Seafaring Delight Charters

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Saturday nights were my favorite.

I suppose that is true for most people around the world, and I had much in common with many of those lives… but for a stripper, Saturday is often the end of the stripper week.

Peeling always made me horny, and finishing the night in the privacy of the Emerald Lounge, entertaining a married couple in their 40’s, out on ‘date night’, had me lusting for a lamp post!

The guy hadn’t even touched me, but I always let the ladies have more freedom.

The drinks were running up a big tab, but this guy wasn’t going to be able to keep his pants on, so he ended the session early. I was so wet, I could just strangle her and take her place, but I have more discipline than that.

I finished my night dancing in the main room. Sharon and Pam were entertaining some guy they had danced for before, and I was going back to their place when the night ended.

I was anxious for another trip to the sun, when Pam told me about Seafaring Delight Charters.

They are a Sail Touring company working out of Belize.

For the right woman, they offer a free sailing vacation in the Caribbean and in return, they must crew the ship.

For the right man, they offer a sailing delight, with lusty women running the ship!

The implication was obvious, but not stated. The ladies had to submit a 30 second video, while the men had no such requirement. Hmm. Then the price tag! Starting at $4,000 per week!

Pam vouched for the company. Her sister learned how to sail with this company, and goes back every year. She always has fun, and has never been forced to do anything she doesn’t want to do.

We got together after work Saturday night, and had a blast in their apartment above The Pizza House.

Greta came upstairs, with her full crew, but most of them kept to the porch, where smoking was expected.

After a few puffs, I decided to check with the girls, to see when we were going to make our video.

Greta and her latest guy were chatting with them, in the living room.

“Barry, are you giving Greta what she needs, down there?” Sharon asked, indicating with her extended hand, towards Greta’s crotch.

“Whatever she desires Miss., she is too beautiful to resist,” he replied, with his face turning red. Barry was the same age as Greta, around 50, and he wasn’t comfortable talking about such matters.

“Shush child!” Greta laughingly chastised her stripper friend, but rose to excuse herself.

“Barry has something to do too, ladies,” she took her man’s hand and pulled him to his feet, then they headed home.

Pam opened up her laptop, and set the program running.

“Hi, we three girls would like to learn how to sail, and we understand customer service,” she finished with a smile.

Sharon continued with her, rehearsed line, “We know the rules, and are willing to ‘play’ within them.” Another flirtatious smile…

“…and though we hope for sunny sky’s, we know how to enjoy a rainy day.” I finished, with a wink.

A bit bold, but we were hoping for an early spot.

We were happy with the first take, and we managed to fill out the documentation side, before the session tumbled into their king size bed.

Two weeks later, to the day, we celebrated our Saturday night, in the traditional way, but this time we would be flying out of O’Shea in the morning, bound for Belize City, via Dallas.

Simone honked about 10 in the morning, and we were ready, but not downstairs yet. She was pissed, to not be coming with us, but we hadn’t offered. Besides, she only liked women, so her narrower sexual preference might hamper our chance to grab a spot this late in the season.

The flight was uneventful, but the private car to the waterfront headquarters of Seafaring Delight Charters drove so slow, and the air conditioning was so weak, we opened up the windows.

We saw the boat, first. It was probably twice the size and three times the height of their little shop.

I tipped the guy like a tourist, I was so excited to be out of the chilly drizzly North, and into the land of bikinis and umbrella drinks.

Our Captain met us on the dock after we filled out some waivers. At first sight, she was a forty something native woman, with a trim body, and a weathered face. The commanding type, that needed a month or two to get to know.

She took us onboard, and went over the rules first.

We were to each bunk with a guest, but what happened in that bunk was totally up to us. We were not supposed to spend all of our time with just one of the guests, since there was four of them, and only 3 of us.

Our first priority was the safety of the boat, so Marny showed us the ropes, literally. All three of us had a bit of experience sailing, so we knew the terminology, but the sail profile of a big catamaran is quite different from the vessels that we had learned on.

“We are not in a hurry ladies, if we don’t get there today, we will get there on another day, or the one after that,” she said with a chuckle. She could smile!

We went below to erotik film izle get our bikinis on, and got back just as our guests came down the dock, looking even more out of place than we did. These four men were in their 30’s, with one at maybe 40. One had shoulders like a bodybuilder, and one was 40 pounds overweight while the other two looked average.

