Secrets of the Mother

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As the years passed, Tammy did her best to raise Michael up right. She never did marry, but she did have her share of losers in and out of her life. And, although her own life had been a major let down, Tammy found strength and pride in her son. He was now a senior in high school and kept himself busy with football and filling out college applications.

Over the years, Tammy had managed to put quite a bit of money away, thus enabling her to send Michael to just about any college of his choice. Fortunately, three colleges already wanted to send Michael on a sport’s scholarship, which meant all that money would be used for his first apartment and upkeep on the old clunker he drove back and forth to school.

One afternoon, the phone rang, it was the sheriff’s department with news about Larry, Michael’s absentee father, better known as “The Piece of Shit Sperm Donor,” as Tammy would often refer to him as.

“Mrs. Simms?”


“This is Officer Smith, with the sheriff’s department, do you know a Mr. Larry Shiffen?” he asked.

“Not well, but yes, I do know him, why?” she said, taking a seat on the infamous couch where Michael had been conceived 18 years earlier.

“Well, Mrs. Simms, Mr. Shiffen was killed last night in a bar fight and you were listed as his next of kin,” explained the officer.

Tammy was speechless, for a moment, almost dropping the phone. All these years, despite her hatred for Larry, she had always hoped he would pop up and try to be a part of Michael’s life, of course he never did, and now he never would.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” said Tammy, after taking a long, deep breath.

“Mrs. Simms, we need you to come identify the body and collect his belongings,” continued the officer, “And, one more thing, Mr. Shiffen had $4,000.00 on him, at the time of his death, that too, is also yours.”

Tammy didn’t know what to say exactly, so she agreed to come identify Larry and pick up his belongings.

Hours later, she returned, feeling somewhat sad and empty, but not knowing why. This man had raped her 18 years ago. True, he had given her her wonderful son, but he did rape her all the same. He never even called, not one time to check on either her or Michael, so why on Earth was she sad?

She went into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine, she was either going to unwind or get drunk, she’d decide later.

Four glasses and two hours later, Tammy was getting highly buzzed. The sadness was leaving her, but unfortunately for her, drinking had always made her horny. So, she got out her little phone book and decided to give one of her ex’s a call. And, as luck would have it, all of them were either out or had gotten their number changed, so Tammy was back to square one.

Later that night, Michael came in, bustling around like a summer tornado through the house.

“Mom!!! I’m home!!! Where are you?” he hollered, pulling a tray of lunch meat from the refrigerator.

“I’m in here,” she said, slumped down into the couch.

Michael grabbed some food and headed towards the living room.

“Why are you sitting in the dark?” he asked, reaching to turn on the table lamp.

“No, leave it off,” she said quickly, not wanting him to see her in this condition.

“But, Mom, it’s so dark in here,” he said, “Can’t I just turn on one light? How bout that one over there on the fireplace mantle, it’s not too bright.”

“Alright, mobil porno Michael, if you insist,” she said, trying to pull herself up before the light of the lamp revealed her ridiculous state.

“Mom, you look awful, you alright?” he asked, taking a bite off his sandwich he had made.

“I’m okay, honey,” she said, “I’ve just had a rough day is all, nothing to concern yourself with.”

“Oh … well, I hope things get better for you, Mom,” he said, giving her a smile and his famous wink.

“Thanks, baby,” she said, “I’ll be okay, I just need some rest, I guess.”

“Okay, I’ll go up to my room and let you rest,” he said, standing up to leave.

“No, don’t go yet,” she said, extending her hand to him, “Stay down here with me for awhile, will you?”

“Sure, Mom,” he said, finishing his sandwich and plopping down on the couch beside her.

Tammy smiled and closed her eyes, laying her head on Michael’s broad shoulder, instantly feeling better about this shitty day.

She must have fallen asleep because when she re-opened her eyes, there was Michael, still beside her, with his jeans unbuttoned, slowly jacking himself off with his eyes closed.

Tammy didn’t say a word, all she could do was admire Michael’s cock. She hadn’t seen it in years and was thoroughly shocked and aroused by how large her son’s cock actually was. He got his endownment from his father. Tammy remembered all too well just how big Larry’s cock was and how it forced her asshole and pussy wide open.

