Seducing Cindy

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This story is fictional. All parties involved in this story are 18 years of age.


Growing up, I realized I had powers that were not normal. It was rough at first because I felt all alone and different. It wasn’t until after high school that I perfected my special powers. I had tried using my powers a few times while in high school, but I could not use my powers for longer than five or ten minutes so I knew I would need to practice in order to perfect my skills.

A few months after turning nineteen years old, I decided to begin perfecting my skills on other seniors. One day after high school, I caught a ride home from my best friend so I arrived home before my little sister, who was a grade below me, even though she is only 10 months younger than me.

She could have her boyfriend or one of her friends drop her off after school, but for some reason, prefers to ride the school bus home. I think she likes the attention she gets from all the underclassmen, if you ask me.

When I saw the bus drop her off, I used my powers of mimicking to pretend I was my father. Mimicking allows me to look like I am someone else.

When my sister Mindy came into the house, I was standing in the kitchen. Mindy walked into the kitchen and said, “Dad what are you doing home from work already?”

I replied, “I just stopped home to grab a snack before heading to my next appointment. Would you do me a favor and make brownies for your brother?”

“Why?” Mindy asked.

“Your brother does so many things for you, you ought to be nice to him. Make him brownies to show him you appreciate all he has done for you.”

She replied, “Okay daddy. Just this once.”

Pleased that she believed I was our father, I left the home and went around to the side of the house to cancel the mimicking. A few minutes later, I walked back into the house to find my sister mixing a batter in a bowl.

I asked my sister, “What are you making?”

She looked at me and smiled. “It is a surprise. I will show you when I am done. Get out of the kitchen because I don’t want to you to know until it is done.”

Happy that she had believed the mimicking trick, I headed into my room to surf the internet. A little while later, my sister pushed open my bedroom door with a plate of brownies in her hand. She smiled at me and said, “Thank you for all that you have done for me bro. I made you some brownies to show you my gratitude.”

Acting surprised, I said, “Thank you sis.” I stood up and gave her a hug, feeling her cleavage pressing against my chest. “You are the greatest,” I said as I took the plate of brownies from her, happy to have an afternoon snack.

A few days later, I tried the mimicking at school. Susie was a bitch who thought her shit didn’t stink and always treated me like I was a pile of crap. I saw her walking down the hallway and ducked around the corner, checking to make sure no one else was around. I used my mimicking power to look like her boyfriend then headed into the hallway.

Susie smiled at me and said, “Hi Tom.” She gave me a quick kiss. I took her by the hand and pulled her around the corner, pressing her against the wall.

“What are you doing?” she asked me as I pressed my body against her, pinning her against the wall. My hand slid up her skirt and between her legs. Her legs spread just enough for my hand to cup her crotch. “Not here,” she whispered, thinking I was her boyfriend. “Someone will see us.”

I pressed my mouth hard against her thick lips and started stroking her crotch with two fingers. She pulled her mouth away from me and started moaning. “Stop” she exclaimed. “You are going to make me horny all day long.”

I kissed her one more time and removed my hands from between her legs. Wanting to feel her gorgeous breasts, I slid my hands up her body and cupped her breasts. Even though she was a bitch, I could not deny that she was hot as hell. She always wore revealing shirts, teasing me with her perky breasts. I fondled them a few seconds as she tried maneuvering away from my hands. As she was about to escape my grip, I grabbed her hard nipple through her bra and pinched it hard.

“Ouch” she said loudly. “That hurt. What has come over you?”

I simply laughed as she pulled away and turned the corner to head down the hallway in the opposite direction. Teasing her body had made me horny so I did my best to think gross thoughts and allow my boner to disappear. Remembering that I had mimicked her boyfriend, I reversed the spell and headed to the lunch room for lunch.

The next few days, I continued finding her alone and pretending to be her boyfriend. Each time, I would pin her against the hall in a secluded hallway or a bathroom and tease her body. Surprisingly, she would allow me to tease her for a minute or so before pulling away. I imagined her boyfriend was getting laid every night thanks to me, but I didn’t care. I was just happy to get revenge. If she ever found out my powers, she would have me killed by her boyfriend and the rest of sex izle the football team.

