliva had lubed it up nicely, and she began stroking the shaft while licking and sucking him. Before long, he was moaning loudly and bucking against her face. She stroked faster, occasionally removing her hand to take his whole cock into her mouth.

“Oh God!” His hands were on the back on her head, pushing her toward him. He pumped into her mouth harder and harder. “I’m coming!” he yelled, as he jerked one last time into her, and sent come shooting into her mouth. She gulped it down eagerly, teasing his cock with one last lick.

As she leaned away from him to catch her breath and smile up at him, he reached down, scooped her up, and carried her into the bedroom, where he gently deposited her on the bed. She smiled when she saw his cock still peeked out from his open fly. Other than that, they were both still completely dressed, but he was about to work on changing that. ümraniye escort He leaned over and stroked down her face- caressing her cheek, down her neck, over her collarbone, farther down, gently squeezing her breast (which elicited a gasp from her), before traveling down over her tummy, achingly close to her pussy, but bypassing it to brush down the tops of her legs, knees, shins, finally arriving at her feet. He slipped off her shoes, tossed them in a corner, and began working on removing her corset. After moments of forcing his huge hands to deal with the tiny hooks and laces, he had freed her of its confines and allowed himself a moment to admire her exquisite breasts.

He began kissing her, trying to hold back his hunger, but soon he was crushing her mouth with kisses, and her body under his, rubbing his hard cock against her mound. He worked a knee between her legs, and separated them, her legs immediately wrapping around his waist. He pulled her up so that she was sitting in his lap, legs around him, and he ran his hands down her back, gently scratching with his nails, and finally cupping her ass. Her skirt had ridden up in the commotion, and he squeezed her bare cheeks. She moaned at the scratch and squeeze, and furiously teased him with her tongue, begging him with kisses for him, and pulling on his shirt.

He stood up, pulled off his shirt, kicked off his shoes, and dropped his pants. He was tired of waiting. Then he reached down and unceremoniously pulled off her skirt. Now he had a gorgeous woman stretched out on his bed, wearing only garters and fishnets. He slowly slid them down her legs, leaning down to kiss her thighs, knees, and legs as he did. Even from that distance, he could smell her sex.

Once he had her completely nude, and he sank between her legs to lap at her. He started by nibbling on her thighs, moving his way up, and lightly running his tongue all the way up her slit. He spread her lips gently with his fingers and lapped again and again. She quivered and moaned. Then he licked her clit and she gasped and thrust her pelvis against his face. He continued licking and gently sucking on her clit, and teased her entrance with his long fingers. She was bucking against him in her need when he finally slipped a finger into her wetness, and then slipped in two, driving for her g-spot. Her moaning, bucking, and quivering coalesced into an incredible orgasm.

She relaxed against the bed, and he laid next to her, licking his fingers and winking at her suggestively. After just a moment of basking in her orgasm, she decided she wanted more. She straddled him, and began kissing him, working her way down to nip at his neck and nipples, and then back up to lock lips with him once more. As her kisses intensified, she slowly raised herself over his throbbing cock and down onto him. He moaned and tried to roll on top of her, but she pushed him back down on the bed and pumping his cock. He was already turned on, but this show of power heated his blood. She gyrated on him, and ground her pelvis against his, taking him in fully. Then she stretched and posed, giving him a spectacular view of her tits. He knew he was close to the edge, but he wanted to do it on top, so he started to wrestle his way on top. She seemed to know he was close, as she was, but wrestled for a few moments for the fun of it before conceding her place. He thrust into her a few times, and then moved her legs so they were resting against his chest, her feet next to his ears. Then he showed her who was in charge. He rammed into her, the head of his cock rubbing past her g-spot and deep into her. A few thrusts was all it too for them both to have mind shattering orgasms, and he collapsed against her.


He woke up and reached over to find an empty spot where she had lain. He was utterly disappointed: she had been a spectacular girl and he hungered not just for her body, but to know her better. He heard a sound for the kitchen and felt a stir of hope as he climbed out of bed to investigate. He found her wearing only an apron in front of the stove.

“You cook too?” He asked teasingly, genuinely unable to believe his luck.

She smiled, “Hope you like omelets. I was going to bring you breakfast in bed though.”

He winked, reminding her of the night before. “Let’s eat breakfast at the table. Then we can go back to bed.”

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