Seafaring Delight Charters Ch. 04

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Seafaring Delight Charters Ch.04

You will find Pam, Sharon and Shylo in the series Shylo Morra. All participants are over 18. All people, Universities and businesses are fictional.


Sharon wondered what it was like when most people woke up? Even on the fourth week of a month long vacation, they probably don’t wake up after an evening of drinking, smoking, sex and love making? Even then, are they next to a willing partner, if they want a sunrise treat?

“Good morning My Love, do you need me?” Pam whispered, as she inched up Sharon’s smooth thigh.

“Maybe, if you want to try that tongue thing that the Dentist from Milwaukee showed us?” Sharon suggested, remembering back to some balding, but enthusiastic guy.

Pam responded with action, She figured her wife would want some loving, and she was ready for it. They could fool themselves, and make believe that a mutual orgasm wasn’t the goal, but it usually was, even at 8 bells on a Tuesday morning in the small bay of an obscure Belizean Island.

Pam may have been the first to get her tongue in a warm slit, but Sharon could still count to 69, and she was very familiar with her brunette partner, and what she liked around the clit.

The harder they tried to make their spouse cum first, the more intense the moans got, until everyone was gathered at the Captain’s hatch.

Someone peeled the hatch open, and the six people started cheering on their favorite stripper-sailor, as they headed for sexual fruition.

The sudden envelopment of light and sound, did little to quell the lust of the two beauties, as they enjoyed the exhibitionist side of their sexuality.

Pam reached over, and grabbed a short and fat dildo and plopped it into Sharon’s exposed love box.

Sharon realized that Pam was playing dirty, so she got her mouth onto her pussy, and thrust two fingers into it, to find her g-spot before…

“Oh!” Sharon shouted, as Pam started to pop the bulbous head of the short dildo, in and out, in and out, popping it for a well known effect.

Pam would be the winner of this display, but everyone was happy to have shared it.

It was the Pearl’s turn to make breakfast, since no one wanted to be first up, in paradise.

Two of the crew were from Detroit, one a nurse and the other a doctor. Pam was curious about a doctor wanting a free vacation so bad that she took a chance on their sexy Charter cruises, but this was the second time out for Phyllis, a 32 year old general practitioner and her cousin Gene, a 29 year old trauma nurse at the same hospital.

“I like sex, without attachments,” Dr. Phyllis explained, “just like the Doctors and Lawyers that pay $5000 plus tip to sail on the same charter! Oh, and I know how much the tips are, cause I donated mine from my first trip to the Children’s Hospital that we work at. I get to spend a week in the tropics with 4 men that are there more for the sex than the sun! This charter company makes me feel so lucky to have tits!” she declared.

It was their morning to make breakfast, but their bunk-mates helped, as they set up the pancakes and bacon. They like to emphasize healthy eating on these cruises, but nothing says luxury quite like bacon, and the smell of coffee got people interested enough to smell the bacon and come forth, into the morning chill of 75 degrees.

“Shylo is coming out tomorrow!” Marny announced at breakfast. “She texted me this morning and I told her which one of my cousins would be able to get her out here the fastest.”

“There is always room for Shylo,” Pam suggested, “Is she alone?”

“Yes, she was visiting Major Rodriguez in Panama, and she was heading home, but she had a proposition for ‘Seafaring Delight Charters’ and she wanted to share it with us in person, so I said come on over, of course.” Marny really liked their sailing sex doctor. Shylo kept reminding them that she wasn’t a ‘Doctor’ yet, but she certainly intended to get her Doctorate of Psychology, and she was still in school, so she was considered the brainiac of strippers at the Gingerbread House.

“She spends a lot of money on travel, but our Money Manager Carol says that she has ‘family’ money, so who knows,” Sharon explained to Marny.

“She left me sore the last time she came through here,” Marny pondered, “I had never been with a woman before you three ladies sailed into my life!”

“Well, you are a natural multi-sexual woman Marny, way ahead of your time,” Pam teased.

The Pearl’s dinghy was heading for the other side of the island to catch some of the surf, and half a dozen adventurers were towing surf boards and paddle boards. The other dinghy was taking people to shore for exploration and private fun, while Marny stayed back at the sailboats.

Pam wanted to explore the coast a bit closer, so Chad offered to go with her in a two person kayak. All they took with them was a jug of water, a tube of sunscreen, and their life jackets. They got their strokes synchronized quickly, and they paddled the opposite direction as the surfing party, esmer gaziantep escort so they were quickly on their own.

