Sarah Obeys Ch. 2

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He was with the redhead again. Sarah breathed quietly through her nose, one eye held to the crack in the closet door. It was a walk-in, so she wasn’t cramped. The space stretched out behind her, seeming cavernous and empty when all her attention was focused on the scene being enacted on the other side of the door.

Did daddy suspect? Did he think she wouldn’t have the nerve to do it after yesterday? She smiled grimly. If he thought what happened yesterday would be a deterrent, then daddy didn’t know his little girl at all. Sarah had huddled in her room, as father commanded, throat deliciously raw while she’d relived those few short minutes over and over again.

She wanted to do it once more. She wanted the taste and the feel of her father’s cock in her mouth. No, who was she kidding? Not just once more. No way. She wanted to do it repeatedly, frequently. She’d realized last night, for the first time, why she’d never let any of the boys she dated touch her or make out with her. They called Sarah the Ice Princess at school. But it wasn’t prudishness or fear that had helped to keep Sarah so stubbornly innocent.

She’d been saving herself for daddy. She wanted him and only him. The trick was how to get him, but after yesterday it shouldn’t prove too difficult a task.

The redhead giggled as she pulled her shirt off, jerking Sarah from her thoughts and back into the present. Daddy’s lover wasn’t wearing a bra and her impressive breasts bounced free. Her nipples were already hard, reminding Sarah of tart raspberries.

Sarah felt a dart of jealousy stab at her heart when she watched her father reach out and cup those white, generous tits. They were so large, so beautiful. She watched, mesmerized, while daddy fondled the woman, how her flesh gave under his ministrations. And she felt lightening low in her belly when daddy leaned down, laving his tongue hungrily over a nipple before taking as much tit into his mouth as possible and suckling.

The redhead went wild, clutching her father’s head to her breast and moaning loudly. Daddy stretched her legs apart, slipping his large hands up long, white thighs to the gleaming, red hair nestled at her cunt.

“Wait! Wait, David! You’re going too fast.” The redhead panted, pulling back and shaking her head.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Daddy asked, his voice strained. “After yesterday?”

“Mmmm, yes. Your naughty daughter interrupted us, didn’t she?” The woman smiled wickedly as she unbuttoned daddy’s pants with eager fingers. “Why don’t you let Lorraine make it up to you, make you forget all about your nasty little girl.”

David caught Lorraine’s wrists in a tight, hard grip and lifted them away from his swollen crotch. She gasped. Sarah could tell that his grip was too tight, that it was hurting the woman. She smiled in the darkness, feeling satisfaction.

“Come on, David. What’s wrong? You’ve always loved it when I suck your cock. Don’t you want to feed it to me?”

David forced Lorraine to turn around, so that her lush round bottom faced him. He still maintained a cruel grip on her wrists, twisting them behind her back. “Today, baby, I’d like to skip all the play and go straight to the fucking.”

Lorraine wanted it hard. She enjoyed it when he hurt her. She spread her shapely legs and wiggled her ass up against his crotch. “Do it then. Fuck me.”

Sarah held her breath as daddy used one hand to hold Lorraine’s wrists while the other unleashed his huge cock. He stroked it a moment, eyes closing momentarily, before shoving it quickly into the tight cunt in front of him.

Lorraine shrieked as pleasure mixed with pain at his roughness.

“Shut up, bitch.” He pounded into her violently. Lorraine closed her mouth and moaned low in her throat.

“Do you like that?” He asked her. The wet, slapping sounds of their fucking reached his daughter’s tantalized ears. Sarah sighed. She lifted her hands and held them gently against the doorframe. She wanted to be the one. She wanted to be in the redhead’s place. She wanted daddy’s cock pounding into her untouched pussy like that, hard and hot and greedy.

As if his lover sensed the unseen regard, she said suddenly, “What if your dirty little girl is watching us again David?” She tried to make the question husky, but it came out in lurches with each swift jab of his cock.

He paused, shaft buried deep. He turned his head and gave the closet door a speculative glance. “It is cracked.” He said, unmoving, trying to remember if he’d closed it all the way earlier. He could have sworn that he had.

Reluctantly, he began to withdraw. “I’ll shut the closet door.”

“No.” Lorraine protested. “Leave it. I kind of like the thought of your daughter watching us.”

“Do you?” David grinned and slapped her ass, leaving a red mark. “What a filthy slut you are!” He started a slow languorous slide now, taking his time, enjoying the tight, wet cunt as he rocked into and out of it.

