Sea Worthy Ch. 01

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Her hair was cut short and without any obvious intention. White was the only word one might use to describe it. Even with its limited length, it somehow found a way to escape from beneath her ball cap. She was tanned in a way that screamed ‘I have nothing else to do but lay beside my pool.’ But, her jeans, knee-bare and faded, and the un-ironed plaid shirt clearly contradicted that assumption.

She crawled onto a bar stool and looked around the open-air pub that sat waterside at the north edge of the marina. A tourist attraction it was not even though the décor, with its palm frond roof and lacking walls, might make one think otherwise. It was a haven for seasoned boaters, fishermen and deck hands. Gina was the skipper of the twin mast, 48′, ‘Nouvel Amour’, a small-group charter operation working between the Yucatan and the northern Caribbean islands.

At thirty-eight, Gina was a rarity in the charter boat business. A graduate of The University of Maryland with a degree in psychiatry that she obtained in spite of spending the vast majority of those four years working on an oyster boat. She was tall at five-ten. She was slender yet very physically fit. And, she was an amazing beauty.

A guy of around thirty, shirtless and who appeared to have a fondness for weight-lifting, was behind the bar. He winked at her as he leaned on the bamboo top in front of her. “What would you like?” He flexed his bicep.

Gina looked at him and decided to be nice. “Just information.” She said.

“Too bad.” He said.

“Well.” Gina said. “I’m guessing you are the guy who attracts girls like a magnet.” She smiled at him. “I’m sure one will be along real soon.”

He nodded. “You want a drink?”

“Palmer Brother’s bourbon?” She asked.

He retrieve the bottle and looked at her. “Glass or shot?”

“Glass, no ice.” Gina replied.

He poured the drink and sat the bottle on the bar. “What kind of information?”

“I’m looking for a girl.” Gina said.

“You and me both sister.” He flashed a smile.

“Her name’s Anna.” Gina paused. “I don’t have a last name.” She shrugged.

The guy shrugged. “I don’t know an Anna.” He replied. “Sorry.”

“She works as a deck hand.” Gina offered. “When she’s short of cash.”

“Doesn’t help.” He said.

“I was told she is quick to get into fights.” Gina added.

“Darling.” He said. “That is every woman who is crazy enough to be in here after ten o’clock.”

Gina downed her drink. “She has a Leopard tattoo.” Gina ran a hand down the length of her right arm. “It looks like it’s crawling over her shoulder and down her arm.”

“Ah.” The guy said. “You should have led with that.” He shook his head. “I’m afraid you are a day too late.” He added.

Gina turned her hands palm up with a questioning look.

“She damn near broke the place up, night before last.” He pointed at a table top leaning against a railing, two of the legs were broken. “She body slammed a dude on top of that.” He explained. “The guy must have been two hundred pounds and she kicked his ass just for patting hers when she walked by his table.”

“Any idea where she went?”

“Damn straight.” He said. “She went to jail.” He shook his head again. “It took four deputies to put her in a squad car.”

“Where might that be?” Gina asked.

The guy’s face went blank. “Where might what be?” The guy asked.

It was Gina’s turn for a head shake. “The police station.” She said.

“Did you hear me say four cops?” He said.

“Did you hear me say I was looking for a deck hand?”

Armed bursa otele gelen eskort with what the guy offered as directions, Gina caught a taxi and now stood on the sidewalk at the main entrance to the Gillette Parish jail. She paid off the taxi since she had no idea how long this might take. She went inside and stood at a counter. There was a small plaque indicating the deputy setting there was the desk sergeant.

“I’m looking for a girl.” Gina started.

The deputy was a large robust man with puffy rose cheeks and mustard on his chin. His shirt gapped wide between the buttonholes. “Well, we got some.” He replied. “You particular?” He eyed Gina.

“She would have been brought in the night before last. I think her name night be Anna, something.” She said. “A disturbance at the Waterfront bar?” She added.

“Hot damn” He said. “Hey, Warren.” He shouted over his shoulder. Another deputy came from a room down the hall. “This here lady says that wildcat you tangled with on Saturday night was nothing more than a disturbance.”

“That’s not what I said…exactly.” Gina explained.

The deputy named Warren had a fair sized Bandage on the right side of his face. “Yea.” He said and looked at Gina. “I guess I was disturbed for about three hours in the emergency room.”

Gena had no idea what to say or do. She chose to simply nod in his direction.