“Marny said that you and Sharon are Strippers in Hoboken, is that true?…I mean, you two are so hot that I wouldn’t be surprised…”

“It is true Chad, do you go to strip clubs very often?” Pam asked.

“Our little town only has a topless bar, and it’s not very nice,” Chad responded, but I’m not too far outside of St. Louis, so we get to see the ladies there every now and then.”

“Are you a small town lawyer, Chad?” Pam questioned him.

“There are five lawyers in our town, but two are my sisters, so it’s a small town and a family firm,” Chad confessed with a shake of his head.

“Let’s pull in over there Chad, I’d rather face you while we’re getting to know each other,” Pam suggested.

They made sure that the kayak and paddles were secure before Pam grabbed the water bottle and started exploring.

The small path was probably only used five times a year, so it wasn’t easy to find their way, gradually upwards and away from the bay. A clearing was a natural spot to stop and survey the area. Pam realized that Chad just couldn’t take his eyes off of her chest. He was in his mid thirties, and quite fit himself, but he obviously didn’t have much experience with women, so Pam took pity on him.

“Do you have many opportunities for sex in that small town Chad,” Pam took his hand gently, and pulled him to her.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Pam, I may have touched your breast…” but Pam had dropped to her knees, and took Chad’s shorts with her. His cock had already started to stir, as Pam slipped it into her mouth.

“Oh, things are quite different in Strong Willow,” Chad corrected his bold escort, while showing his backbone by not shying back while Pam double handed his testicles and licked the length of his 6 inches.

“Slow down Missy, if you don’t mind I’d rather look into your eyes for our first time together.”

Pam realized that she was working this guy like a hooker works a John, so she stood, with Chad’s help and let him take her into his arms.

He did not hesitate to go in for a deep kiss, even though her tongue had run the length of his shaft just a moment ago. He lowered Pam to the grass and lay with her, enjoying the feel of her firm breast, he leaned in and kissed her some more, moving his tongue into her mouth, while exploring her nipple with his right hand. Pam let him take the lead, restricting her actions to tongue swirls and moans.

“These nipples are just the perfect size, and the way they upturn, hmm a guy could just look at them all afternoon!” Chad announced. He reached out and pinched a nib, making her jump. She pinched him, in retaliation and they rolled in each other’s arms, finishing with Pam on top. She reached back and took his cock in her hand and fit it into her pussy, finding that it fit like Cinderellas foot in the wayward slipper.

They pushed into each other, and Pam ground her labia into his pelvis, feeling the pressure of his cock on her cervix. They quickly found a comfortable pace that got faster as their passion increased. Chad’s fingers explored Pam’s breasts, like he was a blind man, though his eyes drank in the beauty like no blind eye could. Pam ran her hands over Chad’s muscular chest and biceps. If Chad was a lawyer, he must be spending time in the gym, Pam realized as she did most of the work, lifting up and down on her latest fuck toy.

They enjoyed a quick love wrestle, then resumed their exploration of the little island.

Back at the Pearl, Marny had been warned of a heavier squall coming their way, and she shouted to the shore party to get their gear aboard.

For once their com’s worked, and Phyllis got the message to return immediately from their surfing, so Pam and Chad were the only ones to worry about.

Marny did three blasts on the boat’s air horn, then sent the second dinghy around the Western side of the Island where they found them, stroking home from their sexcapade.

There was nowhere to run to. They had to separate their vessels, put out more chain, and set the anchor alarm to warn against dragging, while the wind picked up speed. Everyone secured the deck chairs and brought the towels in from the lines. Marny kept a tidy ship, so the sails and lines were already secure, but Pam and Marny double checked everything on their vessels.

Just before the wind hit, Marny’s cousin came speeding in, in an old Chris Craft with triple 300’s on the transom. They pulled into the Pearl, knowing that Marny would be there.

They only took two minutes to transport the athletic blond and her luggage. She certainly brought more than a few bikinis, but maybe she was hiding a midget? The taxi boat took off and sped away, expecting to outrun the approaching storm.

“Hi Ladies,” Shylo spoke loudly into the microphone, not knowing how well the mic picked up her voice. “Can you hear us?”

