Secret Admirers Ch. 01

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My name is Nikki, I am a 31 yrs. old blonde, 5′ 10″, with a pretty good figure, but I’m no model. My husband’s name is John, he’s 37, and owns his own business so he travels many times throughout the year. I’ve been married to him for 8 yrs., the sex was really good in the first few years but it has been lacking of late. We have no kids from our marriage yet, but my husband had a prior marriage, and has a son from that marriage. His name is Jimmy, he moved in with us 3 yrs. ago when his mom wanted to go find herself. He turned 18 back in March, and the beginning of this story takes place in the next few weeks after his birthday.

I started noticing him flashing me when his dad wasn’t around. Every time it almost seemed like an accident, he would sit down, or lie on the floor, etc.. and he wears loose fitting shorts anyway, then his dick would be exposed occasionally. I would act disgusted and tell him to get that thing covered up but it was almost like I liked it. I never knew when I was going to see it again. Occasionally his bedroom door would be cracked open as well, he slept in the nude sometimes, and I’d get more than an eyeful then!

Anyway, this went on for several weeks until I received some stunning information. I heard a knock on my door and it was Angela, Josh’s mom(Jimmy’s best friend). I answered the door, and she looked pretty nervous. She said, I’ve got something to tell you, I don’t feel too good about it, but Josh was worried about something the other day. He told me something that I think you should know. You see, Jimmy told Josh that he has been filming you when you get out of the shower with a video camera that you keep in you room. I was shocked! I told her, “I’ll take care of this, just don’t tell John, he would go ballistic.”

I sat around alone in the house trying to decide what to do, and finally came to a decision. I had to handle this before my husband got back, so I had about a week and a half to get this done. Also I wanted proof, I didn’t want to just confront him about this unless I had a tape in hand.

It was a Friday night and Jimmy was out for the evening, so I went to his room and arranged his curtains in a way that I could get a full view of his room from outside his window in the backyard. I could hide in the bush in the backyard by his window and get a good view of his room.

The next morning, I told him I’ve got to run a couple of errands, and I’ll be right back, so don’t take a shower because I want to have plenty of hot water for my shower when I get back.

When I got back, I went to the master bedroom and sure enough, the red recording light was on and he placed the camera in an inconspicuous place. The light could only be seen if you were just at the right angle. I went to the master bath and took my shower, then I made my entrance into the room with my skin still glistening, I wanted to towel off in front of the camera.

I didn’t count on getting so turned on though, it was like I was a porn star in a masturbation scene. Part of me felt guilty, but part of me just told myself that it isn’t like he’s your “real” son, he’s just your step-son. However, as hot as I was I also wanted to get this over with so I could have some resolution to this problem. I dried off, and admired myself in the mirror, squeezing my tits, and fingering my shaved pussy in such a way that he would get a full view on the camera. I was so hot kahramanmaraş escort bayan but I made myself get dressed.

As I walked out the door I told Jimmy that I needed to go shopping for an hour or two, and I’d see him later. I then drove around the corner and down the alley, and quietly got into the backyard. I hid in the bush as planned, and sure enough he was watching the tape in his room just as I figured.

He had his hard cock in his hand, slowly stroking it. This was the first time I got a full view of it, it was about 7-8″ long, slightly longer than my husband’s penis. The view of his hand moving up and down his shaft made me so horny. I had no choice but to stick my hand down my shorts and into my panties, to touch my soaking wet pussy. I just started getting at it, when he shot his load into some tissue and left his room.

Then I remembered he had baseball practice today, so he should be gone for at least and hour and a half if not longer. I retrieved my car and drove it into the driveway trying to decide what my next move was, but all I could think about was how horny I was and how much this turned me on.

I didn’t climax from fingering myself earlier while I was watching him and I really felt the need to go back into the house and get some satisfaction. I found the tape that he had made, and I laid on my bed to get a look at what he was looking at. I know it may seem weird masturbating looking at my own body but it was more than that. It was like I was looking at it through his eyes. I was seeing what he was seeing and feeling what he was feeling. I also was thinking of how horny my video obviously made him. He was so inexperienced. He had several girlfriends but none for any extended periods of time. I’m not so naive that I would think he was a virgin but he was definitely not experienced, and he was looking at my 31 yr. old body to get off. It made me so hot!

Just when I was really getting my fingers all wet and slippery while I was lying on the bed I heard something in the hallway. He was home! I looked out of the corner of my eye and not only was he home but he was peaking through the bedroom door! I had to do something, I knew this wasn’t right, but I didn’t know what to do. I said out loud, “I’ve got to get my vibrator out”, knowing that would peak his interest and keep him there.

I went to a section of the bedroom where he couldn’t see me from the cracked open door. I put on one of my husbands button up shirts on because it was handy, and I quietly moved to the door from behind his viewing area. I then pulled the door open quickly, and he was so shocked! He had his pants unbuttoned and the impression of his erection was visible through his exposed underwear.

I said “What are you doing here I thought you had practice?”

He said, “someone had left the sprinklers on so they had to call it off, but what are you doing anyway?” He got a view of the tape that was playing on my TV from where he was standing, and his eyes got so big that I thought they were gonna pop out. He started stuttering, “I..uh….uh…”

I said, “why did you make this tape?”

He said, “because you are so hot”, then he added, “all of my friends say so as well.”

I said “Really, they all say that?”

He said, ” yeah!”

I said, “has anyone else seen these tapes?”

He kapalı gaziantep escort bayan said, “only Bobby and Kirby have seen it, I tried to get Josh to see it, but it weirded him out and he left.”

I said, “Jimmy Don, you let other boys see my naked body?!