All 4 wore Hawaiian shirts and matching shorts, and they all had a duffel bag over their shoulder, and a small carry-on.

Instead of introductions, the Captain demanded an instant departure. She called over Phil, by name.

“Phil, you assist me at the helm. You other three pair up with the crew, and get those lines in,” the Captain gave clear, unaccented commands.

Within minutes, she had the engines running, and with expert handling, she pulled us from the dock, and motored us away from shore, destination…fun.

“Shylo, please take Mark and his gear to where the two of you will be sleeping tonight,” Marny shouted.

“Pam, you have Paul, and Sharon, you get David,” let’s get that gear stowed ladies, and take a minute to get to know each other.”

Mine was the starboard fore cabin, though they were all the same.

“Shylo, is an unusual name, where are you from beautiful,” Mark asked, while he plopped his bag at the foot of the double bed. I couldn’t imagine sleeping with someone in that bed without being intimate, but I didn’t expect that to be a problem for any of us.

“I was born and raised in Michigan, but the three of us met where we work in New Jersey,” I responded. “Pam has a cousin that recommended this place, and we thought we deserved a few weeks in the sun, so here we are.”

“Are you horny Mark, cause I sure am,” I casually asked, and watched his face, as it went from wonder to joy in 5 seconds, so even without a response, I dropped to my knees.

The ceiling is too low over the bunks to do any upright fun on the bed, but there was enough room if you’re willing to adapt. I smoothly pulled Mark’s light flowery shorts to the floor, revealing a fully erect 6 inches.

I didn’t feel the need to use a condom for a suck, so I pressed down on it, sucking lightly, while running my tongue side to side as it pressed down my throat for the last inch.

To my surprise, it was not fully erect, it grew another inch or so longer, and at least a half inch around, while Mark’s hands lightly held my face.

“This is going to be the trip of a lifetime!” Mark announced with glee.

He did not take long, maybe two minutes? I did not expect him to hold back, and he certainly did not, as he spasmed a thick and powerful load, mostly in my mouth, but I didn’t mind when some smeared on my cheek.

I wiped it clean, then told Mark that I had to help the Captain, and left him to put his things, and his thingy away.

First, I had to get rid of the top, and get some lotion on my milky white tits.

“Captain, can I take a minute to get some lotion on,” I asked, as I popped up at the helm.

“I’m sure that Phil will give you a hand Shylo, maybe two,” Marny laughed, and nodded to her helper, “You can show Phil to his bed first.”

“Perfect,” I said, and I picked up one of his carry-on’s to lead the way.

“We could hear you and Mark,” Phil began, as he pressed one bag into a cupboard without emptying it. “…are you ladies as fun as you look.”

I dropped his other bag and pressed into his personal space.

“Well, I can’t’ see the future Phil, but I think that you and your friends will be inspired to leave a big tip, and… speaking of big tips…”

Phil was the older one, with an average build, but his penis was a little bigger than average.

“I’m really horny now Phil, would you mind fucking me?” I asked, but I didn’t wait for an answer, as I scampered onto the bed.

Phil paused, to take off his shirt, so I slipped out of my little thong too.

“How did we get this lucky!” he gleefully announced, as he slid onto the bed, next to me.

I tried to keep quiet, as I enjoyed my first orgasm, but I shouldn’t have bothered, as Phil made such a raucous that everyone aboard knew what was going on!

When we came out to the galley, Pam and Mark were prepping for lunch.

“Any drinks needed up there,” I shouted.

“We have a beer locker up here, so no,” Marny responded.

I saw that Pam had taken on my idea of a uniform, topless!

Phil put some lotion on me, including a careful massage into my breasts, then I did the same for him, with less of a concentration on his nipples, but I did play with his bulging penis, enough to make him a little self conscious in his tight swimsuit.

Sharon came up with David, but he should have been called Goliath! With the shirt off, he was pretty amazing, tanned and toned. His washboard stomach was especially firm.

He wore billowing shorts, which suggested to me that he was not as well hung, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me, when I got the chance to be with this one!

Paul emerged from the entry, having turned to get his bulk through film izle the passage. He was still wearing his Hawaiian shirt.

