Sarah’s Diary – Entry 13-15

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Entry 13: Breakfast and Sex

The events here were from the following Friday, just to answer what more than a few people were asking me on Reddit. Even though my period was about a week late I took the test and I wasn’t pregnant after that first time. Part of me was a bit disappointed but mostly I was relieved at not having to panic knowing we had been careful ever since. Anyway, here’s what happened that day. It was a little different in terms of how we usually jumped into sex, he was actually more romantic about it. Usually after we make love I’m happy, ecstatic and joyous but yesterday was more than that. Power was out so school was canceled but it started out early in the morning with quite a nice wake up.

I was sleeping in my t-shirt and panties when I felt my brother slip into my bed behind me, a soft whisper in my ear telling me I was the sexiest girl in the world and he started describing what he liked about my chest slowly and vividly. He talked about how he loved the pale white skin being cupped in his fingers and how much he enjoyed the small pink nipples between his lips as his hands were slowly going up my shirt and starting to massage my boobs and gently brushing his fingers over my nipples.

The warm touch of his hands as he cupped them and started giving them a firm massage, slow and steadily adding a little pressure here and there felt really good. It was especially great when he started to keep my nipples held between his fingers and pulling ever so softly with a light pinch, I had to let out a low whimper of pleasure. I was really excited he was actually paying so much attention to my chest as it’s gotten a little more sensitive recently and I’ve become more in tune feeling pleasure from it.

He kissed along my neck and back of my shoulder as I let him feel me up for a bit before I smiled and turned over to look up at him. I was already pretty wet between my thighs as I turned to see he had a bright smile on his face, more excited than usual , grabbing my hand and asking me to come with him. I wasted no time and followed him to the living room where I was awestruck at a wonderful but simple breakfast display setup. Waffles are like my favorite breakfast food in the world and he had made several chocolate chip and blueberry ones. Also eggs, bacon some oatmeal and some sausage and biscuits.

I asked him what it was for and he just said he wanted to make sure I knew how much he cared about me. I was hungry but I wanted him, so bad, I couldn’t wait. Normally I’d never do anything in the living room because it’s so close to our front door but I wasn’t waiting as i jumped onto the couch and tore my shirt off. I lay there for a bit facing up at him, teasing him to come get me , my figure mostly exposed besides a thin pair of white underwear and laughed as he started kissing his way down my body and slipping my panties off so I was on full display for him.

I reached down between my legs and gently rubbed my clit and with two fingers spread my pussy open slightly to draw him in. His eyes were taking me in, I could tell he didn’t know quite where to start because his gaze kept going from my lips to my boobs to between my legs, glistening and ready for him, I was so horny I just wanted to jump him but I told him to wait and go back to my room and grab a condom from what was left in my drawer. As he came back in he slowly slipped his shirt off and his underwear down as he approached me trying to be sexy.

My eyes couldn’t leave his body, I love the faint outline of muscle he has, not bulky but just enough to see his ab definition and his eyes looked at me so happily. His cock was as hard as ever, it looked bigger than usual and I had to lick my lips thinking about it but I knew I wanted him to fuck me now, even if it meant him cumming a little sooner. I laid back letting him take me completely naked and smiled up at him getting closer until he started started to run his fingers along my stomach and inner thighs , teasing me a bit as I watched his cock twitch and shake with striking Maltepe Escort force and I couldn’t resist.

I sat up quickly slipping part of his length through my lips and started swirling my tongue gently around his head in small circles before pulling him out and planting several small kisses along the shaft. He grunted and pushed me gently back and put the condom on quickly them grabbed my legs toward him as I yelped excitedly and laughed. I felt the familiar pressure as he popped his head in and started to penetrate slowly in. He felt so much harder without using the lube or him giving me oral first and I felt the thickness throb as he went in deep as I let out a small groan.

With a few more minutes he had me as he started thrusting in a deep penetrating rhythm, grinding his waist against mine as I felt my body get hotter and muscles start to twitch a little on him inside me, my inner walls were gripping pretty tightly then all of a sudden he stopped and said he was close. I felt him pull out and looked up at his face and asked where he wanted to cum on his naughty big sister. He looked a bit nervous and as he scrambled around for a bit with his hands and took the condom off without saying anything.

