Secret Powers Ch. 07: Meeting Lydia

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Big Tits

My alarm buzzes me awake at 8:30. Ugh. I go to the loo and come back. What day is it? Oh crap, I have the morning shift at work. I toss off my nightie and make the bed.

My hot shower wakes me up. The memories of the last two dramatic days come back to me in a flood. So much has happened. I try to make sense of it all, but it’s a blur of images, so I park that exercise for later.

I finish and dry off, not even fingering myself as I usually do. I return to my bedroom and select my work outfit – a short skirt and a nice blouse, almost sheer. Now I go to the drawer, where I decide to wear a thong under my skirt.

I consider going braless, but I did that once, and I was reprimanded by Edith because my nipples poke out without one. I wondered at the time if she’s a prude or if she was getting excited and didn’t want to admit it.

I select a bra with thin fabric, through which my nipples can still display their bumps when they are hard. I put everything on and look at myself in the mirror. Everything is smart looking but shows my body shape. I can’t see my nipples, but when I rub my boobs it makes my nipples hard, visible but not overly prominent.

The lovely experiences with Melissa and Tara and Sonya have energised me. I feel deliciously seductive this morning, so I put on a bit more makeup than I usually do.

I step into the kitchen, where Mum is eating a bowl of cereal. She looks up and says, “Well, doesn’t someone look dressed to kill?”

I laugh and say, “I guess I’m in a mood.”

“I’ll say. Who are you planning to seduce this morning?”

“Oh, whoever I choose as my next victim,” I reply with a giggle.

“I’ve no doubt you can have anyone you want. Just be careful,” she adds, more seriously.

Our conversation of last night comes back to me, and I recall that my power has a dark side. “Yes, of course.”

Mum rinses her bowl and tells me she’s going out for a while. I ask her, “When will you be back? I have an idea for when I get back from work.”

“I’ll be back home for lunch. Why?”

“I thought that maybe you could come with me to meet Tara this afternoon. I’ve arranged to go there at 4:00.”

“What’s it about?”

“Tara is a bloodline, Mum. I thought that maybe you and she could talk about things.”

“Oh, I see. Well, I don’t know if I’m ready to deal with that.”

I walk over and hold her shoulders and look into her eyes. “Mum, I know that you’ve been reclusive and unhappy since, well, you know since when. Now I know why, after our talk last night. You couldn’t tell anyone about it, but Tara has strong powers and she’s very considerate and she will understand.”

Her eyes start watering, and she mumbles, “I don’t know. It’s frightening.”

“I know, Mum, but who else can appreciate what you’ve gone through? It’s a chance to talk about it for the first time.”

Mum pauses and says, “I’ll think about it.”

I give her a hug. “I love you, Mum, more than ever now that I know what you’ve gone through.”

“I love you too, Mary. You have always been a dear.”

I make some toast and coffee, rinse up, and go back to my bedroom and pack for the trip to work. I walk mersin escort the block to the bus stop and wait.

I see a mother and a late teenage daughter walk up. The mother is lovely and the girl is very cute. I smile and cheerfully say, “Good morning.”

“Good morning,” says the girl as she smiles at me. The mother gives me a stern look, so I turn away and look down the street. Here comes our bus.

We get on and I sit toward the back. They sit a few rows in front of me. The girl turns around and stares at me and grins. I give her a quick read and oh my, she’s hot for me.

I give her a quick nipple caress and she gasps. Her mum says, “Turn around, Sylvia, you’re disgusting!” I read the mother, and see that she’s ultraconservative, wanting her daughter to be a virgin on her wedding day and that she should certainly never think about being with a woman.

They get off a few blocks later. My thoughts drift back to Mum. She’s been carrying such a heavy secret, causing the death of Dad. It’s been years, and she’s been unhappy ever since. Was she ever happy? She said she was, long ago.

The mall is coming up, and I hit the button to signal the driver to stop. I thank the driver, get out of the bus and walk to the mall entrance. It’s early, as I’m opening the store, so few people are around.

I go to the coffee shop and order a large cappuccino from a young woman I haven’t noticed before. She has short black hair, eyes as black as coal, and a cute button nose. Her uniform hides the shape of her boobs, which must be tiny as they hardly show.

After taking my order and my payment, she smiles at me and lets her gaze drift down to my nipples, which have been hardening due to the air conditioning and are therefore showing. My nipples harden more as she keeps staring at them.

Her mouth opens, and she continues to look at my nipples, which are rock hard now. I feel firm strokes on my nipples. Her knees almost buckle. The touching stops. I smile at her and say, “Thank you.”

I walk away, wondering what just happened. Does she have the power, and did she just use it on me? It felt like it. I’m quite aroused. I’m sure that I didn’t project to her, not that it didn’t occur to me.

I sit at a table where I can watch her. I don’t send any projections, but turn on reading mode. She’s flustered and I see that she has trouble with the next customer.

In a few minutes, she delivers my coffee, smiling but uneasy with her stirred-up feelings. “Why thank you, Lydia (I read her name tag for this, not her mind), I thought I’d have to come up and get it.”

She stammers, “It’s my pleasure.” Wow, she’s positively drenched between her legs.

“I haven’t seen you in here before. Are you new?” I inquire.

“Yes, today is my first day. I’m so nervous.” She is rocking slightly and leans her hands on the table.

I put a hand on hers, gaze into her eyes and say, “Nothing to be nervous about. There’s a first time for everything.” My physical touch pulses through her body. I feel her pussy drip, and I’m not even projecting any feeling into her. “I work at Edith’s on the upper level, so I suppose I’ll be seeing more of you.” mersin escort bayan My double entendres make her gasp. I take my hand away so she doesn’t cum standing in front of me.

