Savannah’s Hypnotic Socks Pt. 22

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Chapter 26

Walking out of the salon the uber was still parked out front, but the driver was nowhere to be seen. Roxanne was instantly concerned where did he go? And more importantly how long would she have to wait out here in the open with Savannah holding her leash? It was nerve wrecking, but Savannah didn’t seem the least bit concerned.

A couple about their age walked by arm in arm. Roxanne did her best to just look down to the ground and avoid eye contact. Despite her efforts to try and stay as unsuspicious as she could it was for nothing. She could hear the shocked gasps and make out whispered words like “freaky”, “stinks” and “pussy.” It caused her pussy to throb intensely.

“You know Roxy, they are right. You really stink horribly like Suzan’s pussy. I know you probably get off on that kind of stuff, but I have a reputation to keep up as well. I don’t even want to think about the fact that those people probably think my pussy stinks this bad. Next time when you get your tongue up a stinking slit, I think you better go wash your face, so people won’t have the wrong idea about me.” Savannah scolded her making the throbbing on her pussy even worse.

“I’m sorry for embarrassing you Goddess. Maybe we could go back inside, and I could wash my face for you.” Roxanne meekly replied, she knew excuses wouldn’t take with her Goddess and besides if it could grant her a chance to wash Susan’s gross juices off her face then it would be all worth it.

“Hmmm, maybe later. The driver is coming back so we should get going.” Savannah said seemingly considering it. Roxanne looked up and there he was indeed. It looked like he had had an even worse time as she could see a few ropes of cum covering his face from across the street. Sticky mess he was trying to wipe off with a tissue but failing to do so thoroughly.

With a hung head and a blush, he silently walked to the driver’s seat and got in. When the two girls got in, he was just wiping his face with a few wet wipes. It was clear that he was used to getting cum on his face by now.

“Hey asshole, can we have a few of those? Roxy here is in desperate need of some face washing as well.” Savannah said. The driver didn’t respond any other than to just hand them the package of wipes. He knew not to mess with this woman. Besides he was relieved, he had managed to make just enough just now. Right before the transaction time. He didn’t know how he knew it, but somehow he knew he should make 500 bucks or bad things would follow. That he had found out the hard way at the start of the week.

Roxy was grateful to have something to wipe her face with. At least now she could smell fresh lemon instead of Suzan’s stinking pussy. Even though the smell of pussy on her face aroused her she still preferred this smell to it, and she guessed everyone around her did too.

Apart from Savannah constantly feeling her up the car ride was pretty uneventful. At least until Roxy noticed they weren’t headed back for the dorm. Instead they were headed for another part of the city. It made Roxy nervous. While she knew that going home just meant worshipping Savannah until it was time to go to bed, she way preferred that over going out in the open. At least no one saw her when they were alone. That and she had grown quite fond of worshipping her Goddess.

Eventually they pulled up in front of a building with a big pink neon sign reading sex shop out front. It only increased Roxanne’s nerves. No matter what they were doing here she didn’t like it. She had never entered a sex shop before in her life, but it looked like that was about to change as Savannah took a tight hold of her leash and dragged her out of the car with her.

Upon entering the store Roxanne was surprised by how modern and huge it looked. She had somewhat suspected a shady small store with a few sex toys, this was more like a department store one filled with everything ranging from simple condoms to huge alien like dildos and everything in between. Behind the counter stood a pretty, but rather eccentric girl who couldn’t be older than her late twenties.

She had neon pink hair, shaved on one side, hanging straight down to her shoulder on the other side. At 5’7″ she was considerably taller than Roxy, yet smaller than Savannah. Not that she looked smaller since she was standing on a pair of the tallest stiletto heels Roxy had ever seen. They were patent pink in colour, matching her latex pink mini dress and hair. Completing her outfit, she wore a pair of sheer white stockings which tops were visible.

With the visible tattoos and piercings, the words to best describe this woman would be a fetish punk barbie if you asked Roxy. Seeing the two girls enter her store she came to greet them. “Welcome back Savannah, and you must be Roxy right?” She greeted them.