I felt his usual large amount of cum start to cover me. I was almost too in awe to move as he bucked his waist towards me and I pulled him close telling him to keep cumming for me. I was so excited by him, by the fact that I was why he was making such a mess. Two strands shot pretty far and hit my face from between my legs and four more covered my boobs and my belly as I instinctively reached out my hand and slowly squeezed the rest out onto my belly.

I couldn’t help but notice he was still semi hard and I was still so horny it was like I was possessed as I moved him back to between my pussy lips. I heard him mumble “sis what are you do..” but he was cut off as I started to slide him back inside me. He had already cum so I wasn’t too worried. I let him have it, and bucked my hips onto him until he pulled away saying he was too sensitive. I didn’t get to cum from it but we had an amazing breakfast and I couldn’t stop thinking about it, I masturbated to him twice later that day. I’m so in love and addicted to how amazing our sex feels I can’t imagine ever stopping for too long. I really wish I could convince my mom to get me on birth control or I might be in serious trouble one day.

Entry 14: Rabbits, Mmm

That following Saturday thanks to my new credit card I finally got my first sex toy in the mail, I’m pretty sure I was blushing when the FedEx guy gave me the small box because I knew exactly what was in it and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I had been thinking about my brother all day and I had just started my period which was making me really horny for whatever reason. I wasn’t sure about him doing anything with me today because of our parents being around so I decided to be on my own while he was at the gym and our parents were in other rooms.

I took it from him and quickly tried opening it with my fingers and eventually got a pocket knife from my brothers room and cut it open then tore open the box inside to see my beautiful new pink friend. I had heard plenty stories from Amy about how good this made her feel sometimes and my mom had one so it had to be pretty good. I checked to see if it had batteries and brought out some new ones just in case. For those wondering its called a jackrabbit or rabbit and I didn’t want it dying my first time.

I was alone for a few hours so I knew this was the time to try it all alone and relaxed. I thought of my brothers hands touching me, his strong fingers gliding along my skin, his hot breath on my neck as I slowly stripped off all my clothes and laid down gently on my head pillow, propping my upper body up a little with a sit-up pillow so I could look down. I admired the shape of it, a soft penis looking center piece, two rabbit ears attached to a vibrating top over it and this third section that looked a little like a rattle Anadolu Yakası Escort snake tail, I wasn’t 100% sure how to use it all so I played with the buttons until the shaft part filled with these orb things and started spinning around.

Imagining my brothers cock I pressed it gently against my pussy lips as my free hand was cupping my right breast and my fingers massaged my nipple gently. I pushed it in a little and just past the tip so the spinning middle was just barely inside and it felt really good as I felt myself tighten around it but get pushed open slightly with the thick spin. It was like it was pushing in but also around and god it felt good. I put my fingers in my mouth and got them a bit wet with saliva and started fantasizing while pushing it in so the entire spinning shaft was inside and I let out quite a loud moan as my wet fingers traced down my stomach playfully towards my clit rubbing it softly.

I reached down and turned on the switch for the vibrating ears on the toy and watched it, quite turned on as I pushed it pretty far inside and pushed the vibrating ears to the point they were hugging my clit. The feeling of being filled and my walls getting touched while my clit was vibrating was almost too much to bare and it was on a relatively low setting. I hadn’t felt quite so good before and my body was hot and shaking, small drops of sweat were dripping down my face and I couldn’t stop several loud moans, im so glad I was alone.

As I got more excited with each thrust i got more turned on by the moment until I came, hard, I could feel myself squeezing around the shaft , my pussy wouldn’t stop trembling and my clit was throbbing and when I stopped shaking long enough to remove it , it was soaked. Ever curious and very turned on I decided to suck on it a bit and taste myself and wasn’t disappointed at all. It was sweet and sour tart taste , I had to sigh in pleasure just the thought. It also gave me an idea of having my brother use it on me sometime. Definitely worth every cent.

Entry 15: Exploring

The next Sunday I was sitting in bed very early morning and knew I had to work on some school project files and decided to relax for a bit before I did them. I went to lay down for a bit and fell asleep pretty fast from being so worn the previous day. I woke up when I got a text from my brother that was a small clip of him at the gym in the lockers saying he missed me and taking his shirt off then blowing a kiss. It was a simple and short clip but it got me hot seeing him, sweating and breathing hard outlines the features of his steadily growing muscle.