Over the rest of the year, I practiced my special power until I was sure that I had it perfected good enough that I would be able to keep the mimicking spell up even while having sex. I practiced the spell by mimicking a good looking guy I saw in another town one weekend and picked up a hot girl from the rival football team.

We snuck around to the female locker room during the football game. Her hands were all over my body while I had sex with her. Then, just to make it fun, I canceled the mimicking spell once we were done having sex.

The Senior girl said, “What the hell?” as she saw the real me. She quickly pushed me off of her, pulled up her pants and ran out of the locker room terrified. I could not help but laugh, knowing that I had freaked her out. I was not a great looking guy and nerdy.

There was no way she would have had sex with me had I hit on her without the spell. But, because of my special powers, I was able to get laid by that hot senior, whom I am sure was 18 years old because I heard her bragging to her other friends how she was finally and adult and could do whatever she wanted.

I had used my special powers several times over the next two years, having sex with just about any girl I had wanted to…all but one. After graduating high school, my sister decided to go to college at the local community college and live at home.

I was working as a mechanic and still living at home also. On weekend nights, because our bedrooms were next to each other, I could hear her getting laid by her boyfriend. I couldn’t bring the gorgeous women I was screwing home with me because I would have to keep on the mimicking spell to fool the women, but my family would not recognize me. Therefore, I would have to listen to my sister getting pounded and either masturbate or go to bed with blue balls.

One weekend, my parents went away for an adult retreat. My sister and her boyfriend were playing around in the pool. I watched from afar as my sister wrapped her legs around her boyfriend while they were making out. Her body looked hot as hell, soaking wet in her skimpy bikini.

They were going at it when her boyfriend lifted her out of the pool and was carrying her to one of the lounge chairs when he slipped. Falling, he dropped my sister onto the lounge chair and flipped over her, crashing into the pool pump and breaking it.

I could hear my sister, who apparently was not injured, cussing and throwing a fit. I saw her come running toward the sliding glass doors and ducked into the living room. Dripping wet and clearly horny as hell, my sister came inside calling my name. I made my way back out into the foyer where my sister begged for me to come help. I followed her outside, pretending I did not know what was wrong.

She begged me to fix it so that she would not get in trouble with our father. I told her I wasn’t sure if I could fix it. She begged relentlessly, knowing that this would be her last straw and father would kick her out of the house if he found out what happened. He already did not like her boyfriend and was fed up with her wrong doings.

My sister had a habit of doing stupid shit like coming home drunk or high, breaking shit, sneaking out of the house or sneaking her boyfriend inside, then begging me to cover for her.

For years, I covered for her because I wanted to keep a good friendship with her. She was hot and popular and I was not, which allowed me to hang out with her friends when they stayed overnight.

I cussed and threw a fit, acting as if I was pissed off. I told her that her boyfriend had to leave and stay away for the weekend if she wanted me to fix the pool pump.

I quickly realized that he had only hit the power switch, but I was not going to tell them that. Her boyfriend agreed to leave, even though my sister was pissed at my request. She bitched about not being able to get laid while our parents were gone. I told her that she needed to stay at the house or else I would tell father what she did.

Despite her anger, she agreed. I spend twenty minutes pretending to be working on the pool pump while my sister swam around in the pool. Her anger subsided and she thanked me for helping her out.

I told her that I was going to have to run into town and get some parts to fix the pool, even though it was 9 pm. All of the hardware stores were already closed, but she didn’t know that. She had never stepped foot in a hardware store once in her life.

She thanked me again as I headed out the door and drove the car around to the corner of the block then parked it on the side of the street. A minute later, I used the mimicking spell to look like her boyfriend and jogged back down to our house. I went inside the front door and found her lounging by the pool.

“What are you doing here?” she asked me, thinking I was her boyfriend. “If my brother finds out you are here, he will get me in big trouble and I will be sexmex porno kicked out of my house.”

I told her, “I saw your brother leave and head toward town. I figured he had to go get parts so he will be gone at least an hour. That gives us plenty of time to have sex. You have been grinding on me all day and I can’t go a night without making love to you.”

