Sara’s Embarrassment Continues

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Sara was in agony as being left on the edge of orgasm like this was torture.

She heard Mark coming up the steps and sensed that he had second thoughts about leaving her in this condition. Through the door way she saw that it was not Mark but their neighbor Tom Wilson who had a look of utter astonishment on his face.

“Mark said you were some kind of trouble Sara.” he stammered.

“I had no idea. I am so sorry.”

Sara pleaded, “No Tom don’t leave me. Mark is playing some kind of silly game and he just left me like this.”

Tom look down at her in her predicament. Sara was totally nude with her arms tied up to the headboard. Her legs were spread open too also tied at the ankles. She could not hide her open slit now still wet from her earlier arousal from tom’s view.

“You have no idea how embarrassed I am Tom. I don’t know what to say.”

Tom tried to be understanding despite feeling a strong erection growing as a result of seeing her so exposed.

“I want to help you any way I can. Just tell me what you want me to do.”

Sara had never thought of Tom in a sexual way before but under these circumstances it was hard not to. She noticed the bulge in his shorts and knew it was from seeing her like this. It aroused her to think of her body exciting him.

Her mind was racing and she thought that perhaps a bit of teasing would be fun.

“It is Casibom painful to have my wrists tied like this Tom. If you could just undo the silk scarves I would be very grateful.”

Tom reached over and untied her. He noticed how her nipples were becoming hard now and wondered if she was into this humiliation.

“There that ought to help you.” He watched as she stretched out her arms and relieve the stiffness. She bent over and undid the ties at her ankles.

Sara made no attempt to cover herself and sat up and looked over at him.

“You are a life saver Tom. I am in your debt.”

Sara felt arousal coming over he again and her pussy began to tingle. She watched Tom take all of this in as the bulge in his shorts looked even larger.

“You know Mark and I had a big fight actually. He resents me having any sexual interest even on a fantasy level about other men. I was on the computer chatting with a cyber friend when he surprised me. Don’t you think that is unreasonable?”

Tom had mixed feeling about this. His own wife Karen was into online chat. She had told him up front that she sometimes had sexy chats with other men. She had a web cam she used as well. He did not like it but Karen was a strong willed woman and did as she pleased anyway, so he figured why fight it. It seemed harmless enough.

“I think we need to be tolerant of each others needs. Karen Casibom Giriş chats online some times. I figure it is doesn’t do any real harm.”

“I should get you to talk to Mark.”

Sara had still not covered up. Tom was quite taken with her body and always had been. Karen was on the plain side, very small breasted and lean with not any curves. He noticed how nicely trimmed Sara was below. Her pussy was completely bare and he was able to see her most intimate parts.

“I have to tell you Sara you are a very attractive women. I am getting a little turned on with you here like this.”

Sara played dumb as if she was not well aware of her effect on him.

“Really Tom? I was so distressed with you finding me like this I am still in a bit shocked. So tell me what do you think is so attractive about me? Karen is a very pretty woman.”

She faced him more directly now and made sure he could clearly see her pussy.

“You just have a way about you. Like you seem to really take care of your body. with grooming and all. Karen does not keep her self trimmed like you, well i mean smooth like you.”

Sara looked down at her pussy to further draw attention to it.

“Oh silly you Tom. I actually am in need of a shave there as it is a bit stubbly. Because I am blond it does not show so much. Here feel my mound area and you will see?”

Tom could not Casibom Yeni Giriş believe what she just said but took her up o her suggestion. His fingers softly rubbed the mound above her open lips. His cock was rigid as can be now and her smile as her tested her stubble was melting him.

“My hair does not seem to grow as quickly along the sides. I think that is kind of weird. Here feel there and you will see what I mean.”

She was referring him to her outer labia. At this point Sara was oozing wetness which was now covering them. She longed to feel his touch. He moved his fingers down from her bare mound and gently rubbed the edges or her outer lips. Sara moaned softly as he did so and turned so that his fingers were now in her hot slit.

“Touch me all over Tom. I am so aroused by this.”

Tom had done this to Karen many times but Sara was so wet and responsive. He tickled the edges of her lips, teasing her and watched her squirm. Her breathing quickened and her whole body was responding to his touch. But now Tom lowered his head to her open pussy and with his tongue began to softly lick her lips , gently sucking on them as he did.

Her response was electric. She moaned louder and begged him to make her cum.

Tom moved his tongue up to her swollen clit and put his whole mouth over it. He sucked very softly at first and then applied more pressure, feeling it start to quiver and throb. Her orgasm came almost violently. She had been on edge so long that it exploded from her. Her whole body shook with spasms coming over her, engulfing her in pleasure. Mark will never know what a favor he had done for her.

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