Michael still kept his eyes closed as low, throaty groans escaped his lips. His hips were slightly bucking and small drops of pre-cum had begun to dribble from his cock slit. It was getting hard for Tammy to remain quiet, so she quietly reached up and unbuttoned her blouse, allowing her slightly sagging tits to bounce free.

Just then, Michael opened his eyes, shocked to see not only had his mother been watching him, but now he was face to face with the very tits he used to feed from as a baby.

“You like what you see, honey?” she asked, obviously still buzzed from her earlier drink-a-thon.

“I’m not supposed to see those, Mom,” Michael said, stuttering a bit.

“It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone,” said Tammy, feeling her pussy already becoming wet, “Touch them, I won’t bite you.”

Michael was hesitant, at first, but quickly warmed up to the idea of feeling his mother’s tits. He turned, facing her and leaving his cock out, and gently grabbed her size 40 D tits, slowly rubbing the nipples, which by now, where small, brown rocks in his grip.

“Oh, God,” she groaned, closing her eyes and enjoying her son’s hands on her tits, “God, baby, rub mommy’s tits hard”

Michael could feel his cock stiffening. He had always fantasized about Tammy but never had the nerve to act on it. Now, here it was, in person, right at his fingertips.

He leaned in and sucked Tammy’s right nipple into his warm mouth, reaching over and placing his mother’s hand on his cock.

Tammy wasted no time jacking her son’s cock, slowly, yet tightly gripping the thick shaft and bobbing her palm up and down the throbbing meat as he sucked her tits like a starving newborn.

She spread her legs and began to finger her sloppy wet cunt, still jacking off her son and allowing him to suck her nipples.

“Oh, God, Mommy’s getting horny, baby, I need some dick mofos porno in me, bad,” she groaned, stroking Michael’s dick a bit faster.

“Let me put my dick in you, Mom,” he whispered, already breathless.

Tammy wasted no time. She yanked her three fingers from her sloppy hot cunt and stood up, facing her son. She slowly stripped as he watched, his mouth watering and his cock hard as a steel pipe.

“Mom, your body’s so hot,” he moaned, still stroking his aching rod.

He reached into his duffle bag, beside the couch and grabbed his camera. He always carried a camera with him to take pictures of his friends at school, sort of a memento for when he went away to college.

“I wanna take your picture,” he whispered, aiming the camera at his mother’s sexy naked body.

Tammy smiled and straddled the chair, placing each leg over the arms and slowly rocking back and forth, making the soft material kiss her engorged clit. Her nipples rose high off her slightly sagging tits and she threw her head back, moaning as her pussy got wetter with each passing moment.

“Oh, God, yes, Mom, yes, that’s it,” chanted Michael, snapping pictures of his mother’s slutty poses.

She leaned back up, cupping her big tits and bringing her erect nipples to her mouth, seductively licking the tips and moaning like a sloppy slut.

She fell into the chair and flung her legs wide open, reaching down and pulling her hairy pussy lips apart, revealing her well used, well lubricated cunt. She wiggled and moaned, chanting her son’s name over and over as the camera flashed, taking picture after picture of her slutty naked body.

Michael couldn’t stand it anymore, he HAD to cum. His cock was so hard, it actually was beginning to hurt, so Tammy got the idea to photograph her son as he came.

She quickly grabbed the camera and provoked him to cum, talking dirty to him and telling him tales of how she’d lay in bed at night, fantasizing about his cock digging into her cunt. She stroked his ego by telling him how hot his cock made her and how she’d do anything to feel that monster rod buried inside her pussy.

Michael groaned and bucked his hips, chanting his mother’s name over and over, calling her names such as dirty slut and every man’s whore. This too, excited Tammy, but she wanted to photograph Michael cumming.

Only a few minutes passed, and Michael could hold back no longer. He began moaning and groaning, shouting Tammy’s name as streams of thick, creamy white cum exploded from his engorged cock, spraying up onto his chest and coating his hand.