My sister smiled at me and said, “You are so naughty.” She pulled me into the pool and started making out with me. Her expert lips kissed me passionately making me hard in an instant. Within a few seconds, her tongue slid into my mouth. I sucked on her tongue before our tongues twirled.

I could not believe I was making out with my beautiful sister and holding her hot body against me. My hands slid down her waist and grabbed hold of her tight ass. She moaned softly and and smiled at me as her hips ground into my hard penis.

“Wow, your dick feels bigger than normal. You must be super excited.” she exclaimed.

One thing I could not mimic is the size of her boyfriend’s dick because I have never seen it. Therefore, my dick stayed the normal size. Her comments told me that my dick must be bigger than his. My sister ground her hips against me a second time before jumping up into my arms and wrapping her hands around her neck.

I grabbed her hips and held her until her legs wrapped around my hips. Letting go of her hips, I reached down and slid my swimming trunks off my hips. Moving over to the side of the pool, I placed my sister on the side of the pool while I slid my trunks off my legs and laid them next to her.

Next, I grabbed my sister’s bikini bottoms and pulled them away from her hips, throwing them into the pool. My sister looked at me in disbelief. “Why did you do that? If my brother comes home before we are done, I will have to dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve them.”

Not listening to my sister, I concentrated on her shaved pussy that I had not seen since she was a little child. My eyes focused on her beautifully folds. Her engorged lips let me know that she was turned on and ready to go. I shut my sister up by burying my face between her legs, digging my tongue deep between my sister’s legs.

I could not believe that I was tasting my sister’s sweet nectar. For years, I had wondered what she looked like naked. Now I was getting to see all of my sister except her breasts, but that would change soon. My sister’s hips ground toward my face as I licked inside her folds.

“Suck my clit” she begged.

Never did I think I would hear my sister’s sultry voice betting me to suck her clit, even though she thought she was talking to her boyfriend. Doing as she demanded, I began sucking on her clit. Looking up, I saw my beautiful sister’s face with an expression of pure lust, making me almost come at that moment. My tongue swirled around her clit before retreating down between her lips and lapping up her delicious juices.

“Damn, Bobby. You have gotten better at this,” my sister exclaimed.

I grabbed my sister by the hips and pulled her toward the edge of the pool. She wrapped her arms and legs around me one more time. I reached up and untied her bikini top then pulled it over head, seeing her perky breasts inches from my face.

Her nickel sized nipples were practically poking me in the face. I adjusted my hard dick, sliding it in between her spread legs and dipping it inside my sister’s wet pussy. Her hips started rocking against me as I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth.

Despite having sex with her boyfriend and who knows how many other men, my sister’s pussy was still tight. I grabbed her by the hips and pressed her back against the side of the pool then shoved my dick deep inside my sister’s tight walls causing us both to moan.

“Damn you feel so big inside me,” my sister exclaimed. “Fuck me hard before my brother gets home. I am so fucking horny.”

Gladly following her instructions, I slammed my dick deep inside my sister over and over, feeling myself getting close to an orgasm. The thought of being buried deep inside my sister and feeling her hips rock hard against my body was driving me crazy.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” My sister moaned, encouraging me to keep thrusting hard inside of her, not that I needed any motivation.

I held my sisters hips tightly as she pulled my face away from her breasts and began making out with me again. I sucked on her thick bottom lip with haste as I felt my balls beginning to tighten. Our breathing in between kisses was hot and heavy.

“I am going to come soon,” I exclaimed to her.

“You know I am on the pill,” she reminded me.

Knowing that my sister was on birth control relieved me of my worries and made me extremely happy. I continued thrusting my hips against my sister’s rocking hips as she leaned back, moaning sounds of ecstasy. Thrusting a few more times, I sprayed my juices deep inside my sister’s clasping walls. Feeling my juices shoot deep inside her, my sister’s body began to sikiş izle spasm.

“I’m coming. Don’t stop. I’m coming,” she exclaimed to me.