“Come on, admit it.” Lorraine purred as David squeezed her pendulous asyalı porno breasts. “You like the thought too, don’t you?”

He increased the pace, balls slapping at Lorraine’s ass. “Maybe.” He muttered, grabbing her hips and pummeling her.

“Yes,” Lorraine closed her eyes, an ecstatic expression on her face. “Do you like watching your daddy fuck me, Sarah? Does it make you horny, seeing daddy’s big dick in my pussy? Show her, David, show her how good daddy can be.” She was panting now, face pressed into the floor and butt in the air as Sarah’s father screwed her from behind.

Sarah felt a tingling down low, an answering wetness between her legs. Jealousy reared its head again. It wasn’t fair, and now the Lorraine taunted her while she was trapped alone in the darkness. Lorraine was yelling insensible things, “Yes!” and “Oh, God.” And “Fuck me, yes!” and “Your daddy’s so good, Sarah. So good.”

Her father was moaning too, quietly. Sarah strained, pressing herself firmly against the frame, trying to hear her father underneath the bitch’s yelling. Was he saying her name? Sarah’s heart lurched, the muscles deep in her virgin pussy tightening.

Yes, he was moaning his daughter’s name over and over again. The pace had become feverish. His dick was slimy from Lorraine’s juices, bulging and dark. It inspired lust and fear in his daughter, because it was so large and so powerful as it pumped aggressively into the folds of Lorraine’s cunt.

Sarah wanted it, ached for it. She backed away from the door and crawled under her father’s long coat. It smelled of him. Old Spice. She buried her face in the hanging folds, the material muted the sounds of climax threading through the crack in the closet door. She felt excluded, an outsider, and for an instant wished she were somewhere else. Anywhere else.

Watching was no longer very fun, not after yesterday.


“You can come out now, Sarah.” Her father’s muffled voice came directly from the other side of the door. He stood close to it, a robe covering him. He hadn’t bathed. Lorraine had left only a few minutes ago, after taking a quick shower. She was surprised when David refused to join her under the hot spray of water, but he had other plans.

Sarah jumped, startled. Had he known all along?

“Come out right now. I know you’re in there. I know you watched.”

So he had. Sarah clambered warily to her feet and approached the closet door. “Daddy?” She asked in a small voice that made his heart constrict, “Are you mad at me?”

“Yes.” He ran a trembling hand through his hair. “What am I to do with you, Sarah?”

She shrugged, even though he couldn’t see her. Cautiously, she pushed the door open with the palm of her hand. The light blinded her for a moment, and she had to squint. In that moment, her father drew her into his arms and placed a series of feverish kisses along her jaw.

Sarah thrilled to his touch, but she was afraid too. Would it hurt much, when he put it into her?


“Shhh, sweetie. It’s going to be okay.” He whispered into her ear, licking and sucking at her earlobe, lightly nipping it until chills raced up and down her arms. “Do you know what you do to me?” He murmured. “Do you know how turned on I was earlier, knowing you were watching me?”

He pushed Sarah away from him then, because his cock was growing hard pressed against her flat belly, and it made him feel guilty. “It’s wrong Sarah. I’m your father and it’s wrong. So why do you continue to tempt me?” He caressed her white blonde curls, rubbing his hand over her head. “You’re my little angel and what I did to you yesterday…” His voice trailed away to nothing, hand gently stroking and petting at the soft, silken strands.

Sarah lifted her head and gazed into her father’s eyes. “You enjoyed yesterday, daddy.” She cupped her hand over his, stilling it. “I enjoyed it too. I can’t explain it. I don’t know why, but I want you daddy. I want you to do to me what you did with her.” She pressed her other hand against the cock that strained against the cotton robe. It grew beneath her hand, making her eyes widen. She gasped at the sensation. It was as if that part of her father was a living, separate entity. She wanted to know it completely. She wanted to worship it.

Her daddy’s eyes closed and he suppressed a groan. Pleased, Sarah rubbed her hand over it again. “I want that part of you,” she said as she took the hand under hers and lowered it to her abdomen “inside here.” She wasn’t brave enough to take it all the way down. Her heart tripped and skipped frantically inside her ribcage. Her mouth was dry and the fast pulse fluttered in the artery at her neck. What would he do now?

David took a deep, calming breath and opened his eyes. “Baby girl, you know we shouldn’t…”

He was relenting! Sarah continued to caress her father’s cock, wrapping her small hand around it…trying to…it was too large for her to grasp comfortably in one hand. She needed to use both. So she left her father’s hand alone castajans porno and low on her belly. She pushed the robe aside and stared a moment at her daddy’s dick, admiring its size and firmness.