When Tammy was satisfied with the amount of pictures she took, she put the camera down and dropped to her knees, immediately taking her son’s sticky wet cock into her slutty hot mouth.

She groaned and hummed, teasing her son’s shaft with her tongue, massaging the engorged veins and licking the underside of his warm dick, even fingering his asshole as she cleaned him off. He stroked her hair and told her what a good slut she was for cleaning him off so well.

And, after every drop of her son’s seed was cleaned, Tammy again stood up, facing him.

“I wanna eat your cunt,” he whispered, motioning for her to come to him.

Tammy smiled and climbed up onto her son’s lap. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her up, sliding her onto her back and throwing her legs over his shoulders. He pulled her pussy directly naughty america porno to his lips and wasted no time lapping up his mother’s sloppy wet pussy juices, mauling her hairy pussy lips and clit with his tongue and teeth, sending Tammy almost over the edge in just a few short minutes.

Michael pulled his mother’s limp, slutty body over to the couch, laying her on her back as he hovered over her, again slamming her legs over his shoulders, and again, diving his hungry mouth into her pussy, drinking and sucking the slut juice that seemed to never stop flowing from her fuckhole.

Finally, when Tammy could not take anymore, she began pleading, begging relentlessly for her son to fuck her.

“Oh, God, Michael!!! Fuck me!!! Please, please fuck me!!!” she chanted, wanting nothing more then his huge dig to fuck her senseless.

“You want my dick, Mom? Huh? This what you want? Wanna feel me pound that pussy into this couch?” he asked, gripping his thick cock and guiding it to her soaked pussy hole.

“YES!!! YES!!!! PLEASE, GOD, YES!!!!” she groaned, spreading her legs as far as they’d go.

And Michael jammed his mother’s cunt full of his cock, balls deep.

He grabbed the arm of the couch, using it for leverage as he pounded deep and hard into her pussy, ramming the tip of his cock well past her clenched pussy walls.

“I hope I knock you up, Mom!!” he yelled, driving his cock further each time.

Suddenly. flash backs to the night she spent with Larry, Michael’s father, flooded Tammy’s memory. He had told her also that he wanted to knock her up, and he did just that. Maybe history was about to repeat itself. But, Tammy didn’t care, she didn’t give a shit about the consequences, she just wanted to get off.

“Yeah, baby, knock me up, make Mommy have your baby,” she groaned, grinding her cunt hard around her son’s bulging dick.

“Gonna make you have my baby, you slut,” he groaned, pumping faster and harder, making the couch move with his power, just as his father had done 18 years earlier.

“Oh, God, Michael!!! Don’t stop, baby!!! Mommy’s gonna fucking cum!!!!!!” she screamed, reaching up over her head, clenching the arm of the chair and lifting her hips, meeting her son’s every thrust.

“Cum, you slut!!!! Cum!!!!! Make me jack my dick off in you!!!!” he groaned, “I’m gonna knock you up!!!!!!”

Thrust after powerful thrust, Michael claimed his mother’s pussy, until he could no longer control himself, and with a loud scream, and one more deep, hard hitting, penetrating thrust, he shot his load deep within his mother’s fuckhole, spraying every inch of her pussy walls and womb, guaranteeing to knock her up.

“That what you wanted, slut?” he asked, trying desperately to catch his breath as his softening dick plopped out of his mother’s cum filled cunt.

“Yes, baby, that’s what Mommy wanted,” she said, slowly bringing her legs down and feeling the last effects of her own orgasm slowly dying down.

They shared a long, passion soaked kiss before Michael excused himself to go take a shower.

As Tammy laid there, she again was aroused by the events that just took place and could not refrain from slamming three fingers back into her cunt and experiencing another mind bending orgasm.

By the time Michael returned, Tammy was completely spent and ready for a long nap. And as the couple laid there, in each other’s arms, they both felt safe, secure and satisfied knowing that even the secrets of the mother can be erotic and fun and even though Tammy did not conceive Michael’s child THAT day, she did however conceive his daughter two years later. This is one secret Mom will take to her grave.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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