Roxy looked completely taken a back by this woman’s assertiveness and the fact that she seemed to know them. Even Savannah looked surprised. “What? You didn’t think Ankara escort I would remember you? I remember nearly all my customers, at least the ones who were up for a talk instead of the majority who comes here for some quick anonymous shopping, and you Roxy, who do you think engraved your food bowl and that tag on your collar?” The woman explained herself.

Savannah’s surprised look instantly turned to a big smile she hadn’t expected to be remembered last time she went her, but she sure liked it. She liked the no nonsense kinkiness of this woman in particular. “Well Chelsea it’s nice to be back here. I’m also glad I can show you your work in action.” Savannah said giving a firm tug on the leash to drag a blushing Roxy in front of her between the two of them.

Chelsea took a step forward, coming too close in Roxy’s comfort zone yet the girl remained in place. She didn’t dare move between these two intimidating women. Taking Roxy’s chin Chelsea lifted it up and stared right into her blushing face with a smile. Her gaze then went down as she examined the tag on her collar.

“I’m glad I get to witness my work. Especially on such a cute little pet. You really should consider yourself lucky, I should hold onto this one. Real good loyal pets are hard to come by. Especially ones this pretty.” Chelsea said with a smirk.

Savannah smirked back what Chelsea said was very true, she had tried some before, but subs always had expectations as well. With how demanding she was wanting control 24/7, only being sweet when she felt like it. Those experiments never worked. She also never managed to get anyone this pretty in her life neither guys or girls. Not that it surprised her, she knew she wasn’t the most conventional attractive person and her character certainly didn’t help.

Those socks she had on the other hand those helped a ton. They were the best thing to ever happen to her. They had made it possible to turn her straight roommate into the most devout pet possible. They had helped her turn Roxy to be so dependant on her that she put up with everything she threw the girls way so in a sense it had been easy for her, but of course she couldn’t let that on.

“Oh I am not planning to leave my Roxy any time soon, but if one of us is lucky I think it’s her. Isn’t that right Roxy? I think it would be hard for anyone else to keep up with your insatiable perversions, right?” Savannah asked with a smirk, once again tricking Roxy in believing she was the lucky one. Even though she had moulded the girl this way to match her own insatiable perversion. Not that she would ever let on that she really needed this. Part of the fun was tricking Roxy into believing she should be grateful for all she was being put through.

“Yes Goddess, I’m a very lucky pet indeed, I don’t know what I would do without you. I need you.” Roxy replied proving that Savannah’s trickery had worked exactly as planned. She didn’t even need to make it up anymore. It had slowly become a firm belief of hers.

“Well in that case I am very happy that the two of you found each other. Apart form the collar I would have never guessed you were an insatiable perv Roxy, but you have definitely come to the right place. Here you can be yourself and find everything you want. Trust me I don’t judge.” Chelsea said with a warm smile.

While Chelsea herself had a dominant personality she wasn’t mean or cruel, she sometimes worked as a pro domme. She had had a few subs of her own as well, but for her the relationship always came first. It was more a game for her. It was about creating a good time for the two players while each satisfied a need. It was nothing like what Savannah and Roxy had, but both seemed to want the relationship, so she didn’t judge.

“Do you hear that Roxy, you can be yourself here. Now isn’t that a wonderful gesture? I know how much you’re dying to get out of that dress and crawl along like a real pet, just like at home. So why don’t you go ahead and take of that dress for us? At least if that’s okay for Chelsea.” Savannah said with a huge grin to a completely mortified Roxy. Doing it in the safety of their dorm was one thing, but in a sex shop in front of a woman she didn’t know was something completely different.

“Like I said, you can be yourself here. So if that is what you want then by all means knock yourself out and go for it. Beside I won’t object to a pretty pet crawling around in my store.” Chelsea replied with a big smile to a mortified Roxy.

“You heard her Roxy, take your dress off right now. I know you want to. I bet you’re already sopping wet just thinking about it you little slut. I know how much you love some good old humiliation.” Savannah said adding insult to injury.

To make it worse Savannah was right. She was so wet that some of her juices had started running down her inner thigh to soak into the stocking tops. Afterall she wasn’t wearing any panties to soak up the wetness.

