Secrets and Solace Pt. 02

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Brendan stamped his feet and shook the last of the snow off of his coat. A couple shifted by him in the quadplex entry as he tucked away his flight cap. With nothing else to do, he climbed the stairs to his sister’s apartment with equal parts excitement and trepidation. They had only seen each other twice in the ten months since the funeral.

The first time was just to complete paperwork to allow either of them to handle their mother’s estate. The second was to help move Shannon to a new school. While they had talked and joked like old times, the flight from Lindbergh Field to Dane County included long stretches of silence and furtive glances.

He knocked on the apartment door and immediately heard Shannon’s voice. Then the door wrenched open and she flung herself into him, pushing her way into his overcoat. “I didn’t think you would ever get here!”

Luxuriating in the press of her soft, full breasts, delicious hips, and tight embrace, he returned her hug and started to steal a kiss until he caught movement behind her.

“Bren, this is Chase,” Shannon said, as she disengaged from the hug, tucking honey-brown hair behind her ears. “Chase, this is my brother, Brendan.”

Maybe an inch taller, Chase looked maybe ten-or-fifteen-pounds lighter. He dressed like the assholes in old movies. Otherwise it was like looking in a mirror.

“Come in, come in,” Shannon said as her flushed face returned to normal color. “Where’s your bag?”

“At the hotel,” Brendan said.

“Why? You can stay here.”

“I moved you in here. I remembered how small this place is,” Brendan replied.

Chase said something in agreement with Brendan and Shannon fired back. Glad to have the focus off of himself, Brendan hung his coat and took a seat at the kitchen bar.

“No, we’re not going into that now, with my brother here,” Shannon said to stop their playful bickering. “Chase was just telling me he had a surprise for us.”

She beamed and Brendan grinned back, despite himself. Happiness made her even more beautiful.

“My dad said we could use the ski lodge in White Fish for a week,” Chase said, excitement bubbling through his voice.

“Really?” Shannon said. “I’ve never been skiing.”

Unable to trust his tone, Brendan smiled to keep his mouth shut. Then Shannon kissed Chase and his heart dropped into his belly.

“So, check out of that hotel and grab your bag, buddy,” Chase said. “We fly out tonight.”

Shannon hung on his every word, literally hanging on him, fingers laced, on his shoulder.

Time to be the bad guy, Brendan thought. “Chase, that’s great but I’m going to pass.”

“No-the-hell you’re not,” Shannon said. “I haven’t seen you in months.”

“And I’ll be here when you get back,” Brendan said. “I have a two-week pass. You two go ski and have fun and when you get back we’ll hang out somewhere indoors.”

“Brendan, dude, you don’t want to miss this,” Chase argued.

Dude? Brendan thought. I’m a staff sergeant you twat. He said, “It’s not my thing, dude. I joined the Air Force because of the lack of out-door stuff. Besides, I’m exhausted from work and school.”

“You don’t have to ski,” Chase continued. “We’ll get you a girlfriend, hook you up with a little ski bunny, and get you la—”

Shannon elbowed Chase in the ribs, more forceful than playful.

“Ow!” Chase rubbed his side and tried to read her face.

Brendan ran interference. “Oh, I have a girlfriend. She just couldn’t get leave to come with me.”

“Oh, I didn’t know,” Chase said.

“Neither did I,” Shannon said, staring right through Brendan. “But you’re coming with us.”

He drew his arms in close to guard his own sides.

“Bossy,” Chase said. “She must be the oldest.”

Brendan shrugged.

“Like I said, he’s coming with us.”

“Great,” Chase said. “That settles it.”

After an awkward lunch Chase went to his apartment to get his luggage together. Brendan sat on the couch while Shannon jetted through the apartment in full panic-packing. “We settled this. You said you were coming with us.”

“No, you said I was coming with you,” Brendan said. “I told you it’s not my thing.”

“It’ll be fun,” Shannon said. “But only if you come with us.”

Yeah, Brendan thought. Fun. “Shay, I want to sleep in a bed that I don’t have to make, eat food that wasn’t prepackaged, and see things that are not Air Force blue or institutional grey.”

“You can do all of that with us,” Shannon said.

“I’d rather do all of that without watching you two fall in love.” Brendan blurted out, wincing immediately.

“That’s not fair.” Shannon collapsed into a chair beside the couch. “We said that we have to do this.”

Brendan nodded in hot-faced embarrassment. “I know.”

“What we did…it’s not right.”

He nodded in agreement.

“You said it, yourself.”

“I know and I was wrong for what I just said. I’m being childish,” Brendan said. “We’re going to do this. We’re going to do other people and we’re going to be normal siblings.”

Shannon wiped her eyes in frustration. “Tell me about this bahçelievler escort girlfriend.”

