Secret Admirers Ch. 06

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Emily, Jimmy, and I sat there reflecting on the feelings we just experienced. I was wondering what does this mean for the future, and will it ever happen again?

Emily looked at us with an exhausted, yet serious look on her face. She said, “I really enjoyed this, however, with that being said, I don’t know if I can trust you anymore Jimmy.”

“You don’t have anything to worry about Emily,” Jimmy replied.

Emily looked at me and said, “Nikki, I care for you a lot, but going forward there will have to be rules. If you and Jimmy want this to continue, then I have to be present whenever you and Jimmy have any sexual contact.”

“Emily, you really have nothing to worry about, but I totally understand where you’re coming from, and if that’s the way it’s got to be then that’s the way it’s got to be,” I replied.

Emily added, “I also feel sort of misled, you know, sort of betrayed, so right or wrong I feel like that I need some vengeance here.”

Jimmy and I looked at each other with an odd look on our faces, as we were caught off guard by Emily’s statement. Neither of us thought she was capable of what she just said. She always seemed like such an innocent girl, but evidently there was a tiger hidden in her soul.

Emily said, while looking at me, “Nikki, you were the adult in this situation and I feel like you bear the bigger responsibility here. So while I still care about you, I feel like my revenge needs to be directed more towards you. Once this is done, it will be done; it will be all water under the bridge for me.”

I replied, “Emily I know you must do what you feel you must, but whatever you do, please don’t tell John about this. I know there may be a day in the future where John may find out about this, but I don’t want that time to be too soon. Regardless of what you may think of me, I do care about John but he travels so much and I have so much sexual energy that I have to release it, right or wrong.”

Emily answered, “I know you love John, and I know you love Jimmy. I also feel like you care for me, but hear me out. I agree with you that John does not need to hear this from me, and I also agree that there may be a day in the future where he will find out if we keep this going on. But here is what I have to do, and Jimmy you may not like this either, actually the punishment might be harder on you.”

Jimmy had been sitting there totally quiet through all this. Then Jimmy replied, “Emily what could you be talking about?” He had an extremely worried look on his face.

Emily said, “For me to get the revenge I want, I need to make love to John.”

Mine and Jimmy’s jaws dropped open, and we both said at the same time, “What?”

Emily replied, “This seems like the logical revenge plot to me, besides I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be with an older man. I’ve always thought John was a rather handsome man anyway.”

Jimmy looked like he was about to cry, and I felt like I needed to take up for him. However, I could also see how Emily felt, and why she felt like she needed to do this. In addition, frankly, it sort of turned me on thinking that Emily might make love to John. I also thought that it might make me feel less guilty that I had made love to his son if he cheated on me. I replied, “Emily this could drive you and Jimmy apart, are you sure you want to do this?”

Emily replied, “I don’t know why it would, I didn’t drop him because he had sex with his mom. I love you Jimmy, and after I’ve completed my revenge that will be it.”

Jimmy astounded me with his response. He said, “Emily I am sorry for hurting you, and I do recognize that I was in the wrong. İstanbul Escort So, I will take my medicine, or if you will, I made my bed and now I should lie in it. So you do what you must and as soon as you are through I will be here for you, and we will do whatever you want.” Jimmy really loved her and he could see that if they could rise above this and make it work then they could rise above anything.

Emily turned to me and said, “So Nikki how do you think I should go about getting this done?”

I said, “Well, I don’t think it will be too easy, but I think you’ll have to really turn him on beforehand. In my opinion, it will take a lot of exhibitionism from you to get him interested, and then somehow you’ll have to get him alone. John should be home at the end of the week, and that’s when we can start, then when we have our vacation in a couple of weeks I can talk him into letting you go with us. The more time you spend around him the better, and the fewer clothes you wear around him the better,” I answered with a laugh.

John came home later that week as I said he would. It all began, as Emily tried over and over again to get him interested. Jimmy tried to spend as much time away from the house as he could. He was disgusted by this, but he knew it had to be this way.