Looking back and forth between her Ankara escort bayan Goddess and Chelsea Roxy knew she didn’t have a choice. Chelsea might let her keep the dress on if she really wanted, but Savannah would be pissed. The last thing she wanted was to anger Savannah so instead she slowly took off her dress, leaving her naked apart from her stocking’s socks and sneakers, revealing her newly shaped and coloured pubic bush.

“Good girl, now down on all fours.” Savannah said pointing her finger down at the ground beside her. Obediently Roxy followed the order getting down on the floor like a real pet, held by a leash at her Goddess’s side. Her pussy was sopping wet, but she felt mortified beyond belief.

“Such an obedient girl, she looks even better all naked and I can see it between her legs that you weren’t lying about her loving this treatment.” Chelsea smirked examining Roxy thoroughly. It made the girl very uncomfortable as she could feel the eyes burning in her naked skin. Examined just like a cute dog.

“If you want to you can have a feel.” Savannah replied with a smirk much to Roxy’s shock. Even animals weren’t treated like this and yet she was, to her shame her pussy only reacted by pulsing harder.

It made Chelsea laugh, but there was no way she was going to turn down this offer. Instead she kneeled down beside Roxy and rested her left hand on the girls lower back. With her right hand she slowly moved down over her buttocks, between her legs where she gently rubbed the girl’s insanely wet pussy. She then pulled back and wiped her hand on the girl’s butt.

Standing back up she addressed Savannah. “Oh you are right, I could simply feel her pulsing and getting even wetter as I felt her up, she surely seems to get off on humiliation big time.” Chelsea laughed informing Savannah as if Roxy couldn’t understand what they were saying anyways.

Being ignored like this and talked about only made her pussy start to leak even worse. “Roxy why don’t you thank the nice lady for letting her be yourself, after all Not everyone would allow it in a public space like this. Now go thank Miss Chelsea by planting a nice big kiss on her feet and and saying a nice big thank you.” Savannah ordered.

Still blushing fiercely Roxy did just that, kissing where the toe of this woman’s stiletto heels went over into stockings. While she was there, she tried to get a whiff of what this woman’s feet might smell like. It was hard to tell with her shoes still on. Still the act alone From Trying to get a whiff turned her on even more. “Thank you, Miss Chelsea, for allowing me to be myself in your shop.” She then said meekly.

To her surprise the store owner replied with an amused. “Oh my god did I just hear a subtle sniff When she was kissing my feet? Am I imagining it or did she really do so? That’s hilarious.” Chelsea said with her mind set on how this girl loved humiliation. She had instantly liked this gorgeous very well-behaved girl and she would make it her mission to give her the best lot exciting shopping experience she could.

In her mind that meant making this shopping experience as humiliating as possible for the girl. Normally if she noticed a reaction like this sniffing, she would let it pass or just be flattered, knowing she was dealing with a foot fetishist. For humiliation’s sake she couldn’t let this pass however.

Roxy was shocked that it had been noticed, mortified that she was caught in the act of trying to sniff another woman’s feet, yet her pussy was dripping. Savannah only made it worse by remarking. “Oh Yeah it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Roxy here has a huge foot fetish.”

“That’s actually how I first found out how much of a perv she was. I admit that my feet tend to smell pretty hard and Roxy here always complained about them. More often than not I caught her staring at my feet though. Then one day I caught her sniffing a pair of my worn panties after which she basically admitted that she loved to sniff my worn underwear. Especially my socks which she took up to her room to masturbate with.” Savannah continued.

“Now she has gotten so used to the privileged of being allowed to masturbate with my real feet planted against her face that she seems unable to cum any other way.” Savannah concluded her story as Chelsea burst out laughing. Roxy just wished for the ground to swallow her as she had never felt more embarrassed in her entire life. Even worse was the fact that she couldn’t deny it. As far as she knew that’s exactly how things had gone.

Still having it told from Savannah’s perspective to a stranger was humiliating beyond believe and all this because she hadn’t been able to keep herself from trying to get a whiff of Chelsea’s feet. She wasn’t even sure why she had done that in the first place. It wasn’t like she wanted to smell this woman’s feet. She had just been curious what they would smell like since she discovered all feet smelled very different and she had been confronted Escort Ankara with so many pairs already.