“I’ve been seeing her for a few weeks,” Brendan said. “But she’s really not—”

“Do you have a photo of her?” Shannon demanded.

Brendan found his phone and pulled up a photo of him and Keisha at a Gary Clark Jr. concert, on a rare night away from Lackland.

“Well, the boob gods were good to her, weren’t they?” Shannon said, acid dripping from her comment.

Of course, Brendan thought. Different ethnicity, different interests, same basic body-type. “I guess that makes me shallow, huh?”

“Is that what drew you to her?”

“No, she games, reads comics, and listens to…” Brendan lost his train of thought while looking in his sister’s green eyes and then at her full, delicious mouth.

Shannon leaned in to him. “Do you ever think of—?”

His ringing phone cut her off. Brendan looked at the screen. “It’s Mrs. Huang.”

Six minute later he hung up. “See? It’s all for the best. You and Chase will go skiing and I’ll go close the sale on Mom’s house. We’ll meet back here in a week and hang out.”

“I don’t like it,” Shannon said, stepping into him at the door. “I would rather—”

“Me, too.” Brendan kissed her, light, on the lips. “But we’re going to do this.”

Shannon threw her arms around his neck. “I don’t want to do this.”

“Yes, you do,” Brendan said. “You want to have a normal relationship and do normal things. Me, too.”

“I want to do you,” Shannon retorted.

Brendan felt his heart hammer his sternum and his penis all but leapt.

“I didn’t say that,” she said. “Go. Just go.”

He turned to leave but Shannon rose up on her toes to kiss him on the lips.

Three nights later, Brendan lay in the hotel bed, body aching. Even with two guys he hired from North Central College, clearing the boxes and furniture from his mom’s house wore him out. But it was done. The check made it all worth it. He couldn’t wait to tell Shay about the accounts that the probate court found—

Pounding on his hotel door shocked him fully awake.

Brendan struggled to wrap the bathrobe around his sore body, as he limped to the door. “Who is it?”

“Open the fucking door, Bren.”

Shannon pushed past him, stomping into the room. She dropped her suitcase and went straight to the desk/table. “Where’s the booze? I know you always have a bottle when you travel.”

He was shocked to see her face bare of cosmetics, faint freckles visible in the stark light. Her honey-brown hair was pulled back into a severe ponytail. Her eyes were red and raw. If possibly she was even more beautiful than ever.

“Brendan! Booze!”

“Yeah, sure,” he said, going to his own bag. He fished out a bottle of Jameson. “I’ll go get ice.”

“And Coke,” she said, dropping her jacket where it landed before rummaging through Brendan’s bag. “I’m taking your shorts and T-shirt.”

Half-way back to the room, he realized that he was wearing nothing but his robe. Thankful that he encountered no one in the hall, Brendan picked up his pace. The sound of Shannon running greeted him at the door. When he heard the water draining, he made them each a drink.

Shannon emerged from the bathroom hair wrapped in a towel.

Brendan asked, “What happened?”

“Chase was jerking me around the entire time,” Shannon said, flopping down on the couch beside him and taking the offered cup.

“Jerking you around about what?”

“He overheard my friend Marcia talking about me. She said dead mother, and inheritance and he saw dollar signs.”

“How did you find out?”

“Chase sent me a text intended for his brother about some investment plan that he hadn’t said anything to me about. He’s a bragger so why wouldn’t he tell me about it?” Shannon said between deep swallows off the cup. “I mean he tells me about his fucking golf clubs.”

“That doesn’t mean—”

She continued. “He got mad as hell when I told him where you went. Said that I should’ve told him and he could help because he’s a pre-law major or some shit. He was a total dick all the way to Montana”

“But the text?”

“Every time I asked him about it he dodged the question or played it off as no big deal. The rest of the time he was on the phone. We never saw the slopes.” Shannon drained the cup. “So, last night he passed out drunk and I went through his phone. It was all there.”

“What was all there?” Brendan asked.

“Chase found mom’s obit, and the listing for the house. He had plans to invest our money in his plan. His brother was coaching him on what to do if we split the money before he could get to you.”

Brendan shook his head and then Shannon drew her legs up on the couch and the baggy shorts rode up on her toned, creamy thigh. She punched him in the shoulder. “Get me another drink, you freak.”

Cup in hand, he rose to mix a second drink.

“So, you read the texts,” Brendan prompted, while cutting back on the whiskey.

“Hey, I see you,” Shannon said. “Don’t skimp.”

Brendan dropped balgat escort another splash of booze in the cup before handing it to her. “Then what?”

