Saturday Morning Ch. 2

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Jon ran his tongue over her lips, his hips moving in slow circles as his cock came back to life. Tess moaned softly, her body soft. She smiled sweetly, lashing her tongue out to tease his lips. He bit lightly at her tongue. She pushed up against him, his dick now rock hard inside her still wet pussy. Jon pulled back, his cock coming out of her with an audible ‘pop’. A slight frown crossed her face.

“Jon… ” she pouted as she reached up to try to pull him down to her.

He sat up, crouching between her thighs.

“No, Tess.” He leaned down, his body pressed close, whispering against her lips. “Did you like that? Did you find pleasure in your brother’s cock?” He rubbed up against her suggestivly. “I think you did”

She gasped, her body tense. It was if she hadn’t just fucked him. She was hot and wet and eager all over again.
“Tell me you didn’t like it, and I’ll go away.”

He teased his cock against her thigh, leaving a shiny trail of cum down her skin.

“Just tell me you didn’t like it when I shoved my cock into you, made you cum…” He leaned back to look down at her.

Tess met his eye and licking her lips she replied, czech experiment porno

“No, I want you to do it again. I need you to fuck me, Jon, please.”

She arched her back up at him, rubbing against him suggestively, her skin hot and silky.

“Ahh yes, but I don’t think you deserve to be fucked again. I think you need to be reminded that you are here for my pleasure, my release.”

He slid back down her body and grabbed her hands, pulling them above her head. Her body stretched, her hips still firmly beneath his own. He pulled a pair of her stockings from the floor and tied her wrists to the bedposts. She tugged lightly at them, but they held tight, keeping her from moving her arms in any way. Jon looked down at her, his eyebrow raised.

“I think this is better, no?” He trailed his finger down her neck, watching her breath catch as he teased at the hollow of her throat. “I think you need to learn that you are nothing more then a vessel for my own pleasure.”

A worried look crossed her face for a second before Jon leaned down and bit her lip lightly.

“Just relax, and leave your hands czech first porno video out of my way…”

He squeezed her hands and slid his hands down the insides of her arms and lightly over her shoulders. He teased down her breasts, stopping to pinch her nipples. He twisted lightly, watching her face as she gasped with pleasure. He pulled her nipples, the skin taunt, her body tense.

His hands continued down, teasing under the skin of her breasts, over her stomach, tickling her belly button. They teased over the edge of her public hair, tugging lightly. He shifted, moving down to her thighs, tickling up and then down, constantly teasing. Tess squirmed in the bed, her head thrashing back and forth.

“Please… Jon…” She whimpered.

He moved his hands up over her knees, teasing the soft flesh under them. Jon reached up to tweak her nipples again, this time harder. She gasped.

“No talking, when I want you to beg, I’ll tell you to.”

He licked at her nipple, rolling his tongue around the stiff little point. His hand worked the other nipple, tugging and pulling. Her skin blushed red and czech game porno she moaned softly. His cock, still hard, was pressed against her stomach. He pushed against her, his cock sliding over her skin. She moaned softly, her body arching up. Jon slid up her body until her cock rested between her breasts. He leaned down and released her hands, placing them on the sides of her breasts.

“Push.” He demanded.

Tess looked wary for a moment before pushing her breasts together, his cock sandwiched between them. Jon smiled down at her before rocking his hips, his cock sliding between her breasts, the head popping out at the top. Tess gasped as he began to pump in earnest, his hips pistoning between her tits.

She pushed her breasts together harder, squeezing his cock. He moaned, breathing hard, his hands on her shoulders as he pumped her. He threw back his head, gasping as he came. His cum shot out, hitting the top of her breasts and shoulders and splattering against her face. The pearly white ropes landing on her lips, the swell of her breasts. He smiled as he finished, sliding down her body, leaning down to lick her lips, tasting his own cum on her.

“Do you see now?” He asked, “All for me, mine. My toy…”

Tess purred as she pulled his down to kiss her again. She squirmed, grinding her hips against his. She was still hot and wet. She was eager to feel him inside of her again, stretching her pussy.

“Yes…” she said.

(To be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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