“Yes, I hope so,” she blurts, before flushing with embarrassment and striding back to her station. I think about going up and introducing myself, but I’ll be coming back, so no need for that now.

As I sip my coffee, she keeps furtively glancing in my direction when she’s not busy. I keep up my block but smile from time to time. I think I might be the first woman she’s been attracted to. She’s certainly in an excited state.

As I leave the shop, I give her one more glance and a big smile. She returns the smile. I walk to the escalator and ride up and get to Edith’s, which is an upscale fashion shop, mainly for professional workwear. I get out the shop key and enter, locking it behind me, as it’s several minutes before opening.

Meeting Lydia has me a bit excited, and I think about going into the back of the shop for a quick jill, but I decide against it. I wonder, can my power reach all the way back to the coffee shop? I try projecting to Lydia but I feel nothing – it’s too far – a good thing, really.

I prepare the shop for opening, checking the displays, logging into the register, and seeing if the night shift has left any messages (nope). It’s a few minutes before opening, but I’m all set, so I unlock the door and turn the sign to Open.

As I wait for my first customer, I think about Lydia. Was she seducing me? If she has the power, it didn’t seem quite like Tara’s, not as strong. Maybe she hasn’t been aware of it, like me until a few days ago, and didn’t even know what she was doing.

Customers filter in throughout the morning. Most are middle-aged to older women. Because it’s a weekday morning, the professionals are at work; they mainly shop late Thursday night or on weekends.

Most of the customers just browse, although one takes a few items into the fitting room to try them on. But she doesn’t buy anything, and she just leaves the shop without even looking at me. I am so taken aback by her rudeness that I think about projecting my finger up her pussy as revenge, but I think better of it.

I quietly fume as I pick up the items from the floor (she hasn’t even bothered to put them on the shelf, the bitch), shake them out and hang them back on their racks. Chill out, Mary, this is no big deal.

It’s pretty quiet until Edith, the owner, comes in just before midday. She’s very particular about how things should be done. Fair enough, it’s her business. But she can be brusque sometimes.

“How was the morning, Mary?”

“Pretty dead, Edith. Just a few lookers, no sales.”

“Yes, well, this happens shortly before our semiannual sale. Everyone knows there will be discounts, so they look now and buy when things go on sale. You can take lunch now, Mary.”

I feel a minor bristle. She never asks what I want but always assumes that she knows. Ah well, no big thing. I grab my handbag and head to the food court.

I look around and decide on a felafel. After getting it, I look for a table, when I spot Lydia about escort mersin to sit down with her lunch, alone. I can’t resist going over, and I think to raise my block to avoid overstimulating her. “Hi again, Lydia. Nice to see you again. Mind if I join you?”

She looks up and grins. “Please!” she shouts.

“How was your morning, Lydia?”

“Busy at first, then slow until near lunchtime.”

“My morning was very slow. Oh, by the way, I’m Mary.”

“It’s so nice to meet you, Mary.” She cuts off like she wants to say more; she seems confused and embarrassed. I read her and sense that my presence is making her very excited again. I hold my block up firmly, but her excitement is getting to me. My nipples harden.

We eat, an awkward silence shrouding us.

“How is working at the coffee shop?” I finally ask, finding something neutral thing to talk about.

“So far, so good, I guess. It’s kind of my first job, so I’m learning.”

“I’m sure you’ll catch on. You seem very friendly, which is important when working with customers.”

“I try to be,” she says sweetly.

“So are you just out of high school?”

“Yes, at the end of last year.”

“Any plans?”

“Not really, I just want to get started with work and save some money.”

“Nice,” I say. “Do you have friends you hang out with?”

“Not really. I had a bestie in school, but she moved to Melbourne after she graduated.”

“Aw, too bad. Well, a nice, pretty girl like you should be able to make new friends.”

She blushes and says, “Oh, I don’t know. I’m not pretty, and I’ve always been shy.”

“Nonsense, Lydia! You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen work at the coffee shop. Don’t put yourself down.”

“Oh, really, Mary, you’re just saying that to be nice. I appreciate the effort, but I know it’s not true.”

I grab both of her hands in mine and look her in the eyes. “Lydia, hear this. I never lie when I tell a girl that she’s pretty. Ever.” I drop my block briefly, send a general wave of pleasure through her hands and raise the block again.

Her look softens as she gazes back at me. “Really?” she asks.


I release her hands. I can tell that my compliment and my little projection have given her a boost of confidence. I smile at her, then retrieve my handbag and find a notepad and a pen. I write my name and number on it.

“I like you a lot, Lydia. I’d like to get to know you better. Here’s my number if you want to text me or call me.”

Lydia takes the number, looks at me, and says, “Thank you, Mary. I like you too. I hope we can be friends.”

“I think that’s a distinct possibility.” I glance at the time. “Oh, I’d better run, Edith doesn’t like me being late from lunch. Bye, Lydia.”

“Bye, Mary.”

I go back to work and am bored again until 2:00 quitting time. I say goodbye to Edith and head down the escalator and past the coffee shop.

I catch a glimpse of Lydia and stop cold and stare. She’s gotten under my skin! Since she’s not busy at the moment, she stares back. Oh my, she’s doing it – pulling my nipples, making them hard, feeling it herself. I project back to her a finger sliding into her pussy. We both gasp.

I control myself and put up a block. We smile at each other and I walk to the bus stop for the ride home. I think of Lydia all the way home, and it’s all I can do to avoid rubbing my pussy before I get there.

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