“I waited for him to wake up. Made sure he was lucid,” Shannon said, knocking back half the drink. “He tried to play it off as no big deal. Then, he was ‘just looking out for us.’ Then he tried to turn it back on me. Even the I’ll fuck-her-but-not-wife her, part.”


“I punched the crap out of him,” she said. “Still can’t believe I slept with—oh, god.”

She sprinted from the couch to the bathroom and Brendan heard her vomit. He followed her and soaked a face towel under the cold tap. When she exited the toilet he handed her the cool towel.

“Is that just from shotgunning the whiskey or—?”

“Fuck you, we used condoms every time,” Shannon barked, wiping her eyes and then the rest of her face before reaching for her toothbrush. “They didn’t card me on the plane so I’ve been drinking all afternoon on an empty stomach.”

“I’ll order some food,” Brendan said as she brushed her teeth.

After room service delivered the food, Shannon joined him on the couch in the suite. They talked and ate and drank more. At one point she stopped talking and then Brendan realized her head was on his shoulder and she was deep in sleep. He turned down the TV and closed his own eyes.

He woke up with a crick in his neck. Shannon’s hand was on his chest, inside of his robe. When he looked at her face, her eyes met his. Brendan leaned in and she met his lips. The taste of her mouth flooded his senses and he sucked her tongue for every speck of her, mixed with whiskey.

Pulling away from his kiss, she bit his lip and pulled his hair. “You shouldn’t have left.”

“Shay, I had to go close on the house.”

“I mean when you moved me to Madison,” she husked between angry kisses.

“I had to go back to base or end up in the stockade.”

“You still had time left. You could’ve stayed the weekend. I wouldn’t have been so stupid for dick if you had just stayed.”

“If I’d stayed the weekend, we would’ve ended up having sex.”

“So? Screwing you isn’t getting screwed by him.”

Brendan pulled away and as gently as he could, wiped tears from her eyes. “We agreed that we needed to see other people. To have healthy relationships.”

“Does this seem healthy?” Shannon countered. “Played like a dumb slut?”

“That was one time. Now you know that you can’t talk to anyone about your business.”

Shannon’s mouth on his, smothered everything else he would’ve said. She reached into his robe and took hold of his rock-hard cock, caressing it. Unable to restrain himself, Brendan groped her tits through the T-shirt and kissed his way down.

She climbed into his lap and he pulled the tent-like shirt off of her body. The TV backlit her but there was enough exterior light through the windows to illuminate her perfect breasts. With one in each hand he pressed them together, licking and teasing her nipples.

“Mm,” Shannon groaned, fidgeting in his lap. “You like those big titties, don’t you?”

Brendan nipped and bit at one nipple while strumming the other with his thumb.

“Oh, yes,” she husked out, grinding her pelvis into his.

Then his cock went in the hiked up leg of her shorts and Shannon shut down. “Wait.”

She all but leapt off of his lap.

Brendan stopped instantly. “Are you okay?”

“I’m not,” Shannon stopped, voice trembling. With her legs tucked under her, she looked even more vulnerable than she sounded. “I’m not ready for penetration. Not, yet. I know that’s a shitty thing to say right now.”

“Stop, stop, stop,” Brendan interrupted Shannon, turning to face her. “We don’t have to do that. We don’t have to do anything. We can just go lay in bed and cuddle. Or you can be alone.”

“No,” Shannon protested. “I want to play. I’m just scared.”

“I don’t want you to ever be scared of me,” Brendan said. “Before all of this you are my sister and after all of this you will be my sister. My first and best friend. I will love you no matter what and I will not do anything you’re even remotely uncomfortable with.”

Tension fled Shannon’s face as she eased. Her 1000-watt smile lit Brendan’s world.

“Come on, let’s go to bed,” he said.

“Just a kiss first,” she said, taking his face in her hands pecking him on the lips. Then a second time and then a third. The third devolved into her tongue displacing his own. Shannon took his hands and guided them back to her bare breasts. Brendan’s cock sprang back to life at the first touch of her silky-soft flesh.

Again, he kissed his way down. Again, he ministered to her stiff nipples, licking, sucking, and biting. “I’m just going to give you a little kiss down there. We can stop any—”

“You want to kiss my pussy?”

Brendan nodded. “Is that okay?”

“You seriously want to kiss my pussy?”

He kissed her taut belly.

“You are going to kiss my pussy.”

He tongued and her perfect belly button.

Shannon’s squeal of laughter rewarded ankara escort him. “Say it. Say that you want to kiss your sister’s pussy.”

“I want to kiss my sister’s honey pussy,” Brendan said, pulling shorts and panties off of her ass in one motion. Her sweet musk guided him and he dove nose-first into her mound of curls.

“Oh, Jesus…” Shannon said through gritted teeth. “You’re kissing your sister’s pussy.”