I had to start touching my body , letting my hands brush over the soft t shirt I was wearing slowly going over my boobs and down to my tummy and decided to put on some porn because I knew I should be alone for a good while. I put on the first thing that came up which was some girl breaking into her friends house so her friends dad had sex with her as punishment I guess. Despite the ridiculous story the girl was really cute and the guy was alright so I forgave the terrible setup as I ran my hands gently across my boobs again in my shirt, squeezing them a little and rubbing my nipples through the cloth.

I let my right hand go down my body across my stomach and ran a finger gently along my panty line before pulling it back up slowly , lifting my shirt off as I went. I looked down while I grabbed my boobs a bit more , my skin was still pretty pale white from not being in the sun for a while so my bright pink nipples stood out pretty heavily against it. I have never liked them but I’m learning to and as I gazed along my stomach and reached a hand down into my panties , I started rubbing two fingers along my pussy lips then back up across my clit lightly teasing it.

I felt amazing just letting myself zone out into the pleasure and kept rubbing along my upper body as the movie kept playing. It got to a point where her bent her over a chair and started licking along and into her ass and she at least İstanbul Escort looked like she was loving it. It made me think back to the quick lick my dad had given mom in their video and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. What would it feel like to play with my ass? Eventually I took a breath started rubbing a hand along my ass over my panties as I moved to lay down on my side.

After some time just squeezing my butt and getting more excited I slipped off my underwear and my shirt so I was completely naked and lay down on my tummy a bit so my butt was up in the air as I reached back a hand and slipped two along pussy lips, being careful not to go inside because of my period. I watched myself in the mirror in my room as I heard the moans coming off my computer I felt so horny, just thinking of what my brother would do to me if he found me like that. I was so turned on at the thought and because of the two scenarios I was thinking about I decided to try something new.

I could hear how wet was even just rubbing down my lips and feel the warmth emanating as I groaned at the feeling of slipping my fingers up and down just over myself slowly at first, then a bit faster. My hips started grinding into my fingers going along the slit as I felt myself squeezing small drops of my juices were falling down my thigh, the moans coming from the girl turning me on even more as I reached my free hand next to my bed table and stopped for a moment to put a little lube on my fingers then reached back and gently rubbed some between my ass.

I was going to try it, I thought to myself as I put the bottle back and got into my position again, my fingers going back to my pussy and resuming their motion as I rubbed my newly lubed finger just over my asshole, rubbing in small circles around it feeling my body tingle at the new sensation. As I kept going it felt better and better and I had to know, I kept going and took a deep breath and slipped a little of it inside. The first thing I noticed was how tight it felt, just like when my brother had first gone inside my pussy I could barely move around much but I could feel it almost pushing towards my vagina as I pressed down and it felt amazing.

I didn’t go far, just spread the lube around inside a little and I couldn’t help letting out a loud moan. Thank god no one was there because I probably would have woke the house up. As the two fingers kept slipping along my pussy and the one on my other was exploring my ass, I began to feel the familiar warmth and pleasure as I knew my orgasm was coming. I kept going and bent over a bit more so my ass was a little more in the air and I could get my whole finger in. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought going all the way in but I figured my fingers are pretty small.

I watched myself in my bedroom mirror thinking about how naughty I was being, looking at myself on full display as I reached my fingers up and finally rubbed my clit that was aching for attention. My body writhed in pleasure and my ass was shaking taking my finger in, it felt so good, so warm and so exposing. Pretty soon my orgasm rushed over me and took me heavily to the point where I collapsed shaking in pleasure into a wet mess.

My body shook and I couldn’t stop my moans as I watched myself trembling in the mirror god I was so turned on. I couldn’t move without a rush of pleasure going through me, but luckily I managed to turn off the porn video and throw a blanket on because my mom came home almost immediately after I was halfway through my orgasm and as she was passing my room opened my door and asked what the smell was. I said I didn’t know , naked under my blanket and still shaking as she went in to her room.

I thought to myself there’s no way it smells that strongly in here then noticed how soaked my sheets were, covered with my juices and drops of blood clearly on them thanks to Mother Nature. It actually was a pretty strong sex smell but I’m hoping she either didn’t notice or didn’t really mind, either way, it was a pretty amazing experience and I couldn’t help but wonder what letting him play with me back there would feel like. It was an intriguing thought that kept me happy the rest of the day, but I think I’ll keep it a secret from my brother for now , don’t want to get him too excited about something I’m not sure I’m ready for.

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