One time, Emily went swimming with me and John at the pool. She wore the tiniest and tightest white bikini I’ve ever seen. You could see her camel toe pressing through the bikini bottom. Also, the bikini top was made with such a thin material that every time she got in the cold water and got out, we could see her nipples right through it. John had to keep covering up with a towel to hide his erection, as Emily was really getting through to him. When I went into the house to get some drinks, I came out and she was asking him to put some lotion on her neck. He agreed and sat up in his chair. However, she shocked him by sitting on the same chair with him. Her tight 18-year-old ass was wedged between his legs and pressing up against his swimming trunks. I’m sure he had at least a little bit of a hard on when she did this. I’m also sure she got her first feel of his cock as it touched her ass. After all, it was only separated from her by a thin piece of fabric.

He applied lotion to her neck, as I snuck back inside to get a view of this from the kitchen. She must’ve then talked him into putting the lotion on her back, so she wouldn’t get any tan lines.

She would lie facedown on the chair as he untied her bikini top and applied lotion all over her back.

This was the perfect time to take the drinks out now. He finished up and looked sort of embarrassed when he saw me. I offered Emily her drink, and on cue she turned over to take the drink from me pretending not to realize that her top as untied. Her tits were fully exposed to John for the first time. His eyes were huge, as he said, “Emily your top was untied!”

Emily acted surprised, but John just kept staring at her exposed breasts. Emily said, “John stop looking at my tits!” Emily then laughed so that John wouldn’t feel too bad. Emily put her top back on and said, “Nikki I’m sorry about that I just totally forgot that it was untied.”

I replied, “It’s okay Emily, I’ve done that before too.”

Her exhibitionism continued on our vacation as well. I talked John into allowing her to go as long as her and Jimmy couldn’t sleep together. I generously offered to sleep with her to keep them apart (well, maybe I had an ulterior motive). Jimmy would sleep in the same bed as his dad so as to allow us to spend less only needing one hotel room.

Emily regularly exposed herself Anadolu Yakası Escort to John and all of us during the vacation. I am sure it made Jimmy sick but he knew why she was doing this. If it wasn’t a loose shirt with no bra, it was something halfway see through.

On one night she wore a long t-shirt to bed and some see through black lace panties underneath. She kept bending over and moving in such a way that she was exposing either her ass or her pussy to John. It turned me on so much that, as all 4 of us were watching TV in bed, I started feeling her up right there in front of everyone. Granted, it was underneath the sheets but it was still daring to say the least. By the time the lights went out we both had our fingers in each others pussies. I even briefly ate her pussy that night after I was sure that John had fallen asleep. The risk of getting caught was so exciting.

After we got back from our vacation, we decided it was time to try to get the two of them alone. John was to be out of town on Thursday and Friday, and I was supposed to take Jimmy to a college for a tour on Friday. However, Jimmy and I would go out of town on Friday and Saturday to the college, thus leaving the two of them alone on Friday night. Emily would just tell him that we didn’t finish until too late so we stayed the night. Emily even gave Jimmy and me permission to make love to each other alone one last time on that night.

I will try to tell the story semi-chronologically, based on the story Emily told me since I wasn’t actually present there.

On that Friday, Jimmy and were touring the college and I played the role of a loving mother to the tee. Well, a sexy loving mom anyway.

I wore a sexy blue dress that went to just above knee level. I wore some sexy black thigh high stockings with spiked heels as well. There was a slit on the skirt that went just high enough to reach the top of the thigh highs. Also, I happened to forget to wear panties, well maybe forget would be the wring word. Needless to say, I turned the heads of quite a few other 18-year-old potential college students that day. Also, a few dads seemed interested as well to the chagrin of their wives. The top half of the dress showed just enough cleavage to keep everyone interested as well.

After the tour, we went to a local college restaurant hang out. While waiting for our food I reached across beneath the tabletop with my stockinged foot. I massaged his crotch with my right foot until his dick became extremely hard. We had a good time that day as I teased Jimmy several times, getting him ready for tonight’s activities. For possibly the last time, I was going to get to have uninterrupted sex with my stepson, and I wanted it to be perfect. We went to our room at the hotel, at around 8 PM that night.