Brendan gave the bud of her clitoris a light peck before moving further south. He licked at her labia and then sucked the delicate petals of her dewy rose. Then back to her clit, kissing, licking, and finally sucking.

“I want to put my tongue in my sister’s pussy,” Brendan said. “Is that okay?”

“Yes,” Shannon hissed.

Brendan sucked and kissed and licked past her labia and stuck his tongue as deep into her honey pot as it would go.

“Holy mother of god,” Shannon said, driving her fingers into his hair. “You’re eating your sister’s pussy. Aren’t you?”

“I’m eating my sister’s pussy,” Brendan mumbled, lips slick from Shannon’s wet slit.

“You’re eating…oh,” Shannon whispered, pulling on his hair.

Working her beautiful tits with his hands, he alternated between thumbing and pulling on her rich brown nipples. Undeterred, his mouth moved from wet pussy to swollen clit and back.

“You’re eating your sister’s pussy,” Shannon whimpered.

“I’m eating all of this sister-pussy.”

“Oh, god, you’re eating all of your sister’s pussy,” Shannon said, rocking her pelvis and gripping his scalp tight. “Wait, wait, wait, I’m not ready to cum, yet.”

Brendan came up for air, transfixed by her cream thighs and overwhelmed by her sweet musk.

“Lay back,” Shannon said.

“Not yet.”

“Lay back, now.”

Brendan eased back on the couch as Shannon stood on shaky legs. “Let’s just get something straight.”


“Shut up,” Shannon turned away and then straddled him, her ass and sweet slit inches from his face. “I don’t want you to fuck that big-titty bitch you’re dating.”

She leaned toward his cock and her tits landed on his belly. Brendan shook his head, tongue all over Shannon’s clit. “I won’t.”

“Say it.”

“I won’t fuck that big-titty bitch that I’m dating,” Brendan said around her wet pussy.

“I want you to fuck this big-titty bitch,” Shannon said twirling her tongue around the head of his cock and then she took the length of his shaft down her throat.

“Holy shit!” Brendan said before diving back to her sweet slit, nose practically up her ass.

Her mouth bobbed while Brendan tongued and sucked at her clit. Her pelvis rocked as Shannon rode his mouth, grinding her pussy into his face. They both quivered on the edge of oblivion.

“You want to fuck that cunt?” She husked, “That’s how you get to fuck that cunt. First you eat that cunt.”

Putting years of abdominal workouts to the test, Brendan sat up. He caught Shannon at the knees and her pelvis landed on his chest.

Shannon pulled her mouth off of his cock. “What are you—?”

Brendan darted at her ass with his tongue.


He ran his tongue from clit to ass. Shannon lurched forward but he caught a handful of her hair, jerking her head back.

“OH MY—!”

Then he settled into a slow, soft tonguing of her pungent asshole.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

“This is my pussy,” Brendan slurred over her anus. He released her hair to kneaded one of her fat tits with one hand. “And this is my little button. Your whore button.”

“Wow, oh, oh,” Shannon all but shrieked, death-grip on his cock. “It’s not a whore button, it’s a dirty button.”

“What does it do when I eat your ass?” Brendan darted his tongue into her asshole, lightly tapping her clit with the fingers of his free hand.

“It makes me a dirty whore,” Shannon said, with a groaning laugh. “Oh, eat my ass and I’ll be your dirty whore.”

“You want me to eat my sister’s ass?” He tapped her clit a bit harder, then landed on her clit with his middle finger, rubbing in short, fast strokes.

“Yes, please eat your sister’s ass. Please eat my—” Tremors rocked Shannon’s body and she wailed. “OH, OH, OH! I’m going to—OH!”

Shannon’s entire body quaked with her orgasm. Brendan’s saliva, mingled with her ass and pussy, dripped off of his chin and ran down her thighs, already glistening with sweat. The melange of scents were nearly too much for him as his sister continued to shake and convulse.

“I can’t make it stop,” she whimpered.

“Good, don’t try.”

“But…” Shannon tried to adjust only to fall back on top of him.

“Just feel it,” Brendan said, arms around her.

“Oh, god,” she moaned, tremors erupted in her chest and through her back into his chest. Even her ass shook against his belly. “It just keeps happening. I keep cumming.”

Brendan spread his hand over her curly mound. His fingers rested over her clit and at the opening of her pulsating pussy. Shannon slapped her hands over his as her body continued to quake. She also clamped her thighs shut around his cock.

“It’s okay,” Brendan whispered in her ear. “Let it go. Let it all go. We can stay like this forever.”

She turned her face but was unable to make the embrace. He kissed her jaw, her ear, and her neck, licking and sucking at her salty-wet skin. Slowly her tremors subsided.

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