“Oh my god that’s hilarious, well tell you what Roxy, if you are very well behaved during your visit here and if you Goddess will allow it you can have a good whiff off my feet, a real sniff instead of trying to pick something up while kissing my feet.” Chelsea laughed.

“Well that is a very generous offer of yours Chelsea. She does have my permission. Now what do you think Roxy? Anything you would like to add?” Savannah replied with a smile. This Chelsea sure was something and she was loving the way she handled Roxy.

“That would be so wonderful. Thank you so very much for the proposition, it would be an honour to get to sniff your feet Miss Chelsea. I promise to be on my best behaviour.” A naked Roxy forced herself to say. She knew that anything, but grovelling gratefulness would not be tolerated.

“Anyways, I think the two of you didn’t come all the way out here so Roxy could get a chance to sniff my feet right? I wouldn’t mind if it was, but tell me, what exactly is it that you’re looking for?” Chelsea asked going over to business.

“Your right, the thing we actually came out here for is for sex, well more specifically I want to be able to fuck Roxy. We have made an important decision this weekend to make our relationship official so that we’re also girlfriends as in lovers to the outside world. Of course if I have a girlfriend I want to be able to fuck her, but I am lacking the parts if you catch my drift.” Savannah explained while Roxy listened on in shock. She had done a ton of things for Savannah, things she had never guessed she would do, but would she also give up her virginity to the girl?

Right now it sure as hell seemed like it, and she knew she couldn’t say no to her. Savannah didn’t take no for an answer. That much she had learned by now. There also hadn’t been any we in the decision to be public girlfriends going forward. Savannah had decided that on her own and just informed her about that it was going to happen.

“Oh then you’re in for a surprise, you have come to the exact right place. I know how it is to have a lack of parts so back in college I developed a special kind of strapon. It’s a bit like a feeldoe, but much better. Come I’ll show you.” Chelsea said excited. She sold a lot of toys on a daily basis, here and through her web shop, but selling one of her own always was extra exciting.

When Chelsea started walking into the store with Savannah following her, Roxy had no choice but to follow behind. The length of her leash didn’t allow for her to stray further than two feet from Savannah’s side.

A few moments later they stopped between two shelves stacked with strapon boxes. There were strapons of any sort, classic harnesses, some straps with a ring to attach a suction cup dildo to, feeldoes, there was even a bizarre harness with the mould of a foot screwed onto. Chelsea took one of the feeldoe looking strapons.

“This right here is one of my own designs. It is one of the more expensive strapons, but it is the very best. That I can assure you. I love using it myself and we’ve had a lot of very satisfied customers all over the world who specifically go for this model. Even some trans men who wear it all day long as it’s pretty much a prosthetic penis.” Chelsea explained with a bright smile. You could see in her eyes that she was very passionate about her product.

“The one I have here is for testing purposes. Of course it’s not for sex testing due to hygiene hazards, but getting to feel it and it’s features should give you a pretty good idea of what it does once you use it.” Chelsea explained getting the neon pink strapon out of the clearly already opened box. The first part looked like a real penis except for the colour it even had a scrotum like thing hanging underneath. It then took a sharp turn down and back up running into a big spongey looking upside-down teardrop form.

“Here we have it. this part goes into the pussy of the wearer. Due to its shape and the bend it stays in place even without strap. It only needs inserting and you’re ready to go. It’s made of a special self-sterilising spongy silicon component and it has a little pocket to encase the clit. Together with the pocket in the tip of the dildo part as well as along the entire shaft it stimulates real feelings.” Chelsea continues.

“With the gel in the outer layer of the dildo it feels nearly like a real cock to the one getting fucked. A hard core with a slightly somewhat compressible outer layer. Those compressions communicate with the wears end. The more gel gets pushed back the more the tear and clit part swell. Here, why don’t you insert your pink in the clit pocket and rest your palm on the tip of the tear.” Chelsea said to Savannah who followed the storeowner’s lead.

Now that Savannahs hand was in place Chelsea started stroking the dildo part. “Oh my god this is amazing.” Savannah exclaimed as she felt the tear swell and shrink in her hand while the clit pocket applied and released pleasure in cadence with Chelsea’s strokes. She could imagine wearing this would feel like she was stroking or in her case using a real cock.

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