“Let’s get some lotion on you Paul,” I suggested, picking up my high powered tube of cream.

“Thanks Shylo, I wish I had a chance to put some on you,” he said, while his trunks started to tent out a little.

“Don’t worry Paul, this stuff is safe to ingest, so you can suck on my titties, that you admire so much, then you can put some fresh cream on them,” I teased.

I really needed to do him first, before he lobster-ed in front of our very eyes!

I covered his face, and neck, then removed his shirt to put a lot on his very white chest and back. Continuing down I covered his legs too, and I became very aware of his monster, as it peeked out of the side of his shorts.

I turned to see if the Captain was watching, and she was. I watched her for a few seconds, and she gave me a nod, so I continued. The shorts came down fast, and I was very pleased to find that he was not a monster in diameter, but he had to be ten inches long! Again I turned to the Captain, and she was staring too.

I had to use both hands to help my mouth with this one, but he didn’t take any longer than his friend, as he delivered a modest squirt inside of five minutes.

I stood back up, and smiled at my new friend, letting his cum trail down my chin, and over my perky tits.

“We are on water rations for bathing,” the Captain shouted. If you get too stinky, you will need to use salt water to rinse, or wait till you can swim.

“There is a hose at both aft transoms, for rinsing,” Marny continued, and motioned with her head in case I didn’t know where the aft of the boat was.

I gave myself a rinse, but I knew that salt water was not a great rinse for the vagina, and when it dried you felt like you had rolled in the sand.

This was the rainy season, so I only had to wait, and a beautiful sunset also brought a squall that rinsed us all off, as we danced around the bow, and bounced on the trampolines.

After we set anchor, Marny went below, and pulled out a big bag of marinated grouper, fresh from last night’s catch. She asked Pam to put together a salad, and she headed back upstairs to the grill on the port transom.

After a great meal, we played the music loud, and drank umbrella drinks till everyone headed for a bed. I saw Marny disappear down the fore hatch that only goes to an equipment locker and a short, narrow bunk.

I put Mark to bed, with a smile on his face, and I had about two hours sleep, when the rolling of the boat woke me up.

I thought that I had better check in on Paul, to see if he was lonely, and feeling neglected, but I didn’t want to knock, so I turned off the hall light and quietly opened the cabin door.

I stood there, until my eyes adjusted, then the glow of LED lights finally enabled me to see Marny, wrapped in Paul’s arms. Paul was lightly snoring, and the room smelled like sex, then I saw her smile.

“One of the perks,” she whispered, “this job keeps me young.”

I didn’t say a word, I just backed out, and returned to my bed.

I woke to the smell of bacon, and feeling the piss-hard-on next to me, my heart leapt as I remembered that I was in Paradise, with friends, and no worries, then I wrapped my hand around his cock, to see how awake he might be.

We were not the only ones late for breakfast. Sharon was already in the water with Mark, so I asked David if he was into any water sports.

“I can out swim anybody here,” he proudly boasted.

“Really, you think you could beat me to shore,” I asked, with a wicked smile.

“If you made it worth my while I would,” he teased me with his naivete.

“If you win, you get me for the night, anything goes,” I enticed him, “…but, if I win, you make dinner tomorrow, wearing only an apron.”

“I could not turn that down Shylo, we better get a starter,” David said, with confidence.

Everyone gathered for the contest, and Marny was the obvious choice for starter, and judge, if need be. The race was set, with each of us diving from opposite transoms, and the first one to stand on shore, would be the winner.

Marny loudly announced the contest:

If David wins, Shylo will do his bidding, naked for the entire evening. Should Shylo win, David will do her bidding, only wearing a small apron. Sharon and Pam had already taken the dinghy into shore with Paul and Mark, while Phil was staying onboard to ‘help with the dishes’. I could see that Phil had a big crush on Marny, and she wasn’t fighting him off.

“Ready…Set…Go!” Marny shouted, while bringing her hand down like we were driving hot-rods.

In my peripheral vision, I could see David slice into the water, like he knew what he was doing, but my start was perfect, and I had no intention of losing.

When I broke the surface I was already a body ahead, and four or five strokes later, it was more like two, and increasing fast. I stopped thinking about David, and concentrated on my technique.