Also, at around 8 PM, Emily was getting ready for John to come home to his surprise. Emily got into the master bathroom, and stripped down to her panties and bra. She looked at herself in the mirror, admiring her slender, sexual body. Her body was tingling with anticipation. The thrill of the unknown made her nervously excited. She slowly removed her bra, and teased her nipples with her right index finger. Then she slowly removed her panties, and used her right hand to massage her freshly shaven pussy lips, while watching herself in the mirror.

She started a hot bubble bath in the master bath. She wanted to be totally clean for this experience with John. She stayed in the bath until about 8:30 PM, fingering her pussy until she couldn’t take it anymore. She got out of the bath and started toweling herself off, as she once again watched yourself in Üsküdar Escort the mirror. All of a sudden, she heard a door shut, and she realized that John was home. She turned all the lights off and got into John’s bed totally naked. John walked through the room straight to the bathroom, not realizing that Emily was in the room. He walked back into the master bedroom, and turned the lights on.

Emily sat up in the bed exposing the upper half of her naked body. John looked at her and sort of stuttered out, “Emily what are you doing here?”

Emily replied, “Jimmy and Nikki had to stay the night after his college tour today, so I decided we could spend some time together alone.”

John replied sternly, “Emily, we can’t be together like this, I am a married man, and you are dating my son.”

Emily said, “John, I want to do this just one time, and what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, and the same goes for Nikki. I know you don’t want to hurt Nikki, but I also know that you have feelings for me as well. I’ve seen the way you look at me, and I’ve seen your erections pressing through your pants whenever I expose some flesh.”

John, with a look of embarrassment, said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about Nikki.”

Nikki said, “Oh yes you do John”, as she got out of bed and walked toward him. He backed up until his back hit the dresser by the door. She pressed her naked body against him. He was wearing black slacks and an oxford shirt. She then gripped his crotch with her right hand and felt his erection and said, “This is what I mean,” as she laughed.

He said, “Nikki we can’t do this.”

She replied, “We are going to do this.” She pulled him to the bed, as he struggled a bit, but he obviously didn’t struggle too much because if he wanted to he could’ve overpowered her and left the room easily. She straddled his clothed body with her nude body and moved her pussy lips over his shirt up to his face and said, “Eat it!” He slowly started to move his tongue back and forth over her lips, lightly caressing her clit. She was in ecstasy finally getting John in bed. All of the exhibitionism had driven her crazy, as it made it where she couldn’t wait for this.

She changed positions getting in the 69 position and pulled his hard cock through the fly of his slacks and started sucking it. She pursed her lips over the head of his cock and moved back and forth while licking it ever so lightly with the tip end of her tongue. John’s cock was getting so engorged, it was about ready to explode so she stopped and changed positions again.

Emily removed all of John’s clothes and straddled John’s hard cock and inserted it in her moist pussy. She rode it hard and fast, while she fingered her clit. Then she had John drive it in doggy style, pounding her hard. John turned her over and started fucking her pussy violently, taking it out on her, while thinking about all of the times she flashed him. Finally he was about to erupt and he pulled out and put his dick up in her face where she licked it until it exploded all over her face. They slept together that night and did it one more time, before they showered and Emily went home before Jimmy and I could return.

Jimmy and I made love as well that night. He was so masterful with his tongue and with his cock pleasing me time after time that night. We started in the hotel’s hot tub giving hand jobs to each other. He ate my pussy with the shades cracked open so the neighbors across the courtyard could see. Then we were all over each other, kissing, sucking, tonguing, and fucking each others brains out all night. We woke up in the morning, got dressed, ate breakfast, and headed back home. However, what were we actually heading into? Would John still want to be with me after being with Emily? Would Emily still want to be with Jimmy? Where would all of this lead for the four of us? So many questions, but the answers will be cumming soon hopefully.

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