Her pussy ached at the sight of her father’s sex, her juices slipping out thickly and making her upper thighs sticky. Her mouth watered as she wrapped both hands around his cock’s thick width and squeezed gently yet firmly. It pulsed again, growing even harder and jutting arrogantly up toward her innocent face, straining in vain for those pink lips that were so far away.

“I’m eighteen years old. I saved myself for you, daddy.” Sarah said quietly, watching the expressions of pleasure ripple over his face. “I want this. I want you. Don’t make me beg.”

He looked drugged, drugged with desire for the forbidden, the taboo. His green eyes glowed and narrowed on his daughter’s dainty countenance. If only she looked eighteen, maybe it would be easier. She was so tiny, and still too close to the image of his little baby girl; it created an intoxicating cocktail of guilt and want inside him.

“Beg?” He caught on that word. It made him hornier, the thought of making his daughter beg for it. He took hold of her wrists, tender as opposed to rough as he’d been with Lorraine, and he pressed those small resisting hands away from his member.

“Sweetheart, if you’re so hot for daddy’s cock, then you’d be willing to beg for it. Will you beg your papa for another taste?” His voice roughened, but his hands were still careful not to hurt her. She curled her captive hands into fists, pressing her lips together and frowning up at him.

“Do you want me to beg for it, daddy?”

David smiled slightly, “Get down on your knees, girl. Beg for your daddy’s cock and maybe he’ll let you touch it again.”

Sarah fell to her knees in front of him, feeling deja vue wash over her. He still held her wrists, now they were lifted above her head. The position forced her chest out and her plump, perky tits pressed against her top. It was white, a thin nylon material that hid nothing. Every curve was outlined, and when her nipples hardened every detail was visible beneath the cloth.

Her father eyed them hotly. “Where did you get that shirt?”

“Do you like it?” She responded coyly, pressing her chest further out and wiggling so that they jiggled ever so slightly. She’d seen Lorraine do this before, with more dramatic effects because the lady’s chest was significantly larger. But the look in daddy’s eyes eased Sarah’s insecurities. He liked what he saw, and that was enough.

“Beg now.” He said gruffly.

Sarah obeyed. She looked up into her papa’s intense eyes and said, “Daddy, please let me touch it. I want to so much. Please, I’ll be good. I promise. Just let me touch your cock. Let me kiss it, daddy. Please.”

David held his cock in one hand, jerked off for a moment while his daughter continued to plead with him, her eyes now fixed on the member in front of her. “Okay, baby. Just a little taste, and if you’re good you’ll get more.”

“Oh thank you daddy! Thank you! I’ll be good.” Sarah was fervent, so obviously hungry for it.

He guided his cock to her mouth and brushed the tip lightly over her lips, leaving the gleam of pre-come glistening there. He withdrew. “Lick your lips.”

Sarah obeyed, flicking her tongue first over the upper lip and then over the lower. She was thorough and lapped up every last drop. “Daddy, you taste yummy. Please give your good little girl more. Please daddy! I’ll do anything you want.”

He guided his cock to her mouth again and rubbed the head over her lips, pressing slowly into them until the head was buried within his daughter’s mouth. It seemed impossible, but she’d forgotten how delicious it was. It tasted different though, muskier.

“Do you taste that, sweetheart? Do you know what that is?” Her father asked as he languidly pressed more and more of his cock into her mouth. She widened her lips and licked at it.

“You’re tasting Lorraine’s pussy juice. Do you like it? Is it yummy too?” His dick popped out of her mouth and rapped against her cheek while she nodded, wide-eyed.

“Lick it all off, baby girl. Get your daddy’s cock nice and clean before he fucks your brains out.”

He still held himself at the base. His daughter stuck out her tongue and lapped it like she’d lick at a lolly pop. She made happy noises in her throat as she licked every inch of his hard, veined cock.

“That’s right, clean it all off.” He encouraged her, watching the red tongue snake across his turgid length. “Now the balls. Be a good girl and clean papa’s balls.” Sarah obeyed, sucking as much as she could very gently into her mouth and sucking softly. They hardened as well, drawing up tight. She licked all around them, and even into the crevice at his buttocks.

Daddy moaned and pulled her head back. Sarah had a fleeting moment to stare at daddy’s immense organ as it bobbed in front of her face. She trembled bangbros porno inside.

“Open wide.” He warned, swiftly shoving his cock all the way into her mouth, touching the back of her throat and making her gag. She was ready for this. She was hungry for it and she devoured as much of her daddy’s cock as he would give her.