“Yes, Shylo, we saw you gaziantep esmer escort come in, over,” Sharon responded with no idea of proper radio protocols. “Should we come over, over,” Sharon giggled.

“Let’s wait for after breakfast,” Shylo suggested, “I’m thinking I want to explore Belize tonight ladies, if you know what I mean.”

“I am with John Farris tonight Shylo, but maybe he won’t mind the company,” Marny responded without pressing the mic button.

Mr. Farris was a fast learner, and certainly not a homophobe, which is a good thing, cause Marny was hungry for the soft touch of this white skinned sexpot. John was in fair shape, and only 37, but he couldn’t keep up with his two lovers. He was sexually spent on the second round, but stayed awake for the finale.

Shylo pulsed her vagina lips against Marny’s larger and swollen labia in a scissor action. The moonlight came through the porthole and reflected off of Shylo’s sweaty globes. The wind covered the sound of their grunts and moans and sighs, but they were still loud enough to make this a vivid memory for John.

The ships spent the rest of the night separated by a steady wind of 40 knots. Sharon and Pam enjoyed a ‘Carl the Accountant sandwich’, then fell asleep with the three of them entwined.

The morning brought a fresh paradise to the Caribbean, as it always did. The birds woke up the early risers soon after daybreak, but soon the heat brought everyone out of their cabins. Thoughts turned to water sports, or at least water fun.

Breakfast was on the Opal, and Pam had Phyllis, Paul and Cory helping her with the omelets, one with meat and the other without. The men set up fruit and cereals for variety. Shylo gathered Pam, Sharon and Marny around the breakfast table.

Shylo waited until only the four of them were left in the lounge of the Opal.

“As you all know, my field of study is ‘Sexual Psychology’. It is my ambition to help people with their sexual problems, and it is my good fortune to have a big inheritance to help me get started,” Shylo began. “So I shifted a lot of my Family Trust into a Non-Profit called Mindxes.”

“One important function of my new Foundation is to help people become Sexual Therapists, through an accrediting program that would take most college graduates only 6 courses to become certified. Even with no college, it only takes 10 courses and all of these classes are offered on the internet,” she continued.

“My Organization will pay the tuition and all medical exams and certification fees for anyone in your employment that takes the courses. Your Nurses and Teachers will get an added qualification to put on their resume, and if they submit a diary from their cruises, to help us with our studies, we will stipulate that they have worked for our organization as Therapists.”

“This Foundation will also be paying for American Soldiers to seek such therapy on your charters, and we will expect a great price. The added advantage for your business, is the legitimacy it will offer, when your enemies notice that you are having wild fuck parties down here, and they accuse you of running a floating brothel.” Shylo looked anxiously around the lounge, ready for the questions that were sure to follow.

“Java and I have talked about how this business could hurt her politically, but she loves what we do, so she is willing to take the risk,” Marny replied.

“If you register your business as a Health Spa,” Shylo continued, “…you would be monitored by the Ministry of Health. Here it would be Dr. Shantra Mistopa, and she is a good friend of Java!”

“We heard that you are looking for real estate,” Pam prompted, hopeful for a better explanation.

“Yes, I want a small island to build a retreat, but that will be a few years in the making,” Shylo explained, “Assuming that I can add the Doctor title to my name, I intend on opening a second Corporation, for profit, which would service the wealthy, and the filthy rich! Then I will want to employ lots of Sexual Therapists, and the pay will be just as nice as the paradise that they would work in.”

“We will have to talk to Java, but it sounds good to me,” Pam proposed.

“I have no doubt that the young ones can do this,” Marny said, “but I doubt that I could handle it.”

“You will have Java to help you, and you didn’t mention that she was top of her class in Tourism! Doctor Shantra says that she could do whatever she puts her mind to,” Shylo noted.

“Oh, I spent many summers on the shrimp boats with Shantra, when she was still a student, so she will help me herself!” Marny responded confidently, and it was as if the whole thing was decided.

“If you agree with my proposal, I think it would be smart for me to invest in your business personally, and sit on your board of directors,” Shylo suggested. “I will email the link for you and your staff to look at the course outline, it includes two classes in safe sexual clinical contact, that could keep sexually transmitted gaziantep esmer escort bayan infections from hurting you. I can not emphasize enough the importance of those two courses for you personally, and the Business as a whole.”

“We should all get full medical checkups as a start, including blood work,” Pam suggested.