He said, “..uh…yeah.” My mind was racing, and my pussy was actually getting hotter, even though I knew I really shouldn’t be that happy about this situation.

I told him, “well, this has to stop, no more videotaping of me, okay?”

He said “OK.”

“Also, we can not tell your dad about this, neither you or I need this”, I added.

He said, “I agree with that!” All the while keep in mind that I’m naked, besides the shirt I have on during this whole conversation. I turned from him and walked up to the VCR. I accidentally dropped the remote, I bent over to pick it up and then I realized I’m exposing my ass, and probably my shaved pussy to him. I got up real quick and he was staring, as I figured.

I said, “you really think I’m that hot?”

He said, “No, I know you’re that hot!”

I laughed, and said, “well you better get going.”

He said, “I have one request though.

I said “what is it?”

He said, “I’ve seena few porn movie tapes, and actually I’ve had sex a couple of times, in dark cars, but I’ve never got to look at a nude woman’s body close up, and I’ve never seen a woman do what you were doing before.”

I said, “and what is your request?”

He said, “I was wondering if I could watch you do that one more time since I can’t videotape you anymore?”

I said, “you’ve got a lot of nerve!” As he started to walk out I said, “so you never seen a woman touch herself like that?”

He said “No.”

I said, “I don’t know(I thought to myself what a turn-on this was), well I guess so, but no touching and do not tell your dad!” I lied down on the bed, and he just stood there watching. I said, “well your gonna have to do me a favor too, if I’m doing this, your gonna have to get naked as well.” He got naked in about 5 seconds! His rock hard erection was within my reach if I wanted to touch it, but I held myself back. I knew what I was doing was wrong but I really had no intention of this being nothing more than mutual masturbation.

I started playing with my pussy, sliding my fingers up and down the rim of my love hole, juices were dripping onto the sheets. I alternated between teasing my clit and inserting my index and middle fingers into my pussy. He was lightly stroking his cock but he was more interested in watching me than he was pleasuring himself. I decided I really did want my vibrator now. I asked him, “Could you please get into my dresser and in the top drawer underneath my folded panties and stockings, there should be a vibrator.

He did as I had asked, then he pulled it out, and said, “Is this it?” It was actually a dildo-vibrator that looked just like a 10″ penis. He looked at it, and said, “how does this work?”

I told him to turn the knob on the end, he did, and his virgin eyes and inexperience was really turning me on. If I hadn’t already stepped over the line I was now, as I asked him, “could you please touch my pussy with the vibrator?”

He quickly laid it on my pussy. I said, “no let me show you.” I spread my pussy lips wide apart, and I fingered kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan my clit. I said, “This is my clit, if you want to pleasure a girl this is the key, lightly touch my clit with the vibrator.”

He did, and I started trembling, it felt so good! He gently glided it up and down my pussy, occasionally teasing my clit. He also would occasionally stick the 10 inch rod up my pussy deep as it would go. I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on!

I asked him, “Have you ever ate pussy?”

He said, “No.”

I figured it wasn’t intercourse so it would be okay. You can see how my vision of reality was changing. I told him, “do with your tongue what you were doing with the vibrator.”

He did, I guided him, and taught him over the next 15 minutes as he ate me out and ate me out and ate me out! He was so willing to learn, it was awesome. I finally decided I could do the same for him.

I told him, “Now you lie down on the bed.” He did as I asked. I started licking all over his cock, and he shot his wad in just a couple of minutes, shooting it all over my face.

He said “Man, that always happens!” He then said, “I always go too fast!”

I said, “it’s okay”, but it looked like it really upset him though.

I wiped his love juice off my face, and I gave him a hug as I was lying next to him in the bed. The next thing you know, we were kissing, lying there naked on the bed and I remembered how quickly a young man like him could get hard. When it got hard I figured I’d make him feel better, so I started licking and sucking his cock again, he was showing much more dexterity this time, plus I was doing everything I could to help him not cum also. I decided I would straddle him and just tease his cock now, as I just used it like a dildo and played with my clit but there was no insertion until the sneaky kid thrusted his hips upward during one of my movements.

It felt so good but I said, “Jimmy Don!”

He said, “I couldn’t help it.”

I said, “it’s okay, I guess we can just this time.” I sat down on his cock, it felt so good and it filled me up more than anyone ever had before. This time he lasted about 5 minutes with me riding his cock sliding up and down his long shaft. After the 5 minutes he shot his hot load deep in my pussy.

I decided we’re not through yet, so I got up and sat on his face, making him lick my swollen pussy. After a few minutes I positioned my body so we could get into the 69 position. I sucked, teased, and licked his dick until it got hard again while he fluttered his tongue all over my lips and my love hole.

We got up, and I guided him into his room and showed him how to do doggy-style on his bed. I felt so dirty fucking an 18 yr old high school boy on his bed, in his bedroom. This time we fucked a good 20 minutes before he pulled out and shot the cum deep into my throat. We were so tired that we passed out right there in his bedroom on the floor as the bed was soaking wet.

I woke up about 3 in the morning we were all cuddled up together in his bedroom floor. The smell of sex filled the room. I spread my legs and straddled his right leg and started humping it, trying to get him to wake up. He still slept so I stroked his cock again, and got it semi hard, then I licked it until it got hard and I looked at him and he was awake now.

I pulled him up, and we went into the master bath and had sex in there while we cleaned all of the sex off of each other. After we did it again in the bath, we cleaned up, got a blanket and slept in the living room floor. Our lives would never be the same. Needless to say this action would continue and leads to more stories and adventures. I found a secret admirer in my own house and a secret companion to keep me from being lonely while my husband traveled around.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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