He held the back of her head as he pumped savagely into her hot, tiny mouth. “Look at me, sweetheart.” He said. Sarah obediently rolled her eyes up so that her father could look into them. They were the clean, pure blue of a cloudless summer sky. And beneath them, her petite pink lips were forced open, his engorged cock slipping wetly between them, stuffing her mouth with it. He knew that if he kept this up long enough, her jaws would ache and become sore.

He moved his hand from the back of her head and instead cupped her jaw, fingers digging into her bulging cheeks. He could feel his dick beneath the flesh as it pumped at her mouth. Her eyes were shining. She choked and gagged on him, but her eyes only revealed pleasure and adoration.

Suddenly he stopped though, sliding his cock from her mouth and pressing Sarah down onto her back. He grabbed her shirt and tore it from her chest, releasing her dainty tits with their hard little nipples. He leaned over her, pressing his cock into the sleek skin of her belly as he kneaded and rolled her breast.

Daddy’s dick was hot and heavy on her tummy while his hands worked magic with her breasts. Sarah moaned and shifted restlessly beneath him. He lowered his head and suckled her. Sharp sparks of pleasure spiraled through Sarah’s body.

Helplessly, she arched her back and cried out, “Daddy, yes!”

His hand wandered down her belly as he sucked and nipped her tits, panting and trying to take it slow. It was her first time. He had to go slow. His calloused fingers slipped Sarah’s pants down over her slender hips and then pressed against her cunt. He nearly came then, from the feel of his daughter’s furry snatch beneath his questing fingers. They dipped between the folds of flesh and found her wet, ready.

He rubbed at her clit, making her moan more, and he lifted above her, watching his daughter’s face as he slipped one finger into her impossibly tight pussy. Her eyes flew open and she mewled a little, it was a kitten sound.

“How does that feel, baby girl?” Daddy asked quietly, intent on his daughter’s every expression while he slipped his middle finger deep into her cunt. He palmed her with his finger inside, rubbing the sensitive clit.

“It hurts!” She gasped. Then, “Ohhhh, it feels good.”

David smiled. “Give daddy a kiss.” He bent down and pressed his lips to his daughter’s. He parted them with his tongue and kissed her deep while he finger fucked her until she came. Her first orgasm slammed over her, drowning her. She moaned and gasped and cried into her father’s rapacious mouth, his tongue devouring each sound she made.

Her hips were rocking and shifting so sweetly, rubbing his cock into a state of painful arousal. He lifted his sodden finger and broke the kiss, holding it between their mouths.

“Taste your come, sweetie.”

Sarah obeyed, taking daddy’s finger into her mouth and lapping her salty come off it. His knee pressed her legs open and he settled himself between them. Daddy pulled his wet finger from her mouth and rubbed it over her nipples.

She felt his cock, so immense and burning hot between her young thighs. She didn’t recognize daddy at all now. He looked like a stranger, possessed, as he guided the head of his cock between the lips of his daughter’s lush cunt.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Sarah. Are you ready for this? Are you ready for your daddy’s cock?”

Her eyes clouded with desire. “Yes! Yes, please fuck me daddy! Fuck your little girl!”

And with that, he shoved into her. She yelped in pain as he broke through her hymen. Sarah could feel blood oozing down her thighs. She hurt. There was nothing but pain and tearing. Daddy was too big.

She shook her head, eyes filling with tears that made everything blurry. “Stop daddy! Stop! You’re too big!” She pushed ineffectually at his shoulders. He didn’t stop. He kept pressing his huge cock further and further into her tight little hole.

“Please daddy!” Tears streamed down her cheeks. He bent and licked at the fiery trails.

“Daddy can’t stop.” He muttered. “And daddy will fit. The pain passes, baby. Just hang on.” He drank her tears and buried himself fully into her. She was so tight, so hot and so sweet that he lost control. Her muscles were clutching him involuntarily, squeezing her father’s dick in a deliciously constrictive embrace.

He pumped at her furiously, holding her hands above her head. David stared down at her breasts as they quivered and jerked under each savage thrust, her entire body rocking from the impact of his cock slamming hard into her womb. She moaned and cried and begged and pleaded as her daddy’s cock tore at her insides, stretching her impossibly wide.

But eventually the pain did ease, and another sensation replaced it. She was still tender, and the pain was still there, but pleasure stole in as well…a strange, foreign kind of pleasure that had something to do with the size of him and how he filled her so completely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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