“So, will she have to appear in court or something?” Gina inquired.

“Mam.” The desk sergeant said. “If you’re interested in paying the seven hundred in damages court costs, we would be…” He smiled at Gina. He put his finger tips together. “We would be fucking thrilled to get that crazy…” He stopped. Held up his hands. “I strongly suggest you rethink what you are considering. However, as I said, seven hundred dollars U.S. cash money right here on this desk and she can be your problem.”

“Any chance I can see her, talk to her?” Gina asked.

“My dear, I highly recommend it.” He said. “Warren, take this lady back there and let her talk to your little disturbance. Also known as.” He looked at a clip board. “One, Anna McKenna.”

When Gina was in front of the cell she could see there were five women in there. Four stood together on the far left side and a single girl sat on a steel bench to the right. Her legs stretched out with her feet resting on the stainless steel urinal. Her back was against the concrete wall. Her arms were folded so that the famous leopard was clearly visible and it looked angry but Gina guessed it might always look that way.

“I’m Gina.” She said, looking at the girl.

“I’m not interested.” The girl replied.

“I have a 48′ two mast.” Gina added.

“Again.” The girl shrugged. “Not impressed.”

“I could use a deck hand.” Gina said.

The girl was clearly looking Gina over now. “Bet you could.” She said.

“And.” Gina said. “I can get you out of here.”

The girl stood up. She came up close to the bars. “Why the fuck didn’t you lead with that?”

“I have a charter in a week. Four women, fourteen days. Here to Key West, down to Providenciales, and then up to Miami.” Gina said.

“What’s my job and what’s the pay?” The girl said.

“I heard about you from a woman named Katherine Moore, from New Haven, Connecticut.” Gina said. “She only remembered your first name, Anna, but she certainly remembered your tattoo. Based on her recommendation, I’m thinking you are the deck hand I need.” “

“The pay?” She said.

“Fifteen hundred a week.” Gina said, “Plus bursa eve gelen escort bayan tips.”

The girl pushed her hand through the bars. “One thing.” She said. “I go by Mac.” Then she yelled down the hall. “Hey, fuck heads. Get me out of here.”

When the two exited the taxi, the small craft marina was quiet. They made their way down a long walkway until Gina stopped in front of the ‘Nouvel Amour’ stern-tied in a slip.

“What the fuck does that mean.” Mac was looking at the name on the boat.

“New Love.” Gina said. “Is that somehow a problem?”

“Fuck no.” Mac said. “I mean, I don’t know shit about love but I’m ready for anything new.”

They had stopped on the way to retrieve Mac’s things from a ramshackle strip motel. That cost Gina another eighty six bucks.

Mac tossed her thread-bare duffel over the rail and onto the deck.

“I hope whatever’s in that is worth what I paid to get it.” Gina said.

“You would likely be disappointed.” Mac said and stepped onto the deck and her new lodging for the foreseeable future. She looked at Gina. “I expect you will be deducting it from my pay anyway.”

“Yup.” Gina replied as she stepped onto her boat behind Mac.

During the next three days, the boat was readied and supplies were delivered. Mac was sitting on the gunnel watching the sun’s final gasp. Her bare feet were draped over the transom. She had quickly taken to wearing cut-offs and cropped tee shirts and little more. Her hair was short and very unruly. When she heard the galley hatch open, she looked back over her shoulder. Gina was coming on deck with to glasses and a bottle of bourbon.

She handed one to Mac and poured out two drinks. “Nice sunset.” She said.

“Could have been better with some fucking ice.” Mac replied.

“You going to be on a bitch the entire trip?” Gina asked.

“I’m not on a bitch.” Mac said. “That would imply that my mood was a temporary thing.”

“So that’s a yes.” Gina said.

Mac pulled her legs around and slid off of the rail. She stood on the deck and tossed the drink back. She set the glass on a deck chair and looked at Gina. “Did Kathrine tell you about me?”

“She did.” Gina smiled at Mac.

“Everything?” Mac added.

“Everything.” Gina said.

Mac reached her hand to Gina’s waist and thumbed open the button of her shorts. She pulled her close. “You busy?” Mac whispered.

Gina said. “Not too.”

