Sedona Heat Ch. 07

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The array of food that arrived was astounding and we dove in with ravenous intent on consuming every morsel. You were still wrapped in the sheet and I was cleaned up and redressed raring to hit the mountains I love so much. It was an exhilarating experience, this was no scenic ride, we’re talking serious off road driving, tilting and tipping, leaning to and fro, rounding mountain tops that don’t seem wide enough to drive on; surrounded by the Martian like landscape that makes up the Sedona area mountain ranges with names like Coffee Pot Rock, Court House Butte and Cathedral Rock. It was an adventure that was right up my alley and I was ready to go.

You showered and dressed quickly, while I filled my backpack with the things I’ve learned are essential in the desert… sunscreen, camera, a towel, another shirt and pair of socks, energy bars, some of the fruit from breakfast, a first aid kit and as much water as I could carry. So there I stood in my khaki shorts, white tank top and a light long sleeved shirt, a ball cap and hiking boots. You laughed openly at my oversized backpack asking

“Hey are you sure you’re going to be able to stay vertical with that thing?” I stuck my tongue out at you but I knew you might be right and contemplated taking out something. “What’s the inventory?” I gave you my detailed list and you found all the requirements where there and you kissed me as you slung it over your shoulder. “You’ve got what we need; I’ll carry the pack you just worry about staying on your feet or in your seat!”

We decided on the mustang and we were off in the direction of downtown Sedona where the tours started; you grabbed the pack and threw it in the back of one of the famous pink jeeps and climbed in the driver’s seat.

“Hey don’t we have to go check in and pay?” I’d done the tour and knew there was an experienced driver that navigated each of the jeeps and the tour was hardly free, so I was confused even further when you produced the key and atakent escort revved the engine.

“Oh, did I forget to mention there’s no driver?”

“What?” My knees wobbled a bit when you smiled and said

“I’ll be your guide today.”

“Whoa, hold on there cowboy! They have experienced tour guides that are supposed to drive!”

“Yeah, I’m one of them.” Of course he was, how convenient and wonderful!

“Do you work everywhere in Sedona?”

“Yep, pretty much.” You said with a wicked grin that I returned. I took shotgun with delight, the jeeps hold 5 tourists plus the guides and the last trip I was in the rear end, up front was going to be a whole new ball game. We started to back out and I asked if there weren’t other passengers and you shook your head with another big smile. Goddamn this was just getting better and better!

I buckled up as we took off, the adrenalin pumping, my heart racing with excitement as you began to tell the story of Sedona’s history and the tale behind its amazing rusty color. Two hours later we were at the base of Bell Rock and I looked up at what I considered “My Mountain”. A smile crossed my face as I became lost in my reverie, remembering that day several years before when I had come so close to being another statistical victim to dangers of this arid wilderness. I got out of the jeep slowly; my eyes searching the northern side of the bell for the path that I had taken to that magical place up top.

“This is Bell Rock, it’s something, isn’t it?”

“Yes… something. This is MY Mountain.”

“So you’ve hiked here before?”

“I’m not sure hiking would adequately describe my adventure… more like a near death experience! Don’t get me wrong the trip up was awesome and there’s a stone circle on the eastern slope up near the top that I’d like to find again… but it was the hiking back down that I didn’t do so well.”

“You said it was a ataköy escort near death experience and all you have to say is you didn’t hike down so well? I need some details!”

“No, it’s embarrassing!”

“I’ll make you a deal… I’ll help you find the stone circle but when we get there you have to tell me the story… WITH details.” You added for emphasis.

God, that smile made me melt and you looked so sexy out there in your element. We started the ascent at the trailhead just as I remembered, the sun was blazing now as it was near noon. I followed behind and within a matter of 30 minutes we were nearing the 2nd shoulder of the bell shaped mountain and the stone circle was in sight. I saw the fork where I made the wrong turn going off the trail as I headed down and pointed it out to you, giving you the abbreviated version of my meeting with fate. It was rather clear from this position where the fatal mistake had been made and the look on your face told me I had indeed been in serious danger.

I was exhilarated as I stood in the ring rocks, the view out of the mesas was amazing and I was quite speechless as I took in the beauty. You came up from behind and wrapped your arms around me; we stood quietly just basking in the view, the feeling of being on top of the world and completely alone. You began to nuzzle my neck softly, your lips grazing the crook where the neck meets the shoulder… my other erogenous zone. You felt my pulse quicken and the hair raise on my arms; you licked, sucked and nibbled that place while my body arched, your hands cupping and massaging each full breast. I was nearly breathless, my legs trembling as my clit throbbed, then you whispered

“Cum for me, love… cum for me now.” And I did… my pussy literally pulsated and filled, my heart and lungs seized as my body responded to your demand. A husky laugh formed in the back of my throat, my breath returning as I turned atalar escort to face you and take your lips in a deep kiss. I moaned softly as our tongues began to dance, your big hands pulling my body closer; I could feel your cock growing against my belly and I brought my hand down to grasp you lightly through your jeans.

“Hawk… take me here, please… I want you inside of me here at my favorite place.” My arms wound around your torso as your mouth descended on mine. Our eyes locked as we quickly removed our pants; you pulled the towel from the pack and laid it inside the stone circle. You swept me up and onto your dick; before my back touched the ground you were thrusting wildly, my hips rising to meet yours, my nails scratching along your back, the sounds of our fucking blending and rising with the gusts of wind. There was something primeval about our joining in that mystical place, something beyond the physical… more otherworldly and spiritual. I knew at that moment that I would never be able to get enough of you… you were a drug and I was an addict.

There was no basking in the afterglow since we could hear an approaching group. We dressed quickly and appeared innocent sitting in the circle. The group was small about a dozen and mostly older couples; but I could tell from the look on a few faces that they were well aware of what we had been doing and I blushed at the notion. We visited a bit; listened attentively to their guide as we snacked and then waved as they headed back in the direction they had come. When they were far enough away we fell into each other’s arms laughing so raucously I nearly wet my panties.

We sat silently for a while and enjoyed the scenery; this had been such a special place before, but now it was my favorite place.

“This has been an amazing day, Hawk; it couldn’t have been more perfect. Thank you.”

“Darlin’ this day has just gotten started… the Skydance helicopter trip is next.”

“Please tell me there’s a pilot… or can you fly, too?”

“Oh, honey, I’ve been flying since yesterday… but no I can’t pilot a helicopter so you’re safe. At least while we’re in the air!” You kissed me again and led me back down the trail. Our descent was a success and I turned around glancing once more at My Mountain, a huge smile plastered on my face.

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