Thrusting my hips a few more times, I held my sister’s spasming body in my arms, feeling like I was in heaven. After her body went limp, I laid my sister on the side of the pool and told her I would be right back.

After heading inside the house, I dried off and changed into dry clothes then canceled the mimicking spell. I walked into the garage and grabbed a random part from the tool shelf and headed back out into the porch area where my sister was still lying naked on the side of the pool with her eyes closed.

Deciding to get some blackmail material, I snapped a few pictures of my naked sister then sat my phone on the kitchen counter before heading back out into the pool area.

“What the hell?” I exclaimed, acting surprised to see my naked sister.

Mindy snapped up into a sitting position, covering her crotch with one hand and her breasts with her other hand. “Oh my god. I did not expect you back so soon.”

Her face was clearly filled with horror. I knew that she was wondering where Bobby was and hoping that I would not see him. I stared at her for several seconds, holding the random part in my hand. My sister said, “Quit staring at me” just before diving to the bottom of the pool to retrieve her bikini bottoms.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” I said as she swam to the shallow end of the pool and began placing one leg in her bikini bottom.

“What?” my sister said, looking at me with horror.

“I wouldn’t put that back on if I were you.”

“Why not?”

“If you put them back on, I will not finish fixing this pump and you will be kicked out of the house.”

My sister gave me a glare of distaste that I had not seen from her. “You are kidding right?”

“No, I am not kidding sis. I am tired of covering for all of your fuck ups so you are going to stay naked for the rest of the weekend if you want me to cover for you this time and any other time going forward.”

“Fuck you. You are a sick bastard. I am your sister.”

I smiled at her and said, “I am a sick bastard who will have you kicked out of the house if you don’t do as I say. You know father will never let you back home either. He hates Bobby and is tired of your shit.”

Setting the random part down, I pulled my pants down and exposed my limp dick to my sister.

“What are you doing?” my sister asked me with a look of disgust.

Removing my pants and walking down to the last step of the pool, I told her, “I am sick of listening to you and Bobby having sex every weekend and I am tired of covering for you every time you do whatever the fuck you want. Sis, I have covered for you for years and what have you done for me? You made me brownies once. That is it. So, this weekend, you are going to pay me back by doing exactly what I say. To start, you are going to give me a blow job.”

“Fuck off you asshole.”

Reeling her in like a fish, I stood up and started walking up the pool steps. “Okay, pack your shit up and get out of the house. I will go call father and tell him what you have done.”

My sister who was still covering her breasts stopped me by saying, “Wait. Hold on. Let’s come up with a different plan. Anything but giving you a blow job. You are my brother for goodness sake.”

“No, that is your offer. Take it or leave it.”

I turned around and sat back down on the top step of the pool. My sister reluctantly began making her way toward me. “Please don’t do this bro. I will do anything else but something sexual.”

“You heard me Mindy. I have already had to masturbate multiple times while listening to you moan and grown in ecstasy. Now you are going to pay me back or else. No negotiations.”

My sister looked at me with disgust, but she continued moving in my direction until she was standing between my legs trying not to look down at my dick. She slowly fell to her knees, still covering her naked breasts. I pulled her hand away from her breasts and placed it on the base of my shaft. She slowly began leaning forward until her mouth was just a few inches from the tip of my soft dick.

“Please,” she begged.

I said nothing, only gently pushing her head toward my dick. Knowing that I had already had one orgasm, it would surely take her a little while to make me hard again. Her lips slowly wrapped around the head of my dick, reluctant to go further. She looked up at me with eyes begging me to let her stop. I gave her an evil smile in return.

Knowing I was serious, she ran her tongue up the length of my dick, teasing it to grow. After wrapping her mouth around my dick and sliding her mouth all the way to the base, my dick started to grow harder. I reached out and started massaging my sister’s breasts. She tried to pull away, with my dick in her mouth, but it was no use.

Soon my dick began to grow once again. I continued massaging her breasts and felt her moan with my dick in her mouth. Wanting to see how much she would enjoy my hands, I started rolling her hard nipples with my fingers as her mouth expertly pleased my dick which was beginning to become hard. She moaned a second time, pushing my hands away from her breasts.

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