“Good.” Mac said. She kissed Gina, their lips barely touching at first. Then closer, pressed together. The tip of Mac’s tongue tracing Gina’s lips. Her hands eased her shorts over her hips. As they fell to the deck, Gina struggled to free her feet and then kicked them aside. Mac had moved her attention to Gina’s neck and over her chest. She pulled her panties down as she lowered into a kneeling position. Her mouth trailed kisses along her ribs and over her abdomen.

“Umm.” Mac whispered as she looked up into Gina’s eyes. “I don’t think there is a more beautiful sight than a smooth shaved woman.” She began to slowly extend her tongue which was becoming more amazing as Gina watched.

“Katherine did say you were very well endowed.” Gina said. She rand both hands over Mac’s head and began to lace her fingers into Mac’s tresses. She put the slightest pressure on the back of Mac’s head and the length of that impressive tongue made a long slow draw along her labia.

Mac could feel Gina shiver at her touch. She looked up again. “Is this going to affect our working relationship?”

“Why bayan eskort bursa the fuck do you think I went to so much trouble to find you?” Gina stepped back and looked to the side. “However.” She said and sat down on a deck chair. She eased her legs apart, drew her knees up placing them over the end of the chair’s arms.

Mac crawled the two feet to Gina. She placed the palm of her hand on Gina’s pussy. Her fingers massaged her mound as her thumb eased into her vagina. She looked a Gina. “You done fucking around?”

“I believe I am.” She reached for Mac. Her fingers again in her hair. She guided that mouth, that incredibly fat slippery tongue to her sex. She watched it disappear into her vagina. She gasped as Mac began to work it up and down. Gina started to squirm.

Mac started to fuck Gina. Her tongue was shoving in and out of her pussy. Gina worked her ass in rhythm with Mac. Slowly at first then the tempo increased and so did Gina’s ass.

Without warning, Mac pulled her tongue free and began to lap the entire length of Gina’s sex from her anus to her clitoris. Every time she flicked that tongue over Gina’s swollen pearl, she moaned out loud.

Just as quickly, she went back to tongue fucking her captive. And Gina began to hump Mac’s face. Over and over, Mac would switch from fucking her to licking her and Gina would grunt and moan and hump her ass off of the chair.

“Make me…” Gina whispered. “Let me…” Mac separated from that wanting sex and looked at Gina.

“You want this?” Mac grinned at her.

“Fuck. God damn.” Gina said. “Do me.”

Mac smiled. “Is there a please in there somewhere?”

“You cunt.” Gina gritted her teeth and pulled Mac’s mouth back to her pussy that was now dripping juices. “Please.” She finally said and she felt that fat muscle of a tongue slide back into her waiting vagina. She bucked and humped and she rolled her head side to side.

When that magic wand retreated once more, Gina did not have time to complain. Mac’s lips incased her swollen clitoris and sucked down hard. That was all it took to send Gina into a raging climax. As Mac’s tongue lashed at the very heart of her womanhood, Gina rode wave after wave of electric spasms.

She did not know how long she had lain there, her legs now draped over Mac’s shoulders. Her fingers still tangled into Mac’s hair. Mac was softly kissing her labia. A random lick over her still sensitive clit made her leg jerk and her abdominal muscles tighten.

Her first consciousness was a voice coming from someone walking along the dock. She barely focused her eyes in time to see two girls slowly walk past. “Wow.” One said. “Fucking right, wow.” The other replied.

She patted Mac on the top of the head. “Maybe we should go below deck.”

“Can we shower first?” Mac asked.

“I think we should.” Gina said as she worked her hands free from the mop that was once curly black hair.

“Will you wash my back?” Mac asked.

Gina rubbed her fingers along Mac’s cheek. “Be my pleasure.”

“I wasn’t asking for anything else.” Mac clarified.

“I wasn’t offering.” Gina said. She pushed the chair back and stood up. “I’ll get the soap.” She said and went to the corner of the cabin where the outdoor shower was. She turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. By that time Mac was out of her cutoffs and as naked as Gina. The two girls huddled together under the spray.

Gina picked up a luffa sponge and began to lather it. “Turn around.” She instructed and Mac turned away from her. Gina ran the soapy sponge up her thigh and between her legs. She pressed it between her ass cheeks and then back down again between widening legs. Over Mac’s pussy.

“That’s not my back.” Mac said. She leaned forward and placed her hands on the rim of the cabin.

“Yea, I know.” Gina said. She leaned forward and kissed the back of Max’s neck

“Well okay then.” Mac replied.

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