I didn’t have seks filmi izle my racing goggles or my slick bodysuit, which meant that I needed to keep my eyes shut most of the time, and my bare breasts were hindering me with every plunge, but my training put me way ahead of a ‘good’ swimmer. David stopped trying after two or three minutes of vigorous flailing, during which he fell further and further behind.

I was standing on shore, with the other four dancing around me in celebration, when David got to shore, and gave me a sporting high five.

“You are a ringer,” he said, with a big smile, “well played.”

I reached out my hand, and stood there expectantly. “Your pants please, no apron until lunch time.”

He dropped his pants, and then picked them up, and handed me my prize.

“These just get in the way,” he said, while noting how plump and firm my nipples were, as the sun warmed them, but it was sexual excitement that filled them!

We gathered some coconuts, to be used with our drinks and found firewood for tonight’s party. Marny called for the girls to bring the dinghy for party supplies, including a large canvas party tent, with bug screens all around it.

Everyone helped to put the canvas up, with ropes and poles, then folding canvas chairs and a table completed our beach furniture. We also had some beach blankets and towels.

We had sandwiches and sangria for lunch and we enjoyed an afternoon of snorkeling and beach volleyball, and flirting, until we were exhausted enough to collapse onto the blankets or sit for a drink.

Marny decided that she needed to prep some things and headed for the dinghy.

“I think that I’ll grab a few winks too, Marny,” Phil proclaimed as he followed her to the boat.

As they got to the catamaran David turned on his side, and started blowing on my nipples. I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the sensation, as he edged closer.

I felt his fingertips brushing my right nipple, but I just relaxed.

He pulled the strings on either side of my bikini bottom, and folded the front down to the sand. I responded by spreading my legs wide, but I kept my eyes shut.

I could still feel him blowing on my nipples, as he lightly placed his hand on my stomach. The slow move, down towards my pussy, seemed to take forever. When his pinky got to my clit, I realized that I had been holding my breath, so I smoothly let it all out.

As I started to take my next breath, he slowly, but firmly, pushed his middle and index finger into my vagina. Then he was spreading my labia, and plunging his tongue into my love nest.

I had no idea what the other four were doing, but I was beyond caring, as David started to lap at my clit, while lifting me slightly with each stroke, in an attempt to hit my g-spot.

When he found it, I let him know with my first moan, so he picked up his pace, just a bit, with both his tongue and his fingers.

I came hard, ejaculating a bit, as I often do.

He licked his fingers, like he had just finished some good fried chicken.

I finally opened up my eyes and sat up, looking for the others. I could see that Sharon was riding someone, while Pam was riding the other, but they could also kiss and fondle each other, providing a very sexy image for David and me.

I followed their lead by helping David get a condom on his manhood, then he guided it into my nest, as I lowered myself onto him.

I just sat there, grinding myself into his well muscled abdomen, while he squeezed my jugs.

Lowering myself for a kiss, I started to twerk my hips, fucking his little pecker with rapid strokes. It was probably too fast for his needs, but I started to orgasm almost right away.

After I regained my composure, he flipped me over and lifted me to my knees. Then he thrust into me doggy style, and pulled me by the hips, as he slapped into me with a steady rhythm.

It took him five minutes, before he moaned and sent a modest deposit into the latex pocket.

We again collapsed to the blanket, and we napped, like we had used every morsel of our energy.

I woke, when I heard a whisper.

“Slut,” Sharon said into my ear.

I opened my eyes to Pam, Sharon, Paul and Mark, looking down at us, in our birthday suits.

They all laughed, then David and I joined in.

We all ran for the water, and played some more, quite loudly.

It was almost sundown, before we saw activity on the boat. They loaded up the dinghy with dinner items, and brought another meal to shore.

I didn’t see anything that needed 3 hours to prepare, so I figured that Marny had also had a little nap. She was wearing a different outfit too, having changed to long pants.

The sun set, while we quietly ate. Then we all lounged about, until Marny told us to douse the fire, and we all headed for the boat.

David had more stamina than most, even if his equipment was less voluminous. His enthusiasm with his tongue made him a very good lover.

This time I slept until 4ish, and only came to the fore deck, to check the sky, but that’s when I saw Sharon and Pam, locked in the classic 69 position. At first I just watched. I have enjoyed both of their bodies, more than once, but I found their desire for each other, to be their most sexy characteristic.

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