“That would be good, but keep in mind that the Certification Course requires certain blood tests and a physical exam in order to be accredited, so if you’re taking the online classes, you should check there first.”

Shylo looked about the lounge and realized that everyone was out having fun. “Hey, let’s go have a swim!” she cried, and scurried to the top deck.

Marny beat the other two, scrambling after the blonde bombshell like she was 30 again.

Sharon looked over at Pam. “I think Marny’s in love!” she squealed, obviously happy with the idea.

Pam decided to take care of lunch, and let Marny entertain their friend from Hoboken.

It took two trips to bring the food and preparation equipment to shore, but by then Pam had corralled Gene and Cory to help her. They gathered driftwood for a fire and made two more trips to the sailboats, to get the tarp for shade and a cooler full of iced beverages.

The paddle boards and kayaks started to come ashore as their passengers grew hungry and thirsty. Hydration is very important when heat and sex are involved!

Sharon ate with Pam, though Paul was glued to her hip.

“I am going to have to talk to you, after lunch Paul,” Pam casually claimed.

“That is my wife that you are mooning over, you know?”

Paul looked confused, so Pam continued, rather than waiting.

“When I say talk, I mean fuck, Paul. She says you are a lot of fun,” Pam finished with a wide smile.

Paul looked at Sharon, but she didn’t even turn her head.

“I would very much enjoy that Captain,” Paul said, resigning himself to his fate.

After lunch Sharon took charge of cleanup and re-supply for dinner and a beach party. The weather was expected to be perfect, with a light breeze off of the bay, to keep the mosquitoes away, and to cool off the party lovers after a hot day. More wood was needed too, so she got a few others to help her.

Pam took her friend for a walk-about, but they soon found an idyllic spot, where they could get to know each other better, with a reasonable expectation of privacy.

“What do you do for work, Paul? Pam started the small talk with the usual question.

“Cory and I are engineers at Tesla in Boston. We work on improving the rooftop solar cells and power systems,” Paul replied, but his mind was moving elsewhere as Pam stripped off her bikini bottom.

“I have not had an orgasm today Paul, and I think every person needs at least three a day, especially when you’re as young as us,” Pam whispered as she moved close and took Paul’s hand. She placed his fingers on her vagina lips and looked into his eyes.

“Am I too much of a slut for you Paul?” she whispered in his ear.

“No, no…just the right amount of slut… I mean, you are a lot easier to get to know than most women that I know.”

“Would you like to help me with that orgasm Paul, or do I have to do all of the work?” Pam teased.

Paul shook his head and got his hands working on Pam’s beautiful chest, while his shorts popped a tent pole in the front.

Pam worked her hand under Paul’s waistband and gave his organ a little squeeze, then pulled it out. She moved in close and put her chest on his, then she started tapping his cock against her swollen labia.

“Oh, yes,” Pam murmured as she enjoyed the sweet vibrations.

Paul was so passive, he was either in shock or bliss, and Pam was betting on bliss.

Paul had condoms and it only took him a minute to put one in place, then he pressed his stiff 7 inches into Pam’s wetness.

Just as Paul grabbed Pam’s ass, to pull her closer, she jumped into his arms, and wrapped her legs around him.

They bounced that way for about two minutes, before Paul was tired enough that it was time to change to a less awkward position.

Pam dropped her feet back to the grass, then pulled away and dropped to a crawling position where she pushed her butt into the air, suggesting doggy style in a very enticing way.

It was more of a primal urge that pushed Paul to his knees. He grabbed Pam’s hips and moved in for penetration. Her engorged labia parted as he thrust into her wet snatch. Paul spread her legs a little further, to get the best height for going deep, then started slamming into Pam’s ass, with rapid thrusts, slapping her clitoris with his testicles on every stroke.

Pam leaned forward and placed her cheek on the grass, then she relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

The pace was too much, and she had her first orgasm of the day, yet Paul continued, if anything he sped up!

Pam reached back to her ass with both hands, but Paul grabbed both wrists and used them to force her to slam back against him, pressing even deeper and harder.

Pam was transported to a land of pleasure, as she rode the orgasms that wouldn’t stop!

Paul let her ride the train for what seemed like a lifetime, but certainly was no more than five minutes, then he erupted with his own built up orgasm. He shot his milky joy into Pam’s love nest, though the latex thwarted the impregnation that his little swimmers were lusting for.

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